63: How to Run Your Side Hustle in 1 Hour A Day
Published September 27, 2017
24 min
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    Up until this year, the last quarter of every year always felt like the most stressful for me. This year is the first year that that's not the case for me. This year, I got better at getting things done, even under pressure. In this episode I’m sharing some of the biggest mistakes I made when I first started out side hustling and what I've learned from them.

    It’s important that you understand where I and most successful side hustlers went wrong and what I did to turn it around.

    These mistakes could have easily been avoided if I had only known how to create a realistic goals setting system. Now, I've mastered the "less talk, more hustle" approach, and it’s what has gotten me results.

    I spend less time thinking and talking about what I'm going to do and more time actually doing it.

    I learned to cut out all the fluff that makes you FEEL like you're doing something (to-do lists, buying fancy planners, well organized trello boards) and get down to business.

    By making these mistakes, I also learned some key lessons as to why most side hustlers aren’t making the progress they anticipated. You’re probably not accomplishing your goal, because you bit off too much or not taking action because you want everything to be perfect and are afraid of making a mistake.

    If you want more guidance on how to actually get things done, consider learning​ ​my​ ​signature Goal Getter Action Plan​. I can show you how to run a side business in 7 hours per week.

    In this episode, I break down how you can quit stalling and make moves on  your side hustle. Listen through to the end to get more info plus an early bird discount code to my signature Goal Getter Action Plan for just $27.

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