Beyond Lance
I’ve been a Lance Armstrong fan for as long as I can remember. I started riding at 9 years old in 1999 when Lance won his first tour. That said, I started listening for Lance and kept listening for the guests. This podcast is entertaining and insightful. I have looked forward to every guest even when I didn’t know who they were because I knew I would laugh and learn something. Thanks again, Lance.
Not because you pedal your brain wheels aren’t turning
“Smart” is not always what comes to mind when discussing super athletes talking. No annoying “we’ll see what happens” or “one day at a time” feedbacks in this podcast. Lance, with all his flaws and his sometimes 1000% American perspective, delivers a smart, take no prisoner arguments on a range of interesting subjects. Maybe some listeners are still bitter but if Lance has not forgotten anything, he sure has moved forward. Very inspiring.
Never Lost Faith In You Lance
Keep it up Lance. Keep pushing Forward
Heather Armstrong interview
Love your podcasts, particularly the cycling coverage. Did not understand why you selected Heather Armstrong to interview. Every other person you have interviewed for The Move is a leader in their field from sports to music to business. Ms. Armstrong is a person dealing with life which every person you interview and the rest of us do everyday too. While I certainly feel for anyone struggling with depression, I don’t think she is a leader or expert on the subject and therefore the podcast was weak at best. You challenged her a few times on points she made that seemed impossible or inconsistent which indicate you realized this was not an insightful conversation on her part. The medical procedure she underwent to combat depression is quite interesting and unique, however your interview would have been better with her doctor than her. She’s a mom that drops the “f” word a lot and blogs about it. So what. You’d be the type to give your straight up opinion on something you didn’t like, so here you go.
Great stuff
Colorado Matt
Listened to Lance on Stern and was so impressed I picked up the Podcast. Everyone has a down period in their life; but Lance is a survivor and a winner at heart. Glad to hear is voice again. The interviews are great. I love the straight forward, honest, and sober approach. Some are pretty raw, but all are interesting. You go Lance!
Podcast is amazing and Lance is still the baddest MF in cycling. Period.
Great to have lance back
I just found out about this podcast. I watched lance win his first Tour de France and cried with him from my college dorm room. I followed him for years and loved him and defended him for years. I believed him for years. My heart was broken after the Oprah interview at a time when my life was falling apart with my own demons. I let him go and believe him a liar and let me down. This past weekend I watched the mike tirico interview and understood him and forgave him. He’s a human being who makes mistakes and learns from them. I’m so glad to hear from him again and being his beautiful brain and intensity back into my life. I’m looking forward to hearing from him again and again. Thank you for being bold and having a big set of balls and coming back into the world. Thank you, thank you for being human.
Love it!
Love your podcast, the stories and unique points of view! Thanks! Jacquie— Texan, cyclist, x3 cancer patient
It's not about you!
Heard he did an interview with Sir Charles Barkley and I should check it out. He related literally everything back to himself and kept interrupting him to either talk about himself or go back to something he wanted to discuss, changing the subject. If you're interviewing someone for more than 5min, let THEM talk. Will still with Joe Rogan. I like Lance as an athlete and I like his voice for a podcast, but get over yourself and stop jerking yourself off.
Really love the interviews. Found this podcast through the Jonny Craig episode. He’s been a long time favorite musician of mine. I’d really love to see you guys do an episode 2! His life has been very very hectic and full of ups and downs since the last interview. Being kicked out of slaves, relapses, to turning into a twitch streamer and buying an incredible house while taking a break from music.
The Narcissism Podcast
Why bring on all of these awesome guests who are actually interesting, only to spend the whole interview talking over them and turning every discussion point to a commentary on yourself? I guess this is a good format for those that love Lance Armstrong. Who loves Lance Armstrong? I know at least one person: Lance Armstrong.
Sammy and Lance interview
Best interview to date! Awesome job.
Travis Marziani
Amazing podcast
Das Doug
Especially when he interviews athletes. Only thing is I want to slap him when he interrupts Alex Hammond 40000 times.
The Best Podcast .... period!
The guest list and subject matter are always interesting and Lance does his research on his guest list. Conversation flows and feels real. The only negative is mic sound. Sometimes guest are hard to hear and Lance is load and clear. Always adjusting volume up and down.
One of my favorite podcasts.
Lance has a way of making the listener feel like part of the conversation. Always informative, inspirational with humor tossed in.
Inspiring and enjoyable
I’m always amazed how good this show is. Great guests and interesting conversations. Lance is just a naturally gifted host and interviewer.
Convenience I guess.
Given the recent and dramatic drop off in podcasts from Lance - it seems as if he stopped doing them right after his US Postal suit was settled. Optically - it looks like he decided to take a well deserved break. Fair enough. However, after several months of very infrequent podcasts releases - it appears as if he’s focusing on something else. Again, fair enough. Do what you want. But I wish Lance would get back to 1 per week because I enjoyed his guests and he was getting better at interviewing.
Dope podcast bro.
Didn’t enjoy this
Lance comes off poorly and this seems to be more about him than his guests. Not worth your time.
I give this 2 stars because he’s able to get decent guest, but this guy comes across as sooo arrogant. Almost every interview is somehow about lance, lance, lance. It’s as if he created this podcast just so he can talk about himself.
The Forward
Glad to see a new episode of my favorite podcast. Thanks Lance.
Is The Forward coming back?
Love the interviews and miss them. Is this shut down or does anyone know when it's coming back? Thx!
medium raw
Thank you for the awesome podcast with my favorite author! I’ve listened to many of his interviews & podcasts, all which have been truly enjoyable, but this one stood out as “real” as possible. Meaning, it was 2 guys sitting down to discuss whatever, without pretension, arrogance, or a political agenda. It happens to be the case that I favor the subjects discussed; nevertheless, Enjoyable!
Listen for the Guests
Armstrong is a lot better on the cycle than in front of the mic, but he would tell you that too. He's not a strong interviewer, and he seems aware of that. He is self-conscious and that can be distracting. But he is also a bright and thoughtful guy who gets fantastic guests.
I am really looking forward to hearing future episodes from Tiger Woods, Johnny Manziel, Michael Phelps and the veterinarian From Texas who shot A cat through the head.
Surprisingly great!
BB&T customer
I've never liked cycling, and never liked Lance that much. But he is an amazing host, captivates the audience, and has a great line up of guests. One of my favorite podcasts.
Great interview with Lance! I wasn’t necessarily a fan but I am now. He spoke well and was educated and said interesting. So I look forward to listening to more with him.
The Forward for the dying
Marilyn ss
I recently discovered this podcast and listened to all 50+ podcasts. I am a hospice nurse and spend the majority of my patient care time at the bedsides of people in their last days. I have been sharing this podcast with many. So many times the last weeks of one’s life are spent giving and asking for forgiveness from those they feel have wronged them. So many times it is self- forgiveness. I offer this review for those who are still angry, condemn and generally speak harshly about Lance, Mia or any of the others who have been interviewed who continue to be mislabeled and condemned by society. My advise: LET IT GO. Not for those you are condemning but for yourself- don’t bring lifelong anger toward anyone to your own deathbed. Listening to these podcasts helps me to realize the benefit of going FORWARD and using every day as if it were your last. So many patients want forgiveness from people like Lance, Mia and others. Forgive them, stop condemning them and make the best of your own life, however much is left. And subscribe to The Forward.
no shame50
He has a lot of ball to do this podcast find a cave someplace and don’t come out!
Enjoyable Podcast
I’m a Lance Fan yes, Despite everything that occurred. I enjoy listening to this Podcast it’s informative and Down to Earth.
Great listen.
Hav been enjoying the diverse guest and the inserted real talk and humor
Interview more women athletes. Chris Evert podcast was great. How about Martina? Kara Goucher? Rhonda Rousey? (Sp?) Mia Hamm? And Desi or Shalane?
Be the interviewer, not the interviewee
I love Jason Isbell and tuned in to hear HIM talk. Lance talked over him the majority of the time. Super annoying.
The Return
Mitch Wex
To all the no sayers. Get over it. Enough is Enough. He has been punished and done his time per say for his wrong doings. The fact that we ridicule him in a sport that quite frankly his BORING as hell for the most part but courageous to venture 21 days thousands of miles of pure suffering most of us will never be able to comprehend is enough in its entirety. Also. If history serves me correctly this a sport that has had its fair share of DOPING MERKXX for one regarded as the best over was kicked off tours. Countless others have throughout the sport for decades and most likely are presently to anyone who keeps updated with the sport. I enjoy this podcast because I believe in people and I Know this man has done far more good than hurting anyone. He came across as an intimidating figure in his prime but that’s what made him WIN!!! No one can say his skill set was never there when you are up on pace with guys with Mike PIgg in triathalons at 15 years old.. This guys is the OG Beastmode and still keeps a positive outlook on future endeavors and I commend him and support his efforts to try his best to not let his past bring him down as others who people call whistleblowers I call RATS or SNITCHES, I will Keep listening and keep it going!!!!
Who cares
Why anyone wants to hear anything from this guy (except maybe about how to scam people) is beyond me. His greed cost him all of his dirty TdF wins- what a loser.
Downloaded a couple of episodes but didn’t listen to them...stuck in an airport, listen and instantly became addicted to the show. Great interviewer, very interesting and compelling subject matter...Keep the episodes coming!
Love you Lance!
J peps
Always a chill conversation to listen to with Lance Armstrong. Sometimes it's the guests I've never heard of that make the most interesting programs. I've been listening since the start and love it!
Great podcast - wide variety of guests and topics
I just found this podcast and have really enjoyed the honest and fun format of the broadcast.
Totally obsessed
So glad I found Lance’s podcast. Always been a huge fan and really enjoy the positive “forward” focus. Super interesting interviews. Thank you Lance for putting yourself out there!!!
Great stuff
Always enjoy listening to lance. Thanks for the entertainment you have provided for many years over many Mediums. You can make a art person interview interesting thanks
Fresh and Inspiring
I’ve always been a fan of Lance and his perseverance. Excited to see this new side of him. He has wonderful guests and conducts wonderful interviews. Consistently impressed with what I learn and take a way from these conversations. Inspiring and will brighten your week!
Negative Stars
Slave to the Rhythm
There are a lot of other sociopaths I prefer listening to.
Why are we listeing to him????
Endurance Project
Have we all forgotten that this man is a cheater? I haven't. I still believe in honedsty and integrity.
Dull podcast, dim host
Man, I’m suffering through this Mia Khalifa podcast right now. This guy is so bad at this. Dry, dull, unprepared. Lots of awkward pauses and seemingly no direction for his questions. He had a guest with a really interesting story to tell and got NONE of it. “Wow, I can’t believe you did that.” “Wow, that’s crazy.” “Wow, you shoulda got more.” “Wow, that is insane.” Thanks, Lance for these brilliant follow up questions. He makes so many bad jokes which she mercifully laughs through. If you wanted to learn more about the guest, you won’t do that here. All you’ll learn is that the notoriously awful human being is even worse as a podcast host.
Very Enjoyable
Adventure Randy
Lance is an incredibly talented conversationalist. He obviously puts a lot of work into researching his guests prior to each episode. Not only that, but the folks he sits down with are just as interesting as they are diverse.
Be Amazed
Want to hear some amazing real life stories from the people who did it first hand? Did Paul Mitchell haircare products really evolve from a homeless man living out of his car? How did you beat your drug addiction, overcome your PTSD issues or cope with being imprisoned for a crime you didn’t commit? Your ex created one of the most instagrammed places in Austin because she was what!? Sam Walton called you collect? Yup. All true. The Forward podcast is the fun casual conversation you strike up with the person sitting at the bar next to you. Lance hits a homer every episode being a down to earth dude asking people with compelling life stories the questions we all would too. The Forward is at the top of my playlist every week. It should be on yours too.
I wanted to hate it
When I heard that LA had a podcast, I thought man he should just go away. Instead I find his conversations with those that are trying to move forward with their lives very interesting.
Great Athlete Great Show
Lance is as good a presenter/interviewer as he was (and still is) an athlete. He constantly delivers fascinating discussions and episodes with the diverse guests he has on every week.
So good.
Yill G
Super impressed. Lance is a GREAT interviewer and has interesting guests.
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