REWIND: From Drowning in Debt to Making 5 Figures A Month (Courtney Sanders of Think and Grow Chick)
Published May 9, 2018
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    It’s Nicaila here with another special REWIND edition of Side Hustle Pro.

    Take a listen to this best of episode with Courtney Sanders. This is one of my favorite episodes because Courtney is so thorough! She is an entrepreneur who started making money online by packaging her expertise in productivity systems and goal achievement and has impacted thousands of people.

    But, even though she was starting to make 4 then 5 figures monthly in her business, she didn’t just quit her job. She planned it out, she was prepared and she really set a high standard for herself of what she needed to achieve before she would allow herself to quit.

    So Courtney’s episode is one that I came back to many, many times in 2017. I would literally re-listen to it over and over again as I prepared to leave my job. 1) Because it was like talking to a life coach and 2) It was a reminder that I could not just quit impulsively and expect success, I needed to establish a plan.

    In this this episode, Courtney breaks down:

    • The inspiration for Think And Grow Chick and when she realized she could help other women think and grow into their best selves
    • How she grew her company into a profitable business
    • How she juggles her side hustle with her full time job
    • Financial wisdom she has learned along the way
    • When she knew it was time to take her side hustle to the next level

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