Let your guests speak.
Let your guests get a word in! So frustrating listening to the JonBenet case and you’re talking over him, cutting him off, and droning on and on. Stopped listening 20 minutes in because of this.
Laughing through the Jon Benet episode?
Good info but poor taste listening to all the hilarity on the Jon Benet episode.
Great Storytelling Podcast
This is one of my go-to podcasts when I’m in the mood to be told a story. Esther has a pretty good style. Sometimes she gets a little silly, but she mostly keeps a pretty somber tone when talking about the crimes. I’ve heard of several interesting cases here that I’d never heard of before. My major complaint would be that I really can’t stand the interview format episodes, or when there is a guest. I skip those episodes completely.
Love this podcast
Absolutely love this podcast. Wish I found it sooner! You can tell how much research goes into the show and the production is outstanding. I rarely write reviews but had to for this podcast, it’s an underdog but can easily hold its own with some of the more popular true crime podcasts out there.
Among my favorites.
This is an enjoyable true crime podcast and the host is very good. It's moved up recently into my top five favorites. The episode with Jack Luna is great. I am a fan of Jack's old stuff and miss his old style. It was good to hear him again. Keep on doing what you're doing Esther!
Well Done!!
Excellent job in the Jon Benet interview. Hearing you participate in this style of podcast was very impressive. Hope you’ll consider doing more. Well done, Esther!!!!! An absolute 5 star job.
Best Crime Podcast
Love love this podcast. I love Esther’s way of telling the story and engaging you every moment of the story. The details that she finds and the way she explains them is both informative and entertaining. I just started listening to this podcast in Late November and have already caught up. Sitting at a desk all day this podcast helps me pass the days at work. I have listened to other crime podcasts but I think this one is the best.
Can’t Stop Listening
More Countries
I already listened to the other true crime podcasts I love (crime junkie, MFM) and I was looking for a new one. I am so glad I stumbled upon this one because it’s so good. Esther is an amazing narrator and she includes just the right amount of details. I am surprised this podcast isn’t more popular. Give it a listen!
Auto Tune
I can’t take her reading from a sheet of paper. It sounds like a book report. She has good topics but I can not.
Love your voice!
Love your voice and your content. I still cannot believe that Crime Junkies stole your entire episode and others! And I still don’t understand how it has been acceptable and they are so high on the list. I get so bored by the “wait what?!” Every episode. Anyways. Thanks for still producing and creating your content. I appreciate it!
I highly recommend this podcast. It’s very well researched and informative. The host is great. Love it!
My Addiction!
I am very picky about podcasts. I tend to steer away from a lot of them. But, I adore Once Upon A Crime. It has a format that appeals to me, and Esther doesn’t have to many episodes where she brings guests on. I’m not super fond of podcasts with more than one person talking. But! The way she talks and presents the stories are amazing. And I love when she breaks for a moment to say something like “are you serious?” Or something else. I originally Started to listen because of the Candace Newmaker story. I’ve heard a lot about it and I believe the Wikipedia entry directed me here. I listened to that episode and just had to listen to more.
Why talk about old podcasts?
This is the first podcast I ever listened to. I love this podcast. You are a great writer so hearing that someone stole your words made me so angry. I don’t feel that Crime Junkie podcast did anything to fix stealing from you and others. I don’t understand how they have so many positive reviews especially after doing that. They have over 100,000 reviews and most of them are positive. I unsubscribed a long time ago. They shouldn’t continue to be rewarded for their lies. Also, They should have apologized to you. It was never resolved, as you said In your latest episode. Thank you for your honest content. 🤍🖤
Love Esther!
I listen to so many true crime podcasts...like many of them but love only a few. Once Upon a Crime is definitely one of the best, and I’ve even stopped listening and unsubscribed to Once upon a Crime.
I just found this podcast and am starting from the beginning. I love the speakers voice asking with all of the detail she gives for each story. If you love true crime this is a must listen!
Crime podcast
Too many audio issues.
Fast talkin
I'm ticked!
Love your podcast. Your in-depth research and opinions Are awesome. But sometimes you get excited and start talking so fast, it’s hard to understand . Slow it down ladies, please.
This podcast is an amazing true crime podcast, the reviews speak for themselves. Well researched, well edited and the host is wonderful!
Episode 155. Mention Jack Luna and I’m there!!
Great interview! The JRamsey case has been dissected so many times. But I can listen to Jack Luna discuss anything. Can’t wait to hear his episode. I’m glad it led me to Once Upon A Crime!
Love it.
Can’t get enough of this podcast
Great story telling
Straight story telling without the fluff and dramatizations. Interesting presentations of true crimes.
Very well done
Todd Hedges
I’m a new listener and I’m very impressed with this podcast. The narrator does a fantastic job and I look forward to listening to more in the future. The only negative is that the sound is way too low
A+ for Esther a OUAC
darthcrowe on IG
Esther is a fantastic researcher and peppers these tragic stories with drops of sarcasm and personal story bits. And her voice is purrfect! Obsessed with all things true crime and this pod is the best.
A great listen
I enjoy listening to every episode (#155 is great) of this podcast. It’s well researched & professionally produced. My interest in true crime started after l began listening to Esther’s podcast.
Episode 154
What an amazing collaboration! Two of my favorites in True Crime podcasts and you ladies did not disappoint!!
Great show but
Review klc
Specifically about the bob marley podcast from October 14,2019 . We could have gone without the patrois reading . A lot of it you could just read without the exact quote . I hated hearing it and it almost offensive
Love love love!
Thanks for the stories! I love your little “your welcome”s and aside opinions. Always saying what I’m thinking. Keep it up please!!
“Yeah, right. Nice try.”
Roxy 808
Why is it hard to believe Bernadette Protti’s sister left the knife that killed Kirsten Costas in the car after cutting vegetables? I cut vegetables in my car! So there!
You da best
Ooga Booga!¡
I’m a true crime podcast binger. I love it love it love it. Your podcast is well put together and your voice is easy to listen to. Thanks for what you do and don’t ever stop!
Love it!
Her voice is great. She’s almost always straight to the point but when she’s not it’s only because she’s stating a silly one-liner that is usually exactly what I was thinking. I love this podcast. So glad I found it.
The true crime podcasts I listen to are all pretty funny (this one isn’t) and of writing this review I’ve only listened to one episode (Episode 6: The Day The Music Died Part 1: Marvin Gaye), and she just dove right in! Gave every detail and was straightforward with the presentation. I loved every second of it!
Making true crime beautiful
Esther is tells stories from every angle and point of view without letting the content drag. Hearing the early lives of predators and killers, listeners learn of the very human beginnings before life takes a dark turn. Some background also gives listeners the opportunity to see what the outcome of broken homes, abuse and neglect can lead to if help isn’t available. The victims stories are told lovingly and are highlighted as the unique people they were/are above the tragedies that ended or altered their lives. That is something that is constantly looked over in true crime story telling. This podcast is compelling, thought provoking and addicting!
So disappointed in you guys. Not only is the quality of the audio and content terrible, speculation of events are also wildly exaggerated in some parts, and other important details that are vital to the case are often ignored or disregarded because Esther hasn’t lived a life that has exposed her to more than her small life. Ethnocentrism doesn’t look good on you, E.
Monotone Narration
The stories are ok, but the narration is a terrible monotone and, if you're going to read word from word from a script - the writing needs a polish.
True crime at it’s best!
I’ve been listening for months now and I am all caught up on back issues. This is my favorite go to podcast every day. Easy to hear, I drive a loud truck so I have issues hearing all podcasts but this one is clear and loud enough that I don’t miss out on the story. Looking forward to more episodes
Back to Basics
Basic, straightforward recounting of events and facts. No overselling or opining, just the facts. Well done!
Very enjoyable podcast
Definitely worth listening to all of them
Intriguing and professional
Joe Bilbrey
I tried listening to several crime podcasts but this has the best format and production value. The host’s voice is perfect for longer listening.
Tired of the offensive language
Loyal listener no more-tired of the use of F word and offensive language.
Loved the show about Bob Marley!!
Kerri Bassett
So many things I never knew about Bob Marley! I have a deeper respect for him now, thank you...😊🙏
Awesome show and I love that series of episodes are themed! Such a great idea! Thank you for creating such awesome content!
Great Podcast - Well Researched
Shelley from GA
Great podcast.
The cases, the research and the narrative are excellent. The narrative is one of the most important things for me, as it keeps me engaged. I love your show!!
We’re basically detectives
Love this pod cast and the stories she covers. You can see (or hear should i say) the growth from the 1st episode to the most recent. Keep up the great work!
I’m fairly new to the whole podcast world, but a friend of mine talked me into giving it a try. After my first listen to your show I was hooked! I love how informative you are and the way you present! I’m also a follower of let’s taco bout true crime!! Please keep up the good work! I love listening to your shows on my morning commute!
Well done
Just listened to the first 3 and I’m hooked. I like that this show cuts out all the BS and gives you a straight story. No chit chat. No waste of time. Just gets right to it. Great show
“Hundreds of hours of true crime podcasts, you are basically a detective”. I dont think this is how that works.
If this podcast’s treatment of the Scott Peterson case is emblematic of how it covers cases, I won’t waste any more time on this podcast. That was not an even-handed presentation by any stretch.
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