Can’t do it..
Mildre's Marie
...but I tried. I was willing to cut the “voice actors” some slack as obvious amateurs but I had to stop as they are unbelievably bad. I get that you can’t afford professionals and you’re no doubt trying but I don’t have the patience to listen another minute. It’s that bad.
My new addiction
I have only recently discovered this podcast and I am OBSESSED!!!
Cali Girli
Why do you guys have to try to act this out!?!? If you want to act, attend an acting class as you all NEED ONE‼️‼️‼️This doesn’t cut it‼️‼️‼️These so-called actresses/actors are so super CHEESY, it’s extremely cringeworthy!! I HATE this podcast‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Why can you not report on these cases with class and dignity that they respect and deserve❓❓❓❓❓it would be SOOOOO much better if you’d just tell the story like a normal person would ohd‼️‼️‼️ These voice actors are over dramatic and totally unnecessary ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️(See how it feels to be extra!? I did not have to use all of the emojis to get my point across but I added all of the unnecessary stuff which wasn’t needed as I’m sure you got the message without the emojis. That’s exactly how this podcast is. My emojis equate their over-dramatic, horrible acting!!🙄🙄🙄)
Use authentic accents
radio drama fan
Most actors have training in voice to include accents. It would be great if your actors could learn these. Several are also sometimes melodramatic, especially ‘odd’ in what would have been ordinary conversations. Hosts are great!!
Love!! Not the same as every other crime podcast
I love how many of the cases covered in this podcast are older and less known. So many true crime podcasts talk about the same 10-15 stories (Jon Benet, Susan Powell, Maura Murray, etc.) My favorite episode in this podcast is the one about Rochard Cox, the West Point cadet. SO well done and interesting and it’s a story I had never heard before!
Great Podcast
Love the scary music that plays in the background and it rises suspense! I also love the little skits you make. Your voices are nice to listen to to be able to sleep (Sorry is that sounds weird, don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable!)
I have tried time and time again to listen and I just hate it ! The acting is terrible your much better off telling the story as is dont try to do all that extra crap ! I vote hell no
Love the podcast
Carter Roy and the content of this podcast earn 5 stars. If Wendy could just one time not sound like she was reading off a crumpled paper. The awkward pauses that suggest she’s moving down to the next line drop it 3 stars. Love parcast. Wendy makes this podcast tough though.
I grew up on old time radio in the 90s. My grandma put a love for radio in my heart with the radio shows. Growing up as a millennial I felt we would lose the feel of radio. This podcast brought back that feeling. I love that these are true crimes (remember millennial here so sick days were Unsolved Mysteries reruns, 48 hours, forensic files and the list goes on for tv shows) but are like a story not just people talking. Don’t get me wrong I love other podcasts that just discuss the cases but this podcast really catches your attention. If you ever heard the Louis L’Amour audio/radio dramatizations, this is what it reminds me of. Yes, it’s “fake” but think drama style. I like it. Keep them coming.
Cater & Wenndy are fabulous!
Creative Arts Director
This is an awesome podcast. I’m very picky about what I listen to and this is #1 for me. I like the re-enactment in the form of radio drama and it still maintains the seriousness and truthfulness of the true crime being discussed. Carter and Wenndy are a great vocal and storytelling team. Perfect voices for podcasting. The script writing is excellent as well as the sound engineering.
Decent stories
I love the history and details since I like true crime. However I do not like the voice acting-very fake. I will continue to listen however there are a few episodes (the very first one) I cannot get into due to the actors and dramatization.
Well-crafted storytelling
Barefoot Duck
I listened to the series about Bella in the Wytch Elm - it was riveting. I am going to enjoy catching up!
Hokey, cheesy, ugh
I couldn’t make it all the way through the first episode. The “skits” are hokey and cheesy, and the “conversations” feel over-rehearsed and forced.
Yes Awesome
I listen everyday at work, in the car, etc. Really amazing job words can’t describe, just listen. You two have great chemistry, thanks for getting me through my day! So in love with Carter Roy, truly
Highly Entertaining!
I enjoy the podcast. Carter and Wenndy do a an excellent job telling the stories. One observation is that they seem a little critical of law enforcement. As former cop I can tell you that these investigations are not easily solved. Crime scenes will leave their mark on you.
Confused KitKat
This is the best podcast I listen too!!!!
Not my style
Snelly G
The cases are interesting and I haven’t heard of many of them which is a huge positive. My main gripe with the show is the irritating voice actors used for the shows. They feel unnatural and distract from the content.
You have a new fan
Listened to the Adam Walsh and Black Dahlia casts and loved them. Can’t wait to listen to more.... Thank you.
True Crime Fan... this one is ok
I am a fan of listening to true crime podcasts and I really wanted to like this one. The actual storytelling is good and the hosts have expressive voices that translate well. The issue I have is the hokey skit parts. I want to cringe when I hear them... I gave this podcast several months.. but I am tired of fast forwarding through the skits when there are other options out there.
Love so much
I love this because, I want to be a FBI agent or a police officer when I’m in my 20s or older. This gives me a vivid explanation of what all types of murders look or feel like!If I could meet the people who made this podcast the first thing that I would tell them is “thank you so much for making this podcast “.
Not Ready for Primetime
Podcast has potential, but the narrators (as with most Parcast shows) are god awful and the acting is SOOO half hearted it takes you out of the moment. Not worth the download.
Podcast that I listen to!!! Love it all!!!
Love Carter!
angela monson
Wendy’s voice is so annoying
You make my evening complete, in a odd way😎
Great podcast, amazing voice overs!
Love this podcast I listen to it almost everyday! They cover all the facts and evidence. I reallyyy enjoy the voice actors. The stories are so tragic and send chills down my spine!
Awful Can’t Listen to It
Voice acting is some of the absolute worst out there by a mile! Turned it off less than 2mins in. Couldn’t tolerate it.
Love the show, but...
The podcast itself is quite entertaining, along with the amount of research that is put into each crime. My only two complaints the acting is quite intolerable and the main female always sounds as if she has a awful cold
Love love love
Love this podcast! They not only tell the story, but it comes alive with music, voice overs, and sound effects. I also really like the theories they come up with and the updates you get. It’s almost as if you’re apart of solving the mystery
Bad Spanish acting
Usually love this podcast but please find some ethnic voice actors. The accents are pitiful! The Raines case was too cringeworthy time listen to.
Great podcast!!
I really enjoy this podcast! I really like the fact that they know a lot about the mysteries that they are talking about! When I first started listening to the podcast I was caught off guard with the acting but as I listened more I didn’t mind it so much. I feel like it makes it more interesting!
Want to like it...
...but the “acting” is so cringy I just can’t stand it!
Keeps me going!
Keeps me moving on my long nights at work!
Actual Talent at Parcast
I listen to all of Parcast’s podcasts. This is the only one that I constantly check for a new episode. Carter and Wendy work very well together. They don’t sound as wooden as Parcast’s other host. They don’t sound condescending like Villians and Con Artist host. They don’t sound like they came off a 900 line.
kyli cisneros
Amazing quality and very good stories and very soothing voices ❤️
Acting is overdone
I listened to a few episodes trying to give it a chance and hopefully it’d get better. WRONG! It sounds so ridiculous with the acting. I’ve deleted it from my library...couldn’t handle listening to it anymore.
Perfect True Crime Setup
I absolutely love this podcast - I love that the stories all come from different places and times in history so it keeps things fresh and interesting. I also love how they usually run about 2 episodes per story which is the perfect length - not so short that crucial information can be missed/rushed through, but not drawn out to where the listeners get bored. This podcast gets me through every work day and I hope they make a million more (although lets hope they don’t have enough material too)
Good and interesting
Good and interesting storytelling I like the fact they do less known stories and unlike some, I enjoy the little “1920s radio plays.”
Grimes sisters murder cold case
Cindy 457
As much as I appreciate this case receiving coverage on your podcast, but I have to enquire why take liberties with the facts. You do not know Mrs Loretta Grimes and her ex Husband had that kind of exchange on the phone when the news of their daughters deaths became a realization. You do realize their are living siblings. Family ! I know this case can stand on it’s own with out your drama interpretation of the facts. I find it very disrespectful. The children did have a relationship with their father , he was out of the picture as you lead listeners to believe. Facts will help solve this case not fabrication.
Skip the acting
I love the stories and the narrators, but Please please skip the “acting”!
Awesome 🤗
I love the amount of research and effort that goes into each episode! All Parcast podcasts are fabulous!
Do you like murder mysteries? Do you like to try and figure out who did it? Then this is the Podcast for you! Each case is well thought out and I enjoy the addition of the dramatizations from the voice actors. As of today, I’ve officially listened to all of them. This is a highly addictive show and I’m constantly wondering what happens next as most of these cases are completely new to me. Great job to all people who work on this enjoyable Podcast! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!!
great podcast!!
i love this podcast! the narrators have such great voices and do an incredible job telling the story
Very intriguing
I found this podcast late last year and really ejoy hearing about these different stories. I like the straight forwardness of giving the information and the background of the murders. They don't go back and forth, the simply tell you about the major players in things and what happened. I don't mind the dramatizations as it brings the people to life. The thing that is really getting me right now though is that fact that the same people seem to play the same characters and I'm not sure if I just noticed it because I listened to several that seemed to have the same sort of peopel involved (families, etc), but to hear the same person as the mom, dad, random older person, daughter, son, etc is now getting a little old. The voice actors need to be changed around and they need to do something to try and change their voices up a bit. Personally, I like the end where they give their throries and thoughts on who did it.
Parcast Podcasts are the Best!!!!!
I was hooked on this podcast from the very first episode. It’s very well researched and thoroughly presented. I appreciate that it’s a straightforward show where the narrators don’t engage in ridiculous banter like so many other podcasts do. Parcast Podcasts have always been professional. I could do without the dramatization lol the voice actors aren’t very good and in reality I feel they don’t add anything to the show. Long time listener BB
Love it
I love carter and Wendy. Their voices work well together. I love the re-enactments. It might be corny or cheesy but in all honesty the writers are making something g out if nothing. We don’t know what was said. The voice actors make it feel like it’s not being read from a page. I have tried other podcast, and after like 5 minutes I don’t like it. See you next time. If you live until then.
so in love with this show
Yeah, I feel a little guilty listening to this pod... The dramatizations are tasteless n corny. I cringe during some of the ghastlier murders cuz the stories and performance are so at odds.
My Favorite of all true crime
Lucey cook
I have several TC podcasts and this one is my favorite. I LOVE the old time feel of the classic radio re-enactments; gives it a totally unique feel. Keep it up!! Thanks
I’m happy I stumbled upon this podcast!
I LOVE this podcast! The stories, the information, the way to explain who they each believe the culprit is and why, the way they tell it to the audience... I listen to an episode going to and from my job as a police officer. It really gets my mind working. I find myself googling information during my free time so I can read & learn more about what the episodes are talking about. And it’s all TRUE! They don’t sugarcoat information or hold back some unsettling details like a true crime tv show might (i.e. Dateline, Investigation Discovery). Even cases I already knew about from tv shows I’ve learned more details. I definitely recommend if you like true crime!
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