August 1, 2017
Gediminas from Lithuania asks a second question for the podcast: What do you do backstage before each gig? How do you physically/mentally prepare for each gig? Show notes for this episode (and all others) can be found at
July 1, 2017
Gediminas from Lithuania asks a fantastic question: When you have limited time during the day, what should you practice? How can you get better even if you don’t have very much time to practice? In this episode, I’ll show you how time should not correlated with progress. I’ll even prove to you that lack of time can actually become harnessed as a superpower! Show notes for this episode (and all others) can be found at PS: In the episode, I accidentally pronounced Gediminas’s name incorrectly… please forgive me dude! :)
June 7, 2017
Ben from Indiana asks about how to deal with musicians who have trouble accepting feedback. In this episode, I'll discuss the following: - How to give constructive feedback to other musicians. - How to frame your suggestion in the right way. - How to create an environment where regular feedback is appreciated. - How to know whether or not you should offer advice in the first place. - How to not offend your bandmates when you offer feedback. - How to deal with musicians who may be unreceptive to feedback.
May 1, 2017
Marland from San Diego asks about ear plugs. The sound quality of his current ear plugs just aren't cutting it. What are the best kind to get? In this episode, I give my recommendation for exactly what kind of ear plugs you should get, and what filter is best for you. Show notes for this episode can be found at
April 1, 2017
Jules from San Diego asks about what to do if you're having problems tuning your snare drum. She's bought new heads but still seems to be having trouble. Jules, you're not alone! In this episode, I'll discuss my 4 things to consider when tuning your snare drum. Show Notes for all episodes can be found at
March 1, 2017
It's happened to us all at some point... you're sitting in and a tune is called that you don't know. How do you "drive the bus" even if you don't know the tune? In this episode, I'll cover the 3 most important things you need to know when "winging it" on a gig. Thanks to CJ from New York for sending in this question!   Show notes for this episode are available at
February 1, 2017
Nathan from San Diego asks about ear protection. What can you do to prevent tinnitus? How can you make smarter decisions about ear protection? In this episode, I offer specific ear plug recommendations and share my tips for preventing ear damage. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
December 31, 2016
Video version: I asked Peter Erskine, Jeff Hamilton, Zoro, Johnny Rabb, Curt Bisquera, Ari Hoenig, Victor Indrizzo, Jonathan Mover, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Steve Fidyk, Bermuda Schwartz, Dan Needham, Bruce Becker, Bill Bachman, Jeff Queen, Pete Lockett, Andre Boyd, Nick Ruffini, Dave Kropf, Richie Gajate-Garcia, Tim Lefevbre, and many more to give their top piece of advice to drummers. The catch… THEY COULD ONLY USE THREE WORDS! I hope this video inspires YOU to think about what it means to be a drummer. As we get ready for 2017, if you were to truly focus on just ONE of these rules each week, you'd have almost 2 years worth of concepts to help improve your playing! Thank you to the following drummers/instrumentalists/vocalists/educators: == 100 Steve Bradley 99 Eugene McGhee 98 Max Marshall 97 Conrad Askland 96 John Marque 95 Reese 94 *** JEFF HAMILTON *** 93 Clint Dodson 92 Paul Westlake 91 Ian Shepherd 90 ***CURT BISQUERA*** 89 Francisco Dean 88 Jonathan Savage 87 ***ARI HOENIG*** 86 ***ZORO*** 85 Nikhi Korrula 84 Jay North 83 Joseph Luna 82 Kyle Acuncius 81 Seth Nordin 80 Eric Siereveld 79 Ariel Levine 78 ***BRUCE BECKER*** 77 Corey Christiansen 76 ***DAN NEEDHAM*** 75 Joel Brainard 74 Ed Gaus 73 Jacob Miranda 72 ***ANDRE BOYD*** 71 Andre “Virus” Karkos, Jemma Armstrong, Nina Schreckengost 70 Jeff McLaughlin 69 Mike Garza 68 Alan Frye 67 Greg Essig 66 Martin Plante 65 ***TIM LEFEVBRE*** 64 Kim McKewon 63 Tanya Rimwell 62 Ben Sturley 61 Richard Livoni 60 Paul Wandtke 59 Conrad Roach 58 Diego Rojas 57 ***PETE LOCKETT*** 56 Nick Stevens 55 ***PETER ERSKINE*** 54 Nick Lang 53 ***DAVE KROPF*** 52 Dustin Koester 51 Tom Haberman 50 Ed Kornhauser 49 ***WALFREDO REYES JR.*** 48 ***RICHIE GAJATE-GARCIA*** 47 Jeff Franca 46 Nick McLaren 45 Tom Berich 44 Jesse Gawlick, Brad Sweet, Chelsea Baker 43 Marc Aliana 42 Chris Singleton 41 Doug Cameron 40 ***VICTOR INDRIZZO*** 39 Broc Power 38 Mackenzie Leighton 37 ***JOHNNY RABB*** 36 Steve Pruitt 35 ***JEFF QUEEN*** 34 Jay Ware 33 Nick Ruffini 32 Justin Ramirez 31 Colin Campbell 30 Lizzie Shipton 29 Ryan Knudsen 28 Andy Bianco 27 Brian Blume 26 ***STEVE FIDYK*** 25 ***BERMUDA SCHWARTZ*** 24 ***JONATHAN MOVER*** 23 Nate Lee 22 Michael Tadeo 21 Colin Leske 20 Peter Schomburg 19 Johnny Mantra 18 ***BILL BACHMAN*** 17 Jim Bailey 16 Matt Black 15 Andy Smith 14 Brad Waits 13 Reuben Gingrich 12 CJ Young 11 Andrew Bache 10 Ben Matthews 9 Chad Kethcart 8 Matt Piet 7 Andrew Fowler 6 Shaan France 5 Gino Del Sole 4 Tommy Goddard 3 Aaron Smith 2 Ken Ge 1 Grant Thomas Download a PDF of all 100 rules here:
October 5, 2016
This week’s question comes from Richard in Seattle WA who asks about buying his first practice drum kit. How should he spend his money wisely? In this episode, I’ll offer my tips for how to purchase your first drum set, especially if you’re on a budget. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST: Here are some suggestions to get you started. Keep in mind that there are MANY drum companies who offer great products at an affordable price, so do a bit of research and see what deals you can find. My best money-saving suggestion is to search for PACKS of gear, rather than buying each piece separately as this will save you a lot of money. Sometimes, drum sets will also include hardware and/or cymbals, so make sure you look around for the best deals.  I’d also suggest searching eBay as you can usually find incredible deals if you’re on a tight budget. CYMBAL PACKS: Zildjian Cymbal Pack Sabian Cymbal Pack DRUM SET PACKS: Pearl Export EXX Drum Set Yamaha Gigmaker Drum Set Tama Imperial Star Drum Set HARDWARE PACKS: Gibraltar Hardware Pack Yamaha Hardware Pack Pacific Drums Hardware Pack
September 27, 2016
Matt from Austin, TX asks how to discover new drum sounds. What do you do when you start to get bored with your own playing? In this episode, I’ll explain how to use the formula IMAGINATION + RESTRICTION = CREATIVITY to create an infinite number of new sounds on your kit.    Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
September 14, 2016
In this episode, I'll show you what Active Listening is by deconstructing the tune "So What" by Miles Davis. Active Listening is a game-changer for how you can listen to music. I'll also be reading listener comments and talk about my upcoming trip to Asia! Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
September 7, 2016
Ben from Florida asks about locking in with other bandmates. What do you do if you can’t seem to lock in the pocket with another musician? In this episode, I offer my thoughts and tips on how to approach these situations when they come up.   Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
August 31, 2016
Johnny from Indianapolis asks about selecting a drum stick. Should you use a versatile stick for all genres or should you use different sticks for different gigs? In this episode, I discuss the 6 factors that go into drum stick design, and how you can use this information to find the right stick for the job.   Show notes and links for this episode can be found at  
August 24, 2016
Shaan from Indianapolis asks about in-ear monitors for drummers. Should you get the custom molds? How many drivers should they have? In this episode, I discuss the pros & cons of wearing in-ear monitors and offer tips on what specific models you should look for.   Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
August 17, 2016
This is an "ATD Update" episode, where once a month I get to choose the topic and fill you in on what's going on! This week, I'll give you the 4 simple stretches that I do before each gig. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
August 10, 2016
Jay from South Carolina asks about gigs that require you to play in all styles. How should you tune your drums in a way that can handle all styles while still sounding authentic? What gear should you bring? In this episode, I’ll show you how to make smart compromises to the sound of your kit.   Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
August 3, 2016
Nick from Wisconsin asks about how to build a personal website. How do you get started? What should you include and what shouldn’t you include? In this episode, I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to building a personal website from scratch.   Show transcript, notes, and links for this episode can be found at
July 27, 2016
Mark from Colorado asks how he can improve the efficiency/speed of his load-in/loud-out process. In this episode, I’ll offer tips on how to create systems for yourself when it comes to:   1) Loading your drums 2) Unloading your drums 3) Setting your drums up 4) Tearing your drums down.   Show notes and links for this episode can be found at
July 20, 2016
Here's a quick "drum hack" on how to get more life out of your drum sticks. All you need is a sharpie marker. Show notes for this episode can be found at
July 13, 2016
Our question this week comes from Gino in Toronto Canada, who asks what you should do when working with a sound engineer who seems to be a bit jaded. Unfortunately, these situations do happen from time to time, but in this episode I will offer a few specific tips for working with sound engineers. Want to be featured on Ask The Drummer? Send YOUR question to me at
July 6, 2016
Nate from Georgia asks about how to improve the sound your bass drum. In this episode, I discuss 6 things should you be thinking about when determining your bass drum sound. Want to be featured on the show? If so, send YOUR question to
June 29, 2016
Andrew from San Diego asks a question about timing. His time is solid but his fills tend to rush. In this episode, I give a few strategies for improving timing during fills. Want to be featured on the show? If so, send YOUR question at
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