The best podcast
Never listened to any podcast but I felt that I didn’t have to because I have Conan’s .. shows you how someone like him doesn’t even have to be vulgar to be funny ...brilliant in his own mind Quick ..bold ..highly intelligent in my opinion ..his jokes and stories are connected to his inner soul, body and mind people like me can relate and that’s what makes it funny.. You learn through Conan to laugh at things that happened in your life or I. The world in general.. I hope he reads this review from me that would make my day ..knowing that he through his comics have touched lives and made this world lighter just nearly listening to him .. Thank you
You are the reason I listen to podcast. My son knew I liked your shows and told me I needed to listen to your new podcast. Well I was hooked from the beginning and I never laughed so hard listening to something. The chemistry between you all is amazing. I even listen to the commercials Bc you make them hysterical. Thanks for the laughs and keep it going. Ps You and Kumail Nanjiani really need to do a movie review podcast!!
Hello! Here I am!
Hello Conan! I had to come over to apple podcast app to leave a review. I always listen to you on Spotify. I love your podcast. I go to team coco’s website and it is very confusing on where to go concerning your podcast. Maybe get your people to make it more clear and I think we’d love to leave feedback there instead of Apple. Also if there was an email or something to write to so we could suggest guest we’d like for you to have on, that would be awesome! Why didn’t you tell Jimmy Kimmel he sounds like a jerk when he was complaining about his job so much, I know how that is a rule of yours not to do, you should have told him why you don’t like to do it and been more upfront with him. Anyways can’t wait to hear more! Love ya 😉
Captivating, Intelligent, and Hilarious
My favorite podcast right now. In depth talks with interesting people. His self effacing humor and relationships with his staff make this terrifically entertaining. The advertising pitches are often my fav part. In fact I was listening at my dentist to relax me while he worked but kept laughing so I had to turn it off. But it isn’t all laughs - heart to heart talks about the road to success and the personal stories behind the stars. Love it
You NEED Conan’s friendship
Jon - Groton, CT scorekeeper
My witt just increased tenfold just listening to this podcast. Best radio friend I ever had.
Love This Podcast!!
Love Conan! You make work fly by. So Funny!
Sweet business!
e of the p
Thanks Conan & Crew! You are awesome and constantly make me laugh while listening.
Love Conan’s Podcast!
APP User 9
Followed Conan since his early days at NBC then to TBS! Love the podcast interview platform and hooked immediately. Conan always reinventing himself and he always deliver. Have loved the first episodes with Dana Carvey-laughed till I cried, Ron Funches and today David Sedaris. Great job Conan as always!
Great catch up
Since I am lame, I often fall asleep before Conan. Glad to be able to catch up. Conan is the best talk show host.
Could it get better?
Seriously Conan is one of my favorite humans! I truly enjoy listening to his podcast on my commute. Downside I’m left wanting more. Almost left 4 stars just because I want more!
ya boi magicrap
who doesn’t love a great podcast for conan?! amazing show,with out the show
More monolog
More monolog
Will Change Your Life - Read Description
This is going to sound weird... but Conan (and obviously Team Coco) has transformed my life, specifically with YouTube videos and this podcast. I know the intent is to be funny, which he is! But he’s also truly life-inspiring as well. What I’ve gleaned from him by avoiding work and going on three specific Conan binges for several hours in one sitting is this: “Be truly yourself in public.” There’s no need to fear people. There are WAYYYYYY too many “robots” walking the streets of CA (less so in other parts of the world, but still prevalent imo) living caring way too much about what strangers think about them. And I also used to be that way too! Still am sometimes, but I totally love being an idiot in public sometimes, because for whatever reason that’s what my heart’s telling me to do. I basically learned all this by following his videos and reciprocating his confidence. Love people, treat people like people (i.e. not robots, because that really hurts and feels horrible to be treated as such), and be funny with people - that’s what life is! Anyways, thank you Conan!! 😁 See you + team C in the future!
Conan is the best
Love Conan, but not killing babies
The Window Whisper
Everyone loves Conan, but his decision to air a piece where Mila Kunis brags about donating to PP in the name of a prochoice person is disturbing, shocking, and should have no place on his show. It would be just as shameful if someone bragged about donating to hunters in the name of Ricky Gervias, except way worse. I don’t like Pence, but as a person that is disturbed by murder, it was chilling to hear the audience cheer murder.
Love the weekly recap
A nice blend of the monologs and the interviews. The only way to improve it would be to make it longer!
Never enough Conan
Conan is the best late night host of all time.
Funny recap of the week's shows. Would like it longer.
Don't always have time to watch
So the podcast is a great way to get a fix
I love this podcast. It's so funny and entertaining. My only complaint is that it's too short. I wish it was at least 30 mins long.
Excellent podcast so happy! Conan is so funny and this always brightens my day
Conan is a comedic God
I always try to find YouTube videos of Conan throughout his years on tv whenever new ones don't come out. The segment Serious jibberjabber is also one of my fav. He always brightens my dark days and makes me feel better . I'm glad I came across this podcast! Now I can listen to you while I'm trying to workout at the gym lol Thank you Conan 💓
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