Brings me back
I live this podcast it brings me back to my youth. I was 14 when WCW was at its peak and it’s awesome to relive it again. Thanks for the podcast Conrad and Eric
Great content, simple answers are too long
I do appreciate both this podcast and Something To Wrestel for the differing viewpoints and perspectives. I am actually a Bischoff fan. My reason for not listening to every episode unless the topic really grabs me is Eric’s tendency to draw out simple questions into extremely long answers. Even when he’s adlibbing ad reads they go on forever. For example Conrad: what’s you favorite color? Bruce: Red. Eric asked the same question: Well Conrad to answer that I really have to preface that with how I came to have a real... appreciation and deep love for color itself. It rained one night in 1973 and the way the light.... 30 minutes later... so I guess with the background and after putting some real though into it my answer would be blue. But that could change.
83 weeks is a cannot miss
So I started listening to 83 weeks during the Bret hart episode and since Bret is my all time favorite wrestler I had to hear what Eric had to say since I have hear Bret be not so kind to Eric in the past,I didn’t like everything that Eric and Conrad said but I gained a lot of respect for Eric that episode and have been hooked since. I think that Eric Bischoff is a pretty cool guy and I believe he deserves more credit for the awesome things he has done for the wrestling business.
Conrad's done it!!
M Marola
Where as, nobody else in the history of the professional wrestling industry has been able to manage such a feat ... Conrad Thompson has, somehow, managed to do the immpossible and make Eric Bischoff actually seem ... likeable. Love the show guys and thank you Conrad for all that you've done for Pro Wrestling.
great podcast
Paging Dr. Hal Atosis
unlike some other garbage podcasts, looking at you Brian Last, this is how is it supposed to be done
83 weeks
Choke Your Medicine Down
just your typical Conrad gold star podcast
83 Weeks
John Morotti
A great trip down memory lane! Some good behind the scenes stories too.
Love the Show...However...
83 weeks is an excellent podcast. It really gets into the guts of “sports entertainment” behind the scenes and why things happened the way they did in WCW during the mid 90’s until being bought out by WWE. IMO as the show has evolved so has Eric and Conrad’s relationship. Did they even like each other (or did Conrad like Eric) when this podcast began? Whatever the case, they seem to get along real well now. In addition when the podcast first began, Eric took himself and everything about WCW overly serious (just my thought). I wondered if Eric had a sense of humor and if so would it ever break through? Well he does and it has. Eric no longer takes himself or the conversations as a matter of life or death. I would love to sit and have lunch or a beer with him. He is very intelligent and interesting. He and Conrad make a great team. (Conrad makes a great team with everyone-thankfully Conrad is around because he has changed the wrestling world for the better-thank you Conrad!) criticism! In fact at times I’ve turned the podcast off and if I finish the particular show I’d come back a day later. But I’ve missed a few shows after half complete or sometimes less, because of the Dave Meltzer talk or bashing, whatever you want to call it. Eric we know how you feel about Dave and his misinformation, but constant on and on about Dave being wrong about this and that and on and on is tiresome. At times I’ve almost deleted the show from my library because we get it. Can you please just say something like “That is not right” or “I need to correct the part about...etc...Please stop with the “Dave is so full of s—“ and bulls—“ and he is f-in wrong and blah blah blah...we get it Eric! This is a great podcast! Without the Meltzer bashing, this show is close to #1 for me! Thank you Eric and Conrad.
Living in a alternative universe pod cast
It’s the opinion of one person, and the other person saying I agree 90% of the time. Silly stuff is said such as without a WCW there would not be a Undertaker... as if anyone knew what a mean mark Calloway was.... of as if he didn’t wrestle before WCW. Just silly stuff is said ...
Best wrestling podcast
So much knowledge packed into this podcast-I learn something new every week! Highly recommended
Tj Wilson
Where is the arn show
Way to many commercials
Corey c w
Great show but getting to be an overflow on commercials
Best podcast but the commercials!
Best podcast ever, probably entertaining even if you don’t like wrestling. Commercials tho my lord are worth listening just to hear the testimonial for the libido pill of the 47 year old dude claiming he is dating a 26 year old and she couldn’t take his libido so her sister knocked on the door and “relief pitched” for her so she could have a break. Who comes up with this stuff? That literally has never happened in reality ever lol.
Eric puts himself over way to much
Eric often gives these long winded answers and loves to remind everyone about how he formed the NWO!
Great Show
Love this podcast.
Brother Love Fan Clum Member
Conrad and Eric are phenomenal. So great to hear the banter back and forth. Also, love how Conrad busts EZE’s sac and EZE goes with it. Well done
another fantastic Conrad production
Born in Facebook Jail
It is to the point that if Conrad is associated with it then you know its great
Just found this Pcast, it’s one of the best podcasts out there and can’t wait to hear every episode.
Thank you
Anything with Conrad is gold but you add Eric and it’s tremendous
Love this podcast!
This podcast is just so great, the stories the side bars, Eric’s logic to some of the greatest of wrestling questionsConrad has to offer, his preparation and diversity of questions is thee best around, as well as Eric’s no excuse attitude to Dave’s reporting is just so great! Makes my day every time on my drive to work. Would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys wrestling and a great time!
Great podcast!
I love the back and forth between Eric and Conrad, and learned so much. A great podcast for WCW, or any wrestling fan of the 90’s.
Context is Truly King
Love this podcast, Eric not only breaks down wrestling related material but I’ve learned a fair amount about advertising and marketing strategy just listening to him explain decisions he made. It makes me see two competing companies in a whole new light. “ITS DAYYYYYTIME ERIC!” Lol
Conrad and Eric Are Great!
Great podcast! Love when Conrad busts Eric’s balls. Keep it up guys!
83 commercials again
Steve franklin
The show on August 12th 2019 is 24 minutes of commercials to start the show. We don’t tune in to hear about how Eric’s penis doesn’t work and Cbd and other bs, we tune in to hear you guys talk about the actual topics of the shows.
Great show
Easy E and Conrad do great shows, and there funny, reliving great memories from the Monday night wars
5 ads in first twenty minutes
Bearded Midwest fellow
Love this show but y’all gotta space out the ads. Absolutely brutal having 5 ads in the first 20 minutes of the show.
Really Conrad?
G in carlo
Yeah, so used to be a fan- 23 minutes of ads to start the show? Really? You take the term “we gotta pay some bills” to a whole new level. And by the way, you use the term worked when listing PPV matches which is really annoying. Can’t you just say vs. or against or wrestled like a fan like you used to be?
My favorite Conrad podcast
I admit I am a WCW mark but Eric has a different outlook and perspective than many inside of the business. I love his show.
Crazu jz
Plugins becoming increasingly integrated into the show.
83 Weeks
Pgh Pen
Bischoff rulez
cant go wrong with a Conrad podcast
A Laugh & a 1/2
everything Conrad touches turns to gold
No bus bench lawyer commercials here
The Yellow and Black Attack
the usual Conrad gold dust was sprinkled. great stuff. and none of those 8 minute bus bench lawyer ads or 12 minute infomercials on equiptment to shave your balls like old racist Jim Cornette pimps
I tried
I love the podcasts from Conrad. But this one for me is just hard to get through. Eric drags on and on about nothing anytime Conrad asks him a question. To the point when Eric finally answers the question I’ve forget the question it’s self after Eric’s ramblings. I wish this podcast could get better and turn around like Conrad did with Tony on “what happened when”.
thank you Conrad
Crazy Old Coot Cornette
there is so much bad content available so thanks to Conrad for all he does to keep us safe from it
Tells the truth about Eric’s time in wcw.
Shows how awful Eric was and had no clue about wrestling. Not surprised at all that wcw folded. He was clearly a horrible choice to run the show. Didn’t have a clue about the business. The commercials are the worst! So fake. Would never buy anything promoted by Bischoff.
Excellent podcast
Mike Maillaro
Updated July 17, 2019: Terrific insight into WCW during the Monday Night Wars! Eric Bischoff puts everything into context, and Conrad holds his feet to the fire. Every episode gets better and better. Great chemistry and always entertaining!
Love Eric
Eric is one of the most sincere men on earth
Guys, I get it, those ads make money... It’s almost laughable how many ads there are as of late. Six ad breaks in 15 mins is absurd.
Great Podcast #1
Please make Rick Rude and Curt Henning Episode. The Best wrestling Podcast #1🙌
Best Nostalgic Wrestling Podcast
My favorite nostalgic wrestling podcast of the three that Conrad does. The only reason I subscribe to the WWE network is because of my listening to this show. Eric Bischoff is context king.
Congrats Eric!
Austin>Hogan 3:16
This show is a great listen for true wrestling fans. Conrad’s deep research and the stuff he brings up sometimes even stuns Easy E. In all seriousness, awesome to hear about Eric becoming a big influence of smackdown live. I remember the old WCW, I remember him as the raw GM. And even remember a lot of his TNA on screen work. Best of luck to him in his new role in WWE. Hope the show keeps going strong because it’s a great listen. Keep it up
Great podcast
Conrad is the greatest at asking Eric “the questions”. And Eric is straight savage with his answers.
Great show
Jim 2. Something
I love it and can’t say enough good things about it.
Love the show
Best wcw podcast
Keep up the good work guys only wrestling podcast I listen to
My favorite podcast
Nmcc falcons
I could listen to this podcast over and over. nWo 4 Life.
Hey I wanna
Hey I’m sorry to hear that you’re having fun and I’m sorry to hear that you have any good time.
Not Another Wrestling Podcast.
PW fan since 1984.
Eric seems to forget a lot of things on this podcast. Thank God for Conrad Thompson calling him out on his BS. If it wasn’t for Thompson, this podcast would not be as good. The Chris Jericho episode was great. You should listen to Jericho’s rebuttal on “Talk Is Jericho” afterwards. Update: I love this podcast. Bischoff has a lot of great stories to tell.
That dorky "mark" Conrad has gotta go. He is ruining these podcasts!
Pretty good wrestling podcast. Bischoff is one of my favorites....Conrad the host is ok! What keeps it from a five star is the abundance of commercials. i get it you got to pay the bills but 83 weeks seems to have more than any of the other podcasts I listen too
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