Episode 81: Fabio Comana
Published December 31, 2017
50 min
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    When was the last time you walked into the gym to train your hormones? Exercise is physical stress; when the human body experiences stress it initiates the production of hormones, chemicals that regulate how various tissues in the body function in response to that stress. Every time you exercise you are manipulating the hormones in your body. 

    On this episode of All About Fitness, Fabio Comana and I discuss the various hormones produced in response to exercise and how they make specific changes to the various systems in your body. Fabio is a professor in the Exercise Science and Nutrition Department at San Diego State University, travels the world to educate personal trainers about the science of how exercise affects the human body and is hands-down one of the smartest people I know. After listening to this episode you will gain a new understanding of how the body produces various hormones in response to exercise as well as the types of exercises you should be doing to make the changes you want in your body. To learn much, much more about how the body responds to exercise, check out the textbook that Fabio helped write and edit: Exercise Physiology (Foundations of Exercise Science).


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