Best show on Thursday
Never missed a show been listening to Konnan since MLW. I would like to hear them talk more about politics and global events since Konnan and Disco Inferno have diffeent views about the world sometimes.
Been 100 !
J Sleezie
Been a day one listener , love the show .. makes my weekend ride from New Jersey to New York a lot quicker #Salute
The best
So hilarious and keeps me going every day need to do a live show in Texas
DInis the best heel, GOAT
Manny G 4540
Love the show, enjoy the heat magnet that DI is, such a great character.
Pretty good
It’s good show . Disco and Konnan are great. Jojo is boring tbh and I always skip the Lucha libee segment
Great show except .....
Love the show. I’m a new listener but an old fan. One question - does Disco ever shut up ??
5 stars
Love this unique wrestling show
Juicy for all
Only listen for The Juice. Can’t tell you much else about the show when I don’t see his name in the description.
Jo Jo the entrepreneur?
I have listened to the show from day one. KG is very sensitive and a pathetic human being, but Jo Jo is no different. In fact Jo Jo is MORE sensitive than KG. Why doesn’t Jo Jo get called out on his feminine ways? Because sadly the show went from Keepin it 100, to Keepin it mildly 100. The show went from calling Jo Jo twink boy, to an Entrepreneur. Wonder why? Because they are Keepin it mild. Jo Jo cried about being labeled a twink boy so now there Keepin it mild and calling him an entrepreneur. Your not an entrepreneur because your a wrestling buddy collecting fruit. When Conrad stops podcasting, what’s next? Keepin it 100 was better with KG. At least when KG got sensitive, he got buried. Jo Jo gets sensitive and you just pick on things he is ok with. Like toys. Jo Jo is a nerd and should be treated as such. He smells his OWN underwear. Calling him twink boy was too much so you changed it. Awwww. KG “hambergueesssa” era was better. Jo Jo is and always will be a “twink boy”. Boring the plenty and your servicing the many. #unsubscribe
JoJo The Entrepreneur? More Like JoJo Full Of Manure! BOOM!
Boot-lickin' alt-right fanboy JoJo has let his true colors show more and more as he's become comfortable on the mic. Everyone is entitled to their matter how ill-informed and hate fueled JoJo's happens to be. I do my best to ignore his ignorance but sometimes when he talks it's an automatic skip forward. I may not agree with Disco on a consistent basis but at least he presents his points in a coherent manner. Konnan is always the shining light as he has been since the start of his podcast career back in the MLW days. So please less JoJo because much like the wind...he blows. BOOM!
Jojo needs to learn how to produce
This is one of the worst produced shows.. The abrupt clipping of audio going into terrible transitions with terrible levels.. The guy who doesn't matter, Jojo, his mic is louder than anyone else's for some reason. Very easy to fix either during recording or post production but he has no idea.. He loves to be the “yes man” having to constantly make noise or answer questions directed towards Disco or Konnan.. You can hear him breathing sometimes.. Even eating.. Dude needs to learn the technical skills of production.. Seems like all he knows how to do is import audio and cut it.. Does he even use a fader ever? Automation? Plugins? Check levels? Listen back to make sure transitions are good? Seems to be getting worse because as of late certain interviews just start without explanation of what were listening to, and they start part way through so it’s very confusing. The Gale Kim episode is a perfect example of all this.. What was with that random outro too? Zero context.. I thought a random podcast started playing.. The intro had a similar feel.. 20 min of random audio with terrible quality and levels and zero explination.. Idk.. If you guys want an actual producer i’ll do it for half of what you’re paying him, which probably isn't much seeing as the skill level isn't there..
Sometimes too Alt Right
Joe the producer is a jackass alt right boy who drops too many snide stuff. Disco is what he is and is always funny to me even when I disagree. I seem to fall right along the line with Konnan’s views a lot. The content is thought provoking and fun but please get rid of Joe. That twink isnt funny or bring anything intelligent. Hopefully he joins his mom soon!
Down since-Day One ish
I’ve yet to miss an episode and have lost track of how many years this podcast has been rocking it’s waters, but in a world with too many wrestling podcasts, these guys stand on top of the mountain. The show has evolved into having specific segments like the intro (news opinions that aren't wrestling to PPV /live show tv analysis that is legit backed up by years of knowledge) and the excellent editing of Joe Feeney, interviews with wrestling stars who you want to hear from, a song and mail of the week, and reviews of listener produced and submitted music. There’s something for everyone in this show. It’s got everything you want in a podcast: Humor, Music, Knowledge, Legit opinions from two former wrestlers who are still in the business 20-30 years since they joined. Konnan, Glenn, and Joe are the modern day TRIPLE THREAT. -@Umightdietryn
Disco's #1 fan!
This is the best podcast out there! It's the only way I'm sane @ work. It's funny and the disco list is incredible. I wish I was on it and the VR HJ of the week is something I look forward too.
Less Disco
Cincinnati Hugo
Disco talks too much. It’s not “Keepin’ it 100 with Disco”. Plus what he does say is usually negative.
Keeping it 💯
I like the podcast, but I hate it when D.I alway comes in with his 2 cents on everything. Try listening to Konnan tell a story without D.I butting in with some stupid comment. Some time I feel like saying “Shut the 🤬 up man.”
5 Star
Tom Galante
Never missed 1 episode, starts my Thurs off every week! Keep up the hard work Joe, DI is the man, & Konnan is always the best Brain in the biz.
Huggeeeeee Disco Mark
Been listening to keepn it 100 for over a year now and have quickly become a HUGEEE Disco mark. This is my favorite podcast by far and i especially enjoy all the bonus clips on Patreon. Konan keep up the great work !!
Must listen
One of the best wrestling podcasts out there from the disco list to hurricanes movie reviews to konnan’s brutally honest and raw opinions to the great mix of guests with eclectic music thrown in and mike feeney brings it all together perfectly. If you love wrestling and want to be entertained this ones for you.
Love all the shenanigans.
Mexican BB8
I have been following this podcast since the beginning, hilarity every episode. Thumbs way up.
It couldn’t be any better
Not Jackie
Intelligent, and dynamic conversations from Konnan, JoJo, and that other guy.. what’s his name..? Dicko? Anyway, it’s a great podcast, with awesome guests like The Hurricane Shane Helms, Vince Russo, and all your favorite indy darlings. Give it a shot. BOOM
Mikell Young
Went from a Patreon to unsubscribed in less than a year. Way too MAgA. Not everyone who disagrees is a snowflake and not all stances deserve to be justified. Getting rid of Disco would help but that’ll never happen. Wish you best and great success.
Another Great Podcast.
PW fan since 1984.
I just subscribed to Keepin’ It 100 after listening to a couple of episodes. This is a great, funny, stupid and entertaining podcast. Konnan, Shane Helms and Disco Inferno have great chemistry. This is the 13th Pro Wrestling podcast (go figure) that I have subscribed to on Apple Podcasts.
Make sure to take your VR goggles.
What does a conservative-socialist, an Alt-Right soup kitchen Trumpist, and a Chaterbate Twink boy have in common? Pro Wrestling. 5stars.
Used to be good
Used to be great, now the CNN of podcasts - way too many one sided rants about racism, super liberal politics and hating on the cops from someone who sounds pretty racist himself. Even worse when yes man Dur-icane Helms is on - sounds like foghorn leghorns dumber relative. Flush it twice.
Great Podcast - But Disco Revises History CONSTANTLY
The BEST wrestling podcast out there. Konnan, Shane Helms, and Joe Feeney all bring it! Disco on the other hand is constantly lying, changing his stories, and trying to back-out of his bets. But even Disco can’t ruin what is a fantastic show!
Orale............Arriba La RaZa
Enjoy the show every week, and like it that you guys keep it 100%,
5 Stars for Disco
Stu Dubb
No stars for the rest. Disco carries the program and that’s just the facts.
Poor audio
Damon Thomas, ESQ
Very poor audio quality.
Best Podcast. Period.
This one has it all and more. If you don’t like it, you just might be put on the Disco list. Boom!
Show is always lit
Kevin 787
Just want to write a 5 Star review for one of my all time favorite podcasts. KDog and Disco are an amazing team along with Jo Jo the Philly twink boy.
Amazing podcast keep up the good work !
Realest Wrestling Show Out Here
Old School Wrestling Show keeping it real for the wrestling universe!! Thanks for sharing fellas!!!
dondo 6
I hate your opening guy. His woman conversation is just inappropriate. Not a snowflake just not enjoying his obnoxious commentary
Great content
Funny with great thought provoking content. Even better now that the one guy is gone. I forget his name he was so irrelevant
really like it
Love the show and I've been a listener since day one. When will you interview Joel Gertner, he's tremendous. I'll have to challenge you for the "El Cajon Jack in the Box" championship.
Awesome podcast. One of the best. Great topics except the juicy seal of approval
5 Stars like Meltzer!
Burning man Man
My favorite podcast! Konnan flying high on iranian tobacco and DI getting pissy at NJPW style. Jojo being a twinkboy. What more could you want! Glad they joined Westwood and left podcast one. I even joined their Patreon!
Very Disrespectful
Eddy Kool
It a podcast where wrestlers talk about everything form music, sports, movies, politics and everything else under the sun. Great variety and awesome commentary. 💯
Konnan is thee best!the podcast seems like it’s 10 minutes long. You are always looking for more. The DI list is the highlight of the show!
Keep it 100
Daniel Kib
This show is ridiculous! If you haven’t listened from the beginning, you may miss a lot of the inside jokes, but Konnan and his crew are highly entertaining and cover a diverse amount of topics; from pro wrestling to MMA, and whatever else comes up. It’s got a little something for everybody. May not be safe for millenials, or people who have thin skin. These guys are also very easy to interact with on social media. Konnan and the crew are always down to give you props, retweet, etc. but also quick to hit you with the kazoo when you don’t “got it like that.” Highly recommended.
Keeping it 100
Been a listener since episode 20 and the show has been much better since no more of that PMS snowflake KG. JoJo is G.O.A.T And Konnan you have to take disco to Iran for an episode.
Even Better without Kevin Gill!
All this show needs is Konnan & Disco with a side of Shane Helms. Boom.
Getting over
Even though it sounds like they record this show in Discos cavernous anus, the content is great. 5 star podcast, Boom!
Sad. I use to love it
There is a one way conversation on religion in this podcast if you’re a Christian your bad, thank you for alienating your audience.
Great show great topics
When I first started listening I thought 3 hrs was too long since most of the shows are a good 1 hour long but they pulled me right into their topics that I find those 3 hrs zooming by. I dig it and highly recommend it
Keepin it 100 with Konnan, DIsco Inferno, and JoJo Feeney
Best podcast ever! Look forward to every Thursday!.. especially now that KG is audi5G. Keep doin what you doin. D.I... you da man!
Most enjoyable with Iranian tobacco
Much more than a wrestling podcast. First of all I have to put over philly twink boy much better than kg. I don’t even watch wrestling but I listen to this podcast every week. Konnan reminds me a lot of my older brother that passed away because always keeps it real no filter and of course he got it like that. Disco is terrible for his trump ignorance but still I love you guys keep up the great work. Wealth and health for you guys. Brian from Rhode Island
Excellent show
Keepin it 100 is a great show not just for the wrestling but for the constant ball busting and good conversation. I was lucky enough to work with Konnan and Disco in TNA and this is a good peek inside what our conversations were like. Enjoy!
Get your disco candles.
Since KG has been gone I'm far more comfortable recommending this podcast. It's great. Has a solid format. Even Dickso Inferno is tolerable on it. Keep up the good work. #boom
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