New format/team is horrendous. Love yimmy and Kimura savage
c. romano
Staying subbed to support the boys only. All the guest co hosts are great but the whole new production team/format is almost unbearably terrible. The poor transitions /editing/interview cutoffs and completely irrelevant ads are embarrassingly disrespectful to the hosts/guests. Bring back Chris the Producer!!!!!!!!! Or even someone a quarter as competent as him. Hell, I vote Robby in there as a CTP stand in if anything
Great show
Last guy to beat GSP!!!
Serra is insufferable to listen too.
Serra, 99% of every podcast comes off as a petty petulant bombastic child. Only Jim Norton is tolerable to listen too.
Missing Chris the Producer!
I think Matt and Jim are good co hosts. They work well together. I miss Chris the Producer. Chris was a great part of the team and this show has not been the same since. Matt’s singing might be too much but at times. I also enjoy guest host Phoenix Carnivale.
Good show but....
Norton seems disinterested most of the time. He just brings the vibe down. Matt needs a co host that can flow with his high energy personality. Phoenix Carnivale should be a full time replacement for Norton. Other than Norton I love the show. They could do better with guests. It is the official UFC podcast for f**** sake!
Almost 5 stars...
I love Jimmy and I love Matt, but Matt is just straight up annoying. I understand he is trying to be entertaining, but he is like that one kid in middle school that tries way too hard. I really wish that Jimmy had his own MMA show because he is such a great interviewer and has such an insightful approach to everything. you can tell that Jimmy gets annoyed by Matt's loud energy lol. once again, I love Matt as a person though. I will continue to subscribe/listen because they have great guests👍🏽
Used to listen all the time
Now days I only listen when it’s Jim and a special guest or they are interviewing someone I really like. Can’t listen to Mat sing scream or talk about him self anymore
Another Vote to bring back CTP.
Evelyn Bomben
Listening from day one, but new format without CTP has taken a huge dive. Get him back to save the show. Great show that has become hard to listen to.
Stop with the crappy guests
Unless it’s Jamie English or ray longo don’t bother having another guest otherwise the episodes are unlistenable
Good podcast
Excellent commentary and quality of sound
Love it
Great show. Love little Jimmy Norton and The Champ Matt the Kamura Lad Serra.
Freaking Amazing!!
Love the show! Love how Jim and UFC HoFer Matt Serra interact with each other. I do really miss Chris the Producer though.
Good podcast
Except Serra. Gotta get some ADD meds. Ruins any flow. Phoenix and Jimmy would be great. Love team Longo Serra though. Let’s go Aljo
good UFC only mma podcast but lately its been stinking
Billy Gatestein
Norton reads fightstats and loves photos with celebrities & shemales and Serra truly loves BJJ & cannolis.
Great Podcast
When they dropped Chris the producer and changed studios the show lost is spark.
Not even 1 star
This show became unlistenable after the switch to the new studio. Chris the producer played a much bigger role than he was given credit for. I was a long time listener, but now have unsubscribed and will not be back to listen.
Love the show but really missing Chris the Producer
He was awesome as the third man. Free Chris the Producer!
Love the show! - #BringBackChrisTheProduca
Hearing these guys talk fights and share laughs makes my day!!! 🙂 However... we need “Chris the Producaaa” (as Matt would say) back on the show! The three had such a great dynamic, and you can tell the new production company creates some awkward on air moments that Chris just made light hearted and fun. Keep it coming though Jim and Matt, love you guys.
Serra’s singing and espresso energy is killing the show
Rogue River Loki
Just being real. I can’t really listen to the show anymore because Serra doesn’t take it seriously at all, it’s become unfocused and the quality has been lacking. I respect Serra and thoroughly enjoy when he gets real and shares wisdom, he really draws your attention however, His energy becomes unbalanced with the diet cokes and espresso in my opinion and the show takes a turn down silly road and you can tell that Jim would prefer to stay somewhat professional yet still have fun and tell jokes. Less silly, more real.
Love the show
Love the show been listening since day 1, my only complaint is Matt’s disdain for Chip lol, Lyle Chipperson is one funny Muuuug!
Bring back CTP!
Jim and Matt are entertaining but without Chris the Producer playing the role of the straight man, it just doesn’t hold my attention quite the same. Bring back Chris!
Great show- Better with Chris
Long time listener -love Matt and Jim banter! Best fight podcast- CtP is missed, show was better with him.
Fantastic Listen
Jim and Matt are a great team, a perfect blend of technical and humor. Edit* Show has drastically gone down since Chris the Producer left, he did more work than the 3 clowns they have now and it shows in the final product
Miss Criss
I like the show allot, but do miss Criss the producer
The best!!!
Best podcast out! Can’t beat the team of The kid & Terror. Always funny, great guest and best questions! I listen to other sports podcast and none come close. Love the views and passion (calling cheaters out!)
These boys make my d hole dribble ❤️
You gotta be kiddin me
Been reading reviews and people are rating this 4-5 stars and still complaining!!!! Give this new format the 1 star it barely earns, if i could give it a zero i would!! Stole the best ideas from Chris and moved on to these duds, i wouldn't know their names unless matt kept yelling it out This podcast is on the BJ Penn route....
Serra made it a 3; was a 5
Somehow Matt took over and it is totally annoying, mostly Matt yelling, interrupting, singing ,burping and always talking pointless stuff about himself. Jim is interesting, funny and very patient. Not the same without Chris the producer, love Jamie English. Should be hosted by Jim and Jamie. I can barely stand it and I’ve been listening since the first show. ( when Jim was in control and Matt was more of a sidekick -and everyone loved it). Considering other podcasts to invest my time in. “Let’s call the whole thing off.” (Matt)
Bring in ANYONE to produce this show
Love Jim and Matt! They are so fun to listen to and I love the interviews. That being said, whoever is working behind the scenes are doing them NO favors. Chris the producer kept them on track and MADE SURE THEY HAVE ACCURATE INFORMATION. How is it that I as a fan have more info on their guests and the fights the events they are talking about at all, let alone almost every episode. I love the show. Ever since the new format, I’ve been slightly disappointed at the production value.
New Format is Terrible
The new studio with the new format is awful. Chris the producer was much better at his job than the new trio in the studio. What are those guys even being paid to do? Matt and Jim both seem to be just going through the motions now that Chris isn’t there to do the prep work. Loved the show until the recent changes. Change is usually good but in this case it was not. Changes need to be made before it’s irreversible. The recent reviews and ratings speak for themselves.
Love the show
Been listening since the beginning! You guys have such great chemistry and, even the guest host. Keep it up and hopefully it’s twice a week every week! Only criticism would be the length of the episodes, would love them to be longer.
Great show! Needs a better Producer
I love Jim and Matt. Best MMA show out there. Good chemistry. Show needs a better intro and should be the same every time like before, now it sounds weird and clunky. Consistency is huge to be recognizable and memorable. Who’s making decisions over there? Fix the sound board too.
Show used to be really good but ever since they made some changes(intro,producers,studio) it just isn’t the same. Used to listen to every episode when the dropped, now I just wait for the ones with the big names and Dana
Intro is Slow
Bodhi rent
The intro music doesn’t get Matt hyped. Yes, it helps remember the guests name, but so what. We need you two guys hyped up and more energized. This new stuff has me listening to the show less and less. There was an energy to the old ways. Slowly but surely, huh. I appreciate you two regardless. Thank you. RP
Why isnt chris the producer going to new show? This is total bs. I dont know how much more i can listen. New show is terrible.
Not all change is good
It pains me to give this show 2 stars but what was once a great podcast has lost all sense of who it was with the transition to the new studio and producers. This isn’t a “bring back Chris” thing, it’s just a simple reality that whatever the aim behind the changes was, they’ve clearly missed the mark. This show single handedly pulled me into the UFC and now it’s as good as gone. Hope people are reading these because I don’t want to see this show go away, but something has to change.
Chris the Producer!!!
F Da Jets
Love this Podcast from day 1 but ever since they let Chris the Producer go it has been unlistenable. Please bring him back.
Great podcast but not new one
Update with new studio Since the change the show has really gone downhill. If I was a sponsor I would not be happy. The dynamics of the show have completely change without Chris. You guys keep complaining about the new soundboard Why don’t you spend 10 minutes after the show and learn how to use it. There is times of total silence and the guys in the background don’t talk. How many of them arw in the studio with you but yet they say nothing. What is the point. I don’t understand the politics of why it was changed but was much better before. Old show I have been listening to these guy for a long time. Great guests and straight forward interviews. Funny to hear Matt make fun of Chris and Jim. It’s awesome when “the boss” Dana comes on as well, he always gives great insight. I look forward to every episode.
I used to look forward to this show.
Although they have toned down the morning zoo feel after switching studios, the show is still missing a huge piece of the puzzle without CTP.
All good things end
This was a great ufc/comedy podcast before they changed studios and producers a few weeks ago. Chris the Producer, we miss you.
Love this show
Although it will take a few weeks to decipher whether I prefer the new or old format of the show, I ultimately don’t care as long as this show exists. I love this show. I have looked forward to it twice a week for my commute for about 1.5 years. I appreciate this show and hope it continues for a long time :)
New show is way wrong
What happened? The new guys are a horrible distraction that is killing the show. Bring back CTP before it’s too late!
What happen?
Puerto Roc Grip
I’m holding fast, but I hope the show new direction will be able to adjust fire. But I can’t help but feel the audience in the back, are fake, as if they are surrounded by poster pictures and push button tablets with a sound effect app.
Lose the peanut gallery and bring back CTP
First show with CTP was painful. Random breaks, commercials, and worst of all is the people laughing in the background. You haven't lost me yet but get it together please.
New start
Colombia's finest
Thought it was great guys, seemed cleaner. Best show in awhile
Theme song
my yahoo mail
Love the show. HATE the new theme. The original was better
MMA Unfiltered
I think Matt’s frickn hilarious at times . He feeds off Jim n they both get a decent interview out of most all there guests . Interesting predictions on fights and nice to get Matt’s funny stories in there to . Keep up the goodtimes and reporting on MMA News .... Wilson from Minnesota .
Love Matt Serra but Norton stinks
Serra is a funny and is super informative when breaking down anything in the mma realm. I have no idea why norton is on here. It’s clear he doesn’t have an interest in the sport and his jokes about banging dudes aren’t even funny
Geek Movie Reveiws
Fast RN
If you like geek movie reviews. Or listening to three friends BS about dumb stuff this is your pod cast! If your looking for in depth MMA analysis your going to be extremely disappointed!
Great Podcast
I love this Podcast. Matt is a funny guy. So is his “little bird” Jimmy. Matt would fit right in at a fire station. Keep up the good work fellas and enjoy those gluten free snacks. Lol
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