Bud Pepsi /Pepsi light
These guys know how to knock out a podcast. From Pepsi light to kraft dinner these knuckle heads come together from different parts of North America to bring you the latest in gaming, their opinions, great community, laughs, and a lot of Canadian sorrys. Great community to join with great perspectives that are family friendly.
What a community!!!
These three run an amazing podcast with an even more amazing community. They bring gaming news to their viewers and they bring their viewers together into one big happy gaming family. An incredible podcast to listen to. Keep up the good work fellas.
Great show
jack polaske
I listen to this podcast everyday at work to keep up to date with all things gaming. This show provides me that and at the same time makes me chuckle. The 3 guys who run the show really care about their listeners and I find that to be very respectable. If you’re looking for a chill podcast or a way to keep up to date with gaming news this podcast is for you!
Poorly Done Show
Josh ew
I have been listening for a few months until recently, I just feel like the knowledge base of the contributors is lacking. Sometimes it seems like they have no clue what they are talking about. I’ve decided to stop listening because of this.
Decent Podcast but Graham ruins it for me
I listen and enjoy the podcast overall but please, do not have Graham do the plugs on the show. He clearly is reading (poorly) from a script and sounds like a nervous car saleman. During normal conversation he’s fine. For whatever reason when he does the plugs for the show it’s awkward and painful to listen to. I literally skip whenever his segments come up.
Awesome podcast
Chuck Norris's predecessor
Love listening to halo man, Zelda man, and kingdom hearts man discuss gaming every week. Keep it up. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Amazing Podcast With Great People
On a whim, I was searching for gaming podcasts around E3 last year. I found The Gaming Hub and listened to an episode or two before I suddenly felt inclined to join the community and was welcomed warmly from the start. I embrace each of their opinions as gamers especially as each gamer has their own likes/dislikes and story as to how they got into it. You get great news from all sides of with no bias as the PS4, Xbox and Switch are all discussed. Tyler, Graham, and Steven all love video games and know how to make things entertaining while giving great information. Community friendly is the best way to describe the podcast as they find ways to enjoy their love of games with their listeners along with soliciting questions from members of the community. Keep doing what you do guys.
Xbox fanboys
They heavily support Xbox. Not really a gaming hub more like Xbox hub.
I’ve been listening for almost a year now and it’s definitely my favorite podcast. I look forward to new episodes to listen to while I work. Kind of makes me wish this could be my job! A great group of friends with amazing chemistry that make my day much better! Even if you’re just a casual gamer. Thanks for all the joy you guys bring me!
Love it
Great podcast, I’ve been listening for a couple of months now, and just became a Hall of Famer for their Patreon. Great guys, look forward to their podcast every week.
Amazing podcast
I work overnights and I love being able to listen to something good. Every week is a bit different and always really entertaining. I really like how they do everything and being able to be caught up with game news and releases. Overall amazing listen and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys video games and podcasts
Awesome Podcast for anyone interested in Console gaming
Void Exo
Honestly an amazing podcast. All the hosts give very informative information and all have very unique views as well. While I personally do not play most of the games that are talked about (I stick to CoD or rocket league when playing on console) it is still great to hear about everything happening in the console world. Definitely worth checking out!
My Favorite Gaming Podcast
These guys are great and their opinions are genuine. The content is entertaining and informative. This is definitely my favorite gaming podcast and maybe my favorite overall podcast. Highly recommended!
Game companies: Give these guys a commission
Emerald Wildstar
The hosts are easy to listen to. Their different gaming tastes gives a broader and balanced perspective on what’s covered. As a listener you will likely align with one or two of the hosts in interests. I love that they cover PS4/Switch/X-Box. It’s a one stop shop for console news and commentary. The problem is these guys have gotten me to buy WAY more games and systems then I ever would have otherwise. Seriously. The industry should be giving them some kick backs.
No love for pc
Where’s the love for pc gaming and tournaments lol, jk love the show
Great Podcast
Great podcast for catching up on gaming news. If you enjoy gaming and want to join a growing positive community this is a great place. These guys are fun to tune into each week and are very interactive with the community I love it
Great Show!
Love the content and the chemistry! Good diversity of opinions and takes on things, and great interaction with listeners/community
At first, I liked this podcast very much; however, after listening to several episodes, I realized that I was wrong. First of all, the voices quality is terrible, compared to the other podcasts. One guy's voice is really loud, while the other's is low and hard to catch. The main reason that I'm disappointed and I'm going to unsubsribe this podcast is a guy named Gram, who is a noob that have been given a microphone to express his ideas. Every time he expressed his ideas, I had an urge to stop listening or just skip his part; however, when in E3 wrap up episode, he said that he thinks Naughty Dog games' gameplay is bad, I could't stand anymore and got completely disappointed with this podcast.
Best Podcast!!!!!
Isiah Dane
Really best podcast.
Best Podcast!!!!!
This is the best podcast. All episode is really best of this podcast.
Nice Podcast!!!!
What a nice podcast.
Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really love this podcast.
Love !!!!!!
Leon Curtis
Love this podcast.....
Brad pit78
I Like This Podcast.
Nice Podcast!!!!
This is really nice podcast................
Fun times
These three guys are fun to listen to. You know they like their video games (even if one can’t finish one). They have a great time during the show and it is apparent. Give this show a chance if you want to stay up to date on news, new releases, or hot topic issues in the gaming community.
Not a ton of podcasts about gaming, and I like how they do it and don’t discuss things with huge bias or jadedness like a lot of other gamers. Only criticism would just be sound quality but content is more important to me.
Pretty good. Maybe not worth your time?
ROBBIE was here
It seems like it could get better with time but so far it’s just okay. Occasionally feels unplanned and disorganized. Seems heavily IGN-based/reliant, like maybe it’s the main (only) source they use for topics other than the community. And maybe I missed something but is this an Xbox podcasts? Majority of the people seem to heavily skew in favor of Xbox. Should be more upfront about that in the description.
Good show!
A well rounded podcast hosted by every day dudes!
Why is there so much heavy breathing? Very distracting.
Good content, but...
Fixed!!! Thanks gents - great show! -------older post------- Could the person with the stuffy nose PLEASE mute their mic when not speaking?! Thanks!
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