Just crying in the airport by myself
This podcast just makes me feel so hard, and connect with the human experience. Grief, joy, anxiety, marriage woes, life unrest - all things we experience and this platform of human stories helps us to understand we’re not always doing “fine, thanks”, but we’re going to be okay. Thank you for creating this amazing podcast.
I have been binge listening to TTFA sine the end of September & just finished today, early November. Now I’m sad because I have to wait to listen to each weekly episode. This is a wonderful program produced beautifully & stories told with true compassion. Hearing about others heart wrenching stories has helped me to try and be a more compassionate person & helped me put my own life in perspective. This show is making me a better person!
“What Happened to You?”
Thank you for putting this very important understanding of human behavior and early trauma in clear, simple and real-life terms
Thank you
You e helped me get through really horrible moments in my life, and for this I THANK YOU♥️
Thank you.
Real and Beautiful
I love TTFA because Nora does such a great job of bringing the hardest moments of peoples lives to us with compassion, understanding and a sense of humor that I relate to. I have laughed and cried many times while listening. There have been several stories really resonated with me. I highly recommend this podcast!
Like nothing else.
This podcast is perfect and it means so, so much to me. Nora is something so special and I’m so glad she’s my podcast-friend.
Soooooo good!!
Such a deep and profound podcast! And...I really want to be friends with Nora!! I’m a Minnesotan...it would be easy! Just make it happen!
Absolute favorite
I love this podcast so much. Thank you, Nora.
Cannot stop listening
I am literally in tears as I write this. I So connect with these stories. The host is intelligent and kind and interjects herself into the material PERFECTLY (from what I’ve listened to so far!) which is really important to me when engaging in this type of subject matter. I love the blend of education and beckoning us to really listen and learn from others’ experiences. Beautifully done.
Love this podcast
Great true life stories with great meaning. Takes you along through life’s ups and downs. Very well done.
Too many liberal jabs off putting .
Love this pod!
I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. It’s so relatable, and the sensitive subject matter is handled with care so diligently. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a podcast of substance!
lak in mn
True stories told in a compassionate way and yet funny at just the right moment.
My favorite podcast of all!
My favorite podcast of all of them! Not only is Nora SO FUNNY, she also seems like someone i want to hang out with!! The way she tells stories, connects with her guests, and enlightens me with her comments make me feel hopeful. Her podcasts are real, emotional, vulnerable, and somehow im not left feeling sad. Its therapeutic! Thanks Nora!
For all the losses in life...
lauren 5977
I stumbled upon this podcast and have spent days listening to all the episodes. Thank you for bringing to light all the loss we humans find so hard to discuss. I have loved every episode.
Emily & Brian
Wow! Emily, I appreciate you telling your story. Thank you for telling this story with such respect for your late husband. You have a very rare and beautiful heart. I know that you will find a wonderful and amazing lifelong love!
A must listen
I love every single episode of this podcast, it’s has made me laugh, cry, angry, but most importantly it has made me feel like I am not alone. Thank you Nora.
Good show, bad music
Love the show but sometimes the background music they use is so distracting. The music in this last episode “God’s plan” drove me bonkers and I almost didn’t finish listening because of how distracting it is.
Love this show
I work for hospice and the In between is so real. The way you allow people to share their (terrible) is so real and that is meaningful. I often tell my caregivers when they tell me they are fine to start over. Are you really ?
My new routine....
I never even listened to podcasts before this. I’m a big fan of Nora’s books and each episode is so thought provoking. All her guests have amazing strength. Love it....
If you’ve been through some stuff, listen up.
After going through some stuff, it’s so good to hear other stories. Nora tells it straight, and she doesn’t get stuck in the mud of life. Great podcast!
Amazing podcast. Great stories. Great host.
Nora is a phenomenal host. She’s so genuine and deals with the tough conversations with just the right amount of humor. They also choose really interesting guests. I listen to this podcast as soon as it comes out every week.
Just started listening to podcast and hooked
No NickNames Left Damnit
I love the show, thank you. I listen during my work day. It definitely helps my work load go by faster. I do suggest the mouth smacking and gulping sounds be edited out. That sound makes me turned off and distracted.
Wonderful Podcast, however...
This last episode about parental debt was touching, sad and informative until the end when Nora got confused and started acting like she was in high school. She has a huge talent and the episodes are well written and organized, the music is good, but in-jokes aren’t funny to those of us listening. They invariably diminish what came before. And in the case of the nonsense and offensive singing in the episode about immigration, they diminished a very good episode that came after. I doubt many people listened to it. You sounded ungrateful for and sarcastic about your country — not funny. This is a really good podcast. You have a lot of talent-all of you. It’s time to be professional so you can reach all the people you deserve to reach. If you had the power with your heartbreaking podcast about Jay Mathews to motivate me — a stranger —to follow him for the rest of his time on CaringBridge, you must be pretty powerful. Please use it for what’s important and not being silly. You never want listeners to feel like you’re a club they are not members of. Grow up and use this incredible tool YOU created to its best ability. And thank you for the many wonderful stories you’ve told. Listening every week.
For the most part love
I love the stories and the vulnerability. But after listening since the first episode was released, now listening to Nora is getting pretty old. She’s cringey a lot and honestly talks too much. Just let the guest tell their story.
Best Podcast
This is one of the best podcasts out there. It’s great storytelling about all the important issues we all will tropically face in this life. Nora is both gently humorous and full of empathy. I always look forward to the next TTFA.
Intern struggle is real
Intern on the go
My professor recommended this podcast for me for a specific topic when working with a particular client in my internship and wow have I gotten so much more out of it then just gaining perspective to help them. This has become my go to for me in more ways than one. Thank you <3
So relatable
My dad died 10 years ago, and I’ve always struggled to talk about how it’s affected me. I feel like I either lack the words to describe how I feel, or that my emotions are unfounded or otherwise weird. This show has helped me understand my feelings are justified and has made it easier for me to talk about it. Even when folks are talking about going through things I haven’t experienced, their emotions and processing are so relatable. Love this podcast.
The best
Alicia A T
Thank you so much for creating this podcast! I laugh, I cry, I think about the world. Never stop doing what you do Nora!
I love this podcast and I know that sounds terrible considering it’s about the worst days of peoples lives. It has given me a new perspective on my life and how I look at others. These stories truly made me realize that you don’t know what someone is going through or has been through so kindness is a necessity. Also, Nora’s voice is so soothing and it makes this podcast even better to listen to.
Great, but Nora...
Please stop with the cringey laughter and long winded commentary. I think the podcast is great, but all that other stuff detracts from the stories.
Good podcast but...
I really like the subject matter of this podcast. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I CANNOT STAND that you can hear every swallow, or the spit in someone’s mouth, it drives me crazy and is so distracting. I don’t know if they’re too close to the microphones or what but it’s so annoying.
Favorite Podcast
I am so sad that I finished all of these episodes. Can’t wait for the next one to come out. Nora, please never stop making episodes!
Terrible, thanks for asking
One of my favorite podcasts. I love this lady and her wonderful take on life. She is positive and real, feely without making you feel uncomfortable. She has dealt with death in the most beautiful way possible and has given people a place to express their grief. God bless you, Nora, for the healing you bring so many.
Hanging in there
That writer kid
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning, and it has definitely comforted me and helped me to feel less alone. In tough times, TTFA has been one of the few things that really resonated with me. However, I’m definitely finding Nora harder and harder to listen to. Her commentary comes off as “putting it on thick,” like a fake attempt to be genuine. I understand the need to guide the listener through the story, but Nora’s persona as the narrator seems self-involved rather than focused on the storyteller. Her asides run long, and there’s only so many times I can listen to the same kind of purposeful awkwardness that is overtaking the show. I listen for honest, vulnerable moments. That’s what I want to hear from the guests. More and more, though, that vulnerability is swapped for political and social soapboxes that, while I agree, rub me the wrong way. That, or staff inside jokes, or ads for things I don’t feel rich enough or “hip” enough to buy. I really do love this show. I have from the start. But it’s becoming harder to listen to and take at face value. Please, Nora and the TTFA team, step back from the spotlight so that your guests can really shine!!!! Get back to the heart of the show.
Total love
Such a unique, beautiful and compelling podcast. Nora is a wonderful personality and a terrific writer too. Love it.
Former Life
This series has improved a lot from when I first started listening. I love the host’s voice but she loses control and sometimes starts exaggerating her midwest accent. Her accent is very minimal, so that puts it in perspective, but still, when things get dramatic, she lays it on pretty thick and nasal, especially with the word “now” which she drags out to sound like “naaaoww” coming from a large cat. This might sound picky, but it is really hard to hear your own accent, and a session or two with a speech therapist could upgrade her delivery. And the woman has lingering guilt from her Catholic school background so she keeps bringing in her two husbands, and jettisons her “either/or” mentality which disappears and she’s suddenly drinking the “both/and” KoolAid. She might not like that I compare this “both/and” mantra with a similar idea from Louis C. K., who calls it the “But Maybe” principle. Things could be this way or that way...BUT MAYBE...it’s also this other way.
A+ important grief stories
I have loved this podcast from the beginning but Nora is beginning to wear on me. She needs to keep her personal opinions about things like religion and politics to herself. I love the stories and I’m hoping to be able to continue listening. Please just let people tell their stories *cough cough and let them be the focus. Otherwise you’re potentially alienating people who need these stories too.
Nora you’re great at what you do! Love you!!
Love it BUT
Love the content. But the lip smacking right up against the mic and the swallowing sounds have GOT to stop. I have to turn this off at a certain point because I got so irritated and grossed out.
I wish she would just stop talking so much
I’m listening to the latest episode and, true to form, Nora’s commentary is just hard to listen to. She’s painfully corny and her little tidbits are useless. I wish she would just let the story be told and insert comments that MAKE SENSE, when necessary. She’s not funny or entertaining but this is a good show. I just hate that I want to cut this episode off because of her. Please be quiet. The episodes are a good length but, unfortunately, it’s filled with too much of her annoying, useless narrating.
Love the end credits!
Hey Nora...... I listen to the absolute, very end of every episode. I love you.
Enough Non-Sensical Tangents!!!!!!
I felt so compelled to write this review because Nora, I JUST WANT TO HEAR THE GUEST’S STORIES!!!! Give it a rest with the horrible attempts at standup comedy routines. I get it, the subject matter can be rough and she wants to ease the tension, but dear god give it a break. Maybe one or two jokes to lead into the story each week but not a full 10 minutes of gibberish. Does anyone have editing power over Nora at TTFA???!?!
Please, no more
I love this podcast! However, that last one about Americans was so bad, I only made it through 10 minutes. It was one big inside joke that wasn’t funny to anyone who isn’t on your staff. If you want to throw in a good news episode now and then, i’m all for it. Just, please, let us all in on the joke.
Great podcast but audio erks me
I love this podcast. Great content but I hate that I can hear every single swallow of saliva in everyone’s mouth. 😳
I’m not alone
Thank you for being here for me ...
So so so good
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts! Thank you for telling these stories!
Thank you
My mom just passed and I needed comfort and this podcast gave me some.
Not really about “gender”
I listen to this podcast occasionally. Sometimes, the stories are really interesting, and I love learning about other people’s lives. But this recent episode about gender roles was a major letdown. Centering the entire episode on the birth story of a cis-gendered, heterosexual couple is NOT what I consider a thorough investigation into the restrictive effects of gender roles. Sure, cis-gendered folks suffer at the hands of the patriarchy. Most people do. But there are plenty of people out there who, thanks to their gender identity or status, struggle through far more difficult or ‘unconventional’ experiences. (Consider transgender men, who’ve known they can’t produce sperm their entire lives.) Finding out that you can’t biologically conceive a child with your partner is an exclusively cis-het experience. In an episode that is supposed to be about gender struggles, this is a incredibly myopic perspective. Please don’t pretend this is a story about gender roles, because it really isn’t. It is a sweet story about a couple starting a family.
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