Worth every second
Incredibly educational and a source of renewed optimism for the future.
This truly the best serialized podcast I have listened to since S1 Serial.
Best in years.
Why don’t more people listen to this? This is the best podcast I have heard in years.
Must listen
Answered every question I had on the topic of going to Mars/ space travel with some incredible guests. Really inspiring stuff. I can’t recommend listening to this enough.
A fascinating look at technology and the future
Mike Solana explores the future and all its possibilities from a pro human and pro technology viewpoint. By far the most interesting podcast out there.
Super cool! Answers a lot of questions I have about all aspects of Mars.
Best podcast
Super enjoyable and easy to listen to and ad free. Check it out. Loving it so far.
Best podcast out
Most thought provoking podcast I've listened to in a while. Incredible job Founders Fund has done in producing this!
Huge Fan
Concise, intellectual, witty and fun to listen to - doesn’t get much better than this
Complex ideas explained succinctly. Very little talking down or dumbing down, even though everyone on the show is a genius. 5/5, would recommend, have listened to again and again.
Great insights and an interesting perspective
I love this podcast not just because of what Mike Solana is saying, but how he’s saying it. It's a story to inspire the people of today to put us all on a path for a better future.
Homework motivation
I’m a 23 y/o engineering student. Whenever I’m sitting under piles of calculus and physics homework and the motivation just won’t come I listen to this podcast. The fact that there are people out there pushing for a better future inspires me to get off my lump and get to work on building a better future for all of humanity. By far my favorite podcast, can’t wait for more.
Truly awesome podcast
What an awesome podcast, the topics are very interesting and the information is explained very well. I’m a huge fan now
For those who dare to believe in a bright future...
Great Pocast. A breath of fresh air amidst the popular technophobic narratives of our time. Keep it up!
Great voice, great listen
Mic JZ
If you are looking for a mainline directly into the talented eccentrics of the Tech community this is the place to listen. Michael has found a way to tell stories that are interesting and relevant to today and our futures.
informative and fun
Really enjoy the show because the episodes are well thought out, have informative content, and engaging conversations on unconventional ideas.
My new favorite podcast
App Rapper1
I listen to quite a lot of podcasts, this really is good. And frankly I have nothing negative to say, I really love it.
Amazing podcast
Alex Novakov
High-quality podcast! The one I have been looking for a long time. Please continue making new episodes :-)
Space Gold!! Accessible Space Gold!!!!
Anatomy of Next has got the polish and cool to say a lot less than it actually does but then it hooks you by going even deeper, allowing its guests to go ever further, and getting even better all while sounding Amazing. The host plays perfectly his role as curator, conduit, and color man over a fascinating run of episodes & guests about the world out at the edge of where we are hopefully going. Let yourself get into it, allow yourself the time afterwards to check out the subject matter, and dig on the fact you are hearing from heavyweights in their field while still keeping up. I feel like I am hearing about ideas that I can weave into everything I read about science and tech both today and months/years from now.
The future is bright.
Mr Austrian
This show is a breeze of fresh air amongst all the doomsday sayers. It shows what is possible if we apply our combined intellect.
The most entertaining podcast on iTunes!
Anatomy of Next is one of the best podcasts I have listened to! The host, Michael and his guests approach the very interesting subject of life beyond earth with a lighthearted yet educational tone. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for a good listen.
Episode 2 - Heavy use of false dichotomies / misrepresentation of detractors
Matthew C Baker
Any podcast which leans hard on logical fallacies and attempts to undermine skeptics by mischaracterizing their position / demonizing them isn’t worth listening to. Who is the terrible political hack you interviewed? Those who disagree with your premise are “anti-humanist”? The attempted take down of Malthus and Club of Rome was laughable. There is a reason the world believes in limits to growth... assuming the just in time arrival of technological miracles is risky and irresponsible. History proves Malthus repeatedly, if you take the long view. “Limits to growth” isn’t a prediction so much as an observation. Your professor is left wing for holding the mainstream view? Come up with better arguments for your position and you won’t need to resort to these tactics.
Press play
Everyone should listen to this. It's rare to find a podcast (or any content, really) that almost immediately moves you past your current realm of thoughts and and perspectives, and then actually keeps you there long after the closing music. It magnifies one's perhaps unknowingly-held beliefs around humanity, our future, and our potential; invites the active imagining of a future much larger than the versions typically occupying our mindshare; and then anchors those possibilities in the very real technologies (and cultural pulls) surrounding us today. It's also just fun. Highly recommend.
Accessible and engaging
A fresh new take on exciting content! Well done with this podcast.
Informative and inspiring
A brave, refreshing, non-conforming and optimistic take on the future potential of technology. We’re all too often fed dystopian, negative views of the dark path technology is leading us to and threatens the positive future we all so clearly want. This is a brilliant podcast from founders fund and Michael solana that will have you excited about what is in store.
If you're scanning these reviews deciding whether to check out this podcast, I imagine your interest is piqued by the subject matters so I’ll just add that not only will you enjoy listening to the expertise offered by some amazing guests, the engaging host (Mike Solana) will put a warm smile on your face. Plus, the production quality is aces!
interesting thoughts
We need discourse like this today: the need for our generation to have it's "man on the moon" moment.
A MUST if you are fascinated about future/tech content
I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who it’s curious about future technology and/or philosophies regarding the future. Discussing the complex ideals that pertain to the future of humanity are often dense and hard to follow.. Michael Solana does a fantastic job of presenting these ideals in a very clear and concise way, so anyone of any intellectual level or level knowledge on the subject matter can fully grasp the substance of these very important ideas. Coupled with subject matter experts Michael has on the show, this podcast is not just desirable, but a necessity if you have an itching curiosity every time you ponder about the future of our species.
Excellent podcast about current & future technology
Traveler Terpening
This is a fast paced, low tech pod cast about the ethics and practical workings of cutting edge and future technologies. And I love it! The hosts voice is a bit (and sort of ironically) robotic and I’d prefer less monologue and more interviews, but his intellect is undoubtedly razor sharp and he has obviously spend a lifetime thinking about the topics he explores. I only wish there were more episodes.
Best Future-Tech Podcast out there!
Ok so admittedly I'm the core audience.. I work in tech, I think about tech, I write about tech, and to relax I read Sci-Fi. But that said, this is the absolutely best podcast right now full of discussion about where technology can and should take us. It's a marvelous time to be alive, and Anatomy of Next makes you want to live as long as possible to see all the marvels that are yet to come.
Excellent Podcast on Mars
It is so wonderful to hear from others working towards the same goal. -Daniel Slosberg, author of The Martian Farmer
Informative and Entertaining
Dank Bird
Mike Solana weaves a high energy tale. The editing is crisp, so you feel you are learning as much as possible in a reasonable amount of time.
Brilliant take on colonization of mars
Highly recommend, best podcast I’ve ever heard. Inspiring and intellectually stimulating, provides an abundance of information that’s easily digestible while not being dumbed down. Eager for the next episode!
Insightful and pertinent
Always on point with the commentary and touching on important topics.
I am a notoriously bad listener. I love to read, I love to watch but I've honestly never had any success with podcasts until this one. I've listened to the entire season. I've recommended it to friends. I am not the recommend a podcast kind of a person. Anatomy of Next is different. AoN is hope, a breath of freah air, a beam of light, a 70 degree day in the middle of winter. AoN is a totally fear free take on technology and progress and what the future can be and it's the future I want for myself and my children.
Super informative and interesting!
I listened to this every day on my way to work - really fascinating and inspiring look at the future.
This guy is brilliant
This is honestly the most intellectually dense but also approachable Podcast on the internet.
Thoughtful and engaging
Lolz dolls
A good listen for anyone who considers themself a curious person. A thoughtful and entertaining podcast. One of my favorites to binge.
We need more!
We need more of these please please please!
Started binge listening to this podcast all to find out after 7 episodes it’s gone!?!? So good and makes you think, now all I think about is does this podcast miss me like I miss it??
so far so great ...
Once upon a time I enjoyed a good TED Talk. They made me feel smart and part of a discussion about important things. But time passed and I became jaded -- or maybe the TED Talks changed. They began to feel contrived. All Talks, no matter the topic, started to sound the exact same with the same structure, the same cadence. And I realized that they were all really dumbed down -- specifically designed to let people feel smart about something while continuing to think really shallowly. Was I really engaged with something interesting or just being fed a bunch of schlock? AoN is a breath of fresh air, the anti- of everything I'd come to hate about TED. The magazine-style format tackles really interesting topics about the future and technology, while bringing in different perspectives and expert insights. It's designed to allow you to think deeply and really ponder what the future could look like -- the challenges and concerns with getting there, and what your place in that world might look like. No pretense, no smarm, no "big reveal / circle back to the beginning / aren't we so smart" TED moments. Just deep thinkers taking you into their world so you can better understand your own. So far so great!
For those who will build a better future
The world of Podcasts is filled with noise. When I found Anatomy of Next: Utopia, I was hopeful that it would be the signal. It is. I listened, loved it, and subscribed. I'm pumped for the next episode in the series. If you're courageous enough to turn our current dystopia into Utopia, you've got to listen to this...
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