Outstanding show
Bibi Jean
Amazing show, love every bit of it
Clear, plain language
Cokorado Lady
Chris uses clear, plain language to help listeners to get control of their money. His voice is a gift to working Americans with the heart and will to get ahead and make their money work for them. Thank you, Chris!
Show Should be 5 Days A Week!!!
These haters with low reviews either do not get the show or are used to some finance blogger magically answering all of their questions - and having no clue what he is talking about as he types away in his mother’s basement making affiliate links (more power to them, but that won’t help get and keep me out of debt). Hogan does exactly what his title says: he coaches!!!! When he refers a caller to a smartvestor pro or ELP, he is recognizing that it takes longer than a two minute phone call to fix some people’s finances, and get and keep them on track. The call is just a start. But LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stories, pumped & panicked, articles shared and quick advice to help keep us all on track!!!
An awesome podcast!
All of these people who are saying bad things about Hogan are biased. They can’t give their opinions in a nice way. This proves that they are haters. You can give you opinion and advice in a kinder way. And also you shouldn’t go dissing people or things that you don’t even fully know about yourself. I am disappointed in the people who are writing these reviews. :(
You want to be a millionaire?
Chris Hogan is incredibly knowledgable, seriously caring, and has one amazing voice. Listen to him and apply his knowledge and you will retire a millionaire.
Great Advice
Chris tells it like it is, he was an ex banker who has the inside track on debt and what it can do to destroy people’s future. I like how he has a mix of topics and questions. He compliments people on their hard work to reduce debt. And gives people encouragement. And his voice is awesome, could listen to the man read a dictionary. Keep up the great work!
Excellent for all
This is a a great financial podcast for people of all ages and stages of their career
Keeps you pumped
Chris nearly always compliments people — and doesn’t make them feel stupid. Simple concepts but I enjoy listening because he gives off positive vibes!
Coach Hogan gets me riled up.
Inspiring, informative, and real. Keeps me on track, motivated, and looking for more.
If you want your questions answered...
Don’t listen to this show. If you want to hear a bunch of rah-rah inspirational sayings with no substance, than this show is for you.
Thank you Chris for helping me walk the path to becoming an everyday millionaire!
Chris is awesome and if you follow his advice, then you’ll become an everyday millionaire!
Chris is Awesome!
B Great
Great podcast! I have learned so much from Chris and I am optimistic for my financial future! I thank GOD for this podcast!!!
obliger 102
He comes across like a politician trying to get your vote, and that’s hard to trust. It might be different in person, but there’s something about his catchy slogan and his tone that are a bit annoying and hard to take seriously when listening. I’m sure he’s a well intentioned person, and trying to do good things, but I wish he came across as more genuine.
Cousin Chris is such a great mentor with money! I enjoy the show, the books, his voice, his compassion as well as financial knowledge. I’m always locked in every week and will be millionaire in 15 years or less! Thanks cuzzo I’m FOCUSSED AND NOT FINISHED!!!
What to be an Everyday Millionaire?
Chris is a Super Coach and Leader in Staying Focused and not being finished.
Do not respect
We call men who make life choices like him “ sambos.”
Big Cagney
This guy is bogus. Can’t believe Dave Ramsey allows this guy to fill in for him. Has zero knowledge of finance, his go to advice is to “talk to a trusted ELP.” If that’s what you’re going to advise, what’s the point in listeners calling in? Basically a Dave Ramsey parakeet that can’t formulate an original thought. This guy needs to be given the hook - ASAP.
Very Anoying
A48retlr esurerfae9pwoeiurf
He just runs his mouth. Sad.
Interesting but volume is too low
Love listening to the show, but I have trouble hearing it on my bus commute. I listen to a lot of shows during this same commute and never have trouble hearing those.
I just listen for the stories!
I’m not a big fan of Hogan. I can’t handle his voice for an extended amount of time, but that’s a personal problem! Lol. I do like to listen to the stories folks call in for. He is basically a clone of DR as are the other connected host, but that’s just how it works. In listening more recently, it seems that Hogan is thinking about his response while callers are explaining their situation bc he often asks questions that were already answered.
Sound and sage fiscal advice!
Coko Nee
I found Chris Hogan while listening to the Dave Ramsey show. I have since made the switch, as I find Chris to be more relatable. I saw the negative reviews and simply can’t relate. I’ll just say that everyone has free will with regard to whom they follow or whose podcast they listen to and support. My advice is to do just that. Chris...I’m glad I found you, so keep up the great work! I will be sure to send others your way!
Please ask more questions!!
Fields Soyars
Please ask people’s age, please ask their income. Chris doesn’t ask near enough questions. This maybe is because he is not comfortable giving real advice and does not want to cross DR. DR is real world and Chris is telling callers to drive a car with know roadmap. After many calls I am shaking my head and asking myself, “How did that really help?”
Love the voice but not the repeat calls
Some of the advice is easy to answer but it is always pushed to a “smartvestor”. Hearing the same calls repeated in episodes is annoying.
This guy is more phony than a $3 bill. If you buy into his fake, canned garbage talk you’re an idiot. He’s as insincere as they come; anyone who has any intuition can sense this.
God’s money...
Journey with money
I am learning so much about how money is used and how to become happy in financial independence. I love the show and what Chris say when starting the show (I am Focused and not finish). Wow!
Not my cup of tea
Charger xl.
I find the content repetitive and his voice is kind of annoying.
No new information
I keep trying to like Chris Hogan. His voice is distinctive and charismatic. But he has the unique ability of talking a lot without really saying anything. All of his advice echoes Dave Ramsey exactly. Any question that requires a deeper answer he tells the caller to contact an advisor. His books are the same way. There is really no reason to listen to his podcast if you already know Dave Ramsey’s way of thinking.
It Works
I started listening to Chris and Dave about a year ago and found that their advice matched the way my wife and I handled getting out of debt. I just finished a 6-month period when I was out of work. Having an emergency fund and sticking to a budget made that crisis more of an inconvenience. Thanks to Chris Hogan and Dave Ramsey’s teachings, we are 100% debt free, including our home. Anyone can do it, if they are disciplined and consistent.
Just Like the Book
Just like in his book, Retire Inspired, Hogan has almost nothing to say and spends a very long time saying it. Rarely do you hear someone call themselves an “expert” while having so little knowledge about the topic. His advice, on call after call, is to contact an expert. I’m genuinely surprised Dave Ramsey associates his business with this product.
Don’t trust Chris Hogan’s Advice or ELPs
It seems that Chris Hogan just refers listeners to speak to a ELP (endorses local provider). Isn’t he supposed to be a financial “expert”. Regardless, These ELPs put you in loaded mutual funds that cost a whopping 6% off the top and have expense ratios of up to 1%. Vanguard, Schwab all have funds with no load and less than a .1% expense ratio. It unethical that he recommends loaded Mutual funds when there are many better funds available in market. Dave Ramsey actually spoke out against the fiduciary rule, which would require all financial advisors act in your best interest (why would anyone not want that). Try listening to Ric Edelman podcast for real financial advice.
needs to get the details right
Love the overall message but there are significant errors in the advice given - an after tax 401k contribution is NOT the same thing as a Roth 401k contribution and there are significant tax consequences for mixing them up. I’m amazed they don’t have a specialist on staff to verify the advice given is actually correct
Selling products
It seems like the purpose of his podcast now is to sell his new book. I’ve given him 5 chances listing and each time, most of the podcast he speaks on the book or his website. It has become an advertisement podcast
Its nice to hear people like chris hogan and dave ramsey tell the truth about money. Cause theres so many forks in the road in life that involve money. Keep up the great work guys.
Inspiration to Become an Everyday Millionaire
I truly enjoy listening to Chris Hogan, every time his show encourages me to focus on my money and inspires me to become an Everyday Millionaire! Thank you Chris for sharing your knowledge with us and being our coach!
Pseudo expert
Good motivation to encourage folks to save. Lack of practical investing and discussion. Just points to their Smartvestor pros. You will not glean anything new from these episodes. Rarely goes into detail about investing. Sometimes Chris is incorrect on simple facts. He once called ETFs electronically traded funds
Almost Like Chris Better Than Dave!
I’ve been a follower of Dave Ramsey for years. It’s very interesting to see how Dave’s message has expanded without Dave being the face of the brand. Chris Hogan is a big favorite of mine! I almost like him better than Dave 😂 I really wish they would come out with new episodes more often!
As an avid listener of The Dave Ramsey show, I was looking forward to this podcast as I am becoming more intentional with my retirement and personal finance. The listeners questions are similar to the ones I have and I only get disappointed when Chris gives his standard response with an emotional answer and for the listener to contact a smartvestor pro. There is no clear answer that he gives! This podcast is just an advertisement for his smartvestor pros.
Stop Saying VIP 1000s times!!!
Goodddd it
Great show and exciting changes, but please stop saying VIP!!
Got me energized
Open minded people enlightenin
Chris has helped get me motivated enough to seek a 3rd job so I can increase my income potential. I really like how he does practical, actionable advice. Way to go coach!!!
Great Financial Podcast for All
Chris is great for financial wisdom, no matter what your life situation is. He brings an energy and enthusiasm that isn’t found anywhere else in financial podcasts. He is not only a financial expert, but also a teacher, encourager and entertainer. The music selection on the podcast is also top notch.
Best Podcast!!
Fave show was paying off the home early! So many great stories and real life nuggets!! Impeccable!!
Love it!!
Just started listening as I prepare for retirement down the road. So much great info and omg....ThatVoice!!!!! 😊
Every podcast is great.
Lots of talk no action
Finnaly something that works
This podcast is good to listen for motivation but motivation doesn’t lead to action and this podcast only guides you to call a vester-pro. I would like to know more about investing. I don’t know anything and telling me stories about his life doesn’t work. In the 12 episodes I have listen only twice does he take calls. When he answered email they are mostly answered with a (what feels to me) unrelated story. Once he has a guest to answer questions but he did all the speaking. He also has guest share their millionaire story and then he simplifies it, as if we are dumb and don’t understand. The points are simple i get it. Stay focus but what if you don’t even know where to start to stay focus.
Stay focused
Listening in to Chris talk and teach about retirement helps me stay focused on our Dream Retirement.
Chris has one of the best podcast on itunes. Life saving information but yet entertaining! Thank you so much for being the champion of retirement. It’s not an age it’s a NUMBER!
Great ideas
Hockey mom_32
And has one of the easiest voices to listen to! 😁
Awesome Podcast
Brooke Craven
Chris host of Retire Inspired highlights all aspects of retirement in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Hitting home
What I love about Chris is his ability to relate financial behaviors to real life situations. Hits home every time and always provides great analogies. Thanks, Chris, for all that you do!!
Great cheerleader. That's it.
If you need motivation, listen to Chris Hogan. If you want to know what to do when the rubber meets the road, listen to Dave Ramsey.
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