Great topics
I've listened since the beginning but your review of tools on a $ 2500 budget was great. I know a while back Justin and the boys. The real life experience, projects and opinions are entertaining. Love the podcast, and magazine . keep up the good work. Cheers from Oregon Mike
Great format, tons of great insight
I found this podcast a month ago and I love the dynamic between the hosts and their fearless approach to responding to questions. In more than a few instances, I heard a podcast segment shortly after I incorrectly responded to a question from a customer. I listen at work and I love when you guys expound on topics I am currently working on. I wish I would have found your podcast years ago!
Great podcast that really breaks it down well
I have learned so much. I am not even in the building trade but being an engineer I love to think about things like this. They really share a ton of great information. I have learned so much from them. I also like their views on climate change and how a house should be viewed.
Entertaining and educational
Blind Follower
I LOVE the FHB podcast! Super interesting and fun to listen to. As a former home performance contractor, I enjoy and appreciate the attention to craftsmanship and science. I even have to say that I ditched the fine woodworking guys for the FHB crew. :)
FHB is my go to podcast
I am an aspiring home builder in Massachusetts, close to Boston. I love working on remodeling projects of any kind and eventually want to build new homes from the ground up. I love the FHB podcast. I learn something new every time I listen and I recommend it to anyone who is passionate about home building and remodeling. Keep up the great work guys!
Clearly Superior Building Craft Podcast by Editors of Fine Homebuilding
Turbo Encapsulator
Update: Brian Pontolilo is back and may be creating his own show. Made my week as he is a natural in this media and has a good grasp on the subject matter as well. Previous: An intelligent discussion of building science, materials and listener questions delivered by an experienced group of building journalists. Which means this is an organized and researched podcast delivered like clockwork every Friday morning. I appreciate the recent re-inclusion of Justin Fink and the ongoing facilitation skills Patrick McCombe brings to the show. Occasionally they could use a phone-a-friend when discussing hvac problems which are bot common in the northeast. I would like to see Chuck Miller as a guest host occasionally. Clearly, Fine Homebuilding’s traditional advantages include their use of detailed illustrations, excellent photographs and layouts. Now they have an excellent podcast which can be appreciated on the run.
Fantastic - I was (possibly) one of the first ever emailers to the FHB podcast, and I’ve listened to every episode since #1. Episode 183a brought it all back - these three dudes are awesome and the chemistry they had back the was and is amazing. No beef with Patrick (well, maybe a little) but this podcast was particularly fantastic.
please keep up the good work
Hack and saw boy
I enjoy every episode, and I look forward to them. Takes the boredom out of my commute. THANK YOU!
Awesome and worth your time
Please check or FHB. This group has an awesome knowledge base and experience!! They’re very open to questions emailed in (they answered mine in traditional FHB fashion, aka evaluated my idea, had their own, mixed in with some quirky humor bits). The group feeds off each other and they just seem real!! Check this out you won’t be disappointed!!
Come on Danner!
Great podcast everyone! I binge listen on trips and learn something in every show--even when the topic seems far from my interests. I also appreciate the sponsors who make it possible, but please, Danner, edit your copy. Come up with a theme and stick to it. You've got "fortune tellers", "deep roots", "iconic quality/modern technology", "tomorrow's classic today"... Your copy isn't any longer than other sponsors, but it seems to go on forever because it's a string of disconnected slogans. Less is more!
Super fun. Wealth of knowledge
If you like needing out about building, then you should listen to this podcast. I subscribed to fine homebuilding bc of this podcast
So much good information
Noah Outside
I’m a novice carpenter trying to learn the correct way to do all the things. I have gained a wealth of practical information from listening to the FH podcast already, and I look forward to each new episode. The hosts are knowledgeable and enjoyable to listen to. I actually listen at 1.5x the normal rate so I can catch up on previous episodes and absorb more information. So much good information!
Essential part of my week
I started listening to FHB when I was designing my porch and workshop. It one of my must do things every week. It’s a great source of information and also entertaining. I particularly like the trade show specials.
The best building and house podcast out there!
I must say this is the best podcast out there. Very entertaining and informative. I look forward to the podcast every week. Thank you so much for for all the work and effort. Cheers!
Apparently something wrong with Friday podcast can’t play.
HiLiner Owner
Love the podcast. Very interesting.
Appreciate the explanations to the unwashed. As the owner of an old farm house I find the show informative and entertaining
Enjoyable listen
james meehan
I enjoy listening to most episodes, it’s like sitting around with people that only talk about what you enjoy. My only critique would be that they start seeking out more expert guidance on certain topics. They obviously have carpentry nailed down well. HVAC and some plumbing topics are sometimes out of their depth. I’d suggest seeking out a little outside expert help with those topics. Also not as a critique but just a couple ideas: It might not be terrible to have more guests on the show that can dive deeper into design or material details? Discuss the history of businesses in the residential construction industry?
Learning every week
Thank you for the quality content and occasional humor! Keep up the great work, I look forward to every episode.
Always Entertaining!
Chalky & Woody
Patrick and crew never fail to have a lively, informative discussion. Especially when tackling their favorite topics of nasty basements and even nastier insulation details.
Great info for builders, owners, buyers or insulation enthusiasts
Light hearted show offers short personal and industry narrative followed by super informative and approachable building and remodeling Q and A. I love the guys’ rapport and the exposure I get to best practices and techniques. Thanks guys!
Keep ‘me comin’!
You guys are a secret weapon of knowledge and experience! Living’ ya in Mississippi!
Thanks FHB!
morty from des moines
Love the show. A must listen every week. Thanks for saving me hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of mistakes as we renovate our craftsman bungalow. I’ve learned so much more from the podcast and magazine than from my knucklehead carpenter buddies.
Great info and entertaining
I'm building a new house and listen every week, great show, look forward to each episode.
b h builder
I’m a pro remodeler, and find this podcast to be very informative for pro’s and diy listeners alike.
Excellent for contractors and DYI Homeowners
Patton W
I heard your plea for a comment! I am a remodeling contractor and I have faithfully listened to every episode so I figured the least I could do was leave a comment. I have gained valuable knowledge and product awareness. I look forward to listening every Friday keep up the good work. I have not found any podcast comparable. Thank you!
Outstanding Listen
Troy Hiller
Informational Podcast. Best in its class, guys do a great job and the banter between them is highly entertaining. Kind of guys u could hang out with at the local watering hole. Keep up the great podcast.
Great Podcast - Full of knowledge
Such a great podcast full of good construction knowledge. I love the magazine and this podcast is a must for any tradesman.
Love the post shakeup crew
I've listened since the lunchbox days and the new crew is a great mix of personalities and experience.
Long time to answer questions.
I’m not one to write negative reviews however back in August I asked a question and was told it would be answered. It has yet to be answered. I sent a follow up email to Mr Fink and he has not responded to that. I feel that if the guys would stop chatting about personal projects and get on with the business of answering real life construction questions it would be more helpful to the construction community.
Love it
Great podcast from someone who is an amateur builder. Put on to it by my boss; wonderfully enlightening content by solid group. Entertaining banter.
Great show!
I really appreciate the the attention given to high performance building.
Great show
Im an American expat listening to your podcast in Australia. It very cool to notice building practices in Australia compared to what you talk about in the USA.
Great info...but used to be better!
This show is my go to podcast as I drive back home on Fridays. These guys always have great questions to answer and do some decent research. I like how they share their own projects and admit that sometimes the FHB way is sometimes too expensive or over the top for the average homeowner. I would give 5 stars but my biggest issue with the show is the change in host . While I enjoy the Patrick and Matthew and their input on tools and projects I really miss Brian and Rob, the chemistry between the three seemed better and much funnier.
Out F’ing Standing
Excellent podcast for a dedicated DIYer or anyone interested in construction problems and their solutions.
Objective info, ideas & techniques
Since I’m not a builder, but a homeowner/designer living my own version of “This old house” I appreciate getting objective info on ideas & techniques from pros. Great content, tips, etc...only took one star off because sometimes the conversation strays & has to be lassoed back to topic.
Thanks, learning some, more comfortable a lot!
Pete C. from NJ
Tuned in a few months ago, thought I was only going to hear million dollar projects where it takes days to hang a door. You guys are real and this hack ( weekend warrior with Habitat) can relate. I like to hear what I’m doing right, but love to hear that your team has some of the same field issues. Keep it coming! I look forward to each episode. Pete
Great building show!
Smart Builder
Love hearing building and remodeling discussed? Must check out fine home building!
Its all about that roof venting
Monty Builder Boi
Love listening to these guys! Listen to them all the time at work. Have learned alot especially on roof venting since it seems to be the only thing they ever talk about LOL Keep up the great work!
Fortunately for me, I needed roof venting info
I’ve learned and better understood stuff thanks to this podcast. Funny moments. Great interviews. Great overall. Question... so are log homes one big thermal bridge??
Long winded chatter and incorrect information. Unprofessional.
fine homebuilding
Informative and Entertaining
The podcast is excellent. I am a homeowner and enjoy repairing(usually) and improving our home of 20 years. The builder grade house provides many opportunities for improvement. Thanks, Justin, Brian, Rob, and crew.
Informational, Natural and all around interesting
Ralphie Cat
Subscribe to these guys, they cover everything and anything and the audio quality is excellent. They’re all in the same room, not struggling with Skype or poor phone connections. I’m now excited to read the FHB magazine as they’ll reference articles there naturally. Really enjoyed interviews with reps at Orlando Trade show...make sure the suits keep up the funding!
Well done
Ben Linder
I’ve been listening to the Fine Roof Venting podcast since the beginning and have thoroughly enjoyed every one. Just thought I’d show my appreciation after listening to the 100th episode, during which you guys managed to: a) discuss roof venting, as usual b) debate lighting layout, as usual c) recommend track saws, as usual d) deliver high-octane banter, as usual. Outstanding work. I’m a professional builder and remodeler, and listening to the FHB podcast is nearly as good as actual in-person trade talk with other professionals.
Awesome resource
So, my wife and I have been looking at building a new house, and I thought I’d try and get caught up on what the newest and latest information is. These guys have helped me change my building plan so much, and so I highly recommend them. Advanced framing techniques was a huge shift in my thoughts on how I would design this house.
Greenbriar Development
The best building podcast I’ve found. Excellent content with both depth and mirth.
Great Resource
Excellent, engaging, informative podcast
Greatest show in its category!
I listen to a ton of podcasts and this one is as smart and funny as any of them! If you’re interested in home building or any component of that industry, then you need to tune into Justin, Rob, and Brian each week. It’s kinda like listening to some guys at a bar talking about work and home projects except the guys happen to be rocket scientists and the bar happens to (probably) be a little closet studio with too many men jammed in! The producers and engineers do a great job with the audio and production value. Justin is a charismatic and entertaining host. Brian hates basements. Rob is The Boss. Couldn’t recommend it more! #keepcraftalive.
Love it.
Great topics but they always “forget” that houses have to “breathe”. (Sarcasm Justin)
Listener and learner.
I'm going through the old podcast and working my way up to the current podcast. So far I'm learning some interesting things on every podcast. I like it allot.
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