Love this podcast
I have always been a fan of Katie Couric and honestly had never heard of Boz. They both bring great energy to the show. I put this on when I’m going for a long walk and need a break from my job. It is a perfect change and really provides thought provoking topics. I thoroughly enjoy Boz and Katie along with guests as they meander through current topics.
katie can make any subject...
cmdm’s amazing...
Mary Barra
This interview was 🔥. Thank you
Powerful voices - A must listen for every human!!!
So many emotions during this interview came over me. What powerful voices you brought together! Bishop, Opel and Boze together can be the change we need. The statement Bishop made comparing black people to molested children is just heartbreaking and eye opening!! Thank you for verbalizing how every whites person feels. I am discussed and embarrassed!
Excellent topics and tips!
Thanks for your very inspecting podcast. Bless up, Dr. Tomi (Wellness & Wahala Podcast Host)
Enough with the anti-Trump talk
I have always loved Katie Couric and enjoy the content of most of her podcasts but I am tired of her anti-Trump rhetoric. I will stop listening until there is a topic that I feel she will not taint with her political biases.
Great listens
Excellent; thank you so much.
Next Question.
Love the podcasts. Katie is a great interviewer. But listening to the ads makes me wonder who you think is listening to these podcasts? Doubt the majority of your listeners are from the urban Gen Z that your ads would appeal to. Wise up!
Good, & A Little Not So Good!....
For the most part, this really is an awesome podcast! It is very informative, & thought-provoking. However, any time the tone becomes “politically motivated,” (i.e. when ANY politicians are criticized), it absolutely detracts from the INTEGRITY of the show’s message, [That important message that prompted you to tune-in, in the first place]. I would’ve wholeheartedly given this 5 stars, if the entire podcast maintained its transparency, & refrained from “making things political.” When the guests bring such integrity to the discussion, I don’t understand why the tone of the podcast can’t follow suite? Honestly, this just seems like common sense,.... We instinctively know to not bring up “religion or politics” when meeting new people,.... On social media, we inevitably hide/ or unfollow our friends that insist on making ANYthing, & everything, political 🤦🏼‍♀️. Why can’t this awesome podcast just focus on the experts & their unique insight?! That’s what really makes it SHINE! ✨ The topics & experts on this show are absolutely impactful enough, (*without the need for political commentary, that ultimately just adds a “Blehh,” feeling, to an interview that was already, genuinely AWESOME, all on its own* ;-).
AM radio?
Penny Wise
Some of the content is very good if you can stand all the ads. This podcast has a lotnof ads broken up by a couple minutes of content. I couldn’t take and had to stop listening. Only made it through about 10 episodes. Too bad, some of it was good but life is to short for all the advertising.
Covid 19
elm 1961
Well done Katie! So informative and helpful in calming anxiety in this scary time. Thank you so much.
Katie is the best!
I enjoy Katie’s podcasts. She is so inspiring especially during the Panedemic and has some very informative and interesting guests. 😊🌹
Love the show; Birth in a Coma!!
Katie, Love the show. But have you seen the interview on the Today show of the pregnant woman who had to be put in a coma to fight the virus, GAVE BIRTH IN THE COMA, and then woke up and said, “Oh, my belly is gone.” Both Mom and daughter are doing well from my understanding, but isn’t science amazing??
Thank you from AZ
I find your last three podcasts extremely informative and comforting.
Katie and Peter A
Katie started out Ok but then, like all sufferers of TDS, began blaming the Administration and President as causes of the Chinese Virus. Her questions were marred by already proven to be false statements particularly the one about Trump disbanding the White House pandemic task force. (It was actually moved to the Department of Homeland Security. )If you are observant in collecting and analyzing facts, you will quickly see her questions come from her listening to msnbc and the DNC. He voice patterns are also the annoying liberal up speak as is Dr Attias.
Today’s episode 3/19/20
Today’s episode was absolutely brilliant. Katie’s questions were on target and Dr. Attia needs to be all over network and cable TV. This podcast provided excellent information. Katie is a real pro.
I loved this podcast but it sounded sped up. Only to realize it was my EarPods. #usererror. Listening again. Love all the episodes!!❤️
Katie makes EVERYTHING interesting and relevant
I ADORED Katie during her time on the Today show. Smart, serious, brave, funny and honest. Her podcast proves all of those things once again. Even if the subject is if NO interest to me, I realize how much I NEEDED to know about it. She is so REAL. The Greta Gerwig interview was so great. First, I learned a few things about Little Women that I didn’t understand during the film.... clarity! I also enjoyed getting to “know” Greta in only the way Katie can introduce her. I strongly urge everyone to listen to every one of these podcasts. Thank you Katie!
Walking with Katie
Katie Couric - what a great medium to inform, uplift and open my world while walking the Husky. The variety of subject matter and guests has something for everyone. I recently loved the Allbirds and Bryan Stevenson episodes. Keep up the good work and stay away from Julie F and those donuts!
Meh. Just OK.
Meh, nothing groundbreaking here. Doesn't cover any new topics that aren't covered many times over by other podcasts. I guess if this the only podcast (or one of a few) that you listen to, you could learn something. The interview about being honest on social media didn't even answer that question - I thought perhaps they were going to dive into cancel culture, but they didn't. The whole episode was one interview with the same person, and the conversation somehow morphed into a discussion about fundraising for the Australia wildfires. Fine, but had nothing to do with honesty on social media. Katie's first podcast ("Katie Couric" that she hosted with her friend Brian) was much better. At least it had fewer ads and wasn't trying to pretend it's something it's not.
I’m a Katie fan
Once a fan, always a fan! She’s a great interviews and she’s funny! Serious and funny! I love it!! Keep it coming Katie! I’m here for it all!
I have always liked Katie interviews. These are more personal and easy. The DNA was so interesting especially since I am a listener to Family Secrets podcast. I have personally done two home DNA kits also I’ve had to do DNA testing for medical genetics-which has saved my life. Keep them good shows coming.
Not great
LOVED Andy Grammer Podcast
Oh Katie- that podcast with Andy Grammer was just the Best!!! I was not really aware of him before but count myself a big fan now- his upbeat attitude and thoughtfulness was a joy to listen to and When you 2 were beat boxing I about tinkled 😳it was hilarious! 😂 I’m hoping you and Andy write that song - I think it’s a possible hit!! I’ll be watching for its release. 👍😘
Talks over guests
Rika Star
Wanted to like this podcast, but Katie talks over all her guests and interjects a lot of how it’s personally relevant but then doesn’t ask questions that might pertain to the listener but not her.
I really want to listen, but
I just found this and the older episodes won’t download. Why, please? I am sad!
great interviewer
zeus and sally
Katie’s interview with Sheryl Sandberg was amazing! it was good to finally hear someone hold her accountable for the sloppy way she has run facebook and the constant hypocrite that Sheryl is- great work Katie!
Love Katie
Love the podcast learn so much from Katie
It’s ALL about Katie
Katie’s guests, bless their hearts, are not Katie’s focus. Katie’s focus is KATIE. Rename this CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE and save money by dispensing with the guests.
I finally listened to your Bryan Stevenson episode so good I was sorry when it ended! I can not wait to see the movie, to hear Jamie Fox and Michael B Jordan speak so highly of him I just know the movie will be great. You are such a great interviewer and I could listen to you all day. Thanks for helping me learn more about this amazing man 👏🏻👏🏻
Listening to the podcast about Walter McMillan and the movie 'Just Mercy'. So refreshing to listen to an interview who knows how to listen: Katie Couric brings tremenduous value to understanding the human condition.
Good, but...
This podcast is good and thought provoking, however, Katie has a habit of interrupting her subjects before they can answer her question. Her interview with Sheryl Stanberg was incredibly frustrating to listen to because she hardly ever let Sheryl finish answering a question before interrupting her with another question.
Don’t Bother!
Total bore. No longer relevant. Time to move on Katie.
Good Journalism
I appreciate somebody who remains objective and conducts a good interview without their personal bias spinning the story. Nobody does that any more! Katie is old school and I love this podcast.
Why did Katie have dinner with Epstein and Prince Andrew just after Epstein was released?? #lookintoit
Not a good interviewer
She is more suited to chipper tv host for light weight morning show. She doesn’t know history or have the quality of a good listener like TGross on Fresh Air
Refreshing.... ❤️🙏❤️
I truly appreciate Katie’s in depth interview style! Thoughtful and Provoking!
How does this woman continue to find work?
Out to Brunch
Irrelevant as always.
Not a fan
Couric’s interview style is tiresome and rarely revelatory. Give me Terry Gross or Zach Galifanakis.
Seems like a womans podcast abuot women
great podcast just not for me
A long time Katie fan.
Loved Julie Andrews, but really love Greta’s interview. So happy you introduced us to her! 😉
More liberal media
Katie puts in a genuine effort to steer clear of bias topics but can’t hide her liberal agenda.
czrny 26
Question I have for Katie is why she was hanging out with convicted sexual predator Jeffery Epstein after his release from jail? She should do an episode on that topic!!
Robert Ray episode unsubscribe
JB Atlanta 21
Katie was completely overmatched and unprepared for her interview with Robert Ray during the impeachment episode. He quite literally walked all over her, layering in right wing talking points (unchallenged). One specific example - he brings up Trump’s call to Sondland AFTER HE WAS AWARE OF THE WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT to say “no quid pro” as an example of Trump’s lack of guilt. Katie went this go completely unchallenged without even pointing out that Trump’s ridiculously guilty-sounding call to Sondland CAME AFTER HE WAS AWARE OF THE WHISTLEBLOWER. It’s ok to present “both sides,” but come on Katie you gotta be prepared when these liars come on your show. You gave this man a platform to lie and dissembled and he went unchallenged. I unsubscribed after three years of listening to you because of this....
I appreciated hearing from both speakers but I had a dozen follow-up questions for Ray, not the least of which was Katyal’s question: what would you be saying if this was Obama? I thought it was telling that he said Trump was under no obligation to release his staff “to testify against him”. Wouldn’t an innocent man think “testify in his defense”? And the whole “choosing a different path” to get to the same result was BS: if a legal channel exists that every other POTUS has used, there can be only one reason why this one chose to go another route. As far as Katyal’s segment: I said WOW! 2 seconds before you did! Love the show and the daily newsletter!
Robert Ray sounds like he was advertising for a job in Trump’s cabinet. Surprised you had someone from the propaganda network of Fox News.
Really enjoyable for the most part
Podcast is interesting and informative, but the six advertisements for third love drives me nuts. We get it after one, no need to do five more. We get you make money from the company, but one is more than efficient. More and more podcasts are getting ridiculous with tons of ads. It just ends up making me want to turn it off and listen to something else.
Facebook Commercial
I was excited to listen to the Facebook episode hoping to hear an objective weighing of the issues. Instead it was just a Facebook commercial. How about a more truthful title - Sandberg interview.
Bay Head Views
Cricket 6
Thank you for shedding light on issues that are likely to move our lives, culture and hopefully country to a better place!
Portland Catholic
So happy to find your podcast. I’ve missed you over the years back in the Today Show days!
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