Love Gladwell and this show
The Great Glass Alavator
Always interesting, insightful, and poking holes in my preconceptions
This is great show! I’m hooked. Learned a lot too.
Great Show AWFUL Commercials
Let’s not bury the lead: Listen to this podcast!! It is a brilliant premise expertly executes. Malcolm Gladwell (whose taste in music would seem to indicate a personality as free from rough edges as his buttery smooth voice)is an excellent host and narrator. Everyone should stop reading here. Full stop. Now an aside to Malcom: HOLY CRAP THOSE ADS ARE F@$&ING TEDIOUS!! I can only listen to your high school track story so many times before I vomit. The AT&T ad where you faux interview a marketing exec: Why?? It almost sounds like journalism but it isn’t! I don’t trust anything he says and it saddens me to hear you lend your credibility to him. Don’t tell me how interns got their job! Get to the point!! These ads are like 90+ seconds long. How do I know? I have to hit the +30 sec button three to four times to skip them, and sometimes there are three ads in a row. I am all for you getting paid. I love it. I want you to be rewarded for the excellent work you’re doing. Your team is amazing. Please stop mixing your enjoyable personhood with the products you are trying to sell. Just read the copy and get it done in 30 seconds or less. I’ll make you a deal that you can show your advertisers: Shorten the ads and I will actually listen to them. Deal?
Deserves the Best Podcast Oscar
Malcolm Gladwell hits it out of the park with this brilliantly designed podcast. Impossible to describe - you just need to listen. Great tonic for the brain.
This is incredible. Do yourself a favour and subscribe/ listen.
Reviving Revising
You’ll be Malcolm GLADwell you listened to this one!
Malcolm rules!
Bill Blum
The best podcast ever! Everything he does inspires me to think more creatively and with an entirely different perspective. He is truly gifted.
Not a fan of the 4th season
Jennifer in Nyc
I loved the first 3 seasons, but, good Lord the commercials in season 4 are just too unbearable! The content also wasn’t as good as the previous seasons... not sure what to make of it.
Enjoy the content but
Way too many commercials in one single episode. It actually makes me not want to buy any products in the podcast
Season 1
The Cowardly Lion JB
I just finished listening to season 1. The same week that I was listening to it I was having a personal issue that required a kind of courage that I don’t possess easily. The entire time I was listening to season 1 I was amazed at how the content of the podcasts were hitting me at a deep level inspiring me to try to find the courage that I needed. In the last episode Malcolm summed up season 1 with one word, courage. At that point it became so blatantly obvious as to why I was connecting so deeply with the episodes. Thanks to Malcolm and all involved with Revisionist History for not only retelling these stories in a way that is truthful, insightful, and enlightening, but also for giving me these stories to use as tools to help me reflect on some character defects that I need to work on. I feel a bit like the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz and season 1 was Dorothy helping me find my courage.
Why is explicit necessary?
We live in a dirty world. Malcom, this is your opportunity to produce content that is somewhat cleaner. I won’t listen to any of your explicit programs. Ask yourself, ‘Does allowing explicit language make this program better?’ ‘Am I doing my best to encourage dignified and respectable communication?’ If you’re not bleeping the explicit words, you aren’t being a good world citizen in this respect. If your aren’t against disrespectful language, you’re encouraging it. That’s a real shame.
Bait and switch !
Gladwell promises the answer to the who won the LSAT test competition and why it’s designed to test speed . . only he won’t answer now or even in the first 38 minutes. Even though he promises to. You have to wait through 38 of smugness before he admits you need to listen to ANOTHER 38 minutes before he reveals the answers to questions he posed in the first five minutes season 4. So be prepared to waste about an hour and a half listening to his redundant takes and self-indulgent asides before discovering some answers that were guessable al along. What a rip off. Talk about not being a able to trust anybody! He wrote a book about himself and didn’t even know it!!
Gladwell has sold out.
Gladwell has become just another corporate sellout, avoiding anything that deviates meaningfully from mainstream narratives. No longer interesting.
Always a unique insight
Sometimes the subject is not my jam, but I always love the journey and appreciate his lens.
Worth it
Don’t mean to gush, but... even the ads become compelling stories delivered by Malcolm Gladwell. This podcast and Broken Record are on my “must listen to” subscription list.
needs new title
Love it. If I’d known it was Malcolm Gladwell I would have found it ages ago!Please get rid of the abysmal title ‘Revisionist history’ which is misleading, and doesn’t even describe the topics, subjects, and type of chats Gladwell presents!Stupid for such a brilliant person. He explains everything in such a fascinating way, please change title to just i.e. Malcolm Gladwell talks.
Nice when it was new
Well, had to happen eventually. A good show with a great premise nose dives into left wing BS. I kept waiting for a redeeming twist in the episodes of this season to no avail. The back breaking straw episode 8. IMO “cultural appropriation” is an issue made up by 1st world prigs with enough food to eat and air conditioning. Nothing that I’ve seen any of the cultures I’ve visited in the world - and I’m only one continent short of the full tour - has ever cared about. Sigh, deleting.
Not as good as it used to be
KC from DSM
I agree with other reviewers that the quality of this podcast has changed for the worse, particularly due to the over-emphasis on advertising. Because Gladwell does the voiceovers for ads himself, there is often a confusing and unclear transition between content and the ads, which are longer and more frequent than other podcasts. Personally, I don’t enjoy the episodes that center on Gladwell’s favorite musicians. Each one feels like the work of a self-indulgent fanboy oblivious to the tastes of his audience. Perhaps he could reserve the musical tributes to a different podcast? My final complaint is that the last season was mostly male-dominated. I haven’t yet listened to the last episode, but in every other episode of the season, no extraordinary women were featured as story subjects. The only women who appeared were wives, daughters, and students of the “cool” guys Malcolm chose to feature. As a female listener, I found season 4 tiresome in its refusal to investigate more “overlooked” women from history. I guess Randy Newman’s accomplishments are just so much more important.
Tortoise and the Hare
Silk Purse into a sows ear? I thought the saying was the reverse?!?!
I’ve loved the first three seasons of this podcast but frankly I was so bored at season 4. I felt like the content was all supposed to make sense and flow together and it just didn’t. The episodes just didn’t really grab me like that’s ones had. I enjoyed the last one and then found out it was a chapter of his new book (which i will buy). Also.. the commercials for ATT and the iPhone was a little much. In some episodes I didn’t know if was listening to the ad or to the actual show. I love Malcom and I will keep listening. It just wasn’t as great as the last ones.
I feel like I was getting trolled
I really enjoyed my introduction to this podcast, I listened to the first episodes of season 4 about law school and it was extremely interesting and informative. I did however take a small issue with how Malcolm seemed to infantalize me and tease me about LSAT scores. I’m never going to law school so like I wanted to know your scores to understand how this huge test works better, instead I got teased about an amazing point that he had already made plenty clear in his argument.
Happy Birthday Malcolm!!!
Also born on this day Italian economist Mario Draghi, American crime boss Whitey Bulger & Austrian engineer Ferdinand Porsche.
I love this podcast
This is by far my favorite podcast. The production is amazing. Even original music. Definitely my mentor when it comes to podcasting.
Such a good mind for telling stories
Love the series pieces. Topics are all over the place and all so entertains. Season 4 review Can’t believe I love it more now. This season was incredible.
RH review
rly cant find nickname
This is the best podcast currently available on iTunes! I wish there were more episodes per season. I love the range of topics that Malcom covers and the interesting angles that provide new insight to the stories.
Nourishment for my mind
Graceful Ocean
I love how it provides me with an alternate way to look at things I thought I knew about and gives me insight it things I never knew about. I have shared many episodes and I love to talk about the topics and understand others perspectives on it.
This is my favorite podcast no second choice. But I have a problem. I think Ronnie James Dio’s Mona Lisa is A Rainbow in the Dark. Not Holy Diver. I’m disturbed by your factually incorrect “expert”. Other than that I look forward to seeing the into on my feed in early summer, and sad it’s over in August.
christina from los feliz
That is all.
Always a fresh take
Retmus Wahs
I have long enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell's books. This podcast is even better. He is a natural storyteller and the pdodcast format takes it to a whole new level.
Simply the best podcast available.
I was a Malcolm Gladwell fan before listening to this podcast, but this simply blew me away. The format gives a dimension to his observations and storytelling that they did not have before. It feels as if all of his written work was a prelude to this, and that the real value in his books is that they have given him the standing to have anyone and everyone willing to talk to him. I listened to all 4 seasons in about a month, and I eagerly await Season 5 as well as the audiobook for "Talking to Strangers".
Obscure virus club
I got goosebumps listening to this podcast. I’m a scientist and it made me remember what I’m in it for.
Is ad revenue > content?
I’ve listened to Revisionist History for a few years now and loved it in the beginning. The content was thought-provoking, original, and thoughtfully curated. This last year though, the format and content has shifted in a direction that I’m no longer interested to follow. Blatant and disruptive brand name drops from corporate marketing, overt sound effects that really have no bearing on provoking deep thought and only serve as a mechanism to trigger consumerism. Taco Bell... AT&T... really??? This is NOT the Revisionist History I once knew and grew to love. Turning off subscriptions and don’t know that I’ll return...
Gem of a podcast
Great topics, thought-provoking perspectives. I have to admit, I have realized how lazy I have been about history.
Hanke momma
One of my favorite podcasts/podcasters. Gladwell is a great storyteller! I’m always surprised by the stories he finds, the art of weaving seemingly random stories (Taco Bell -haha) to illustrate a point, and those points continue to be provocative long after the episode is over. And, he’s hilarious!
Revisionist History is a marvel.
I started by listening to the episodes about the history of race in America. They were so well conceived and thought provoking that I went back to the very start and uploaded the first episodes. Each episode leads somewhere unexpected that ties into our everyday lives more than we may realize. All the subjects are different from one another and I have yet to listen to one I haven’t enjoyed and thought about throughout the day. There are so many things in the world that deserve a little more or a lot more of our time and attention. RH will introduce you to them. It gets my highest recommendation.
I love the podcast but NEED to know what Malcolm and Camille got in the LSATs!!!
Oh the stories!
Aunt Scotty22
I have spent the last few days listening to season one and two. Did not discover this podcast til season three. It is my favorite podcast! I love going with Mr. Gladwell to all those subjects that peak his interest and am amazed at all there is to know and learn with him. Thanks so much for all your travel and hard work but mostly for your unending curiosity.
Usually good
Ops ah
Cultural appropriation episode? Give me a break
Auditory Gold
This fourth season has been the best yet of this jewel of a podcast. Thank you, Mr Gladwell, for allowing me to spend time dwelling in your obsessions. This podcast provides a rare combo of escapist education. I can’t wait for the next season!!!
Ads are too frequent and full of misinformation that is presented from an authoritative figure were supposed to trust as listeners. The stuff they sell on this podcast makes me mistrust the material they actually present because I question the judgement of all involved
C Clinton
Each episode could be a separate book on its own.
fan of the books and much more of a fan of this podcast cant wait for the new book to come out!
My Favorite
Out of all the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, this is my favorite! The way Malcolm Gladwell presents the stories that challenges conventional wisdom is fantastic. Prepare to have your mind blown.
Obscure Virus Clib
Brian bird
I loved the obscure virus club - a scientific and historical tour de force. Beautifully linked a virus that causes cancer in chickens discovered 100 years ago to HIV. I had the privilege to train at NIH and knew some but not all of this scientific, social and political history - thank you for filling in the gaps.
Wonderfully engaging and narrated. Significant issues, well written and produced.
Love it but
I love this podcast. In listening to the last episode of this season Watson and Crick were mentioned. Then I got distracted and started thinking— poor Rosalind Franklin. If ever a revisionist episode was needed. Would like it if at least a couple of episodes featured women.
Amazing podcast
Funny and informative. The most interesting content you didn't know you needed.
I wait for RH new episodes and even like the ads!
The Catholic in me thanks you for the Jesuit series. The Italian in me can’t stop sharing the chutzpah episode...sad the series is over! Also, Malcolm makes me love even the commercials in the podcast I usually forward them but I almost look forward to the ones in RH!! Laura
The end of the series is perfection.
Thank you Mr. Gladwell.
*sings* Oooooh My Gawd!!!
Soooooo, I didn’t know how to feel when I dove in... but I literally woke up one morning thinking— I want to explore Gladwell’s work. A book search led me here & I must say that I am impressed and I’m only one season in!! Honestly, I can’t wait to dive into his books!
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