AI brought to the masses
Minter Dial
Sam Charrington has helped bring AI to the masses with his insightful podcasts filled with great guests.
Umm shlip
joemac doeintosh
Great podcast. Way to many “ums” “Ah” and “likes” and lip smacks. If you’re hypersensitive or misophonic, oh boy/girl god bless you. Um ah anyone um in the profession looking for Um a relative podcast to there um profession this is um is it! Smack!
Excellent Perspectives in Machine Learning
Joel Sapp
Love this podcast. Give it a try.
Awesome podcast
Love this podcast! The perspectives from experts are great
The best!
Every episode is a must-listen for me. The show is intellectually engaging and I always end an episode learning something new from the amazing field of A.I. and M.L.
Depth and Diversity
I really like listening to this podcast because Sam Charrington is excellent at summarizing the explanations his guests are giving into digestible chunks. Also he has enough background to draw out the similarities between other work in the field. I like the focus on journal publication level topics as well as popular areas.
Outstanding Podcast
Fascinating interview: Designing Better Sequence Models with RNNs with Adji Bousso Dieng.
Great resource and the host is perfect
Learnt a lot from listening to this ! Appreciate what Sam does
Best in class
Nicholas Teague
Consistently high quality, addressing the cutting edge of research and practice for machine learning in a wide variety of industries. Guest list includes many industry notables. An insider’s view of things to come.
I'm addicted to this podcast
A fantastic podcast that has just the right blend of business level use case and data nerd tech -- I learn from both. I'm building a huge backlog of things-to-do based on ideas that come from listening. Love the interview format.
Broad ranging discussions
awesomely cool and funtaculer
TWIML-AI covers an amazing amount of ground at enough depth for those aha! moments. Plus Sam asks those questions you assumed everyone else understood so you didn’t want to say anything.
Best in class!!
For the podcasts I’ve listened to, TWiML&AI is easily the best podcast in production on the topic of machine learning and AI. Way to go, Sam!
I really like it.
I've been writing a paper on AI, so I thought I would listen to the podcast to see if I could learn something. What I like about this podcast is that is easy to follow for a novice in the field, and it really gives a good understanding without being too complicated. I started another podcast but it was too deep for me. Thank you!
Great ML and AI insights
Sam brings together an amazing range of experts in a way that is accessible without dumbing down the content.
Excellent, Frequent Podcast
Few podcasters are as prolific as Sam while maintaining a high level of quality episode to episode. This podcast covers a breath of topics with a satisfying depth of discussion into each topic. It's a must listen for anyone interested in ML, AI, or Tech in general.
هدى الرشيدي
مفيد جدا عن machine learning اخر الابحاث اللي تمت بهالموضوع ومشاكلها الحالية وطريقة تطوير الكلاسيفاير.
Best podcast on AI/ML - by far!
Sam not only produces a regular stream of top quality interviews, he also commands a breadth of knowledge on the subject matter, making his interviews particularly useful, regardless of your background. Fantastic job!
Favorite ML/AI Podcast
I've listened to most of the episodes. It's clear that Sam puts a lot of effort into finding great guests and the interviews are great. Definitely my favorite ML/AI podcast.
Wont miss an episode
Its nice to listen to an episode of TWiMLAI for the quality of the interview and depth of the topics
Great show
Max Tannone
These episodes are like looking into a crystal ball...🔮...
great coverage of ML and AI topics
a nice way to stay current with ever-changing AI and ML. a wide variety of talks - from research papers, to algorithm intuition, to applications in enterprise, to way out there beyound our galaxy. Thank you Sam!
My favorite
Thank you I like to learn about the robot brains
Great selection of experts to interview! Sam Charrington brings the perfect mix of expertise, curiosity, humility, and the occasional good chuckle!
This became my favorite podcast overnight
The best podcast on AI I have found so far! Thank you for creating it. It is technical enough to be of great value in increasing one’s understanding of the subject, without being too low level and intimidating if you are not an AI expert yourself.
The TWiML&AI podcast offers a privileged view into the realm of machine learning & AI. Host Sam Charrington has earned the right to tap some of the brightest and most entrepreneurial minds of our times. Thanks to his many talents as an interviewer, Sam's listeners enjoy in-depth (nerd alert!l) and entertaining play-by-play accounts of how we got here, and where we're headed, from the people making it happen. Highly recommended.
Covers ML in manufacturing
Sam does a good job covering this topic. This is the only podcast I have found that discusses how ML is applied in a manufacturing environment. He interviews interesting people who are quite knowledgeable and articulate.
Sam is the man with a Machine Learning Plan!
I've been listening to his podcasts to supplement my courses. While hearing these over and over while going thru my undergrad and slowly (16 months in) the data is starting to link up with what I've been hearing in the podcasts and the phrase "I've got an idea" is usually followed by a quick search to show something I randomly heard months ago. Thanks Sam. How can we give you 6 stars?
Engaging content presented in a compelling fashion!
Love it!
Interviews + content = digestible information
Enjoy the content and the interview format. Quite informative and has encouraged me to pursue further education in ML. Keep up the good work Sam! My one tiny negative is that I've found that the intro/outro music is so much louder than the actual interview that I have to turn up the volume to hear the content and then rush to turn the volume down in my car so it doesn't hurt my ears. Not sure if this is just my car giving me problems or if other people have the same comment. Besides that, I give it 5 stars for content and delivery.
Weissman Score: 15.6
Subscribed to this podcast a few months back, but never got around to listening to it. Now, I just finished and wish there were more. I started with the most recent ones and worked my way backwards and it's clear how much you've evolved and matured as a host. You've struck the perfect balance between accessibility and depth, keep 'em coming!
Great variety
Love how many different applications this show is able to pull in!
Interesting perspectives on machine learning
Happy birthday TWIML! This is an interesting podcast, I love how in-depth it goes and how I continuously learn new things about machine learning by listening to it. This is no pop science podcast. The production quality is not great, but it's improving, and the content is what's important anyway. My favorite episode was a few months ago when he interviewed Deep Genomics, discussing the implications of machine learning on genetic engineering. It was really fascinating, I hope he continues to do episodes that feature machine learning applied to novel industries. -@OkGoDoIt
Carlos Manzueta
Excellent perfect I love it thank you the information 👌😀 Carlos Manzueta
Great podcast to build ML awareness and keep up to date
After making a slight shift from data engineering to machine learning, I was looking for a good podcast to get the breadth of knowledge as I was taking classes and learning from engineers on my team. This podcast helps me stay aware of the breadth of ML field while I pick and choose my deep dives relevant to my team/our product.
Only thing I now listen to
This is my favorite ML & AI audio source I listen to. Never stop please!
Sold on the deep interview format
New, interview-style format was not initially good (I gave it 2 stars initially, later raised to 4 stars). Now, I'm sold. Great podcast with tons of insights and learning. Keep up the great work, Sam!
Best ML Podcast I have found
The format of the show is great. Sam has a nack for finding interesting people doing interesting things in Machine Learning. The Josh Bloom and Francisco Webber intereviews ae two of my favorites. I have now spend countless hours diving into HTM, SDR, and the Numenta family of businesses. Keep up the good work.
Amazing Podcast
Sam is able to speak with high-powered guests and is an excellent journalist. He always asks great questions and the content is always interesting. Keep it up Sam! Also, I need one of those stickers!
Excellent introduction to Machine Learning!
A great way to get introduced to machine learning. Lots of variety and always at an understandable level. Well done!
I listened to all of them
Lev Selector
I found this podcast a month ago. Love it. Downloaded every single one (since May 2016) and listened to all of them. Wish we had more information like this available. I am a Ph.D. in math modeling, but new to DL & AI. I listen to the podcast while commuting.
Great content
Great content, easy to listen to and follow ML news.
The real thing!
P leader
This is an excellent podcast. Sam interviews real experts on material ML/AI issues. He understands ML/AI and does not simply parrot pop ideas. I enjoy each podcast and highly recommend.
I was listening to the interview you did with Shubho Sengupta, it was amazing. I really like the concept. I would really recommend it if you are into the subject.
It just keeps getting better
This podcast is truly a public service. Sam keeps getting better at interviewing his guests. By providing Industry information, and technical inquiry, this podcast has been my go to source of information on finding interesting research papers, companies, and thought leaders in the machine learning field.
Great weekly recap
Great podcast for a ML/AI weekly recap. Sam hits on most of the best articles.
My favorite ML AI podcast.
Naveen RP
I like both the interview and the 'this week' format. As someone just starting out this has been a great resource for knowing how ML and AI has evolved.
Great podcast for ML / AI
PL Fan.
As a product manager interested in ML & AI, Sam's podcast has been an amazing resource. Sam has terrific guests and does a great job pulling out insights and interesting stories. Please keep up the good work.
Love the new interview format
This fills an important void in the podcast landscape. Thanks for creating this valuable content! Enjoying the interviews.
Robert Mash
Robert Mash
It's nice to hear from the practitioner's perspective!
Absolutely Excellent.
The explosion of applied artificial intelligence is creating a wealth of available information for professionals and pundits alike, and this excellent podcast brings the best of it together each episode.
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