Ep 55: A Year of Side Hustle Pro
Published June 22, 2017
39 min
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    One year ago, June 22, 2016 to be exact, I created Side Hustle Pro podcast with a microphone and a dream.

    The road to Side Hustle Pro really started when I graduated with my MBA, but no job. I was feeling pretty dejected, especially after I kept going on interview after interview and getting rejection after rejection. Then I started to wrestle with the idea of doing my own thing, but for some reason, I just couldn’t pull the trigger, because I  didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur. And the reason I didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur is because...the narrative of entrepreneurship was of white men.

    I wanted to gain confidence and motivation from women who look like me. And particularly women who started as side hustlers (because, let's face it, these student loans are not going to pay themselves). So I started a series of "Side Hustle Pro" interviews on my old blog while I was unemployed and trying to find my way. The rest, is herSTORY.

    I didn't know all the blessings and challenges that would unfold as a result of launching Side Hustle Pro. Today, on my one year anniversary, I pause to look back on year one. I don’t come up for air often enough to take notes and reflect on how this all came to be (I'm too busy working to release an episode each week!). SoI'm grateful to have had some time to look back.

    On today’s episode, I get into:


    • The "secret" behind Side Hustle Pro's first year growth
    • My hits and misses
    • What I would do differently if I had to start it all over again
    • My biggest lessons from Year 1
    • My goals and what's up next!


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