October 6, 2019
Simon and Nicki take you through the latest and greatest updates! And remember that AWS Podcast listeners get access to a $25 discount tickets to the Intersect festival using the discount code 'awspodcast'. Note that tickets are limited. Topics: 01:14 Storage 03:21 Compute 10:04 Networking 11:37 Databases 15:27 Developer Tools 15:46 Analytics 19:46 IoT 23:45 Machine Learning 25:54 Application Integration 28:44 Management and Governance 31:43 Media 33:39 Gaming 34:13 Quick Starts 35:17 Marketplace
September 29, 2019
Simon speaks with Girish Nesaratnam (AWS Professional Services) to learn more about how customers use AWS Professional Services, and what it is like to work for that team. How ProServe helped Woodside develop the Intelligent Asset: Fusing IoT, Robotics, and AI to create an immersive experience where operators can move through the facility remotely in real-time or back in time. They can see and hear the environment, with advanced analytics providing the continuous insights only to those things that are important or require attention. NAB Transitions to the Cloud with AWS Professional Services: National Australia Bank engaged AWS Professional Services and Partners to help the bank migrate 30 applications in 50 days. A major element is a mass migration of applications to cloud to help unlock the cost, risk and agility benefits, and enable their teams to deliver better customer outcomes. Apply for a role with AWS Professional Services: Amazon Web Services is passionate about creating technologies and services that help customers succeed. Our global Professional Services team delivers high-touch assistance to guide enterprise customers as they shift to a cloud-based operating model and incorporate AWS services into their overall architecture. We work hand-in-hand with customer teams and AWS partners to provide deep expertise in the architecture, design, development and implementation of cloud computing initiatives that result in real business outcomes.
September 22, 2019
Simon and Jeff get together face-to-face to discuss a new capability of the AWS Global Accelerator, AWS Community day and lots of other things! This was recorded "on the move" so apologies for the less-than-optimal audio.
September 15, 2019
Join Simon and Nicki on a journey through updates large and small! And remember, Podcast listeners can get access to a $25 discount on tickets for AWS Intersect: (tickets are limited!) Chapters: 00:38 Storage 03:37 Compute 08:55 Network 10:52 Databases 14:31 Developer Tools 15:14 Analytics 17:31 IoT 19:11 End User Computing 20:23 Machine Learning 27:46 Management and Governance 30:41 Customer Engagement 31:32 Security 33:07 Training and Certification 34:19 AWS Quick Start 34:59 Robotics
September 8, 2019
Have you ever wondered about what happens at an AWS Summit? What about the things that happen behind the scenes? Simon takes you on a potted tour of the recent AWS Public Sector Summit in Canberra.
September 1, 2019
Amazon EC2 Spot has always been a great way for customers to get more compute for their dollar. It is now even easier to use, and integrated into more services! Simon speaks with Chad Schmutzer (Principal Developer Advocate, AWS) about how to get the most out of Spot today.
August 25, 2019
It is 2019 and there are 329 different databases being tracked by - how do you know which one to use for which problems? Simon speaks with Randall Hunt to explore the basics of modern database types and specific implementations. AWS Databases: Advanced Design Patterns for Amazon DynamoDB:
August 18, 2019
It is a MASSIVE episode of updates that Simon and Nikki do their best to cover! There is also an EXTRA SPECIAL bonus just for AWS Podcast listeners! Special Discount for Intersect Tickets: use discount code 'podcast' - note that tickets are limited! Chapters: 02:19 Infrastructure 03:07 Storage 05:34 Compute 13:47 Network 14:54 Databases 17:45 Migration 18:36 Developer Tools 21:39 Analytics 29:25 IoT 33:24 End User Computing 34:08 Machine Learning 40:21 AR and VR 41:11 Application Integration 43:57 Management and Governance 48:04 Customer Engagement 49:13 Media 50:17 Mobile 50:36 Security 51:26 Gaming 51:39 Robotics 52:13 Training Shownotes: Special Discount for Intersect Tickets: use discount code 'podcast' - note that tickets are limited! Topic || Infrastructure Announcing the new AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region | Topic || Storage EBS default volume type updated to GP2 | AWS Backup will Automatically Copy Tags from Resource to Recovery Point | Configuration update for Amazon EFS encryption of data in transit | AWS Snowball and Snowball Edge available in Seoul – Amazon Web Services | Amazon S3 adds support for percentiles on Amazon CloudWatch Metrics | Amazon FSx Now Supports Windows Shadow Copies for Restoring Files to Previous Versions | Amazon CloudFront Announces Support for Resource-Level and Tag-Based Permissions | Topic || Compute Amazon EC2 AMD Instances are Now Available in additional regions | Amazon EC2 P3 Instances Featuring NVIDIA Volta V100 GPUs now Support NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation | Introducing Amazon EC2 I3en and C5n Bare Metal Instances | Amazon EC2 C5 New Instance Sizes are Now Available in Additional Regions | Amazon EC2 Spot Now Available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) | Amazon EC2 Now Supports Tagging Launch Templates on Creation | Amazon EC2 On-Demand Capacity Reservations Can Now Be Shared Across Multiple AWS Accounts | Amazon EC2 Fleet Now Lets You Modify On-Demand Target Capacity | Amazon EC2 Fleet Now Lets You Set A Maximum Price For A Fleet Of Instances | Amazon EC2 Hibernation Now Available on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS | Amazon ECS services now support multiple load balancer target groups | Amazon ECS Console now enables simplified AWS App Mesh integration | Amazon ECR now supports increased repository and image limits | Amazon ECR Now Supports Immutable Image Tags | Amazon Linux 2 Extras now provides AWS-optimized versions of new Linux Kernels | Lambda@Edge Adds Support for Python 3.7 | AWS Batch Now Supports the Elastic Fabric Adapter | Topic || Network Elastic Fabric Adapter is officially integrated into Libfabric Library | Now Launch AWS Glue, Amazon EMR, and AWS Aurora Serverless Clusters in Shared VPCs | AWS DataSync now supports Amazon VPC endpoints | AWS Direct Connect Now Supports Resource Based Authorization, Tag Based Authorization, and Tag on Resource Creation | Topic || Databases Amazon Aurora Multi-Master is Now Generally Available | Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) Adds Aggregation Pipeline and Diagnostics Capabilities | Amazon DynamoDB now helps you monitor as you approach your account limits | Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports new instance sizes | Amazon RDS for Oracle Supports Oracle Management Agent (OMA) version 13.3 for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c | Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports July 2019 Oracle Patch Set Updates (PSU) and Release Updates (RU) | Amazon RDS SQL Server now supports changing the server-level collation | PostgreSQL 12 Beta 2 Now Available in Amazon RDS Database Preview Environment | Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports Publishing PostgreSQL Log Files to Amazon CloudWatch Logs | Amazon Redshift Launches Concurrency Scaling in Five additional AWS Regions, and Enhances Console Performance Graphs in all supported AWS Regions | whats-new/2019/08/amazon-redshift-launches-concurrency-scaling-five-additional-regions-enhances-console-performance-graphs/ Amazon Redshift now supports column level access control with AWS Lake Formation | Topic || Migration AWS Migration Hub Now Supports Import of On-Premises Server and Application Data From RISC Networks to Plan and Track Migration Progress | Topic || Developer Tools AWS CodePipeline Achieves HIPAA Eligibility | AWS CodePipeline Adds Pipeline Status to Pipeline Listing | AWS Amplify Console adds support for automatically deploying branches that match a specific pattern | Amplify Framework Adds Predictions Category | Amplify Framework adds local mocking and testing for GraphQL APIs, Storage, Functions, and Hosting | Topic || Analytics AWS Lake Formation is now generally available | Announcing PartiQL: One query language for all your data | AWS Glue now supports the ability to run ETL jobs on Apache Spark 2.4.3 (with Python 3) | AWS Glue now supports additional configuration options for memory-intensive jobs submitted through development endpoints | AWS Glue now provides the ability to bookmark Parquet and ORC files using Glue ETL jobs | AWS Glue now provides FindMatches ML transform to deduplicate and find matching records in your dataset | Amazon QuickSight adds support for custom colors, embedding for all user types and new regions! | Achieve 3x better Spark performance with EMR 5.25.0 | Amazon EMR now supports native EBS encryption | Amazon Athena adds Support for AWS Lake Formation Enabling Fine-Grained Access Control on Databases, Tables, and Columns | Amazon EMR Integration With AWS Lake Formation Is Now In Beta, Supporting Database, Table, and Column-level access controls for Apache Spark | Topic || IoT AWS IoT Device Defender Expands Globally | AWS IoT Device Defender Supports Mitigation Actions for Audit Results | AWS IoT Device Tester v1.3.0 is Now Available for Amazon FreeRTOS 201906.00 Major | AWS IoT Events actions now support AWS Lambda, SQS, Kinesis Firehose, and IoT Events as targets | AWS IoT Events now supports AWS CloudFormation | Topic || End User Computing AWS Client VPN now adds support for Split-tunnel | Introducing AWS Chatbot (beta): ChatOps for AWS in Amazon Chime and Slack Chat Rooms | Amazon AppStream 2.0 Adds CLI Operations for Programmatic Image Creation | NICE DCV Releases Version 2019.0 with Multi-Monitor Support on Web Client | New End User Computing Competency Solutions | Amazon WorkDocs Migration Service | Topic || Machine Learning SageMaker Batch Transform now enables associating prediction results with input attributes | Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Adds Data Labeling Workflow for Named Entity Recognition | Amazon SageMaker notebooks now available with pre-installed R kernel | New Model Tracking Capabilities for Amazon SageMaker Are Now Generally Available | Amazon Comprehend Custom Entities now supports multiple entity types | Introducing Predictive Maintenance Using Machine Learning | Amazon Transcribe Streaming Now Supports WebSocket | Amazon Polly Launches Neural Text-to-Speech and Newscaster Voices | Manage a Lex session using APIs on the client | Amazon Rekognition now detects violence, weapons, and self-injury in images and videos; improves accuracy for nudity detection | Topic || AR and VR Amazon Sumerian Now Supports Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) | Topic || Application Integration Amazon SNS Message Filtering Adds Support for Attribute Key Matching | Amazon SNS Adds Support for AWS X-Ray | Temporary Queue Client Now Available for Amazon SQS | Amazon MQ Adds Support for AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), Improving Encryption Capabilities | Amazon MSK adds support for Apache Kafka version 2.2.1 and expands availability to EU (Stockholm), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), and Asia Pacific (Seoul) | Amazon API Gateway supports secured connectivity between REST APIs & Amazon Virtual Private Clouds in additional regions | Topic || Management and Governance AWS Cost Explorer now Supports Usage-Based Forecasts | Introducing Amazon EC2 Resource Optimization Recommendations | AWS Budgets Announces AWS Chatbot Integration | Discovering Documents Made Easy in AWS Systems Manager Automation | AWS Systems Manager Distributor makes it easier to create distributable software packages | Now use AWS Systems Manager Maintenance Windows to select resource groups as targets | Use AWS Systems Manager to resolve operational issues with your .NET and Microsoft SQL Server Applications | CloudWatch Logs Insights adds cross log group querying | AWS CloudFormation now supports higher StackSets limits | Topic || Customer Engagement Introducing AI-Driven Social Media Dashboard | New Amazon Connect integration for ChoiceView from Radish Systems on AWS | Amazon Pinpoint Adds Campaign and Application Metrics APIs | Topic || Media AWS Elemental Appliances and Software Now Available in the AWS Management Console | AWS Elemental MediaConvert Expands Audio Support and Improves Performance | AWS Elemental MediaConvert Adds Ability to Prioritize Transcoding Jobs | AWS Elemental MediaConvert Simplifies Editing and Sharing of Settings | AWS Elemental MediaStore Now Supports Resource Tagging | AWS Elemental MediaLive Enhances Support for File-Based Inputs for Live Channels | Topic || Mobile AWS Device Farm improves device start up time to enable instant access to devices | Topic || Security Introducing the Amazon Corretto Crypto Provider (ACCP) for Improved Cryptography Performance | AWS Secrets Manager now supports VPC endpoint policies | Topic || Gaming Lumberyard Beta 1.20 Now Available | Topic || Robotics AWS RoboMaker now supports offline logs and metrics for the AWS RoboMaker CloudWatch cloud extension | Topic || Training New AWS Certification Exam Vouchers Make Certifying Groups Easier | Announcing New Resources and Website to Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption | AWS Developer Series Relaunched on edX |
August 11, 2019
Do you have file-based workflows? Lots of events to handle? Amazon S3 Event Notifications might just fit the bill! Plus a bonus chat about S3 Security and object retention! Amazon S3 Event Notifications:
August 4, 2019
Adrian Cockcroft (VP Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS) joins Simon for a wide-ranging discussion about chaos in architectures, the requirements of Financial organisations, the use of the cloud in Formula One racing and Amazon's Open Source activities.
July 28, 2019
With the GA of AWS Ground Station, customers have new capabilities to interact with satellite data. Simon takes a look at how to get started, and what you can do with this new capability. Jeff Barr's Blog Post:
July 24, 2019
Connectivity, Autonomy, and Sharing are changing the way people access transportation and transforming the automotive industry. Ford has been a pioneer in this new mobility, setting forth a vision where transportation and cities are seamlessly interconnected and customers have on-demand access to a variety of safe, reliable transportation options. Leading this transformation is Marcy Klevorn. In this episode, we talk to Marcy about how she has accelerated Ford's transformation, using cloud technologies, agile teams, partnerships and acquisitions to to evolve Ford from a manufacturing company to a mobility company. AWS Speaker: Head of Global Automotive, AWS Featured Customer: *Marcy Klevorn Chief Innovation Officer, Mobility, Ford Motor Company
July 21, 2019
Simon and Nicki share a bumper-crop of interesting, useful and cool new services and features for AWS customers! Chapter Timings 00:01:17 Storage 00:03:15 Compute 00:07:13 Network 00:10:27 Databases 00:16:04 Migration 00:17:43 Developer Tools 00:22:47 Analytics 00:27:07 IoT 00:28:14 End User Computing 00:29:25 Machine Learning 00:30:49 Application Integration 00:34:18 Management and Governance 00:41:42 Customer Engagement 00:42:47 Media 00:44:03 Security 00:46:26 Gaming 00:47:54 AWS Marketplace 00:49:07 Robotics Shownotes Topic || Storage Optimize Cost with Amazon EFS Infrequent Access Lifecycle Management | Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Now Enables You to Use File Systems Directly With Your Organization’s Self-Managed Active Directory | Amazon FSx for Windows File Server now enables you to use a single AWS Managed AD with file systems across VPCs or accounts | AWS Storage Gateway now supports Amazon VPC endpoints with AWS PrivateLink | File Gateway adds encryption & signing options for SMB clients – Amazon Web Services | New AWS Public Datasets Available from Facebook, Yale, Allen Institute for Brain Science, NOAA, and others | Topic || Compute Introducing Amazon EC2 Instance Connect | Introducing New Instances Sizes for Amazon EC2 M5 and R5 Instances | Introducing New Instance Sizes for Amazon EC2 C5 Instances | Amazon ECS now supports additional resource-level permissions and tag-based access controls | Amazon ECS now offers improved capabilities for local testing | AWS Container Services launches AWS For Fluent Bit | Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes version 1.13, ECR PrivateLink, and Kubernetes Pod Security Policies | AWS VPC CNI Version 1.5.0 Now Default for Amazon EKS Clusters | Announcing Enhanced Lambda@Edge Monitoring within the Amazon CloudFront Console | AWS Lambda Console shows recent invocations using CloudWatch Logs Insights | AWS Thinkbox Deadline with Resource Tracker | Topic || Network Network Load Balancer Now Supports UDP Protocol | Announcing Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring for Amazon EC2 Instances | AWS ParallelCluster now supports Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) | AWS Direct Connect launches first location in Italy | Amazon CloudFront announces seven new Edge locations in North America, Europe, and Australia | Now Add Endpoint Policies to Interface Endpoints for AWS Services | Topic || Databases Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports Serverless | Amazon RDS now supports Storage Auto Scaling | Amazon RDS Introduces Compatibility Checks for Upgrades from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8.0 | Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Supports New Minor Versions 11.4, 10.9, 9.6.14, 9.5.18, and 9.4.23 | Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports Cluster Cache Management | Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports Data Import from Amazon S3 | Amazon Aurora Supports Cloning Across AWS Accounts | Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports z1d instance types | Amazon RDS for Oracle Supports Oracle Application Express (APEX) Version 19.1 | Amazon ElastiCache launches reader endpoints for Redis | Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) Now Supports Stopping and Starting Clusters | Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) Now Provides Cluster Deletion Protection | You can now publish Amazon Neptune Audit Logs to Cloudwatch | Amazon DynamoDB now supports deleting a global secondary index before it finishes building | Amazon DynamoDB now supports up to 25 unique items and 4 MB of data per transactional request | Topic || Migration CloudEndure Migration is now available at no charge | New AWS ISV Workload Migration Program | AWS Migration Hub Adds Support for Service-Linked Roles | Topic || Developer Tools The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code is Now Generally Available | The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is Now Generally Available | AWS CodeCommit Supports Two Additional Merge Strategies and Merge Conflict Resolution | AWS CodeCommit Now Supports Resource Tagging | AWS CodeBuild adds Support for Polyglot Builds | AWS Amplify Console Updates Build image with SAM CLI and Custom Container Support | AWS Amplify Console announces Manual Deploys for Static Web Hosting | Amplify Framework now Supports Adding AWS Lambda Triggers for events in Auth and Storage categories | AWS Amplify Console now supports AWS CloudFormation | AWS CloudFormation updates for Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, Amazon EFS, Amazon S3 and more | Topic || Analytics Amazon QuickSight launches multi-sheet dashboards, new visual types and more | Amazon QuickSight now supports fine-grained access control over Amazon S3 and Amazon Athena! | Announcing EMR Release 5.24.0: With performance improvements in Spark, new versions of Flink, Presto, and Hue, and enhanced CloudFormation support for EMR Instance Fleets | AWS Glue now provides workflows to orchestrate your ETL workloads | Amazon Elasticsearch Service increases data protection with automated hourly snapshots at no extra charge | Amazon MSK is Now Integrated with AWS CloudFormation and Terraform | Kinesis Video Streams adds support for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) and H.265 video | Announcing the availability of Amazon Kinesis Video Producer SDK in C | Topic || IoT AWS IoT Expands Globally | Bluetooth Low Energy Support and New MQTT Library Now Generally Available in Amazon FreeRTOS 201906.00 Major | AWS IoT Greengrass 1.9.2 With Support for OpenWrt and AWS IoT Device Tester is Now Available | Topic || End User Computing Amazon Chime Achieves HIPAA Eligibility | Amazon WorkSpaces now supports copying Images across AWS Regions | Amazon AppStream 2.0 adds support for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 | AWS Client VPN now includes support for AWS CloudFormation | Topic || Machine Learning Amazon Comprehend Medical is now Available in Sydney, London, and Canada | Amazon Personalize Now Generally Available | New in AWS Deep Learning Containers: Support for Amazon SageMaker and MXNet 1.4.1 with CUDA 10.0 | Topic || Application Integration Introducing Amazon EventBridge | AWS App Mesh Service Discovery with AWS Cloud Map generally available. | Amazon API Gateway Now Supports Tag-Based Access Control and Tags on WebSocket APIs | Amazon API Gateway Adds Configurable Transport Layer Security Version for Custom Domains | Topic || Management and Governance Introducing AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter to enable faster issue resolution | Introducing Service Quotas: View and manage your quotas for AWS services from one central location | Introducing AWS Budgets Reports | Introducing Amazon CloudWatch Anomaly Detection – Now in Preview | Amazon CloudWatch Launches Dynamic Labels on Dashboards | Amazon CloudWatch Adds Visibility for your .NET and SQL Server Application Health | Amazon CloudWatch Events Now Supports Amazon CloudWatch Logs as a Target and Tagging of CloudWatch Events Rules | Introducing Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights for Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate - Now in Preview | AWS Config now enables you to provision AWS Config rules across all AWS accounts in your organization | Session Manager launches Run As to start interactive sessions with your own operating system user account | Session Manager launches tunneling support for SSH and SCP | Use IAM access advisor with AWS Organizations to set permission guardrails confidently | AWS Resource Groups is Now SOC Compliant | Topic || Customer Engagement Introducing AI Powered Speech Analytics for Amazon Connect | Amazon Connect Launches Contact Flow Versioning | Topic || Media AWS Elemental MediaConnect Now Supports SPEKE for Conditional Access | AWS Elemental MediaLive Now Supports AWS CloudFormation | AWS Elemental MediaConvert Now Ingests Files from HTTPS Sources | Topic || Security AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority now supports root CA hierarchies | AWS Control Tower is now generally available | AWS Security Hub is now generally available | AWS Single Sign-On now makes it easy to access more business applications including Asana and Jamf | Topic || Gaming Large Match Support for Amazon GameLift Now Available | New Dynamic Vegetation System in Lumberyard Beta 1.19 – Available Now | Topic || AWS Marketplace AWS Marketplace now integrates with your procurement systems | Topic || Robotics AWS RoboMaker announces support for Robot Operating System (ROS) Melodic |
July 17, 2019
In discussions with our global customers, we continually hear about the skills required to adopt AWS at scale, especially when transforming a workforce, and the gaps in those skill-sets. In this discussion, we will talk to Klaus Salchner who is the VP of engineering at Realtor.Com about his approach to engineering in silicon valley, building a center of excellence, and the importance of having a strong cultural backdrop to utilize when bringing new engineering talent into an organization. Featured Amazon Speaker: *Chris Rasmussen Global Accounts Skills Enablement Lead at AWS Featured Guest: *Klaus Salchner VP Engineering at (
July 14, 2019
Do you want to deploy Serverless applications faster, easier and more reliably? The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) might just fit the bill! Simon speaks with Gerardo Estaba (Senior Partner Solutions Architect, AWS) about how to get started and how to get the best from it. Main page: Developer Guide: SAM’s repo with examples: SAM CLI’s repo: AWS Serverless Application Repository: This is My Architecture - Macquarie Bank: Securing Payment Websites at the Edge Serverlessly:
July 7, 2019
Simon speaks with Jim Milbery (Partner at ParkerGale) and Alan Williamson (Partner at Macloran Group) about Private Equity, what PE funds look for when acquiring software companies and how the cloud matters in this context. They are also host their own podcast called the PE Funcast.
June 30, 2019
Recorded in front of a live audience at AWS Sydney Summit. Simon and Glenn discuss what works and what doesn’t in terms of architectures and team structures. How to keep your skills up-to-date and answer some questions from the audience.
June 23, 2019
Simon speaks with Mark Shwartz (Enterprise Strategist - AWS) about his latest book, and how the relationship between IT and non-IT leaders is changing. n the war for business supremacy, Schwartz shows we must throw out the old management models and stereotypes that pit suits against nerds. Instead, business leaders of today can foster a space of collaboration and shared mission, a space that puts technologists and business people on the same team. Get Mark's latest book here:
June 16, 2019
Simon shares a huge selection of updates and new things! Chapter Marks: 00:00:19 Satellites 00:01:12 Storage 00:03:01 Compute 00:05:35 Databases 00:09:17 Developer Tools 00:10:32 Analytics 00:12:28 IoT 00:14:06 End User Computing 00:15:03 Machine Learning 00:16:22 Robotics 00:16:46 Application Integration 00:17:42 Management and Governance 00:20:49 Customer Engagement 00:21:24 Security 00:22:10 Training and Certification 00:22:36 Quick Starts 00:23:04 AWS Marketplace Shownotes Topic || Satellite Announcing General Availability of AWS Ground Station | Topic || Storage You can now encrypt new EBS volumes in your account in a region with a single setting | AWS Backup Now Supports AWS CloudFormation | AWS DataSync Now Supports EFS-to-EFS Transfer | AWS DataSync adds filtering for data transfers – Amazon Web Services | AWS DataSync is now SOC compliant | Topic || Compute Amazon EC2 announces Host Recovery | Enable EC2 Hibernation Without Specifying Encryption Intent at Every Instance Launch | AWS Step Functions Adds Support for Callback Patterns in Workflows | whats-new/2019/05/aws-step-functions-support-callback-patterns/ Amazon ECS Support for Windows Server 2019 Containers is Generally Available | Amazon ECS Improves ENI Density Limits for awsvpc Networking Mode | Serverless Image Handler Now Leverages Sharp and Provides Smart Cropping with Amazon Rekognition | Topic || Databases Amazon Aurora Serverless MySQL 5.6 Now Supports Data API | Amazon RDS Recommendations Provide Best Practice Guidance for Amazon Aurora | Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports PostgreSQL 10.7 | Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports Database Activity Streams For Real-time Monitoring | Amazon RDS for SQL Server Increases the Database Limit Per Database Instance up to 100 | Amazon RDS for SQL Server Now Supports Always On Availability Groups for SQL Server 2017 | Amazon RDS for SQL Server now Supports Multi-File Native Restores | Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is now SOC 1, 2, and 3 compliant | Amazon DynamoDB adaptive capacity is now instant | Amazon ElastiCache for Redis improves cluster availability during planned maintenance | Amazon ElastiCache for Redis launches self-service updates | Topic || Developer Tools Amplify Framework Adds Support for AWS Lambda Functions and Amazon DynamoDB Custom Indexes in GraphQL Schemas | AWS CodeCommit Now Supports Including Application Code When Creating a Repository with AWS CloudFormation | Topic || Analytics Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) is now Generally Available | Amazon Elasticsearch Service Is Now SOC Compliant | Amazon Elasticsearch Service announces support for Elasticsearch 6.7 | AWS Glue now provides an VPC interface endpoint | AWS Glue supports scripts that are compatible with Python 3.6 in Python shell jobs | Topic || IoT AWS IoT Things Graph Now Generally Available | AWS IoT Events is now generally available | AWS IoT Device Tester v1.2 is Now Available for Amazon FreeRTOS v1.4.8 | AWS IoT Analytics Now Supports Channel and Data Stores in Your Own Amazon S3 Buckets | Topic || End User Computing Announcing Amazon WorkLink support for Additional Website Authorization Providers | Amazon AppStream 2.0 launches three self-guided workshops to build online trials and SaaS solutions – Amazon Web Services | Amazon Chime Voice Connector now supports United States Toll-Free Numbers | Topic || Machine Learning Introducing Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning | Amazon Textract - Now Generally Available | Amazon Transcribe now supports speech-to-text in Modern Standard Arabic | Topic || Robotics AWS RoboMaker now supports over-the-air deployment job cancellation | Topic || Application Integration Amazon API Gateway Now Supports Tag-Based Access Control and Tags on Additional Resources | Amazon API Gateway Now Supports VPC Endpoint Policies | Topic || Management and Governance Introducing AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter to enable faster issue resolution | AWS Budgets now Supports Variable Budget Targets for Monthly and Quarterly Cost and Usage Budgets | CloudWatch Logs adds support for percentiles in metric filters | Announcing Tag-Based Access Control for AWS CloudFormation | AWS Organizations Now Supports Tagging and Untagging of AWS Accounts | AWS Well-Architected Tool Now Supports 8x More Text in the Notes Field | Topic || Customer Engagement Amazon Pinpoint now includes support for AWS CloudFormation | Amazon Connect Adds Additional Telephony Metadata | Amazon Connect Decreases US Telephony Pricing by 26% in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions | Topic || Security Amazon GuardDuty is Now SOC Compliant | AWS Encryption SDK for C is now available | Amazon Inspector adds CIS Benchmark support for Amazon Linux 2 | Topic || Training and Certification Announcing New and Updated Exam Readiness Courses for AWS Certifications | Topic || Quick Starts New Quick Start deploys a modular architecture for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL | Topic || AWS Marketplace AWS Marketplace enables long term contracts for AMI products |
June 9, 2019
Simon speaks with Prajakta Damle (Principal Product Manager, AWS) about AWS Lake Formation. AWS Lake Formation is a service that makes it easy to set up a secure data lake in days. They discuss why it was created and what customers can use it for.
June 2, 2019
Simon speaks with Paul Hawkins, Security Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS about the ways customers can quickly and easily make their environment more secure. AWS re:Invent 2018: Data Protection: Encryption, Availability, Resiliency, & Durability (SEC325-R1) KMS Whitepaper: KMS Best Practices: AWS re:Invent 2018: Leadership Session: AWS Security (SEC305-L) Steve Schmidt
May 26, 2019
Simon hosts an update show with lots of great new features and capabilities! Chapters: Developer Tools 0:26 Storage 3:02 Compute 5:10 Database 10:31 Networking 13:41 Analytics 16:38 IoT 18:23 End User Computing 20:19 Machine Learning 21:12 Application Integration 24:02 Management and Governance 24:23 Migration 26:05 Security 26:56 Training and Certification 29:57 Blockchain 30:27 Quickstarts 31:06 Shownotes: Topic || Developer Tools Announcing AWS X-Ray Analytics – An Interactive approach to Trace Analysis | Quickly Search for Resources across Services in the AWS Developer Tools Console | AWS Amplify Console adds support for Incoming Webhooks | AWS Amplify launches an online community for fullstack serverless app developers | AWS AppSync Now Enables More Visibility into Performance and Health of GraphQL Operations | AWS AppSync Now Supports Configuring Multiple Authorization Types for GraphQL APIs | Topic || Storage Amazon S3 Introduces S3 Batch Operations for Object Management | AWS Snowball Edge adds block storage – Amazon Web Services | Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Adds Support for File System Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch | AWS Storage Gateway enhances access control for SMB shares to store and access objects in Amazon S3 buckets | Topic || Compute AWS Lambda adds support for Node.js v10 | AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) supports IAM permissions and custom responses for Amazon API Gateway | AWS Step Functions Adds Support for Workflow Execution Events | Amazon EC2 I3en instances, offering up to 60 TB of NVMe SSD instance storage, are now generally available | Now Create Amazon EC2 On-Demand Capacity Reservations Through AWS CloudFormation | Share encrypted AMIs across accounts to launch instances in a single step | Launch encrypted EBS backed EC2 instances from unencrypted AMIs in a single step | Amazon EKS Releases Deep Learning Benchmarking Utility | Amazon EKS Adds Support for Public IP Addresses Within Cluster VPCs | Amazon EKS Simplifies Kubernetes Cluster Authentication | Amazon ECS Console support for ECS-optimized Amazon Linux 2 AMI and Amazon EC2 A1 instance family now available | AWS Fargate PV1.3 now supports the Splunk log driver | Topic || Databases Amazon Aurora Serverless Supports Capacity of 1 Unit and a New Scaling Option | Aurora Global Database Expands Availability to 14 AWS Regions | Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) now supports per-second billing | Performance Insights is Generally Available on Amazon Aurora MySQL 5.7 | Performance Insights Supports Counter Metrics on Amazon RDS for Oracle | Performance Insights Supports Amazon Aurora Global Database | Amazon ElastiCache for Redis adds support for Redis 5.0.4 | Amazon RDS for MySQL Supports Password Validation | Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Supports New Minor Versions 11.2, 10.7, 9.6.12, 9.5.16, and 9.4.21 | Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports April Oracle Patch Set Updates (PSU) and Release Updates (RU) | Topic || Networking Elastic Fabric Adapter Is Now Generally Available | Migrate Your AWS Site-to-Site VPN Connections from a Virtual Private Gateway to an AWS Transit Gateway | Announcing AWS Direct Connect Support for AWS Transit Gateway | Amazon CloudFront announces 11 new Edge locations in India, Japan, and the United States | Amazon VPC Endpoints Now Support Tagging for Gateway Endpoints, Interface Endpoints, and Endpoint Services | Topic || Analytics Amazon EMR announces Support for Multiple Master nodes to enable High Availability for EMR applications | Amazon EMR now supports Multiple Master nodes to enable High Availability for HBase clusters | Amazon EMR announces Support for Reconfiguring Applications on Running EMR Clusters | Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics now allows you to assign AWS resource tags to your real-time applications | AWS Glue crawlers now support existing Data Catalog tables as sources | Topic || IoT AWS IoT Analytics Now Supports Faster SQL Data Set Refresh Intervals | AWS IoT Greengrass Adds Support for Python 3.7, Node v8.10.0, and Expands Support for Elliptic-Curve Cryptography | AWS Releases Additional Preconfigured Examples for FreeRTOS on Armv8-M | AWS IoT Device Defender supports monitoring behavior of unregistered devices | AWS IoT Analytics Now Supports Data Set Content Delivery to Amazon S3 | Topic || End User Computing Amazon AppStream 2.0 adds configurable timeouts for idle sessions | Monitor Emails in Your Workmail Organization Using Cloudwatch Metrics and Logs | You can now use custom chat bots with Amazon Chime | Topic || Machine Learning Developers, start your engines! The AWS DeepRacer Virtual League kicks off today. | Amazon SageMaker announces new features to the built-in Object2Vec algorithm | Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Now Supports Automated Email Notifications for Manual Data Labeling | Amazon Translate Adds Support for Hindi, Farsi, Malay, and Norwegian | Amazon Transcribe now supports Hindi and Indian-accented English | Amazon Comprehend batch jobs now supports Amazon Virtual Private Cloud | New in AWS Deep Learning AMIs: PyTorch 1.1, Chainer 5.4, and CUDA 10 support for MXNet | Topic || Application Integration Amazon MQ Now Supports Resource-Level and Tag-Based Permissions | Amazon SNS Adds Support for Cost Allocation Tags | Topic || Management and Governance Reservation Expiration Alerts Now Available in AWS Cost Explorer | AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager Supports Microsoft Application Patching | AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate now supports Chef Automate 2 | AWS Service Catalog Connector for ServiceNow supports CloudFormation StackSets | Topic || Migration AWS Migration Hub EC2 Recommendations | Topic || Security Amazon GuardDuty Adds Two New Threat Detections | AWS Security Token Service (STS) now supports enabling the global STS endpoint to issue session tokens compatible with all AWS Regions | AWS WAF Security Automations Now Supports Log Analysis | AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority Increases Certificate Limit To One Million | Amazon Cognito launches enhanced user password reset API for administrators | AWS Secrets Manager supports more client-side caching libraries to improve secrets availability and reduce cost | Create fine-grained session permissions using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) managed policies | Topic || Training and Certification New VMware Cloud on AWS Navigate Track | Topic || Blockchain Amazon Managed Blockchain What's New | Topic || Quick Starts New Quick Start deploys SAP S/4HANA on AWS |
May 19, 2019
Simon speaks with Randall Hunt about how he designed, built, and deployed the @WhereML Twitter bot that can identify where in the world a picture was taken using only the pixels in the image. We’ll dive deep on artificial intelligence and deep learning with the MXNet framework and also talk about working with the Twitter Account Activity API. The bot is entirely autoscaling and powered by Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda which means, as a customer, you don’t manage any infrastructure. Finally we’ll close with a discussion around custom authorizers in API Gateway and when to use them.
May 12, 2019
Did you know AWS enables disaster response organizations to access cloud services at the edge, even in the harshest conditions? Simon speaks with Maggie Carter (Principal, AWS Disaster Response Program) and Ana Visneski (Principal Technical Program Manager for AWS Disaster Response Program) about what the team does, how it does it and what is to come!
May 5, 2019
Simon & Nicki are joined by a live audience to record a great set of cool updates for customers! Chapters: 1:20 Infrastructure 1:33 Developer Tools 3:50 Storage 4:28 Compute 6:13 Database 10:22 Analytics 13:01 IoT 13:23 End User Computing 14:08 Machine Learning 17:03 Networking 18:22 Customer Engagement 18:37 Application Integration 19:12 Game Tech 19:47 Media Services 20:44 Management and Governance 23:20 Robotics 24:26 Migration 25:03 Security 25:38 Training & Certification 26:05 Audience Q&A Shownotes: Topic || Infrastructure Announcing the AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region | Topic || Developer Tools AWS Amplify Console Now Supports Deploying Fullstack Serverless Applications with a Single Click | Amplify Framework Simplifies Configuring OAuth 2.0 Flows, Hosted UI, and AR/VR Scenes for Mobile and Web Apps | Amplify Framework Announces New Amazon Aurora Serverless, GraphQL, and OAuth Capabilities | AWS Amplify Console adds support for Custom Headers | AWS Amplify Console Now Available in Five Additional Regions | AWS Device Farm Remote Access for Manual Testing on real Android and iOS devices now supports Android OS 8+ and iOS 11+ devices | Topic || Storage New AWS Public Datasets Available from National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Nanyang Technological University, Stanford, Software Heritage and others | Topic || Compute Amazon EC2 T3a Instances Are Now Generally Available | Amazon EKS Now Delivers Kubernetes Control Plane Logs to Amazon CloudWatch | Amazon EKS Supports EC2 A1 Instances as a Public Preview | AWS Elastic Beanstalk extends Tag-Based Permissions | AWS ParallelCluster 2.3.1 with enhanced support for Slurm Workload Manager is available now | Topic || Databases Amazon RDS now supports per-second billing | Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports Database Storage Size up to 64TiB | Amazon RDS Enhanced Monitoring Adds New Storage and Host Metrics | Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Supports Multi Major Version Upgrades to PostgreSQL 11 | Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Supports Data Import from Amazon S3 | Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS Enable Faster Migration from MySQL 5.7 Databases | Amazon Aurora Serverless Supports Sharing and Cross-Region Copying of Snapshots | AWS simplifies replatforming of Microsoft SQL Server databases from Windows to Linux | Amazon Redshift now provides more control over snapshots | AWS specifies the IP address ranges for Amazon DynamoDB endpoints | Now you can tag Amazon DynamoDB tables when you create them | DynamoDBMapper now supports Amazon DynamoDB transactional API calls | Topic || Analytics Amazon Elasticsearch Service announces support for Elasticsearch 6.5 | Amazon Elasticsearch Service adds event monitoring and alerting support | Amazon Elasticsearch Service now offers improved performance at lower costs with C5, M5, and R5 instances | AWS Glue now supports additional configuration options for memory-intensive jobs | Announcing EMR release 5.22.0: Support for new versions of HBase, Oozie, Flink, and optimized EBS configuration for improved IO performance for applications such as Spark | Amazon Kinesis Data Streams changes license for its consumer library to Apache License 2.0 | Amazon MSK expands its open preview into AP (Singapore) and AP (Sydney) AWS Regions | Amazon QuickSight now supports localization, percentile calculations and more | Topic || IoT Amazon FreeRTOS Now Supports Resource Tagging | AWS IoT Analytics Now Supports Single Step Setup of IoT Analytics Resources from AWS IoT Core | Topic || End User Computing AWS Client VPN is Now Available in Four Additional AWS Regions | Amazon WorkDocs Migration Service | Amazon WorkDocs Document Approvals | Topic || Machine Learning Amazon SageMaker Now Offers Reduced Prices in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Regions | Amazon SageMaker Now Supports Greater Control of Root Access to Notebook Instances | Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth announces new features to simplify workflows, new data labeling vendors, and expansion in the Asia Pacific region | Amazon Transcribe now supports real-time speech-to-text in British English, French, and Canadian French | Amazon Polly Adds Arabic Language Support | Amazon Comprehend Now Supports Confusion Matrices for Custom Classification | AWS DeepLens Introduces New Bird Classification Project Template | Topic || Networking Amazon CloudFront enhances the security for adding alternate domain names to a distribution | Amazon CloudFront is now Available in Mainland China | Expanding AWS PrivateLink support for Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose | AWS Global Accelerator is Now Available in Six Additional Regions | Topic || Customer Engagement Amazon Pinpoint Now Offers an Analytics Dashboard for Transactional SMS Messages | Topic || Application Integration AWS AppSync Now Supports Tagging GraphQL APIs | Amazon MQ now supports ActiveMQ Minor Version 5.15.9 | Topic || Game Tech Amazon GameLift Realtime Servers Now Available | Topic || Media Services AWS Elemental MediaPackage and MediaTailor improve support for DASH Endpoints and Monetization | AWS Elemental MediaLive Offers Lower Cost Live Channels with Single-Pipeline Option | Speed Up Video Processing With New Accelerated Transcoding in AWS Elemental MediaConvert | AWS Elemental MediaStore Now Supports Chunked Object Transfer to Enable Ultra-Low Latency Video Workflows | Topic || Management and Governance AWS CloudFormation Coverage Updates for Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS and Amazon Elastic Load Balancer | AWS Systems Manager Session Manager Enables Session Encryption Using Customer Keys | AWS Systems Manager Now Supports Use of Parameter Store at Higher API Throughput | AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store Introduces Advanced Parameters | Query AWS Regions Endpoints and More | AWS Service Catalog Announces Tag Updating | Topic || Robotics Announcing AWS RoboMaker Cloud Extensions for Robot Operating System (ROS) Melodic | NICE DCV Now Supports MacOS Native Clients | Topic || Migration Announcing Azure to AWS migration support in AWS Server Migration Service | Topic || Security AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority is now available in five additional regions | AWS Single Sign-On now offers certificate customization to support your corporate policies | Topic || Training and Certification AWS Certification Triples its Testing Locations, Making it Even More Convenient to Get Certified | Announcing the New AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Exam |
April 28, 2019
Customers have been running Windows workloads on AWS for over 10 years! In this episode Simon and Jeff explore some things you might not know about. They also take a trip down "memory lane" as well as give a teaser for a special podcast event at AWS Tokyo Summit! The Wide World of Windows on AWS: Introducing the Amazon Simple Notification Service: AWS Summits:
April 21, 2019
In this episode Simon gives you some Black Belt tips around managing you CloudFormation stacks and how to use AWS Organizations to control access to AWS resources. He also gives you a look at Amazon QuickSight ML Insights.
April 14, 2019
Simon and Nicki cover almost 100 updates! Check out the chapter timings to see where things of interest to you might be. Infrastructure 00:42 Storage 1:17 Databases 4:14 Analytics 8:28 Compute 9:52 IoT 15:17 End User Computing 17:40 Machine Learning 19:10 Networking 21:57 Developer Tools 23:21 Application Integration 25:42 Game Tech 26:29 Media 27:37 Management and Governance 28:11 Robotics 30:35 Security 31:30 Solutions 32:40 Topic || Infrastructure In the Works – AWS Region in Indonesia | Topic || Storage New Amazon S3 Storage Class – Glacier Deep Archive | File Gateway Supports Amazon S3 Object Lock - Amazon Web Services | AWS Storage Gateway Tape Gateway Deep Archive | AWS Transfer for SFTP supports AWS Privatelink – Amazon Web Services | Amazon FSx for Lustre Now Supports Access from Amazon Linux | AWS introduces CSI Drivers for Amazon EFS and Amazon FSx for Lustre | Topic || Databases Amazon DynamoDB drops the price of global tables by eliminating associated charges for DynamoDB Streams | Amazon ElastiCache for Redis 5.0.3 enhances I/O handling to boost performance | Amazon Redshift announces Concurrency Scaling: Consistently fast performance during bursts of user activity | Performance Insights is Generally Available on Amazon RDS for MariaDB | Amazon RDS adds support for MySQL Versions 5.7.25, 5.7.24, and MariaDB Version 10.2.21 | Amazon Aurora with MySQL 5.7 Compatibility Supports GTID-Based Replication | PostgreSQL 11 now Supported in Amazon RDS | Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports Logical Replication | Restore an Encrypted Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Database from an Unencrypted Snapshot | Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports In-region Read Replicas with Active Data Guard for Read Scalability and Availability | AWS Schema Conversion Tool Adds Support for Migrating Oracle ETL Jobs to AWS Glue | AWS Schema Conversion Tool Adds New Conversion Features | Amazon Neptune Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | Topic || Analytics Amazon QuickSight Announces General Availability of ML Insights | AWS Glue enables running Apache Spark SQL queries | AWS Glue now supports resource tagging | Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics Supports AWS CloudTrail Logging | Tag-on Create and Tag-Based IAM Application for Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose | Topic || Compute Amazon EKS Introduces Kubernetes API Server Endpoint Access Control | Amazon EKS Opens Public Preview of Windows Container Support | Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes version 1.12 and Cluster Version Updates Via CloudFormation | New Local Testing Tools Now Available for Amazon ECS | AWS Fargate and Amazon ECS Support External Deployment Controllers for ECS Services | AWS Fargate PV1.3 adds secrets and enhanced container dependency management | AWS Event Fork Pipelines – Nested Applications for Event-Driven Serverless Architectures | New Amazon EC2 M5ad and R5ad Featuring AMD EPYC Processors are Now Available | Announcing the Ability to Pick the Time for Amazon EC2 Scheduled Events | Topic || IoT AWS IoT Analytics now supports Single Step Setup of IoT Analytics Resources | AWS IoT Greengrass Adds New Connector for AWS IoT Analytics, Support for AWS CloudFormation Templates, and Integration with Fleet Indexing | AWS IoT Device Tester v1.1 is Now Available for AWS IoT Greengrass v1.8.0 | AWS IoT Core Now Supports HTTP REST APIs with X.509 Client Certificate-Based Authentication On Port 443 | Generate Fleet Metrics with New Capabilities of AWS IoT Device Management | Topic || End User Computing Amazon AppStream 2.0 Now Supports iPad and Android Tablets and Touch Gestures | Amazon WorkDocs Drive now supports offline content and offline search | Introducing Amazon Chime Business Calling | Introducing Amazon Chime Voice Connector | Alexa for Business now lets you create Alexa skills for your organization using Skill Blueprints | Topic || Machine Learning New AWS Deep Learning AMIs: Amazon Linux 2, TensorFlow 1.13.1, MXNet 1.4.0, and Chainer 5.3.0 | Introducing AWS Deep Learning Containers | Amazon Transcribe now supports speech-to-text in German and Korean | Amazon Transcribe enhances custom vocabulary with custom pronunciations and display forms | Amazon Comprehend now supports AWS KMS Encryption | New Setup Tool To Get Started Quickly with Amazon Elastic Inference | Topic || Networking Application Load Balancers now Support Advanced Request Routing | Announcing Multi-Account Support for Direct Connect Gateway | Topic || Developer Tools AWS App Mesh is now generally available | The AWS Toolkit for IntelliJ is Now Generally Available | The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code (Developer Preview) is Now Available for Download from in the Visual Studio Marketplace | AWS Cloud9 announces support for Ubuntu development environments | Amplify Framework Adds Enhancements to Authentication for iOS, Android, and React Native Developers | AWS CodePipeline Adds Action-Level Details to Pipeline Execution History | Topic || Application Integration Amazon API Gateway Improves API Publishing and Adds Features to Enhance User Experience | Topic || Game Tech AWS Whats New - Lumberyard Beta 118 - Amazon Web Services | Amazon GameLift Realtime Servers Now in Preview | Topic || Media Services Detailed Job Progress Status and Server-Side S3 Encryption Now Available with AWS Elemental MediaConvert | Introducing Live Streaming with Automated Multi-Language Subtitling | Video on Demand Now Leverages AWS Elemental MediaConvert QVBR Mode | Topic || Management and Governance Use AWS Config Rules to Remediate Noncompliant Resources | AWS Config Now Supports Tagging of AWS Config Resources | Now You Can Query Based on Resource Configuration Properties in AWS Config | AWS Config Adds Support for Amazon API Gateway | Amazon Inspector adds support for Amazon EC2 A1 instances | Service control policies in AWS Organizations enable fine-grained permission controls | You can now use resource level policies for Amazon CloudWatch Alarms | Amazon CloudWatch Launches Search Expressions | AWS Systems Manager Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | Topic || Robotics AWS RoboMaker Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | AWS RoboMaker announces new build and bundle feature that makes it up to 10x faster to update a simulation job or a robot | Topic || Security Announcing the renewal command for AWS Certificate Manager | AWS Key Management Service Increases API Requests Per Second Limits | Announcing AWS Firewall Manager Support For AWS Shield Advanced | Topic || Solutions New AWS SAP Navigate Track | Deploy Micro Focus PlateSpin Migrate on AWS with New Quick Start |
April 7, 2019
How do you build applications that are loosely coupled but reliable? How can you take an even more abstracted view of cloud infrastructure? Simon is joined by Adam Larter (Principal Solutions Architect, AWS) to discuss options available to developers using AWS. Links: AWS App Mesh: AWS Cloud Development Kit:
April 3, 2019
Provable Security: Conversations on Next Gen Security. We published a podcast ( on provable security ( last fall, and, due to high customer interest, we decided to bring you a regular peek into this AWS initiative. This series will cover how the traditionally academic field of automated reasoning is being applied at AWS at scale to help provide higher assurances for our customers, regulators, and the broader cloud industry. We’ll talk to individuals whose minds helped shape the history of automated reasoning, as well as learn from engineers and scientists who are applying automated reasoning to help solve pressing security and privacy challenges in the cloud. In our first interview, Byron Cook, Director of the AWS Automated Reasoning Group, sits down with Moshe Vardi, Karen Ostrum George Distinguished Service Professor in Computational Engineering and Director of the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology. Moshe describes the history of logic, automated reasoning, formal verification and his legendary moustache. Learn more at the AWS Provable Security webpage ( Automated reasoning public figures: George Boole Tony Hoare Robert W. Floyd John McCarthy Amir Pnueli Gottlob Frege Arthur Prior John Harrison Automated techniques and algorithms: First-order logic Temporal logic An Automata-Theoretic Approach to Automatic Program Verification Boolean satisfiability problem Davis-Putnam algorithm–Putnam_algorithm SAT Competition
March 31, 2019
Did you know you can save 70-90% on compute costs easier than ever? Or that you can get more work done for the same spend? EC2 Spot is more powerful and easier to use than ever; Simon takes you through some of the new capabilities and benefits that you can use today. EC2 Spot Instances: EC2 Spot Instance Advisor: EC2 Spot Instance Data Feed: EC2 Spot Fleet: EC2 Spot Instances Getting Started:
March 24, 2019
Simon and Nicki run through some interesting new AWS capabilities for customers as well as a look at the upcoming re:MARS conference ( 0:29 - Databases 1:20 - Analytics 1:52 - Compute 3:22 - IoT 4:05 - Customer Engagement 5:07 - Networking 5:34 - Developer Tools 7:46 - Application Integration 8:20 - Game Tech 8:42 - Media Services 9:24 - Management and Governance 12:41 - re:MARS Topic || Databases Amazon DynamoDB adds support for switching encryption keys to encrypt your data at rest | Amazon ElastiCache for Redis adds support for Redis 5.0.3 and the ability to change Redis command names | Performance Insights is Generally Available on Amazon RDS for SQL Server | Topic || Analytics Amazon QuickSight Supports Row Level Security Enabled Email Reports, New Analytical Capabilities and More | Topic || Compute AWS Step Functions Adds Tag-Based Permissions | AWS ParallelCluster support for Amazon FSx Lustre | Announcing the Preupgrade Assistant to Migrate to Amazon Linux 2 From Amazon Linux AMI | Topic || IoT AWS IoT Greengrass Introduces New Networking Configurations and Group Permission Settings | Topic || Customer Engagement Amazon Connect Simplifies Adding AWS Lambda Functions to Contact Flows | Introducing new AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency Partner Solutions | Topic || Networking Announcing the new AWS Direct Connect Console | Topic || Developer Tools Amazon Corretto 11 is Now Available as a Release Candidate | AWS Amplify Console Adds Support for Instant CDN Cache Invalidation and Delta Deployments | AWS CodeCommit Supports VPC Endpoints | Automate Releases to the AWS Serverless Application Repository using AWS CodePipeline | Topic || Application Integration New Amazon SNS Console Now Available | Topic || Game Tech Identity and Access Management (IAM) Roles Now Available for Amazon GameLift | Topic || Media Services AWS Elemental MediaLive Adds Support for Encrypted HLS and VPC Inputs | AWS Elemental MediaLive Now Supports Pausing Channel Delivery on a Schedule | AWS Elemental MediaLive Simplifies Sending Live Streams to AWS Elemental MediaPackage | Topic || Management and Governance AWS Systems Manager now supports on-premises instance management for large hybrid environments | AWS CloudFormation Coverage Updates for AWS RAM, AWS Robomaker, Amazon ApiGateway, and more | whats-new/2019/02/amazon-elasticache-for-redis-adds-support-for-redis-503-and-the-ability-to-change-redis-command-names/ AWS License Manager adds new capabilities to track on premises usage, number of instances, and vCPUs based on Optimize CPU settings | AWS License Manager enhances support for tracking instances on premises |
March 17, 2019
How do you know if you have built your system the best way possible? How can you track this over time, and see and share improvements with others? The AWS Well-Architected Framework now has a customer-accessible tool - free to use! Simon speaks with "Fitz" (Philip Fitzimons) who leads the Well-Architected team at AWS about how customers can make the most of this new capability. Links: AWS Well-Architected Home Page:
March 10, 2019
Simon is joined by new update co-host Nicki Klein (Senior Technical Evangelist, AWS) to discuss all the latest features and capabilities available to AWS customers! Chapters 1:57 Mobile 5:21 Solutions & Quickstarts 7:53 Database 13:51 Storage 17:46 Analytics 20:58 Compute 24:32 Certifications 26:11 Machine Learning 27:25 Developer Tools 28:31 Networking 29:07 Media Services 30:37 Security 31:30 IoT 32:30 Management & Governance 33:43 Customer Engagement 34:30 End User Experience 34:59 Robotics 35:30 Migration Topic || Mobile Amplify Framework Adds Support for Multiple Environments, Custom Resolvers, Larger Data Models, and IAM Roles Including MFA | Topic || Solutions and Quick Starts Introducing AWS Solutions | AWS Quick Starts for Atlassian products now auto-detect existing infrastructure | Quick Start for Portworx PX-Enterprise on Kubernetes on AWS | Deploy the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform on AWS with New Quick Start | Topic || Databases Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports Amazon S3 Integration | Amazon RDS for Oracle Supports Oracle Application Express (APEX) Versions 18.1 and 18.2 | Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) now supports database auditing with Amazon CloudWatch Logs | Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) now supports new features for aggregations, arrays, and indexing | Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) adds DynamoDB transactions support for Python and .NET | Performance Insights Now Supports Counter Metrics on Amazon RDS for MySQL, RDS for PostgreSQL, and Aurora MySQL | Amazon RDS for MySQL and MariaDB Now Support R5 Instance Types | Amazon RDS for MySQL and MariaDB Now Support T3 Instance Types | Amazon Aurora Serverless Publishes Logs to Amazon CloudWatch | Amazon Aurora with MySQL Compatibility Supports T3 Instance Types | Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports PostgreSQL 10.6 | Topic || Storage Amazon EFS Introduces Lower Cost Storage Class | Amazon EFS Now Supports Tag-on-Create | Amazon FSx for Lustre Now Supports AWS CloudFormation | Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Now Supports AWS CloudFormation | Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Now Supports On-Premises Access to File Systems and Supports Access Across AWS VPCs, Accounts, and Regions | AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance in Europe | Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) Adds Support For Shorter Backup Intervals | Topic || Analytics Use Athena Workgroups to Separate Workloads Between Users or Applications, View Query Metrics, and Enforce Cost Controls | Amazon Athena Now Supports Resource Tagging | Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Announces Support for Custom Amazon S3 Prefixes | Amazon MSK expands its open preview into Ohio and Ireland AWS regions, and adds support for Apache Kafka 2.1.0 | Amazon Kinesis Video Streams adds Synchronized Audio Video Playback and MPEG-TS Container Format Support via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) | Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Java Now Supports AWS CloudFormation | Topic || Compute Introducing Five New Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances | Amazon EKS Releases VPC CNI plugin v1.3.2 with Enhancements for P3dn Instances | Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster Using Amazon EKS with New Quick Start | Amazon EC2 Fleet Now Lets You Increase Target Capacity Limits | AWS Elastic Beanstalk Now Supports Managed Updates, Immutable Deployments, and Enhanced Health Monitoring for Windows Server Platform V2 | Topic || Training and Certification New AWS Digital Badges Unveiled to Showcase your AWS Certified Status | Announcing Updated Professional-Level AWS Certification Exams | Topic || Machine Learning Enhanced Content Moderation is now available for Amazon Rekognition Video | Topic || Developer Tools Amazon Corretto 11 is Now in Preview | AWS CodeCommit Supports Programmatic Creation of Commits Containing Multiple Files | Topic || Networking Route 53 Resolver for Hybrid Cloud Expands to Seven New AWS Regions | Topic || Media Services AWS Elemental MediaStore Adds Support for Access Logs on Containers | AWS Elemental MediaConvert Adds Support for Video Rotation and Ad Marker Insertion | Topic || Security, Identity & Compliance AWS Shield Increases Default Resource Limits For Advanced Protection | AWS Single Sign-On is Now Available in Seven More Global Regions | Topic || Internet of Things AWS IoT Device Tester is Now Available for Amazon FreeRTOS v1.4.5 and v1.4.6 | AWS IoT Device Defender Now Provides Statistical Anomaly Detection and Data Visualization | Cypress CYW943907AEVAL1F and CYW954907AEVAL1F are Now Qualified for Amazon FreeRTOS | AWS Announces RISC-V Support in the FreeRTOS Kernel | Topic || Management and Governance AWS Systems Manager State Manager Enables Document Sharing Across Accounts | Resource Groups Tagging API Supports Additional AWS Services | AWS Well-Architected Tool now supports architecture reviews for On Premises and Hybrid Cloud workloads | Topic || Customer Engagement Amazon Connect Now Supports Additional Options When Transferring to External Phone Numbers | Topic || End User Computing Amazon WorkLink now works with Android phones | Topic || Robotics AWS RoboMaker now supports new languages, tagging, and AWS CloudFormation | Topic || Migration AWS Server Migration Service Adds Support for Importing Applications from AWS Migration Hub |
March 3, 2019
What does a modern software development look like? What are some of the optimised approaches you can use? What is the state of play when it comes to developer tooling and the cloud? Simon is joined by Adam Larter (Principal Solutions Architect, AWS) to discuss options available to developers using AWS. Links: DevOps and AWS landing page: 
Keep up to date with the AWS DevOps blog: 
What is SAM?:
SAM on Github: 
Invoking a Lambda function locally using SAM CLI: 
AWS Toolkits for PyCharm, IntelliJ (Preview), and Visual Studio Code (Preview):
February 24, 2019
Do you have lots of data to search, analyze and visualize? The Amazon ElasticSearch service is used by customers large and small to do just that! Simon speaks with Jon Handler (Principal Solutions Architect, AWS) about some exciting new capabilities and also how to size, tune and optimize your clusters. Links: Amazon ElasticSearch: T-Shirt size blog: How many instances do I need? How many shards? Set alarms on CW metrics: re:Invent Talk:
February 17, 2019
Simon guides you through lots of new features, services and capabilities that you can take advantage of. Including the new AWS Backup service, more powerful GPU capabilities, new SLAs and much, much more! Chapters: Service Level Agreements 0:17 Storage 0:57 Media Services 5:08 Developer Tools 6:17 Analytics 9:54 AI/ML 12:07 Database 14:47 Networking & Content Delivery 17:32 Compute 19:02 Solutions 21:57 Business Applications 23:38 AWS Cost Management 25:07 Migration & Transfer 25:39 Application Integration 26:07 Management & Governance 26:32 End User Computing 29:22 Links: Topic || Service Level Agreements 0:17 Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | Amazon EKS Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | Amazon ECR Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | Amazon Cognito Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | AWS Step Functions Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | AWS Secrets Manager Announces Service Level Agreement | Amazon MQ Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | Topic || Storage 0:57 Introducing AWS Backup | Introducing Amazon Elastic File System Integration with AWS Backup | AWS Storage Gateway Integrates with AWS Backup - Amazon Web Services | AWS Backup Integrates with Amazon DynamoDB for Centralized and Automated Backup Management | Amazon EBS Integrates with AWS Backup to Protect Your Volumes | AWS Storage Gateway Volume Detach & Attach - Amazon Web Services | AWS Storage Gateway - Tape Gateway Performance | Amazon FSx for Lustre Offers New Options and Faster Speeds for Working with S3 Data | Topic || Media Services 5:08 AWS Elemental MediaConvert Adds IMF Input and Enhances Caption Burn-In Support | AWS Elemental MediaLive Adds Support for AWS CloudTrail | AWS Elemental MediaLive Now Supports Resource Tagging | AWS Elemental MediaLive Adds I-Frame-Only HLS Manifests and JPEG Outputs | Topic || Developer Tools 6:17 Amazon Corretto is Now Generally Available | AWS CodePipeline Now Supports Deploying to Amazon S3 | AWS Cloud9 Supports AWS CloudTrail Logging | AWS CodeBuild Now Supports Accessing Images from Private Docker Registry | Develop and Test AWS Step Functions Workflows Locally | AWS X-Ray SDK for .NET Core is Now Generally Available | Topic || Analytics 9:54 Amazon Elasticsearch Service doubles maximum cluster capacity with 200 node cluster support | Amazon Elasticsearch Service announces support for Elasticsearch 6.4 | Amazon Elasticsearch Service now supports three Availability Zone deployments | Now bring your own KDC and enable Kerberos authentication in Amazon EMR | Source code for the AWS Glue Data Catalog client for Apache Hive Metastore is now available for download | Topic || AI/ML 12:07 Amazon Comprehend is now Integrated with AWS CloudTrail | Object Bounding Boxes and More Accurate Object and Scene Detection are now Available for Amazon Rekognition Video | Amazon Elastic Inference Now Supports TensorFlow 1.12 with a New Python API | New in AWS Deep Learning AMIs: Updated Elastic Inference for TensorFlow, TensorBoard 1.12.1, and MMS 1.0.1 | Amazon SageMaker Batch Transform Now Supports TFRecord Format | Amazon Transcribe Now Supports US Spanish Speech-to-Text in Real Time | Topic || Database 14:47 Amazon Redshift now runs ANALYZE automatically | Introducing Python Shell Jobs in AWS Glue | Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Supports T3 Instance Types | Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports T3 Instance Types | Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports SQLT Diagnostics Tool Version 12.2.180725 | Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports January 2019 Oracle Patch Set Updates (PSU) and Release Updates (RU) | Amazon DynamoDB Local Adds Support for Transactional APIs, On-Demand Capacity Mode, and 20 GSIs | Topic || Networking & Content Delivery 17:32 Network Load Balancer Now Supports TLS Termination | Amazon CloudFront announces six new Edge locations across United States and France | AWS Site-to-Site VPN Now Supports IKEv2 | VPC Route Tables Support up to 1,000 Static Routes | Topic || Compute 19:02 Announcing a 25% price reduction for Amazon EC2 X1 Instances in the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) AWS Region | Amazon EKS Achieves ISO and PCI Compliance | AWS Fargate Now Has Support For AWS PrivateLink | AWS Elastic Beanstalk Adds Support for Ruby 2.6 | AWS Elastic Beanstalk Adds Support for .NET Core 2.2 | Amazon ECS and Amazon ECR now have support for AWS PrivateLink | GPU Support for Amazon ECS now Available | AWS Batch now supports Amazon EC2 A1 Instances and EC2 G3s Instances | Topic || Solutions 21:57 Deploy Micro Focus Enterprise Server on AWS with New Quick Start | AWS Public Datasets Now Available from UK Meteorological Office, Queensland Government, University of Pennsylvania, Buildzero, and Others | Quick Start Update: Active Directory Domain Services on the AWS Cloud | Introducing the Media2Cloud solution | Topic || Business Applications 23:38 Alexa for Business now offers IT admins simplified workflow to setup shared devices | Topic || AWS Cost Management 25:07 Introducing Normalized Units Information for Amazon EC2 Reservations in AWS Cost Explorer | Topic || Migration & Transfer 25:39 AWS Migration Hub Now Supports Importing On-Premises Server and Application Data to Track Migration Progress | Topic || Application Integration 26:07 Amazon SNS Message Filtering Adds Support for Multiple String Values in Blacklist Matching | Topic || Management & Governance 26:32 AWS Trusted Advisor Expands Functionality With New Best Practice Checks | AWS Systems Manager State Manager Now Supports Management of In-Guest and Instance-Level Configuration | AWS Config Increases Default Limits for AWS Config Rules | Introducing AWS CloudFormation UpdateReplacePolicy Attribute | Automate WebSocket API Creation in Amazon API Gateway Using AWS CloudFormation | AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate and AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise Now Support AWS CloudFormation | Find And Update Access Keys, Password, And MFA Settings Easily Using The AWS Management Console | Amazon CloudWatch Agent Adds Support for Procstat Plugin and Multiple Configuration Files | Improve Security Of Your AWS SSO Users Signing In To The User Portal By Using Email-based Verification | Topic || End User Computing 29:22 Introducing Amazon WorkLink | AppStream 2.0 enables custom scripts before session start and after session termination |
February 13, 2019
Dr. Stephanie Tuszynski (Director of the Digital Library - White House Historical Association) speaks about how they used AWS to bring the experience of the White House to the world.
February 10, 2019
How are ML Models Trained? How can developers learn different approaches to solving business problems? How can we race model cars on a global scale? Todd Escalona (Solutions Architect Evangelist, AWS) joins Simon to dive into reinforcement learning and AWS DeepRacer! AWS DeepRacer: Open Source DIY Donkey Car: re:Invent 2017 Robocar Hackathon - AWS DeepRacer Highlights:
February 6, 2019
Cesar Wedemann (QEDU) talks to Simon about how they gather Education data and provide this data to teachers and public schools to improve education in Brazil. They developed a free-access portal that offers easy visualization of brazilian Education open data. (
February 2, 2019
Training your ML model is just one part of the puzzle; retaining it and deploying into production on a regular basis is key for great business outcomes. Simon speaks with John Calhoun (Machine Learning Specialist, AWS) about how to implement this in your business using the open source AWS Sagemaker Build CloudFormation. Shownotes: Source Code: Blog Post:
January 30, 2019
How do you train the next generation of Digital leaders? How do you provide them with a modern educational experience? Can you do it without technical expertise? Hear how Ruth Black (Teaching Fellow at the Digital Academy) applied Amazon Transcribe to make this real.
January 27, 2019
Do you have lots of data to analyze? Is writing SQL a skill you have? Would you like to analyze massive amounts of data at low cost without capacity planning? In this episode, Simon shares how Amazon Athena can give you options you may not have considered before. Shownotes: Amazon Athena: Top 10 Performance Tips: Using CTAS for Performance:
January 23, 2019
Jeff Olson (VP & Chief Data Officer at College Board) talks about his experiences in fostering change from an organisational standpoint whilst moving to a microservices architecture.
January 20, 2019
Simon takes you through a nice mix of updates and new things to take advantage of - even a price drop! Chapters: Service Level Agreements 00:19 Price Reduction 1:15 Databases 2:09 Service Region Expansion 3:52 Analytics 5:23 Machine Learning 7:13 Compute 7:55 IoT 9:37 Management 10:43 Mobile 11:33 Desktop 12:30 Certification 13:11 Shownotes: Topic || Service Level Agreements 00:19 Amazon API Gateway announces service level agreement | Amazon EMR Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | Amazon EFS Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement | AWS Direct Connect Service Level Agreement | Topic || Price Reduction 1:15 Announcing AWS Fargate Price Reduction by Up To 50% | Topic || Databases 2:09 Introducing Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) – Generally available | AWS Database Migration Service Now Supports Amazon DocumentDB with MongoDB compatibility as a target | Topic || Service Region Expansion 3:52 Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances are Now Available in Additional AWS Regions | Amazon Neptune is Now Available in Asia Pacific (Sydney) | Amazon EKS Available in Seoul Region | AWS Glue is now available in the AWS EU (Paris) Region | Amazon EC2 X1e Instances are Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Region | Amazon Pinpoint is now available in three additional regions | Topic || Analytics 5:23 Amazon QuickSight Launches Pivot Table Enhancements, Cross-Schema Joins and More | Topic || Machine Learning 7:13 Amazon SageMaker now supports encrypting all inter-node communication for distributed training | Topic || Compute 7:55 Amazon EC2 Spot now Provides Results for the “Describe Spot Instance Request” in Multiple Pages | Announcing Windows Server 2019 AMIs for Amazon EC2 | AWS Step Functions Now Supports Resource Tagging | Topic || IoT 9:37 AWS IoT Core Now Enables Customers to Store Messages for Disconnected Devices | Renesas RX65N System on Chip is Qualified for Amazon FreeRTOS | Topic || Management 10:43 AWS Config adds support for AWS Service Catalog | AWS Single Sign-On Now Enables You to Direct Users to a Specific AWS Management Console Page | Topic || Mobile 11:33 aws-device-farm-now-supports-appium-node.js-and-appium-ruby | Topic || Desktop 12:30 Deploy Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service on AWS with New Quick Start | Topic || Certification 13:11 Announcing the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Beta Exam |
January 16, 2019
Cliff Addison (University of Liverpool) joins with Will Mayers and Cristin Merritt (Alces Flight) to talk about High Performance Computing in the cloud and meeting the needs of researchers.
January 13, 2019
Simon speaks with Andrew Crudge (Senior Product Manager, FSx) about this newly released service, capabilities available to customers and how to make the best use of it in your environment.
January 9, 2019
Sherry Stevens (National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)) talks about the cultural changes and lessons learned on their journey to the cloud.
January 6, 2019
Did you know you can work through Terabytes of log data in seconds with zero setup? Simon takes you through the capabilities of Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights and how you can use it to resolve issues faster. Documentation: Blog Example:
December 30, 2018
Simon takes you through the December updates to finish up 2018! Shownotes: Topic || Customer Engagement 0:23 Amazon Pinpoint Announces Event-Based Campaigns, Driving Personalization and Engagement | Amazon Pinpoint Announces a New Email Deliverability Dashboard to Help Customers Reach their Users' Inboxes | Amazon Connect Adds New Contact API to Get Contact Attributes | Topic || Storage 2:05 Amazon S3 Inventory adds Apache Parquet output format | AWS Storage Gateway Increases File Gateway Performance - Amazon Web Services | Topic || Networking & Content Delivery 3:32 Amazon Virtual Private Clouds can now be shared with other AWS Accounts | Introducing AWS Client VPN to Securely Access AWS and On-Premises Resources | New AWS Direct Connect locations in Silicon Valley and Stockholm | Amazon CloudFront announces ten new Edge locations in North America, Europe, and Asia | Amazon API Gateway Simplifies Building Real-Time Two-Way Communication Applications with WebSocket APIs | Amazon Route 53 Adds Alias Record Support For API Gateway and VPC Endpoints | Topic || Database 7:41 Introducing Workload Qualification Framework to Project Plan Your Database Migrations to AWS | AWS Database Migration Service Adds Support for Parallel Full Load and Enhanced LOB Migration | Amazon RDS Enhances Automatic Minor Version Upgrades | Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Supports R5 Instance Types | Amazon RDS Supports Publishing PostgreSQL Log Files to Amazon CloudWatch Logs | Amazon RDS Performance Insights Supports Counter Metrics for Aurora PostgreSQL | Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Supports New Minor Versions 10.6, 9.6.11, 9.5.15, and 9.4.20 | Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports PostgreSQL 10.5 | Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Adds Query Plan Management | Announcing the New Amazon DynamoDB Key Diagnostics Library | Amazon DynamoDB Increases the Number of Global Secondary Indexes and Projected Index Attributes You Can Create Per Table | Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) Adds Support for DynamoDB Transactions | Amazon MQ Now Supports ActiveMQ Minor Version 5.15.8 | Topic || Compute 14:13 Amazon ECR Console Version 2 | Amazon ECR now allows Repository Tagging | Amazon EC2 Introduces Partition Placement Groups | AWS Auto Scaling is Now Available in 8 more Regions Worldwide and Offers Predictive Scaling for Amazon EC2 | Amazon EC2 C5d, M5d, and R5d Instances are Now Available in Additional AWS Regions | AWS Fargate Platform Version 1.3 Adds Secrets Support | Amazon EKS Adds Managed Cluster Updates and Support for Kubernetes Version 1.11 | AWS Server Migration Service Adds Support for Multi-Server Migration | AWS Batch now supports Amazon EC2 C5n Instances Featuring 100 Gbps of Network Bandwidth | AWS Batch Now Supports Amazon EC2 P3dn Instances | New AWS ParallelCluster Features | New SAM PUBLISH Command Simplifies Publishing Applications to the AWS Serverless Application Repository | AWS Elastic Beanstalk Adds Tag-Based Permissions | Topic || Developer Tools 20:39 AWS X-Ray Adds the Ability to Group Traces by Root Cause | AWS CodePipeline Supports VPC Endpoints | AWS CloudFormation macros can now be used in templates with nested stacks | Quickly Create, Build, and Deploy Amazon Alexa Skills from AWS | Topic || Machine Learning 22:07 Amazon Transcribe now supports speech-to-text in French, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese | Topic || Security, Identity and Compliance 22:27 AWS IAM Console Now Available In German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Traditional Chinese | Automate AWS IAM Permissions Analysis Using the New IAM Access Advisor APIs | Introducing Notifications for New Amazon GuardDuty Finding Types and Feature Releases | AWS Organizations Supports AWS License Manager Cross Account Sharing Capabilities | AWS Shield Adds Advanced DDoS Protection for AWS Global Accelerator | AWS Systems Manager Automation Now Supports at Scale Action | AWS Service Catalog – Integration with AWS Organizations | The AWS WAF Security Automations solution now includes a monitoring dashboard | Announcing rule group exception for Managed Rules for AWS WAF | AWS Firewall Manager Available in Four Additional Regions | Topic || Application Integration 26:59 Amazon SQS now Supports Amazon VPC Endpoints using AWS PrivateLink - Amazon Web Services | Amazon MQ Introduces Network of Brokers Feature | Topic || Desktop & App Streaming 27:27 AppStream 2.0 introduces APIs to simplify app entitlements and enable delivery of virtualized apps | Topic || Analytics 28:10 Support for Spark 2.4.0, and Hue 4.3.0 on Amazon EMR release 5.20.0 | Amazon Redshift now runs VACUUM DELETE automatically | Topic || Internet of Things 29:41 Introducing AWS CloudFormation Template Support for AWS IoT Analytics | AWS IoT Device Defender Adds Support for Two New Security Metrics | MediaTek MT7697H System on Chip is Qualified for Amazon FreeRTOS | Topic || Other 30:35 Announcing Programmatic Access to AWS Pricing Information in China via the AWS Price List API | Introducing the Media Services Application Mapper | New Quick Start Deploys Varnish Cache Plus (VCP) on the AWS Cloud | Announcing 15 Free Digital Training Courses on New AWS Services Launched at re:Invent 2018 |
December 23, 2018
Simon speaks with three Software Development Engineers (SDEs) from Amazon who worked on various aspects of the new AWS Lambda runtime capabilities. He is joined by Alex Wood, Bryan Moffatt and Marco Magdy who discuss the Layers experience, Ruby support, the C++ runtime and even COBOL! Shownotes: Layers: Ruby Support: C++ Runtime: COBOL and other runtimes:
December 16, 2018
What are some handy resources for AWS Customers? Simon takes you on a tour of a few handy ones - and even sneaks in a black-belt tip! Shownotes: Centralized Logging – AWS Answers | AWS Developer Forums: Discussion Forums | Amazon Web Services - Labs · GitHub | GitHub - awslabs/aws-shell: An integrated shell for working with the AWS CLI. | Region Table | AWS Regions and Endpoints - Amazon Web Services | AWS Service Limits - Amazon Web Services | AWS IP Address Ranges - Amazon Web Services | Error Retries and Exponential Backoff in AWS - Amazon Web Services | Cloud Solutions by Application - Amazon Web Services (AWS) | AWS - Application Architecture Center | AWS Simple Icons | Compliance Programs - Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Case Studies & Customer Success - Amazon Web Services (AWS) | AWS Certification - AWS Cloud Computing Certification Program |
December 12, 2018
In the latest AWS Security & Compliance Podcast, we sit down with VP of Security Chad Woolf, who answers your compliance and data privacy questions. Including one of the most frequently asked questions from customers around the world, which is: how many compliance programs does AWS have/attest to/audit against? Chad also shares what it was like to work at AWS in the early days. When he joined, AWS was housed on just a handful of floors, in a single building. Listen to the podcast to hear about company history and get answers to your tough questions.
December 9, 2018
At re:Invent 2018, the AWS Global Accelerator was launched, enabling customers to improve the availability and performance of the applications with a global user base. Simon speaks with Divya Sreekumar (Senior Product Manager AWS) about the benefits to customers, and how to get started.
November 30, 2018
Simon covers all the updates from Thursday as well as a special Partner interview ( and behind the scenes look at This is My Architecture ( Shownotes: New AWS Toolkits | Invoke Lambda with ALB | Lambda Custom Runtimes and Layers | Lambda Ruby Support | SAM Support for new Lambda Features | Managed Streaming for Kafka | Well Architected Tool |
November 29, 2018
Simon takes you through the updates of the day, and Andy Jassy's keynote - as well as a walk around the Expo Floor! Shownotes: Topic || Security AWS Security Hub | AWS Control Tower | Topic || Machine Learning Amazon Inferentia Microchip | Amazon Elastic Inference | New Tensorflow Scalability | Amazon Textract | Amazon Personalise | Amazon Deeprace | Amazon Forecast | Amazon Translate Update | Amazon Sagemaker RL Support | Amazon Sagemaker Ground Truth | Amazon Sagemaker Neo | AWS IoT Greengrass Sagemaker Neo Support | Topic || Databases Amazon Timestream | Amazon QLDB | Amazon Managed BlockChain | Amazon Aurora Global Database | Amazon DynamoDB on Demand | AWS Lake Formation | ML Insights Preview | Amazon QuickSight Updates | Topic || Compute Hibernate for EC2 | Lightsail Upgrade Path ro EC2 | Lighsail supports resouce tagging | Topic || Storage Amazon FSx for Lustre | Amazon FSx for Windows File Server | Glacier Deep Archive | S3 Object Lock | EFS Supports 1,000 File Systems per Account | EFS Cross Account and VPC Access | Topic || Hybrid Cloud AWS Outposts | Topic || AWS Marketplace & License Management Private Marketplace | SageMaker models now on AWS Marketplace | Container Products in Marketplace | AWS License Manager | Topic || Software Development AWS App Mesh | AWS Cloud Map | Improved CI and CD Support | Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights |
November 28, 2018
Simon & Jeff are joined by a live audience for the first time! Listen to some great updates and fun laughs. Shownotes: EFS Infrequent Access: S3 Intelligent tiering - S3 Batch Operations - AWS DataSync - AWS Transfer for SFTP - Firecracker - AWS Transit Gateway - AWS Global Accelerator - EBS Performance Update - Amazon EC2 A1 Instances - Amazon EC2 C5n Instances - Amazon DyanmoDB support for Transactions - AWS GroundStation -
November 26, 2018
Simon and Jeff record live from AWS re:Invent 2018 Midnight Madness!
November 18, 2018
Simon takes you through lots of great new features and capabilities for customers, and also a special call out for listeners attending AWS re:Invent to get some AWS Podcast swag! Shownotes with timestamps: 1:42 Compute In the Works – AWS Region in Milan, Italy - AWS News Blog | AWS GovCloud (US-East) Now Open - AWS News Blog | Amazon EC2 now offers On-Demand Capacity Reservations | Introducing Amazon EC2 Instances Featuring AMD EPYC Processors | Amazon ECS-CLI Supports Private Registry Authentication | Amazon EKS now supports additional VPC CIDR blocks | AWS Serverless Application Model Supports Amazon API Gateway Authorizers | 6:04 Cost Management Introducing the New AWS Budgets Console | AWS now Supports SEPA Direct Debit Payments in Europe | Amazon API Gateway Announces Tiered Pricing | AWS IoT Core Improves the Ability to Ingest Large Amounts of Device Data at a Lower Cost | Access Reserved Instance Purchase Recommendations for All of Your Linked Accounts From a Central Location | Monitor Your Amazon Elasticsearch Reserved Instance Utilization and Coverage Using AWS Budgets | Amazon EC2 Spot Console now Provides Access to Spot Savings Information | 10:15 Machine Learning Amazon Translate now offers 113 new language pairs | Amazon Polly Adds Italian and Castilian Spanish Voices, and Mexican Spanish Language Support | Amazon Rekognition Announces More Accurate Object and Scene Detection, Can Now Locate Objects in Your Images | Amazon SageMaker Now Supports Pipe Mode for Datasets in CSV Format | Amazon SageMaker Batch Transform Now Supports AWS KMS Based Encryption | Now Clone a Hyperparameter Tuning Job through the Amazon SageMaker Console | Amazon SageMaker Now Supports Apache MXNet 1.3 and TensorFlow 1.11 | Amazon SageMaker Now Supports Incremental Learning for Image Classification and Object Detection Algorithms | Amazon SageMaker Batch Transform Now Supports Amazon Virtual Private Cloud | Now Use Chainer 5.0 on AWS Deep Learning AMIs | Introducing Machine Learning for Telecommunication | 15:14 Storage Amazon EFS now Supports AWS VPN and Inter-Region VPC Peering | Amazon Elastic File System Now Supports 512 Locks per File | Amazon S3 Management Console is Now Available in Five New Languages | Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager adds support for copying EBS volume tags to EBS snapshots | 16:23 Networking Announcing the general availability of Bring Your Own IP for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud | Amazon API Gateway Launches the Serverless Developer Portal | Amazon API Gateway Adds Support for AWS WAF | Amazon CloudFront announces six new Edge locations across North America, Europe, and Asia | Amazon Route 53 Releases Interactive Map for Traffic Flow Geoproximity Routing | 19:17 Databases Amazon ElastiCache Now Supports the Next Generation General-Purpose and Memory-Optimized Amazon EC2 M5 and R5 Nodes | New – Redis 5.0 Compatibility for Amazon ElastiCache - AWS News Blog | Amazon RDS Enables Stopping and Starting of Multi-AZ Database Instances | Amazon RDS for MySQL,MariaDB and PostgreSQL Now Supports Database Storage Size up to 32TiB | Amazon RDS now supports MySQL 8.0 | Amazon RDS now supports MariaDB 10.3 | PostgreSQL 11 is Now Available in Amazon RDS Database Preview Environment | Amazon RDS for SQL Server Enhances Backup and Restore Capabilities | Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports M5 Instance Types | Amazon RDS Performance Insights is Generally Available on RDS for Oracle | Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports Oracle Java | Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports Extended Data Types | Amazon RDS Now Sends Events to Amazon CloudWatch Events | Amazon RDS for SQL Server Now Supports Always On Availability Groups | Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility Supports IAM Authentication | 24:37 Management Tools New – CloudFormation Drift Detection - AWS News Blog | New AWS CloudFormation Management Console Now Available | AWS CloudFormation coverage updates for Amazon Secrets Manager, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon RDS, Amazon Route53, Amazon Cloudwatch alarms and more | Introducing AWS CloudFormation support for Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager policies | New Quick Start builds a CI/CD pipeline to test AWS CloudFormation templates using AWS TaskCat | Amazon CloudWatch Events Adds the Ability to Share Events Across All Accounts in an Organization | Easily Monitor Security Events of Your AWS Managed Microsoft AD Using Amazon CloudWatch Logs | 27:41 Business Productivity Amazon WorkDocs Now Lets You Control IP Address Access to Your Site | Alexa for Business now enables third party device makers to have their products be managed as shared devices | Introducing Amazon AppStream 2.0 AWS CloudFormation Support and User Pool APIs | Amazon WorkDocs Drive Now Available for Mac | 28:30 Security AWS Firewall Manager Now Supports Multiple AWS WAF Rule Groups | AWS Single Sign-On Now Enables You to Optimize How Long You can Access AWS Accounts | AWS Single Sign-On Adds More Pre-Integrated Business Applications | Amazon GuardDuty Optimizes AWS CloudTrail Analysis Reducing Cost for Customers | Amazon Inspector Launches Agentless Network Assessments | Amazon Inspector Adds Amazon EC2 Instance Details to Security Findings | Centralized Logging Now Leverages Amazon Cognito for User Authentication | AWS Key Management Service Has a New Console Experience | 32:13 Analytics Amazon QuickSight adds support for Top N Filters, Cascading Parameter Controls, and JSON Parsing | Amazon EMR now supports a public EMR artifact repository for Maven builds | Amazon EMR now supports G3, H1, and Z1d instances | Support for Flink 1.6.0, Zeppelin 0.8.0, and S3 Select with Hive and Presto on Amazon EMR release 5.18.0 | Stream data from Microsoft Windows based services using the Amazon Kinesis Agent for Microsoft Windows | 33:36 Customer Engagement Amazon Pinpoint announces support for transactional emails and the addition of rich email analytics dashboards | 34:33 Application Integration Amazon SQS FIFO Queues Now Available in Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and Asia Pacific (Sydney) Regions - Amazon Web Services |
November 14, 2018
Singapore's National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) Learning Hub works with AWS Educate to reach a different audience — adult learners. Spearheading a global movement, the NTUC intends to train and re-skill 20,000 Singaporeans to build cloud computing skills before the end of 2019.
November 11, 2018
How can the hospital experience be made a little easier for children suffering chronic illness and their caregivers? Simon speaks with Jon Shipman (CTO & Co-Founder) and Michael Powell (VP Marketing ) from ZOTT about their approach to the challenge. Shownotes:
November 8, 2018
This is a Special Series from AWS Security & Compliance. In this podcast, we’re previewing the security track at re:Invent. Staffers developing security track content offer their advice for navigating the learning conference that is expected to draw 50,000 people from around the world. Learn about the newest hands-on session designed to give you even deeper technical insight. Plus, find out about the event change meant to make it easier to attend the talks that interest you.
November 7, 2018
The California Cloud Workforce Project (“CA Cloud”), a consortium of 19 LA County community colleges and their sister high schools, designed a Cloud Computing Certificate in collaboration with faculty at Santa Monica College and AWS Educate. Intended to scale, CA Cloud sets a precedent for thinking big about global cloud curriculum.
November 4, 2018
Once an application is in the Cloud - are you done? In this episode, Simon & Glenn Gore (Lead Architect, AWS Solutions Architecture) revisit an architecture they deployed back in 2014 on AWS and refactor it "on the fly"! Shownotes: Original Sentimentizer Design: Refactoring Ideas:
October 31, 2018
Cloud computing has been highlighted by LinkedIn as the #1 in-demand global skill for the past three years in a row, with Northern Virginia housing one of the largest concentrations of IT jobs in the nation. Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and AWS Educate collaborate to create an innovative degree offering, an associates degree with cloud computing specialization.
October 28, 2018
Do you like puzzles? Ozz the robot is travelling to AWS re:Invent 2018, but he needs a little help! This is your chance to work individually or with people around the world to solve cool puzzles. Simon and Jeff speak with Mike Selinker (President of LoanShark Games) about what happened last year and what is in store for this year's AWS Quest! Visit:
October 24, 2018
This is a Special Series about Workforce Development Using AWS Educate. AWS Educate launches the AWS Siklab Pilipinas in Manila, Philippines. The Siklab — a Tagalog word that translates to a flame and spark — provided cloud essentials training and a job fair for 400 students and 80 educators across 90 institutions.
October 22, 2018
Simon shares a great list of new capabilities for customers! Chapters: 00:00- 00:08 Opening 00:09 - 10:50 Compute 10:51 - 25:50 Database and Storage 25:51 - 28:25 Network 28:26 - 35:01 Development 35:09 - 39:03 AI/ML 39:04 - 45:04 System Management and Operations 45:05 - 46:18 Identity 46:19 - 48:05 Video Streaming 48:06 - 49:14 Public Datasets 49:15 - 49:54 AWS Marketplace 49:55 - 51:03 YubiKey Support for MFA 51:04 - 51:18 Closing Shownotes: Amazon EC2 F1 Instance Expands to More Regions, Adds New Features, and Improves Development Tools | Amazon EC2 F1 instances now Available in an Additional Size | Amazon EC2 R5 and R5D instances now Available in 8 Additional AWS Regions | Introducing Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances with up to 12 TB of memory, Purpose-built to Run Large In-memory Databases, like SAP HANA | Introducing a New Size for Amazon EC2 G3 Graphics Accelerated Instances | Amazon EC2 Spot Console Now Supports Scheduled Scaling for Application Auto Scaling | Amazon Linux 2 Now Supports 32-bit Applications and Libraries | AWS Server Migration Service Adds Support for Migrating Larger Data Volumes | AWS Migration Hub Saves Time Migrating with Application Migration Status Automation | Plan Your Migration with AWS Application Discovery Service Data Exploration | AWS Lambda enables functions that can run up to 15 minutes | AWS Lambda announces service level agreement | AWS Lambda Console Now Enables You to Manage and Monitor Serverless Applications | Amazon EKS Enables Support for Kubernetes Dynamic Admission Controllers | Amazon EKS Simplifies Cluster Setup with update-kubeconfig CLI Command | Amazon Aurora Parallel Query is Generally Available | Amazon Aurora Now Supports Stopping and Starting of Database Clusters | Amazon Aurora Databases Support up to Five Cross-Region Read Replicas | Amazon RDS Now Provides Database Deletion Protection | Announcing Managed Databases for Amazon Lightsail | Amazon RDS for MySQL and MariaDB now Support M5 Instance Types | Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports Database Storage Size up to 32TiB | Specify Parameter Groups when Restoring Amazon RDS Backups | Amazon ElastiCache for Redis adds read replica scaling for Redis Cluster | Amazon Elasticsearch Service now supports encrypted communication between Elasticsearch nodes | Amazon Athena adds support for Creating Tables using the results of a Select query (CTAS) | Amazon Redshift announces Query Editor to run queries directly from the AWS Management Console | Support for TensorFlow and S3 select with Spark on Amazon EMR release 5.17.0 | AWS Database Migration Service Makes It Easier to Migrate Cassandra Databases to Amazon DynamoDB | The Data Lake Solution Now Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory | Amazon S3 Announces Selective Cross-Region Replication Based on Object Tags | AWS Storage Gateway Is Now Available as a Hardware Appliance | AWS PrivateLink now supports access over AWS VPN | AWS PrivateLink now supports access over Inter-Region VPC Peering | Network Load Balancer now supports AWS VPN | Network Load Balancer now supports Inter-Region VPC Peering | AWS Direct Connect now Supports Jumbo Frames for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Traffic | Amazon CloudFront announces two new Edge locations, including its second location in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates | AWS CodeBuild Now Supports Building Bitbucket Pull Requests | AWS CodeCommit Supports New File and Folder Actions via the CLI and SDKs | AWS Cloud9 Now Supports TypeScript | AWS CloudFormation coverage updates for Amazon API Gateway, Amazon ECS, Amazon Aurora Serverless, Amazon ElastiCache, and more | AWS Elastic Beanstalk adds support for T3 instance and Go 1.11 | AWS Elastic Beanstalk Console Supports Network Load Balancer | AWS Amplify Announces Vue.js Support for Building Cloud-powered Web Applications | AWS Amplify Adds Support for Securely Embedding Amazon Sumerian AR/VR Scenes in Web Applications | Amazon API Gateway adds support for multi-value parameters | Amazon API Gateway adds support for OpenAPI 3.0 API specification | AWS AppSync Launches a Guided API Builder for Mobile and Web Apps | Amazon Polly Adds Mandarin Chinese Language Support | Amazon Comprehend Extends Natural Language Processing for Additional Languages and Region | Amazon Transcribe Supports Deletion of Completed Transcription Jobs | Amazon Rekognition improves the accuracy of image moderation | Save time and money by filtering faces during indexing with Amazon Rekognition | Amazon SageMaker Now Supports Tagging for Hyperparameter Tuning Jobs | Amazon SageMaker Now Supports an Improved Pipe Mode Implementation | Amazon SageMaker Announces Enhancements to its Built-In Image Classification Algorithm | AWS Glue now supports connecting Amazon SageMaker notebooks to development endpoints | AWS Glue now supports resource-based policies and resource-level permissions for the AWS Glue Data Catalog | Resource Groups Tagging API Supports Additional AWS Services | Changes to Tags on AWS Resources Now Generate Amazon CloudWatch Events | AWS Systems Manager Announces Enhanced Compliance Dashboard | Conditional Branching Now Supported in AWS Systems Manager Automation | AWS Systems Manager Launches Custom Approvals for Patching | Amazon CloudWatch adds Ability to Build Custom Dashboards Outside the AWS Console | Amazon CloudWatch Agent adds Custom Metrics Support | Amazon CloudWatch Launches Client-side Metric Data Aggregations | AWS IoT Device Management Now Provides In Progress Timeouts and Step Timeouts for Jobs | Amazon GuardDuty Provides Customization of Notification Frequency to Amazon CloudWatch Events | AWS Managed Microsoft AD Now Offers Additional Configurations to Connect to Your Existing Microsoft AD | Easily Deploy Directory-Aware Workloads in Multiple AWS Accounts and VPCs by Sharing a Single AWS Managed Microsoft AD | AWS Single Sign-on Now Enables You to Customize the User Experience to Business Applications | Live Streaming on AWS Now Features AWS Elemental MediaLive and MediaPackage | AWS Elemental MediaStore Increases Object Size Limit to 25 Megabytes | Amazon Kinesis Video Streams now supports adding and retrieving Metadata at Fragment-Level | AWS Public Datasets Now Available from the German Meteorological Office, Broad Institute, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub,, and Others | Customize Your Payment Frequency and More with AWS Marketplace Flexible Payment Scheduler | Sign in to your AWS Management Console with YubiKey Security Key for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) |
October 14, 2018
Behind technology is people! In a non-technically focussed episode Simon has a wide-ranging conversation with Allison Gumahad (International Proposal Manager, AWS) and Mike Gilmore (Senior Proposal Manager, AWS) about the affect of age and experience on team dynamics and working in technology. AWS Careers:
October 7, 2018
AWS is implementing next generation security technology backed by automated reasoning, which uses mathematical logic to provide higher levels of security assurance. Automated reasoning automates the detection of entire classes of misconfigurations that could potentially expose vulnerable data, relieving customers from managing increasingly granular enterprise security controls. Byron Cook, Director of the Automated Reasoning Group, shares how automated reasoning is being leveraged across AWS, in areas such as verifying cryptographic protocols, deeper data protection measures and streamlining enterprise governance.
September 30, 2018
Customers are using containers for all types of workloads. How can you best run them on AWS? Simon speaks with Arun Gupta (Principal Open Source Technologist, AWS) about different options and approaches that customers can use. They also discuss the open-source components contributed to the community by AWS. Shownotes: Containers at AWS: Open Source at AWS: Twitter: Blog: Website: SIG AWS Projects/Proposals: AWS CSI Driver: Pod identity access:
September 23, 2018
Each year, we’re excited to bring our customers together to network, engage, and learn more about AWS at the largest gathering of the cloud computing community - AWS re:Invent. With so much to explore and learn, Simon is joined by Annie Hancock and Jill Fagan to share some great tips, tricks and hints for getting the most from your re:Invent experience. Shownotes: AWS re:Invent: How to re:Invent video series:
September 15, 2018
Simon walks you through some great new things you can use on your projects today! Shownotes: Amazon Lightsail Announces 50% Price Drop and Two New Instance Sizes | Introducing Amazon EC2 T3 Instances | Amazon EC2 M5d Instances are Now Available in Additional Regions | Amazon EC2 C5d Instances are Now Available in Tokyo and Sydney Regions | AWS Batch Now Supports z1d, r5d, r5, m5d, c5d, p3, and x1e Instance Types | Amazon ElastiCache for Redis adds support for in-place version upgrades for Redis Cluster | Introducing AWS CloudFormation Macros | AWS CloudFormation Now Supports AWS PrivateLink | New Amazon EKS-optimized AMI and CloudFormation Template for Worker Node Provisioning | Amazon EKS Supports GPU-Enabled EC2 Instances | Introducing Amazon EKS Platform Version 2 | Amazon ECS Service Discovery Now Available in Frankfurt, London, Tokyo, Sydney, and Singapore Regions | AWS Fargate Now Supports Time and Event-Based Task Scheduling | Amazon Athena releases an updated JDBC driver with improved performance when retrieving results | AWS Key Management Service Increases API Requests Per Second Limits | Use Amazon DynamoDB Local More Easily with the New Docker Image | Amazon DynamoDB Global Tables Available in Additional Regions | Performance Insights Supports Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for MySQL | AWS Glue now supports data encryption at rest | Deploy an AWS Cloud environment for VFX workstations with new Quick Start | New in AWS Deep Learning AMIs: TensorFlow 1.10, PyTorch with CUDA 9.2, and More | Amazon Rekognition announces the ability to more easily manage face collections | Amazon SageMaker Supports TensorFlow 1.10 | Amazon SageMaker Supports A New Custom Header For The InvokeEndPoint API Action | Amazon FreeRTOS Over-the-Air Update Feature Generally Available | Announcing New Custom Analysis Features for AWS IoT Analytics with Custom Container Execution for Continuous Analysis | AWS IoT Device Management Now Allows Thing Groups Indexing | AWS IoT Core Adds New Endpoints Serving Amazon Trust Services (ATS) Signed Certificates to Help Customers Avoid Symantec Distrust Issues | AWS WAF Launches New Comprehensive Logging Functionality | AWS Direct Connect now in Dubai | New AWS Direct Connect locations in Paris and Taipei | Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming Available in Five Additional AWS Regions | Amazon S3 Announces New Features for S3 Select | AWS Systems Manager Automation Now Supports Calling AWS APIs | AWS Serverless Application Repository Adds Sorting Functionality and Improves Search Experience | AWS SAM CLI Now Supports Debugging Go Functions and Testing with 50+ Events | AWS X-Ray Adds Support for Controlling Sampling Rate from the X-Ray Console | Amazon API Gateway Adds Support for AWS X-Ray | AWS CodeBuild Adds Ability to Create Build Projects with Multiple Input Sources and Output Artifacts | Announcing the AWS Amplify CLI Toolchain | New Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics capability for time-series analytics | Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK Is Now Available For Microsoft Windows | AWS Config Announces New Managed Rules | Deploy Three New Amazon Connect Integrations from CallMiner, Aspect Software, and Acqueon |
September 9, 2018
Do you like to develop in Ruby? There are a raft of awesome features in the AWS SDK for Ruby that you might not be aware of! Simon is joined by Alex Wood to discuss all the goodies customers have access to. Shownotes: Getting Started Workshop: Alex on Twitter: @alexwwood AWS SDK for Ruby on GitHub: AWS SDK Ruby Record: AWS SDK Ruby Rails:
September 2, 2018
Do you need to run compute remotely? Perhaps you need to provide IT shipboard? Or in the battlefield? Simon speaks with Ian Perez-Ponce all about this new capability. Shownotes: Jeff Barr’s Blog Post: Getting Started with Amazon EC2 Instances on Snowball Edge:
August 26, 2018
S3 is at the heart of many customer solutions today. It has come a long way since launch in 2006! Simon is joined by Alastair Cousins (Senior Solutions Architect, AWS) to explore both basic and advanced capabilities that you can take advantage of. Shownotes: Original Blog Post: Amazon S3 Page: Bucket Naming Standards:
August 19, 2018
Simon takes you through a great list of new services, functions and capabilities - hopefully something for everyone! Shownotes: AWS Global Infrastructure: Amazon EFS Now Supports Provisioned Throughput | Amazon EFS Achieves PCI DSS Compliance | Amazon EC2 P3 instances, one of the most powerful GPU instances in the cloud, now available in 6 additional regions | New SBE1 Amazon EC2 instances for AWS Snowball Edge | Introducing Amazon EC2 R5 Instances, the next generation of memory-optimized instances | Introducing Amazon EC2 z1d Instances with a sustained all core frequency of up to 4.0 GHz | Amazon EC2 M5d Instances are Now Available in Additional Regions | Amazon EC2 C5d Instances are Now Available in Additional Regions | Amazon EC2 F1 Instances Adds New Features and Performance Improvements | Amazon EC2 Fleet Now Supports Two New Allocation Strategies: On-Demand Prioritized List, and Lowest Price | Amazon EC2 Nitro System Based Instances Now Support Faster Amazon EBS-Optimized Instance Performance | Access Reserved Instance (RI) Purchase Recommendations for your Amazon Redshift, Amazon ElastiCache, and Amazon Elasticsearch Reservations using AWS Cost Explorer | AWS Systems Manager Run Command Now Streams Output to Amazon CloudWatch Logs | AWS Systems Manager Automation Conditional Branching for Step Failure | Amazon EKS AMI Build Scripts Available on GitHub | Add Scaling to Services You Build on AWS | Announcing Bring Your Own IP for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Preview) | Introducing Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager for EBS Snapshots | Amazon S3 Announces Increased Request Rate Performance | Amazon CloudFront announces four new Edge locations, including its first location in Cape Town, South Africa | Amazon CloudFront announces nine new Edge locations globally across major cities in North America, Europe, and Asia | Amazon Route 53 Expands Into Africa With New Edge Locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg | Amazon API Gateway Increases API Limits | Amazon API Gateway Usage Plans Now Support Method Level Throttling | Amazon API Gateway Supports Request/Response Parameters and Status Overrides | Automate Amazon GuardDuty Provisioning Over Multiple Accounts and Regions with AWS CloudFormation StackSets Integration | AWS Secrets Manager Now Supports AWS PrivateLink | AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store integrates with AWS Secrets Manager, and adds labeling for easy configuration updates | Delegate Permission Management to Employees by Using IAM Permissions Boundaries | AWS Lambda Supports .NET Core 2.1 | AWS Glue now provides additional ETL job metrics | AWS Glue now supports reading from Amazon DynamoDB tables | The Data Lake Solution Now Transforms and Analyzes Data | AWS Marketplace Helps Customers Quickly Map Products in Their Existing Software Inventory | Amazon SageMaker Now Supports Resource Tags for More Efficient Access Control | Amazon SageMaker Supports High Throughput Batch Transform Jobs for Non-Real Time Inferencing | Amazon SageMaker Now Supports Pipe Input Mode for Built-In TensorFlow Containers | Amazon SageMaker Now Supports k-Nearest-Neighbor and Object Detection Algorithms | Amazon SageMaker Announces Several Enhancements to Built-in Algorithms and Frameworks | AWS Service Catalog Now Supports Service Catalog Resources in CloudFormation | Kinesis Video Streams now supports HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to playback live and recorded video from devices | Amazon Polly Now Lets You Define the Maximum Amount of Time for Speech to Complete | Amazon Polly Now Supports Input Character Limit of 100K and Stores Output Files in S3 | Amazon Polly Adds Bilingual Indian English/Hindi Language Support | Amazon Translate Adds Six New Languages | Amazon Transcribe Now Lets You Designate Your Own Amazon S3 Buckets to Store Transcription Outputs | Amazon Comprehend Now Supports Syntax Analysis | Amazon Rekognition Increases Accuracy of Text-in-Image | AWS AppSync releases enhanced no-code GraphQL API builder, HTTP resolvers, and new built-in scalar types | Introducing the Serverless Bot Framework | AWS SAM CLI Launches New Commands to Simplify Testing and Debugging Serverless Applications | AWS Device Farm Adds Integration with AWS CodePipeline | Amazon Aurora Serverless Brings Serverless Computing to Relational Databases | Amazon RDS now Provides Best Practice Recommendations | Copying Amazon RDS Encrypted Snapshots across Regions now Completes Faster with Less Storage | Amazon RDS Performance Insights on RDS for PostgreSQL | Performance Insights is Available for Amazon Aurora with MySQL Compatibility | Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) SDK Enhancements | Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) Adds Support for Encryption at Rest | Amazon DynamoDB Global Tables Now Available in Three Additional Asia Pacific Regions | Amazon Redshift announces free upgrade for DC1 Reserved Instances to DC2 | Amazon Redshift now provides customized best practice recommendations with Advisor | Amazon Redshift now supports current and trailing tracks for release updates | Amazon Redshift announces new metrics to help optimize cluster performance | Amazon Redshift announces support for lateral column alias reference | Amazon Redshift automatically enables short query acceleration | Amazon Redshift announces support for nested data with Redshift Spectrum | Elastic Load Balancing Announces Support for Redirects and Fixed Responses for Application Load Balancer | AWS IoT Device Defender - Now Generally Available | AWS IoT Rules Engine Now Supports Step Functions Action | Stream data 65% faster with 5x higher fan-out using new Kinesis Data Streams features | Amazon Elasticsearch Service now supports zero downtime, in-place version upgrades | Announcing the New AWS Free Tier Widget on the AWS Billing Dashboard | New AWS Public Datasets Available from Allen Institute for Brain Science, NOAA, Hubble Space Telescope, and Others |
August 12, 2018
What kinds of things can you automate with AWS Lambda to operate a 'NoOps' style? Simon is joined by Paras (AWS) and Raghu (Conizant) to discuss what they have done. Shownotes:
August 5, 2018
Did you know that AWS PrivateLink provides private connectivity between VPCs, AWS services, and on-premises applications, securely on the Amazon network? Learn how in this episode!
July 29, 2018
How do Smart Cities actually work? Simon speaks with Craig Lawton (AWS IoT Specialist Solutions Architect) all about it!
July 22, 2018
Simon speaks with Gavin Smith (IT Manager) and Saman Tabatabaeian (Senior Cloud Engineer) from LEAP Dev about how they built an automated build pipeline that deploys containers to up to 10 AWS Regions at a time! Shownotes:
July 15, 2018
Do you want to unlock the meaning in text files? Have you wanted to understand and act upon customer sentiment from comments, reviews or even call-centre recordings? Simon is joined by Sireesha Muppala (AWS Solutions Architect) to show you how. Shownotes: Amazon Comprehend: Customer Review Sentiment Analysis: Batch Mode for Amazon Comprehend:
July 8, 2018
Simon takes you through another BIG set of updates - what will catch your imagination? Shownotes: AWS re:Invent 2018: AWS Public Sector Summit Canberra: Amazon QuickSight announces Pay-per-Session pricing, Private VPC Connectivity and more! | Introducing Amazon EC2 M5d Instances | Amazon Polly Introduces a New French Female Voice, Léa | Amazon Neptune is now generally available to build fast, reliable graph applications | Amazon Athena releases support for Views | Amazon Redshift Can Now COPY from Parquet and ORC File Formats | Amazon DynamoDB Announces 99.999% Service Level Agreement for Global Tables | Amazon DynamoDB Backup and Restore Regional Expansion | Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) SDK for Go Now Available | Introducing Optimize CPUs for Amazon RDS for Oracle | Announcing General Availability of Performance Insights | Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Read Replicas now support Multi-AZ Deployments | AWS Database Migration Service Can Start Replication Anywhere in a Transaction Log | AWS Storage Gateway Adds SMB Support to Store and Access Objects in Amazon S3 Buckets | Amazon EBS Extends Elastic Volumes to Support EBS Magnetic (Standard) Volume Type | AWS CloudFormation StackSets Supports Multiple Execution Roles and Selective Update Operation on Stack Instances | Introducing CloudFormation Support for AWS PrivateLink Resources | Application Load Balancer Simplifies User Authentication for Your Applications | Amazon MQ Now Supports AWS CloudFormation | Application Load Balancer Adds New Security Policies Including Policy for Forward Secrecy | Amazon Cognito Now Supports Custom Domains for a Unified Login Experience | Amazon Cognito Protection for Unusual Sign-in Activity and Compromised Credentials Is Now Generally Available | AWS Shield Advanced Announces New Onboarding Wizard | AWS WAF Announces Two New Features | Amazon EC2 Auto Recovery is now available for Dedicated Instances | Amazon SageMaker Now Supports PyTorch and TensorFlow 1.8 | Amazon SageMaker now Provides Chainer integration, Support for AWS CloudFormation, and Availability in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS Region | Amazon SageMaker Inference Calls are now supported on AWS PrivateLink | Now Clone a Model Training Job on the Amazon SageMaker Console | Automatic Model Tuning is now Generally Available | Announcing AWS DeepLens support for TensorFlow and Caffe, expanded MXNet layer support, integration with Kinesis Video Streams, new sample project, and availability to buy on | Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes Now Generally Available | Amazon Sumerian Regional Expansions | Amazon Sumerian Regional and Feature Expansion | Amazon API Gateway Supports Private APIs | Amazon CloudWatch Adds VPC Endpoint Support to AWS PrivateLink | Announcing Amazon Linux 2 with Long Term Support (LTS) | AWS Introduces Amazon Linux WorkSpaces | Amazon CloudWatch Metric Math Supports Bulk Transformations | AWS CloudTrail Event History Now Includes All Management Events | Amazon ElastiCache for Redis announces support for Redis 4.0 with caching improvements and better memory management for high-performance in-memory data processing | AWS Config Introduces New Lower Pricing for AWS Config Rules | AWS Marketplace Launches New Website Workflow |
July 1, 2018
Simon chats with Jon Handler (AWS Principal Solutions Architect) about a raft of useful updates and new capabilities of the Amazon Elasticsearch Service. Shownotes: VPC Support: Encryption (What’s new): Cognito Support: Slow Logs Support: Slow Logs, deeper dive: Reserved Instances: ES 6.0: ES 6.2: PB Scale (I3s): SeunJeon: Instant access policy updates: GovCloud: All ES blogs on the databases blog:
June 26, 2018
Amazon GuardDuty can be turned on with a single click and it doesn’t require deployment of software or security infrastructure. The service uses machine learning to monitor metadata for access activity, such as unusual API calls. GuardDuty also has threat detections that could be helpful to customers concerned with data privacy or facing regulations such as the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). Listen to the podcast with Senior Product Manager Michael Fuller to learn how Amazon GuardDuty could be leveraged to meet your compliance considerations.
June 24, 2018
This week Simon takes you into the world of AWS Infrastructure. Regions. Availability Zones, Edge locations and more! Great for a refresher or to pick up new tips! Shownotes: AWS Infrastructure Map: Insight into AWS Datacentres: Easier way to control access to AWS regions using IAM policies:
June 17, 2018
Simon is joined by Chris Checco (Business Development Manager, AI/ML, AWS) to talk about how customers can best start their AI/ML journey. Including key tips and pitfalls to avoid. Shownotes: Machine Learning on AWS: ML Labs:
June 12, 2018
AWS Key Management Service (KMS) makes it easy to create and control encryption keys, which could be used to meet encryption and deletion requirements like those associated with GDPR. Cryptographic deletion is the idea is that you can delete a relatively small number of keys to make a large amount of encrypted data irretrievable. Hear from Ken, general manager of AWS KMS, about best practices related to encryption, key management and cryptographic deletion.
June 10, 2018
Simon speaks with Ed Lima (AWS Solutions Architect) about AWS AppSync. What you can do with it, how it works and how to get started. Do you write mobile apps? Do you want data syncing? Do you need to integrate with a complex back-end? This is the episode for you! Shownotes: AWS AppSync: Ed's Blog Post: AWS Online Tech Talks: AWS re:Invent 2018:
June 3, 2018
This week Simon takes you though an extensive set of things new and interesting - hopefully something for everyone! Shownotes: Amazon Aurora Backtrack – Turn Back Time - AWS News Blog | Amazon Aurora Publishes General, Slow Query and Error Logs to Amazon CloudWatch | Amazon RDS for Oracle Supports New X1 and X1e Instance Types | Amazon RDS Supports Outbound Network Access from PostgreSQL Read Replicas for Commercial Regions | Amazon RDS Database Preview Environment is now available | Modifiable sqlnet.ora Parameters for RDS Oracle | AWS Database Migration Service Supports IBM Db2 as a Source | AWS Database Migration Service Supports R4 Instance Types | Amazon Redshift Adds New CloudWatch Metrics for Easy Visualization of Cluster Performance | AWS Storage Gateway VTL Expands Backup Application Support with NovaStor DataCenter | Amazon Macie Adds New Dashboard Making It Easier to Identify Publicly Accessible Amazon Simple Storage Service Objects | Introducing Optimize CPUs for Amazon EC2 Instances | Announcing General Availability of Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances | Introducing Amazon EC2 Fleet | Introducing Amazon EC2 C5d Instances | introducing-amazon-ec2-c5d-instances/ Amazon EC2 Spot Instances now Support Red Hat BYOL | Get Latest Console Output on EC2 Instances | Amazon ECS Service Discovery Supports Bridge and Host Container Networking Modes | Amazon ECS Adds SSM Parameter for Launching ECS-Optimized EC2 Instances using AWS CloudFormation | AWS Elastic Beanstalk Supports Apache Tomcat v8.5 and Apache HTTP Server v2.4 | AWS Elastic Beanstalk Adds Support for Health Events in Amazon CloudWatch Logs | Application Load Balancer Announces Slow Start Support for its Load Balancing Algorithm | Application Load Balancer and Network Load Balancer now Support Resource- and Tag-based Permissions | Amazon Simple Queue Service Server-Side Encryption is Now Available in 13 Additional Regions | AWS CloudFormation now Supports AWS Budgets as a Resource for CloudFormation Templates, Stacks, and StackSets | AWS CloudFormation Supports FIPS 140-2 Validated API Endpoints in US Regions | AWS Auto Scaling Scaling Plans Can Now be Created Using AWS CloudFormation | Amazon Translate is now supported in AWS Mobile SDK for Android and iOS | Amazon AppStream 2.0 Now Supports Administrative Controls for Limiting File Movement, Clipboard, and Printing | Amazon Inspector Adds Ability to Run Security Assessments on Amazon EC2 Instances Without Adding Tags | The AWS Organizations Console is Now Available in Eight New Languages | Amazon Cognito Now Supports the Capability to Add Custom OIDC-providers | Alexa now lets you schedule 1:1 meetings and move meetings in your calendar | Amazon Chime brings Meetings and Chat to Your Browser with a New Web Application | The AWS Secrets Manager Console Is Now Available in Italian and Traditional Chinese | Amazon Inspector Now Supports Amazon Linux 2018.03 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS | Higher Throughput Workflows for AWS Step Functions | New Developer Preview: Use Amazon Polly Voices in Alexa Skills | AWS CodeCommit Supports Branch-Level Permissions | AWS CodeBuild Adds Support for Windows Builds | AWS CodeBuild Supports VPC Endpoints | AWS CodeBuild Now Supports Local Testing and Debugging | AWS CodePipeline Supports Push Events from GitHub via Webhooks | AWS SAM CLI Simplifies Building Serverless Apps with the SAM init Command | Optimized TensorFlow 1.8 Now Available in the AWS Deep Learning AMIs to Accelerate Training on Amazon EC2 C5 and P3 Instances | AWS Systems Manager Helps You Collect Inventory on All Managed Instances in a Single Click | Amazon WorkSpaces Introduces Mouse Support on iPad Devices | Lambda@Edge Adds Support for Node.js v8.10 | Major Updates Come to Script Canvas with Lumberyard Beta 1.14 – Available Now | Introducing Real-Time IoT Device Monitoring with Kinesis Data Analytics | Introducing the IoT Device Simulator | What's New with Amazon FreeRTOS - Amazon Web Services | Introducing Amazon GameLift Target Tracking for Autoscaling | Copying Encrypted Amazon EBS Snapshots Under Custom CMK now Completes Faster With Less Storage | Amazon GuardDuty Adds Capability to Automatically Archive Findings | Monitor your Reserved Instance coverage by receiving alerts via AWS Budgets | Stream Real-Time Data in Apache Parquet or ORC Format Using Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose | Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics Application Monitoring using Amazon CloudWatch | Amazon EMR now supports M5 and C5 instances | Thinkbox Deadline Supports 3ds Max 2019 and Vue 2016 | Amazon Elasticsearch Service Offers Additional Cost Savings with Reserved Instances | Announcing Amazon EC2 H1 Instances Price Reduction | AWS Service Catalog Launches Ability to Copy Products Across Regions | AWS Service Catalog Introduces the Ability to Chain the Launch of Multiple Products | Amazon DynamoDB Encryption Client Is Now Available in Python | AWS Config Adds Support for AWS X-Ray | AWS Config Adds Support for AWS Lambda | AWS Amplify Introduces Service Worker Capabilities to Enable High-Quality Progressive Web Apps. | Amazon Sumerian is Generally Available |
May 27, 2018
How do you approach cost optimisation for EC2? Peter Shi and Spencer Marley (Commercial Architects) speak with Simon about some of the most common techniques customers can use. Cost Optimisation:
May 20, 2018
Building Your Own Q & A Bot Do your customers have questions they need answered 24/7? Ever wanted to build your own Q & A Bot? John Calhoun, AWS Solutions Architect, joins Simon to show you how! Shownotes: Q & A Bot Building Blog: Amazon Lex: Amazon Elasticsearch Service:
May 13, 2018
Customers around the world strive to maintain a high security posture. But how is this best achieved? The Australian Signals Directorate recommends the “Essential 8” mitigation strategies that organisations should apply. Simon is joined by John Hildebrandt, AWS Principal Solutions Architect, to discuss his recent blog post that shows you how you can implement these mitigations using AWS in new and efficient ways. Shownotes:
May 6, 2018
Did you know there are more than 10 built-in ML algos you can use when doing Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker? Simon is joined by Julien Simon (Principal AI//ML Evangelist, AWS EMEA) to discuss how to use them best! Shownotes: Amazon SageMaker: Built-in Algorithms: Amazon SageMaker Examples on GitHub:
April 29, 2018
Another big round up of useful new capabilities for customers! Shownotes: Announcing S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access, a New Amazon S3 Storage Class | Amazon S3 Select Is Now Generally Available | Amazon DynamoDB Adds Support for Continuous Backups and Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR) | Amazon DynamoDB Encryption at Rest Now Available in Additional Regions | Amazon AppStream 2.0 Enables Custom Branding | AWS Cloud9 Supports Local Debugging of AWS Lambda Functions in Python | AWS Lambda Supports Node.js v8.10 | AWS CloudFormation Now Supports Launch Templates | AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) Implementation is Now Open-source - Amazon Web Services | Introducing Service Discovery for Amazon ECS | AWS Fargate Platform Version 1.1 Adds Support for Task Metadata, Container Health Checks, and Service Discovery | AWS AppSync now Generally Available (GA) with new GraphQL Features | AWS Amplify Adds Support for GraphQL and AWS AppSync Enabling Real-time Data Capabilities in JavaScript Applications | AWS X-Ray Adds Support for Customer Managed AWS KMS Keys | Amazon API Gateway Supports Cross-Account AWS Lambda Authorizers and Integrations | Amazon API Gateway Supports Resource Policies for APIs | Introducing AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority | Longer Sessions For IAM Roles | sessions/ Enable Trusted Organization Access in AWS Organizations | Increase User Logon Performance in AWS Managed Microsoft AD | New Multi-Account, Multi-Region Data Aggregation Capability in AWS Config | Introducing AWS Firewall Manager - Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Introducing AWS Secrets Manager - Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Amazon CloudWatch Metric Math | Amazon CloudWatch Events Adds Amazon SQS FIFO as an Event Target | Amazon CloudWatch Adds Route 53 Logs to Vended Logs | Making Easier to Track Your Amazon EBS Volume State | Resource Groups Tagging API | AWS Systems Manager Adds Patch Management for CentOS Linux | AWS Config Notifications Are Now Integrated with Amazon CloudWatch Events | Amazon Connect Automated Outbound Calling is Now Generally Available | Amazon Connect Federated Single Sign-On Using SAML 2.0 is Generally Available | Amazon Elasticsearch Service Simplifies User Authentication and Access for Kibana with Amazon Cognito | Amazon EFS Now Supports Encryption of Data in Transit | Apache MXNet Model Server Adds Container Support for Scalable Model Serving | AWS Deep Learning AMIs Now Include Optimized TensorFlow 1.6 for Amazon EC2 P3 and C5 Instances | Amazon SageMaker has Open Sourced TensorFlow 1.6 and Apache MXNet 1.1 Docker Containers with Support for Local Mode, and More Instance Types Across All Modules | Amazon Translate is Now Generally Available | Amazon Transcribe is Now Generally Available | Amazon Polly Increases Character Limits | Amazon Rekognition Improves Accuracy of Real-Time Face Recognition and Verification | Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) now Supports AWS PrivateLink | Amazon Athena releases an updated JDBC driver with support for Array data types | Amazon QuickSight Adds New Data Connectors to Popular Business Apps and JSON | AWS Batch Adds Support for Automatic Termination with Job Execution Timeout | Announcing Enhancements to AWS Auto Scaling | Announcing 4 Free Digital Training Courses on New AWS Services | Announcing the AWS Certified Security - Specialty Exam | AWS Elemental MediaConvert Introduces Basic Pricing Tier | Identify Opportunities for Amazon RDS Cost Savings Using AWS Cost Explorer's Reserved Instance (RI) Purchase Recommendations |
April 22, 2018
Call in the Solutions Builders! In this episode Simon speaks with Garvit Singh and Tom Horton from the AWS Solutions Builder team about the solutions for Centralised Logging and Game Analytics. Centralised Logging Solution: Gaming Analytics Pipeline:
April 15, 2018
How can Government Agencies take advantage of the cloud to deliver better citizen services? Mark Ryland (Director of Solutions Architecture, AWS) chats with Simon about customer experiences in this sector, and what he has seen work. Shownotes Addressing Data Residency with AWS: AWS in the Public Sector: FINRA: DigitalGlobe:
April 8, 2018
Simon speaks with Adrian Cockcroft (VP of Cloud Architecture Strategy, AWS) about the domain of Chaos Engineering and Architecture. They also discuss AWS activity in the Open Source community. Shownotes: Adrian’s 2017 re:Invent Presentation: Drift Into Failure: Netflix Chaos Engineering: Open Source at AWS:
April 2, 2018
Technology can enable people with Special Needs to access more services than ever before, and improve their quality of life. In this episode Simon speaks with Robin Dautricourt, Product Manager for Amazon Polly about some of the things people are doing with Amazon Polly to make this possible.
March 25, 2018
It is update time! Simon shares a great selection of new things for customers - what will be your favourite? Shownotes: Amazon Polly Gives WordPress a Voice! - AWS Machine Learning Blog | Amazon Polly New Phonation Tag Enables You to Create Softer Speech | Amazon Connect Adds Speech Synthesis Markup Language Support for Amazon Lex Chatbots | Announcing Responses Capability in Amazon Lex and SSML Support in Text Response | Now Export and Import your Amazon Lex Chatbot Schema | Amazon DynamoDB Now Supports Server-Side Encryption at Rest | Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) Releases SDKs for Python and .NET, Support for T2 Instances, and now available in the Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Asia Pacific (Sydney) Regions | Amazon Cognito Simplifies User Migration | Amazon ECS Adds New Endpoint to Access Task Metrics and Metadata | AWS Fargate Supports Container Workloads Regulated By ISO, PCI, SOC, and HIPAA | Target Tracking Available for Container Service Auto Scaling in Amazon ECS Console | AWS Shield now Integrated with AWS CloudTrail | Amazon GameLift Introduces Backfill Functionality to FlexMatch, the Dynamic Matchmaking Service for Multiplayer Experiences | Amazon GameLift FleetIQ and Spot Instances Reduce Costs by up to 90% | New AWS Direct Connect sites land in Paris and Taipei | Inter-Region VPC Peering is Now Available in Nine Additional AWS Regions | Longer Format Resource IDs are Now Available in Amazon EC2 | AWS AppSync Adds new GraphQL Functionality and Removes Whitelist Approvals from Preview | AWS AppSync Expands to Three New Regions, Adds API Key Extension Feature | AWS Config Adds Support for AWS WAF RuleGroups | New Products for Managed Rules on AWS WAF | Amazon Inspector Now Supports Windows Server 2016 | AWS Trusted Advisor's S3 Bucket Permissions Check Is Now Free | Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Adds Support for Service-Linked Roles | Network Load Balancer now Supports Cross-Zone Load Balancing | Auto Scaling in Amazon SageMaker is now Available | AWS DeepLens Announces the Ability to Directly Import Models from Amazon SageMaker | Introducing the Real-Time Insights on AWS Account Activity | AWS Serverless Application Repository Now Generally Available | Amazon AppStream 2.0 Now Supports Copying Images Across AWS Regions | Amazon CloudWatch Events now Supports AWS Batch as an Event Target | AWS Service Catalog Announces AutoTags for Automatic Tagging of Provisioned Resources | AWS Service Catalog Launches Brand Your Console to Deliver a Customizable User Experience | AWS Storage Gateway Expands Automation with New CloudWatch Event, and Support for "Requester Pays" Buckets | Amazon Redshift Spectrum Now Supports Scalar JSON and Ion Data Types | PostgreSQL 10 now Supported in Amazon RDS | AWS GovCloud (US) Region Adds Third Availability Zone | AWS Snowball Now Available in AWS Singapore Region |
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