Ep 41: How to Create Your First Online Course
Published March 22, 2017
30 min
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    Today, we are going to get into one of the most common side hustles out there: creating your own online course.

    Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their mother has an online course. From how to grow your social media pages to how to build your first app, you name it, online courses are extremely prevalent these days. Even Shonda Rhimes has an online course!

    It’s nothing new, online courses have existed for a while now, what’s new is the abundance of technology and plug and play platforms out there, so the barriers to entry have really decreased and so anyone, literally anyone can create a course. You can use easy to replace templates and have your own school up online in no time.

    Now, you might be wondering, well…why is everyone creating courses, should I? Is this a viable side hustle?

    Well, the reason it’s such a popular revenue stream, is because with an online course, you can package your knowledge and create a funnel, so that you’re constantly getting students and have a passive stream of income in your business. But hold on, before you think creating an online course is easy peasy, there are many steps you need to take before you can get your course to be a passive and consistent money maker.

    Today, I’ll get into:

    • How to know what your online course should be about
    • How to setup your online course
    • How to record your content
    • How to price your course
    • How to market your course

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