EP 39: Why You Need to Focus on One Side Hustle At a Time
Published March 1, 2017
17 min
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    Former Side Hustle Pro guest Maya Elious shared that the number one thing she would tell any entrepreneur is to niche down.

    After her episode, a few people in the Side Hustle Pro community talked about how illuminating and critical this advice was. But a few people commented that it was hard for them to niche down, because they were worried about putting themselves into a box. Or to be labeled as one thing. That got me thinking about how too many times, we are scared to niche down and narrow our audience, because we are actually trying to focus on too many side hustles at once.

    On this episode, I get real about:

    • Why trying to be a Janelle of All Trades leads you to be a master of none
    • Why you need to choose a lane
    • The fact that it’s hard to do more than one thing really well, especially if you are still working on being excellent at one. And definitely if you’re still side hustling.
    • Real life examples of people who are known for many things...and the secret to their success
    • How focusing on one side hustle at a time gives you more time to target the right audience
    • HOW to choose the lane for you


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