GSMC Health and Wellness Podcast Episode 2: Self Image, Unplugging, and Creating Comfort (6-10-16)
Published June 10, 2016
36 min
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    In their first episode Pauline and Mariano focused on the physical aspects of working out. The other half of wellness is mental and emotional health and more specifically, a sense of wholeness. In this episode we discuss views on how we see ourselves (self image) and what we'll sacrifice to maintain it. What we do to avoid discomfort when outside of an original comfort zone such as traveling or change in routine. And how we can create a self based routine to use whenever we find ourselves out of a comfort zone and how this can improve self image (how feeling better on the inside can improve the outside).  Pauline and Mariano also discuss Disconnecting from the social media world, or society as a whole for an hour a day to focus on one’s mental wellness. Whether it is to pray, read, go for a walk, sit by yourself, drink tea or coffee and allow yourself to block out others. Turn tv, tablets and phones off, and completely unplug.
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