Ep 77: How to Fear Less and Live Your Best Life in 2018
Published January 4, 2018
24 min
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    2017  was an amazing year for me (I got married, took my business to new heights, spent time with my family, was embraced into a new family and culture). I am so grateful for the lessons learned and blessings received.

    Something I may have shared less of is that it was also an emotional year and sometimes a downright stressful year. I pushed myself harder than I ever have, took on more responsibility at work, was challenged in unexpected ways, grew a lot and took a major leap and quit my job.

    Now, I enter 2018 with a new perspective and determination to do my best work and live my best life.

    On today’s episode, I share:

    • How we can all adopt a fearless mindset
    • What it really means to invest in yourself
    • Why I’m committed to nurturing human connections


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