Sorely missed
Philosofox the DJ
So good. Got me into podcasts.
Does this need another 5 star review
Arielle Levy
Probably not but I'm going to do it anyway. Thank you for making this podcast for me.
Be More Like These Guys
I'm so glad Hari and Kamau bring their comedic, analytic, and empathic gifts to the world! This podcast is insightful and riveting. Revisiting.
Thanks guys
Hilarious , refreshing and educational .
Can you guys bring this back?!
Really miss listening to this great banter between such gifted and hilarious minds. Bring it back please, we miss you guys!!
Making politics accessible with a laugh!
Love this podcast- love the hosts- love the guests. I think this is well done, informative, and what I love is that they don't act like they know so much more than anyone else. They have little asides where they explain or define a word or concept to make sure the listener is clued in.
Smart, funny, and super woke.
Like stepping outside and getting blasted with cold air. ...if that was somehow also hilarious.
Oh well
History liker
How do you survive in the age of Trump? Oh no! What are you being triggered by someone not pandering to you whiny people? What a joke. But I’m sure this review will disappear along with all the other critical reviews. These snowflake SJWs can’t handle being told the truth and they start crying.
I hope they bring this back!
We need them still please come back!
New season please!
Nebbish in the Negative Zone
More Kamau and Hari! You guys are good on your own and great together!
Great Thoughtfully Funny Listen
S. Moye
I'm late to the party but recently found this podcast and have been enjoying every episode, even when the focus isn't on something I'd normally be that interested in. Hari and Kamau work great together and they invite guests that always teach me something new
Way late to the party
I am just now finding this amazing podcast. I found it because I happened upon The Kondabolu Brothers Podcast which led me here. I love the podcast and insight. I love that they can make me laugh even though they discuss difficult and important things.
Please don’t recommend Mehdi Hasan
Chicago Teacher!
I enjoyed listening to his first podcasts, but just read his “open letter” to “Bashar Apologists”. Mehdi is pushing the same propaganda that the rest of the media is promoting in order for the U.S. to support regime change in Syria and endless war. ps I love Politically Reactive!
Hope it Returns
Politically Re-Active is shares interesting information in an entertaining way the keeps me engaged. I love this podcast. I hope it returns for a season 3.
bell hooks interview 🤯
I have to be honest that I’ve picked and chosen the episodes I’ve listened. Wow! The interview with bell hooks alone is a reason for five stars ... incredible. Good work & insightful documentation of brilliant thinkers !
Funny, light and educational
Great podcast fellas. Listening to topics I would normally would not. Good job.
season 3?!?
Come baaaaack!
Love it!
I really hope there will be a new season this year. Brilliantly thought out and entertaining!
A much needed dialogue
What I loved the most about this podcast is because it was delivered in my vernacular. It was literally my weekly dose of WOKEness. As a diversity advocate in the ad industry, it helped me view my environment differently. Ad folks play the liberal card simply for the consciousness and not for the greater good. By transforming my advocacy to activism I feel like slowly (very slowly) the wheels are being put in motion for change. Thank you Kamua & Hari.
Two men you can trust
Sometimes it is hard to listen to podcasts run by men that don’t support women enough on their podcast, ultimately I never last long when that is the case...but these men host some of the most noteworthy women, they truly care about the issues they discuss, they’re hilarious, and intelligent. Truly one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. The hiatus is killing me - start up again & NEVER END PLEASE!!!!!! ❤️
More please!
We need this podcast!
I wouldn't have survived 2017 without you!
Thank you Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu for your ability to make me laugh when I don't want to. Now when are new episodes coming out, it's been way too long and I don't know what to do. I've found alternatives thanks to the awesome people you have as guests on your shows but I NEED MORE!
Perfect blend of comedy and progressive politics
Thanks Hari and Kamau for helping me to stay woke on a weekly basis. Here’s hoping for season 3!
Funny AND Informative
This is a really excellent show that everyone should check out. I have learned so much and been introduced to tons of smart and brave people working to better our straight-up shameful country. I'm really grateful that Hari & Kamau have put so much love and thought into providing these voices with a platform. Thank you guys and keep up the great work!
More Politically Reactive!
Jane Douglas Waters
Please keep making this podcast! It was one of the most grounding, informative shows out there helping me get through this year. Your voices and perspectives are desperately needed (especially here in Alaska). Thank you for the many laughs! Seriously. For the sake of my health. I love that this show isn't just a distraction, but it also doesn't just beat us over the head with how bleak it all is. You just face the issues head on and grapple with them from y'all's beautiful perspectives and those of your guests. Creating a sense of community. Please keep making more episodes. Please.
It's Politics!
...but like in a fun way?
One of the best
Berd ber ber
This is one of the best podcasts on current politics I’ve ever listened to. W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu do a great job of being men with a well informed radical feminist analysis. They address important topics around racial justice, queer and trans liberation, and political change. Their show manages to be both fierce and kind - plus it’s thoughtful, funny and they have amazing guests.
informative and entertaining
a breezy approach to weighty topics, knowledgeable guests.
My new best friend
gar in oakland
I’m late to the party. I’m always late to the party. But boy, am I enjoying these podcasts. They’re funny, hip, insightful, and fierce, often all at the same time. I just listened to Hari’s interview with bell hooks. I was glued. And mad when it ended. This show has to come back for another season. Don’t stop the party just because I’m late. As usual. This party needs to go on for a long while, because in this day and age we really, really need it.
Season 3?
I have had to stop listening to your podcasts while I swim becase I almost drown myself laughing. Please please please come back for Season 3!!!! I love you guys!!
Show was funny and interesting last year, but after the election they fall down the #resistance hole and stop all criticism of the Democratic establishment
Stay with us for season 3!
This helped me stay sane in 2017. I really appreciate these hosts, their interests, framework, and their humor. Great interviews, loved bell hooks in particular.
Listen to this podcast.
Has Potential, but dissapointing
Mizzy Y
This podcast has potential, but because the hosts are trying to be informative, when they get things wrong it warrants more severe criticism. There have been a few of these disappointing examples. I am actually a fan of both of these hosts and hope they do better with each episode. I will revise my rating if this is done at a latter date.
The interviews are amazing and I love Hari and W. Kamau, my kind of guys! I could have a beer with them! Please come back!
The best podcast of all time period!
I really enjoy this podcast and love Kamau & Hari. Your guest are amazing! Looking forward to hearing more from you’ll. We need you to come to Raleigh, NC.
Saving grace for a tough time
Hari & Kamau are excellent at keeping things real, but keeping things light. They've introduced me to dozens of individuals I should've known, but didn't before the interviews. I usually don't follow interview shows, as they feel like audio fluff. Politically Re-Active is not fluff. It's hard & heavy stuff, filled with laughs throughout. Get the info straight from the experts, and when the experts are too heavy, Hari will HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE and explain it to you.
Great, educational
Love listening to this show. Hope it comes back for another season. Find it informative and funny.
Helping me stay sane
Give it a listen!
45’s election felt like a threat to our sanity. I have survived this year opening myself to the endurance of Baldwin, of DuBois, and the endurance of Bell and Kandoubala. I depend on their resolve and their clear-eyed resistance and their sarcastic humor to strengthen my own. This podcast helps me stay committed.
Please do a season 3!!!
This podcast is an amazing synthesis and analysis of news and pop culture in a really important way. Please bring this back for another season!
Funny, insightful and honest
Hari and Kamau are such a delight to listen to. They provide light in these dark times and aren't held back by partisanship. They make the news of the day funny as well as provide insightful lessons in feminism and racism. Every episode is worth a listen!
i hate politics but love this show
great for people who want to stay in the political know but can’t bring themselves to turn on the news.
On Point
W. Kamau Bell & Hari Kondabolu bring fresh air to the podcast world, examining this american life, through car-thartic talk, and wait wait...don't tell me, a deep dive into this reactively political moment.
Jenna B PDX
I'm a total podcast junkie, and this is one of my favorite podcasts. Insightful, funny, irreverant, and full of great interviews. Don't miss it. And please, Politically Re-active team: come back for a 3rd season, we need you now more than ever!
Makes you laugh and makes you think
I have to recommend this podcast. The last episode of Season 2 with Wyatt Cenac and Patricia Garza was particularly good. Makes you laugh and makes you think and who doesn't want that?
Great Podcast
I was turned on to this podcast in August of 2017, and I am so Thankful! This is a great view that as a nonPOC it has given me onsite that I needed in my world, never mind information on how to handle this crazy world!
Absolutely the best
This is my favorite of all of the (way too many) podcasts I listen to. Hari and Kamau are hilarious, while still remaining sensitive and brilliant. Love it!
Listen and Hearing
Rambling On Now
The podcast keeps getting better from the interviews, asides (I use "Hold Up, Wait A Minute constantly [Sorry Hari for another white guy appropiating from a POC {I do give credit}], to the delightful banter from the co-host this show genuinely entertains and educates. They ask interesting questions and bringing up complex ideas with the right amount of banter and fun. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone. I mean everyone. I love this podcast so much, I'm reviewing it a second time apparently.
Best, funniest, most real political podcast
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