As man nicest guy in sports
The show is great. Although we have different movie taste I enjoy the reviews. Loved hearing you on the russillo show last week. He needs to come on I do miss the Everyman and In defense of. Maybe new producer could do something like that.
I love this pod. Always fun and full of great movie info and honest reviews. I love Adnan since his time at espn and the lebatard show. He’s as likable a host and a great movie guy. Love the bada binge! I keep a list of adnan movies to watch!
Big night for the win!
J. Coraci
Excellent pod, with a great balance of interviews and reviews. But the 5th star is all for the shout out to big night, no movie has made me go straight to my favorite Italian restaurant and order enough food for my extended family. Keep up the good work Adnan.
Real men like movies!
Real men listen to Adnan!
Different and Smart
New listener but subscribed right away, really love the way Adnan looks into films and breaks them down. No spoilers and just a smart way of looking at things. Can’t wait for future episodes and check out the Going Off Topic Podcast! (Shameless plug) Caddyshack forever
Amazing Podcast
Always insightful, consistently gives me films to go back and rewatch, as well as new ones to check out for the first time. Rewatched Taxi Driver and Seven this week after Adnan mentioned them in a couple recent episodes. Forgot how much I loved them.
Don’t rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut
If you know who said that, you better subscribe to this podcast and download EVERY back episode. Adnan is a great listen, I would say better than the “old” days. You can tell this is all him. Thanks for all the great advice, you really do guide my movie and TV watching.
Cinephile episodes “come with smiles.”
Duke Silver's Sax
“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Cinephile.” Adnan takes listeners along quick jaunts through the landscape that is current and past cinema. He and his comrades bring knowledge, passion, and a few cannolis to the podcast with their somewhat antithetical anecdotes of their experiences with film. It is worth the time - no matter the length - to take this journey with Adnan and all who join in the festivity. Adnan, and all who contribute to this podcast, convey true passion for film. They allow the interviews room to inform, the reviews breadth to relate, and the entertainment opportunity to envelop all who listen: from those with a fleeting interest in movies to the most ardent cinephile. To be blunt: I’m a fan.
Great, unpretentious taste
Cinephile covers tons of good movies in a smart and fun way. It's easily the best movie discussion podcast pound for pound. It's so good my dad not only figured out how to listen to podcasts so he could hear it, but he reviewed the show too! And since I have a platform, I'd like to say that Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal moved into my top 25 movies of all time after a rewatch. Keep up the good work!
Want to play a drinking game? Take a shot every time Adnan mentions Martin Scorsese, you won’t be standing past the 10 minute mark.
Welcome Back!
I don’t know what really happened, but I don’t care, because you’re back. This is where I find the movies I’ve missed, or never would have heard about. Adnan’s excitement and unfettered enthusiasm is my favorite part. It’s like listening to my friends talk movies. Thanks!
Cinephile - No movie podcast does it better!
Erik Claxon
So good to have you back and in my opinion, doing what you do best! Just finished listening to the latest episode on The Irishman, your excitement and anticipation for this movie makes me want to to see it immediately. I would have seen this movie regardless of your review, but you have certainly portrayed this as a can’t miss. I loved how you described this movie as it pertains to the other Scorsese classics, not a comparison but how this film tells it’s own unique and melancholy story. I know the pod is dedicated to film, but it would be great to hear a top to bottom recap of the Bada Binge once you’re done. Even if it’s just ranking, or Mt. Rushmore, of your favorite seasons. Keep up the great work, Adnan!
Best Film Pod In The Game
As a listener & unabashed fan since the very first episode, this is a ‘must subscribe.’ Adnan is a five-tool player as a broadcaster & shines as a film critic. His industry acumen, passion, interview skill & relatability to fellow cinephiles always combine for a great listen. I was inspired to finally post a review after recent terrific episodes featuring Utkarsh Ambudkar & a wonderfully detailed review of his experience viewing ‘The Irishman.’ Love the segments, especially Bada Binge allows all to relive an all-time great show in a low-stakes way. Streaming Suggestions was another fun one as well. Keep it up and thanks for all you do. Four Maple Leafs 4 Life!
Intelligent, opinionated, comprehensive—Very informative, and I’ve learned a lot.Also love the Bada Bing segment! And if you like football, check out Adnan’s GM podcast with Michael Lombardi.
High School Mt Rushmore
Love hearing you and ur podcast is great. It’s my Monday morning in the office listen That being said Adnan, how is Breakfast Club not on that Mt Rushmore. It’s a slam dunk! Election great pull! Underrated movie in my opinion Love what you do. Keep up the good work
It’s infectious... in the good way!
If you’re reading this & thinking abt subscribing to Adnan’s podcast, stop, save yourself the time and just go subscribe. Right now. Just do it. If you’re still reading this, and not thinking abt subscribing, allow me to attempt to change your mind. If you like movies, even a little bit, this is must listen content. The affable Adnan Virk brings an unbridled joy to the proceedings that can’t help but get you excited in whatever project he’s championing. It’s like the film school class we all wish we could have attended. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s irreverent, it’s thoughtful and educational. So stop wasting time and smash that subscribe button.
Awesome movie podcast!!
Thrilled Adnan is back!!! Love this podcast and his take on movies, he’s given me a ton of new movies to check out!
Movie Pod for Everyone
Adnan wastes no time getting to his reviews. Sharp, witty and thoughtful in his responses. Great juxtaposition between Adnan and Joe’s points of view. Give this a shot if you’re looking for an easy-to-listen movie/tv review pod cast.
Future USMNT
Love this podcast!
Absolutely amazing, miss the old crew though
I don’t even like movies that much...
...but I love adnan!
Can’t Get Enough
Drake Walker.
Adnan and Joe are an absolute riot and their tasteful commentary gives me a reason to look forward to Wednesday mornings each week. I’ll admit I wrote this to (hopefully) hear you read it next week. So, while I have your attention, could you please tell me each of your favorite movies from Andrei Tarkovsky and Béla Tarr and why? Hope that’s not too much to ask. Thanks in advance!
Glad you’re back. It would be great if you reviewed a movie from the last few decades or so. Maybe something great we all should revisit or something obscure and wonderful that might have been missed. Keep up the excellent work
Four Maple Leafs
Adnan is back
Five Maple Leafs!
Adnan’s love for movies is unmatched, which always makes for fun discussions! In addition to his insightful reviews, he includes fun segments like Mount Rushmore and Bada Binge. The interviews are great, but the show would still be tremendous if it were just Adnan and Joe talking about their favorite films.
Well done
Enjoy the new adnan podcast. The addition of the sopranos segment is perfect. Anything Mount Rushmore is spot on and the interviews continue to be stellar. Adnan could have the best laugh as a broadcaster, though I do question his obsession with Martin Scorsese. 😂😂😂. Keep churning out great material.
Thoughtful and entertaining pop culture podcast
Initially, I had my doubts about a movie podcast by a "sports guy," but it rapidly became apparent that Mr. Virk has a true love and passion for movies. I eagerly await each new episode - while I might not always agree with his opinions, I appreciate the thought put into each review and interview. Keep up the good work!
AV does an outstanding job breaking down film and his recommendations are always insightful. Pod is missing a monthly visit from Ryen Russillo. Miss the two together.
Music inspired movies
You mentioned Walk the Line but not Ray. Chris Rock called WTL, Ray for white people. I loved them both. Great interview by Sean Fennessey on a stinger podcast with the director of Blinded by the Light
Great in-depth film discussion
Really enjoy this show.
Everything Good About Canada
Adnan good. Funny. Clever. Insightful. Adnan make me laugh. Adnan make me think. I love the Bada Binge... but can't help wondering if he ever plans on bringing back a brilliant creation from his ESPN days: "Virkin' Overtime."
Has Joe seen any movies on a movie podcast?
Love Adnan and his energy. But Joe hasn’t seen any movies. This is a movie podcast. Come on Joe.
Cinephile is back and better than ever!
This is the best movie podcast out there. Love the insight and fun Adnan brings every episode. The guest are always great. Big fan of the Badabinge segment.
Extremely Entertaining!
I eagerly look forward to every episode! Great for even the most amateur of cinephiles!
A must for movie fans!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast, one of the few I subscribe to, a MUST for any movie fan! I put a lot of weight into Adnan’s reviews before watching a film. His movie knowledge and depth of his cinematic library experience continues to impress! On a side note, I miss Dan. Joe also has a deep list of movie views on his resume but is too much of a “yes” and “totally agree” man. If I have one critique of the format, the sopranos recaps are a little too inside. I LOVE the show and consider it the best tv series ever, but I dont recall every episode and sometimes tap out when it gets to that segment. LOVE the Mount Rushmore discussion every week. Gets ya thinking. (How did you not include Fargo on your list of movies about a city or location?). Anyway, I’ll be listening to the next episode. Keep it up!
Best entertainment podcast
Jason Pirolo
Extremely entertaining show with great content. I love lists and I love the Mt Rushmore segment. I have my baseball Mt Rushmore as: Major League Field of Dreams The Sandlot A League Of Their Own
Adnan 2.0: Always strong - as good as the previous version
Bayou Bonz
Makes my commute enjoyable. Adnan is honest, unpretentious and funny.
Great Podcast
Adnan’s passion and insight for film & TV is undeniable. Really enjoy the stories & interviews with actors, writers, directors, etc. How-EVUH, I’m not on board with the unconditional Scorsese love-fest, and that’s okay. The Departed was not a good movie, there..I said it. Keep up the great work!
The Best
This is clearly the best movie podcast out there.
Cinephile rules
Top movie podcast.
Excellent podcast
Suspicious Bulge
Adnan’s knowledge of movies is astounding but what’s even more impressive is how he’s not at all pretentious about it. He still seems like someone you could sit down, have a beer with, and share a great laugh. I give this podcast 5 maple leafs
Terrific cast
If you love movies, you have to listen to this podcast! I loved it before, I missed it when it was gone, and I love it now! Although I don’t always agree with Adnan’s choices and pick, his passion and knowledge are always impressive and interesting. Don’t miss it!
Adnan kills it
Title says it all. Adnan Kills it. My movie watch list is ever growing thanks to Virk’s enthusiastic and honest reviews.
Best pod out there!
Fun and Entertaining
Worth the listen just for Adnan’s energy. He’s a great host and extremely knowledgeable. I always check out his reviews before seeing a new movie. Always look forward to the new episodes. Glad it came back and that it’s now a weekly podcast. My only critique is the Sopranos segment. I’m in my 20s so I was too young to watch it when it came out. So the segment either forces me to tune out or pay attention and not get the references/have the episodes spoiled.
I Love Cinephile
I don’t have a beautiful soliloquy to write about how great this podcast is, I just really like this and I hope you read this on the next pod
Could You Double-Check the Envelope?
Cinephile is a must listen for all movie, television, and sports fans. Adnan reviews new releases, tv shows, has great guests (Mahershala Ali anyone?), and also talks about classics worth checking out or rewatching. Also, I like the sports tie in that Adnan brings to this podcast. Also, I like the new Bada Binge and Mount Rushmore segments. I can almost smell the popcorn when the music to the Mount Rushmore piece starts. I like making my own list and asking friends about theirs. Check out this podcast! It’s a winner.
I was waiting for this pod to come back and I love Adnan's insight, keep them coming! Best of luck
Love Adnan so much
I’m a big fan of cinephile in its old format and now in the new format. Adnan is very knowledgeable about the movies and the minutiae that I didn’t know. Keep up the good work!
The Best
Hot for Adnan
Adnan is smart, concise and entertaining. I look forward to his movie reviews.
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