Better than an MBA degree!
I have been listening to this podcast for over 2 years now and I cannot begin to share how instrumental it has been in my transformation from an employed physician to an entrepreneur. Nicaila’s interviewing skills are phenomenal and her guests always bring it! I thought about going back to school to get an MBA, but quickly learned there were so many other resources available and this one is at the top of my list! Thank you, Nicaila, for inspiring brown girl CEOs around the country and globe.
Actionable and Relatable
I love this podcast because it speaks to my unique experiences as a black woman entrepreneur. When I think I’m going crazy, this show reminds me that my experiences are not totally unique and it’s ok to feel such a range of emotions. My favorite part about this podcast is that I am able to walk away from each episode with an idea on how to take meaningful action. It’s more than just good talk, it’s empowering to be armed with tools and resources.
Gems for Days!
I’ve been listening to SHP for about a year now and the wealth of information shared is invaluable. I don’t have a side hustle (yet), but I’ve learned so much about work, personal and business from Nicaila and her amazing guests. This podcast is a great resource. Congrats on 3 years! 🎊
Game Changer
The stories shared are 100% relatable and inspiring. The transparency that shines through motivated me to move out of my way and get going! Thank you.
Ep 159
*Party like a rock star*
Ego! I’m the one you were talking about! I’ve gone into hiding to attempt perfecting a skill and then POPPING UP once I learned that skill. In listening to your show, I realize I’m not alone, but also realized my craziness in doing that. And I appreciate your honesty and transparency in sharing parts of your journal. It made me realize that 1) I need to start journaling more often and 2) it’s a great way to document my moment in time and how I’ve evolved.
Awesome content
This podcast is simply awesome. Nicalia is authentic and has a natural talent for pulling in the best guest out there to show us the way. She also has a natural interview ability making the discussion flow so easily. I absolutely love this podcast! The energy of s beautiful and the encouragement is awesome! Thank you for listening to that inner voice and stepping out there three years ago!!! Melika
The Oprah of Side Hustle
I really like the work you do, how you help pave the way for dreamers to become doers through story telling and knowledge sharing! Whether or not you know it, you are the Oprah of Side Hustle. God has a lot more in store for you. Keep hustling!
You inspired my teen
My youngest started listening with me and has wanted to have podcast that speaks to teens her age. Thank you for inspiring her to create a platform. I feel you always hit a topic that keeps me focused and helps so many succeed. #sidehustlego
My Motivation
I’m more inspired every time I listen to an episode of Side Hustle Pro, and I aspire to build my podcast platform as Nicaila has done - She is truly a trendsetter. my new daily mantra is “lay low and build” in addition to establishing my 3 year plan!! Congrats on being featured on Today - truly well deserved. !
Fabulous podcast
Nosferatu's Daughter
This podcast succeeds where so many fail by being in-depth and specific with the stories and advice shared. I love the much-needed spotlight on successful black women entrepreneurs. I am not a POC but I am a woman who works for a business school and the lack of diversity is prevalent and the white, male CEO-narrative of doing business is ubiquitous. These women rock.
Episode 159 is so Inspiring!!!
I promise, Episode 159, about the fears that hold us back, was just what I needed to hear and at the right time!! Thank you for being so inspiring! ✨✨✨
Best podcast ever
I have learned so much about what it really takes to build a business on the side. Thank you for all you share!😊 Ebony
Happy Anniversary Side Hustle Pro
So happy this podcast exists!
Happy Anniversary Side Hustle Pro❤️❤️❤️
Such a great episode about not letting fear cripple you. I can’t tell you how many times I let my fear and negative self-talks stunt me from doing something I love. Fear can paralyze you! Past experience has shown me that it’s still worth it to push through. It’s the only way you’ll know your own strengths. I need to always keep that in mind when God makes me uncomfortable. It’s Him nudging me in a new direction because HE wants to enlarge my territory.❤️ Nicaila, THANK YOU for your transparency over the years. I’ve learned that I’m actually going in the direction of my dreams. If it weren’t for your podcast, I would still be thinking that ppl who love what they do just always had a clear path. NO! There were setbacks, failures (lessons), confusion and fear. Thank you for exposing the truths about loving what you do as your side hustle and letting it take you far beyond what you could imagine.
Taking the next steps
Ewe we man
Loved the August episode about how our self doubt me can stop us. I took a step forward today by enrolling in skillspace to learn how to build a website for my brand. Thank you for the motivation
This is heaven
So I work at a plant, long hours, and repetition work. I came across this podcast on IG. Someone put up a post about it and shared it. My shift starts at 4:30pm till 4am. It’s now 10:06pm and I’ve listened to all the podcast since my shift begun. Mind you we are not suppose to have our phones out while on the line. I don’t care, it will be worth the write up I’ll get. Each story I listen to only let me know the process I’m going thru is meant for me to go thru it. I immediately shared the podcast with my sister as we both are going thru our entrepreneur manifestation process. My sister and I are both on the road to owning are own business (separately) but supporting one another ideas and goals. This podcast is just icing on the cake. It has breath life into me so I can give life to my business. Please keep this going. I can’t wait to listen to more interviews laughs and the great stories behind each guest. Thank you for what you are doing. You just have no idea how inspirational this is. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️
You and your girls
I truly enjoy your show and your guests. I feel like I could be friends with these women and there accomplishments are tangible. They share details to the process. You have been able to ask good questions and it flows like a natural convo one would have with friends.
Side Hustle Pro
Love, love, love this podcast! I listen to and share this podcast with so many of my family, friends and clients. People share a lot when you are a stylist and I love gifting episodes to people through text if an interview reminds me of a conversation. I intentionally say gift because you’d better believe that EVERY episode is a gem! Stand up job Mrs. Nicaila!
You ask ALL of the right questions. Happy year 3!
I’ve been listening for about a year. What I love the most is that you ask the questions that people want the answers to. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m tuned in every week. Blessings ✨
Happy 3 Year Anniversary!!!!
I love, love, love this podcast!!!! It always feels like I’m having a convo with a few of my successful girlfriends. It’s so down to earth, insightful, real, full of amazing advice/tips and inspiring!!! If anyone (no matter what race, gender, age, etc) needs a place to get them motivated to start that side business, this is the place to be!!! Listen, enjoy and get inspired!!!
A blessing!
SideHustlePro is an asset and berthof knowledge to the black (women of color) community! While every interview may not be in your field, the principles can still be applied to your business/side hustle! As a beginner side hustler soon to be full time entrepreneur 😉 and seeing Nicaila at Woman Evolve her tips have helped me stay true to goals and focus of my side hustle! Thanks girl! Brittney
My favorite podcast!!
There isn’t an episode that doesn’t give knowledge and make me feel powerful. Sometimes I think I won’t relate because the guest isn’t in my industry, but it never fails that I gain knowledge and power from EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. No matter the industry, business is still business. I didn’t care to know about body butters, but because the guest was from NY, like me, I was drawn into the conversation. I kept laughing and nodding my head. I felt like I was listening to friends. I learned about body butters, but most importantly I learned to keep grinding. I have to work on my business DAILY. I don’t know anything about lasers, but as soon the episode was over I downloaded google analytics with the quickness. It also made me wish for a best friend to automate some stuff for me. Lol. I didn’t know anything interior design, but I learned from that episode that I DO NOT want to ever quit a stable job with nothing to fall back on. It also solidified the fact that I need to hurry up and get to making sure I have my six months emergency savings in the bank. I live for the lightening round question: what resource has helped you in your business that you can share with the side hustle pro audience??? I love this question. I also love the guest’s book recommendations. It’s all so inspiring. I love learning. I love black women. I love being an entrepreneur. I LOVE AND LEARN from every single episode. I love love the side hustle pro podcast. I’m so happy I found it.
This Podcast is amazing!
What a great show for the Black Female Side Hustler! I’ve personally learned so much that I am actively applying in my own side hustle. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nicaila for curating something so informative and inspiring for your audience!
My fav pod, gets better every week
Happy 3 Year Anniversary SHP! I’ve been listening for about 1 year and haven’t missed an episode. I’ve listened to all the archived episodes and many more than once. I’m constantly amazed by Nicaila’s ability to bring fresh guests to the show! Every week she brings FIRE, transparency, and actionable guidance. Never stop, girl! WE NEED THIS! And the solo episodes... DO NOT skip these!
Great job
Rain door
Congratulations on 3 years.. awesome podcast
Just what I needed
Latricia Dennng
This podcast was recommended to me and it is absolutely what I needed to get out of my head and back on track! I really Love that I can listen to likeminded individuals-this I do not get in my day to day life. So happy to find this!
Has changed me as a young person!
Side Hustle Pro literally changed my life. It introduced me to the world of podcasts and let me know that there is space for black women in the entrepreneurial world. I just finished my first year of college, and listening to Side Hustle Pro has encouraged me to want more in my life, or really create something of my own. Nicaila is the best host. As long as she puts out the episodes, I will keep listening. Thank you so much! I encourage all teens and 20ish black girls to listen.
I love to listen to these women amazing stories to the top.. I have learned so much
Latest episode w Tomara Watkins
This was one of my fav episodes in a while! She was just super relatable and just the essential side-hustle journey, loved it! Plus she mentioned “Customs brokers”, which is my side-hustle (FrontWest Customs Brokerage & Services) and you don’t hear much about the importing process in general, so her mentioning it was so cool!!!
Love love love this!!!
Tiff Jordan
I’ve been married for 2 yrs now and my husband and I are just about to start our debt journey. This episode gave me so much inspiration in knowing what God has planned for my family. I’m excited! Congratulations to this couple again! Who knows we may be next on our own debt free podcast.
Inspiring episodes
I love Nicaila’s interview style, the diverse entrepreneurs she chats with, and how engaging each episode is. So many different paths and most importantly applicable information with genuine interviewees.
Thank you
For some reason, my rating is only four. I want it to be corrected because your program is five stars. The program is inspiring and encouraging. Thank you very much and keep keeping on!
Love love love this podcast! 💕
Bana baby
Love love love this Podcast. Couldn’t have stumbled on this at a better time! As an aspiring side hustler & transitioning entrepreneur while working my Cooperate Job, listening to the speakers on here has been very inspiring to me. I actually listen while at work & this podcast helps get me through the day and keeps me motivated! 😎
Helpful and Enjoyable
I stumbled upon this accidentally and now I haven’t missed a week! Thank you for this podcast girl!
Episode 149 Was Amazing
Zealous Advocate
Thoroughly enjoyed this episode!! So practical yet natural — it even prompted me to download the app. Thanks for the consistent, quality content.
I love this show
Thank you for the visibility of black women entrepreneurs. Every episode is so informative and fun. I love when entrepreneurs are candid about their finances and give us the step by step story of how they got to where they are. I love this and I recommend it to all my friends and family interested in entrepreneurship. Thank you girl.
I have been listening for around two years and lemme TELL YOU! You will get all the best TEA and insight from the best black women entrepreneurs in all spaces-tech, fashion, healthcare, and Marketing/PR and much more. The host, Nicaila is also a calming voice that inspired me to be an entrepreneur myself. GO BLACK GIRLS AND WOMEN!
So Informative!!!!
I cannot tell you how much I’ve learned from this podcast! Super entertaining, but, even more than that, super informative and helpful as I move forward with my new venture!
A tool so valuable!
Purpose pleaser
Thank you so much for your work and willingness to show up for us. I refresh my podcast often hoping that you have posted something new. If not, I simply sharpen up on a previous episode. You have created a community that is needed, and inspiring. Every episode empowers and encourages my next step. I never leave reviews but your work really calls for a standing ovation. Thank you girl!!!!
I hit the Jackpot!
Literally free game! I love love love this podcast! Some of the guest give step by step notes on their road to success. You can learn something from not only every black woman entrepreneur guest but the wonderful host herself. I am overjoyed the Gods have decided to align Side Hustle Pro with my ears and my mind. Thank you so much Nicaila for manifesting your dreams into reality, sharing your story and asking all the right questions to your guest!
Taking women to the next level
Ownership is the only pathway to wealth and wealth enables influence and greater influence will lead to positive change in the lives of women and children globally. This is the seed that is being planted with SideHustle Pro. Side hustle then billion dollar company. Who are we not to be smart, beautiful, talented, amazing and wealthy and independent. Kudos Nicaila for this inspiring and empowering movement !
I love this Podcast 💖🙌🏽
I love how authentic and genuine she is... Very open about her journey and the people she interviews help me see that their are some dope black entrepreneurs out here! Love discovering and learning about people from different backgrounds... Culturehigh
Love. This. Podcast
I’m not one to leave reviews but this podcast is not only informative, it is also uplifting and inspiring. Thanks Nicaila! 🙏🏾
Such great information & inspiration
If you need information or inspiration to start or continue your side hustle you will find it here. I’m so glad I found this podcast and you will be too! Check it out.
Great Podcast
Marian A H.
I started listening from the beginning, so I'm a tad late with this review. I enjoy everything about this podcast from the variety of interviews to your personal check ins! Watching this podcast evolve has been amazing. I'm working on turning my side hustle into a profitable business thanks to this podcast! Keep up the good work!
Thanks so much. Enjoyed it and it inspired me to move forward with my business. 👍
I love what you’re doing ❤️👏🏽
Amazing episode with her hubby
I enjoyed the Family hustle episode so much! It was completely relatable and dropped so much information although it was supposed to be a get to know you Episode. They talked family, legacy, entrepreneurship, business school and much more. I wish the black community had more content like this.
Jewels , Gems, Gold!!
I started listening to sidehustle pro during the spring of 2018...right out the same time I started putting things in order to launch my sidehustle of training and consulting for child care business owners. I am a huge fan and am always telling others about the many episodes of amazing hustlers and entrepreneurs on the show. Keep me coming!!! Jamellah Owens M.Ed President of Growing to Lead, LLC
Great podcast!
As I work my 2 side hustles, I love hearing podcasts for inspiration and just feel good vibes. Today I'm listening to the podcast about Danielle Mull. Love her website and will be patronizing and following on IG. I'm all about supporting black/women business. Thanks for profiling us!!
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