Would be better with just Ben and Zach
I like most of the stuff on the ringer but I can’t stand how insufferable Bauman is. And I’m a Phillies fan
Excellent Baseball Podcast!
Dan Heaton
I was looking for another baseball podcast to go along with Effectively Wild, and The Ringer MLB Show stepped up to the plate. I love the variety of guests and topics, with more of a focus on the latest news. It's well-produced and consistently engaging. Great show for hardcore baseball fans!
Their stuff plays
My #2 baseball podcast (behind only Effectively Wild). Great magazine show about what's happening in baseball (mainly MLB of course), without just being just the news of the week. It has an analytical slant, and it manages to take a long term perspective on things, which is appropriate. I really like the attention to economic and labor issues (so I wish there were more episodes during the off-season), and I appreciate the way they keep to their timetable so the episodes don't run long - I would be OK with a little more depth, but if a topic really demands further discussion, there's sometimes a special episode to take it on.
Guy who tells it like it is
This show is neither humorous, insightful or easy to listen to. The hosts should avoid broadcasting too. Horrible voices.
Episode on Y Puig—so many words, so little substance. How about some supporting examples?!
in solidarity
much respect for bauman’s commitment to covering the intersection of sports and economics. great to hear a labor perspective on baseball.
Great baseball podcast
I love Ben on the pod and think everyone brings a good view of what’s going on around the league.
Home Run Derby
Out For Delivery
Exciting? Whatever. Attendance is once again down and a home run derby is not going to change that. Who cares...
Should be called Ringer AL/NL East
They spend a crazy amount of time talking about mediocre East coast teams while neglecting to cover good West coast teams.
Listen to Starting 9 it’s a million times better
Wow! These guys barely know anything about baseball. They make excuses for lazy players that don’t hustle and no nothing about baseball financials.
Zach Kram has a voice made for silent movies
I’ve tried to like this podcast on multiple occasions but I just can’t. There’s so much better out there. It’s pathetic that this is the best that the Ringer can scrap together for a baseball podcast.
No Concept of Money
rockhead 92
The minimum MLB salary is $500,000. Listening to this show, you’d think it’s $5,000. I tried to like this show because I’m a fan of Bill Simmons and enjoyed some of Ben Lindbergh’s articles back in the day on Grantland, but I just can’t listen to these guys talk about player contracts. In particular, I cannot stand Michael Baumann. It’s not “righteous” to say that Ronald Acuna Jr. is being “swindled” when after winning Rookie of the Year he’ll be making $100 million total for the next 8 years, it’s ignorant. Every chance he gets, he shoves his “”””woke”””” politics down the listener’s throat. The final straw for me was when he said he struggles at times to watch baseball because of capitalism. Michael, name 1 socialist country that has a professional baseball league that brings in 1/10 the revenue of MLB. Name. Just. 1. In the meantime, I’ll be listening Buster Olney. At least he knows his job is “baseball journalist”, not “Bolshevik”.
Social Justice warriors
The last episode with Tim Anderson incident was terrible. Unsubscribing from the podcast. Bunch of people ramming social justice down everyone’s throats.
Now a Political Podcast
too many nicknmaes817643
I enjoy baseball and used to enjoy the Ringer Baseball Podcast, but it has since changed to a political podcast.
great details, just add journalists of color
I appreciate the knowledge of the commentators, but much more insight would be gained by adding more women and journalists of color to this all-white, usually all-male podcast.
nihilistic socialists
Just another nihilistic podcast.
too political
Nuschler 22
Ben Lindbergh is really good, but Michael Baumann can't help pushing his personal policital beliefs. If you are looking for a more baseball focused podcast try Ben's other podcast effectively wild.
Below average
Daily podcast consumer. Of all the baseball shows I listen too, this is my least favorite. Not on the same level as Baseball Tonight podcast, or MLB Morning Lineup, both of which I would assess and this show’s direct competitor. When I have no other episodes from other shows to listen to I’ll listen to Ringer MLB, but certainly not in my daily lineup. Hosts are not very dynamic and are boring.
Michael is so smart and funny.
I’m jealous. Mostly I’m infotained. That’s the byproduct of infotainment, right? Yes. This podcast infotains me about baseball.
Sox clinch and no webcast since Monday
Will there be an update before the World Series? I get more opinion, faster by reading the paper Btw, the Sox won, see you three days after! Sorry, can I get this report in Morse code, or on a stick ticket? See you at the end of Spring Training!
A very hard listen
This is very analytics heavy podcast (great) that really ignores its own biases (not great). I’ve listened to it a dozen or so times, it’s not great. Literally after game two of the World Series, Alex Cora wasn’t mentioned within the first 30 mins of the podcast. Very little actual baseball is discussed. They spent 10 mins during the World Series talking about expanding the field of play. They are great writers, but good God.
One of my Favorites!
The Ringer has so much good basketball content but I think there baseball content is severely underrated. Bauman, Kram, and Lindbergh are so smart when it comes to the MLB and I love the new format this year. My only request would be more then one pod a week!!
Sound like their balls haven’t dropped yet.
Keep Bill Simmons off the Pod
Jed Tong
Red Sox-Yankees is the most overhyped rivalry. NOBODY DENIES THIS!!!?! Like the other most recent reviewer, I enjoyed the previous podcast format of Michael and Ben bantering about recent statistical trends, funny college baseball player names, and what constitutes batting a round. However, making this about “the fan experience” just imports the mediocrity of sports radio and turns the pod into another vanity extension of Simmons’ personal tastes and affectations (re: The Rewatchables). Baumann deserves better!!
If you like numbers....
Matthew WJ
They all love sabermetrics. Too much for my baseball taste. To the point where there’s little jokes.
Fight on Statboys
basketball convert
Each episode showcases yet another valiant attempt by The Ringer’s baseball statboys to make MLB and its players seem interesting. Yet in the end, I must conclude that baseball truly is for a time that passed, rather than a pastime.
My personal favorite baseball podcast
Like the focus on analysis, rather than interviews. Really good.
Looks like a HR but is a bunt groundout
So to start I’m a huge fan of The Ringer series of podcasts back when Grantland still existed. Bill and Robert Mays have been staples of my feed for a while now so I was excited to hear some MLB talk. Unfortunately, this podcast and its hosts rely too much on topics that aren’t very entertaining. It’s fun to watch my favorite team the Red Sox play. I also enjoy catching highlights of games involving exciting matchups between the Astros and A’s for example. So my disappointment mounts when I turn to this podcast and see them talk about the Mets (again) for another hour, or Bryce Harper, or one of the LA teams. Instead of discussing the crazy magic of the A’s, or how the Mariners are a contender, or the messy NL central, we get another boring discussion about Mike Trout. There are way better baseball podcasts out there and if they won’t bother with being either informative or entertaining then I’ll just go elsewhere.
They talk about maybe 4 teams
If you’re into listening to entire episodes centered around big market teams with a below .500 record and never hear a word about any other teams, this is the podcast for you
Love baseball. Great podcast to listen to.
Awesome stuff
Ian McManus
Very informative and helpful
loading the long log
Best MLB podcast I can find but ONE show a week isn’t cutting it!
More labor talk
Gale Sayers
Don’t stop Michael you’re getting to pick up your host game. Keep it up
Social justice warrior discussing baseball
Anyone who disagrees with Michael the genius is too old and white to appreciate his wisdom.
Love the show
But bring back the old theme song.
Tommy "local Area Man"
Love all The Ringer podcasts, but I need more MLB. In season there should be two shows per week. I love it - need more!
Bad changes.
Michael does a great job, but only one episode a week is disappointing. More time for Ben would be nice as well. You guys have enough time to do 5 underwhelming NBA shows a week, but only one baseball? Maybe try to even things out a bit.
Trending down
Last season when the podcast was just Ben and Michael it was full of interesting, intelligent analysis and discussion. This season it has begun to lean in the direction hot takes worthy of sports radio and ESPN headlines. The recent episode where Bill Simmons was brought on to talk about the Red Sox and Ohtani was awkward and embarrassing.
One of the Better Baseball Podcasts
Intelligent banter. Friendly advice to Zach Kram: Stop the constant upspeak.
Not into new format
Liked this much more when it was just Michael and Ben taking about baseball. Not interested in Bill Simmons talking about the Red Sox.
Bring back Lindbergh
Ringer Faithful
Listen - it isn’t that I *dislike* the podcast. It’s just that I can’t understand the idea behind dumbing down the podcast for the casual baseball fan. Although some of the podcasts in the old format had some dull guests and topics, the incredibly forward-thinking, intellectual conversations between Lindbergh and Baumann made the podcast a must listen. As the sport is becoming more niche every season, I just don’t see how adhering to the very casual baseball fan makes sense for this podcast. Maybe you get a few more downloads, but the quality is definitely down this year. I would much prefer two podcasts a week where one goes over the state of the league and one takes a deep dive into any random topic Lindbergh and Baumann feel like discussing.
Not updated ever
obese cat
I love this podcast but it’s neglected by the ringer staff. The ringer nba podcast seemingly has a new post every week day but this seems to be bi-weekly at best. How Shohei Ohtani is less interesting than obscure Celtics bench players that Brad Stevens cooks up in his lab is beyond me.
Great Revamp
Love the new format! Baumann and Lindbergh were a great combo, but the entertainment value was minimal. I found the conversation between the two to grow stale after a while. I love the assortment of guests that brings new energy and insight every 15 minutes or so.
Without a doubt the greatest MLB podcast on the Ringer! The old theme music was better though.
Was good now....?
Robbie Bergren
I really enjoyed the rapport between Ben and Michael last year along with all of the interviews. If this podcast is now going to be *insert ringer staff member talking about their team* count me out. I don’t want to hear fans talking about their teams. That’s sports radio and it’s the worst. I want to hear smart analysis by smart guys (what was most of last year) and Michael harassing Ben about labor and management and awkward college baseball name games.
Love the show but..
How do you go almost 5 months and not do a show? I get it the offseason was slow, but man.
Balls are Juiced
Smart guys who get good interviews and have a fun outlook on recapping baseball.
End the Off-season
Please put Lindbergh and Baumann back on the air. This is a fantastic show!
Make this offseason turn on plz
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