The Break Approved
Great audio quality, great guests, great discussions.
Science should not be bias
I get the point of skepticism but the level of “that is dumb and you are dumb for thinking that” is too much. The guy seems a little more open minded but Marie destroys any credibility these two have as a observational no bias source.
Entertaining and informing
I’ve been listening for over a year now and am a big fan, especially learning about some more sci-fi type science. My only recommendations would be if possible keep a little skewed towards science and less on stuff you can’t get to sciencey on or political spirals . Love it thanks !
I wanted to like this but...
It’s an ok podcast but left something to be desired 😒
Open your mind Marie!
3 stars for this podcast. 5 stars for Chris and 1 star for Marie. A paranormal science podcast is no place for a closed mind. If these topics were as easily dismissed as you seem to think Marie then you would not have any listeners.
Keep them coming...unless it's in a homemade package...
Johnny Is Nerdy
Your episodes on unibomber was a blast 🤓
Real science behind unusual topics
Citrus Sunshine
Chris and Marie make the real science behind these unusual topics understandable for everyone. They also talk about how society interacts with science.
Love the show
The Unibomber series puts them over the top. I am going into the back catalog and listen to more. Keep up the great work. Got hipped to the show from Hysteria 51 minus C-Bot. 👍🏻
Skeptical and fun!
Thanks to the Internet humanity is faced with a massive flood of information and critical thinking is sorely lacking. This podcast is a refreshing, skeptical look at fun and interesting topics.
All my favorites in one!
This podcast has everything! Ghost, philosophy, aliens, science, and so much more! It’s definitely my favorite podcast to listen to with a good variety of topics, good information, and lively discussions. 10/10 would recommend.
This guy really knows his stuff
And is not boring.
Let the fun begin!!!
Well where do I start? It’s got a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I never get bored of the subjects and pleasantly surprised by these two hosts. They have plenty of knowledge on the subject of the day and make it easily digestible. The episode they did on sewing a little something special for your someone special was on point and don’t get me started on knitting placemats, woot woot! Also, the hair removal tips on private parts made my wi.... oh my bad, this is a good show too. Yay
Great Podcast!
I just began listening and I’m currently binging episodes. I love the way that science is massaged (or not so gently) into the podcast with humor and the appropriate eye rolls. It’s a fun listen! Thanks Monster Talk for the introduction!
Just mad fun!
Johnny Stitches
One of the most organized and well researched shows I have ever listen to! With host that are Extremely engaging and likable! Never a doll moment with in the run time! Add this to your library today you will not regret it!
Why politics
Another supposedly paranormal podcast that is a lefty fest in disguise
Cool Podcast
I have only been listening a little while but the podcast has been fun and entertaining! Keep up the great work! 👍
It’s aight.
I wish the host would not say “like” every other sentence.
Politically silly
Indy Film Wisconsin
Could be a better show if the host knew how politics worked in America sadly he believes that science and therefore Scientists should be in charge mostly likely led by him.
Good for the brain
Not Rozie
These guys take a scientific approach in their shows, and I will try to do the same: The laughter coming out of my mouth leads me to believe this show is funny. The way my finger keeps hitting "play" on episodes has me theorizing that I can't get enough. And while the raw data is still inconclusive, my unscientific opinion is that Chris and Marie at least make me feel smarter.
Great cast and interesting subjects
Love this
Hula hoop 123
Recently discovered this show, and I love love love it. Love the different topics. Love the hosts, love everything about it.
Check out history of surgery
History of surgery got me hooked but the take on mental health was commendable and applaudable!
The color blue
This episode kind of blue(!) my mind! Way to think outside of the box with that one. It really opened up my mind to wonder if there are things we see everyday and don’t even realize they are there. I love this show! Marie cracks me up! I can’t wait to hear more!
Very Fun and Informative
As a young Chemical Engineer I wish that there were more podcasts that took this approach to science and . . . not so science. I give this podcast 2 thumbs up. It also makes me laugh that Chris has some of the same mannerisms as I have.
I love Chris and Marie
Smart, funny, good natured and worth listening to. Chris and Marie are actually thoughtful, which I love.
This guy knows his nano particles
I love this show. Chris is an awesome podcaster.
Betty and Barney Hill
The Living Canvas
First episode I have heard! Very well done, thank you!
Great Podcast!
Antediluvian One
Scientific, fun, and keeps it interesting! Love the podcast and can’t wait to hear more.
As a practicing witch
Tea Spells & Secrets
I love this podcast! I fully appreciate how much research goes into each episode and that not only the supernatural side is covered, but the scientific side. It’s not a one sided podcast, which is refreshing! It’s a light hearted show that is mainly informational, a touch of creepy, and a good joke here and there. Thanks for the awesome podcast! 🖤
Intelligent and well produced... love it!
Enjoyed the show, keep it up! If you like Podcast, please check these folks out and support other independent podcasters. Keep listening! #PodTester #PodernFamily #100Pods #PWLT #UnderDogPods ~Sam
Great Podcast
This is an amazing podcast. I found it through listening to Astonishing Legends and I am so thankful to have found it. It's slowly but surely climbed it's way to my most listened to podcast because of the way the host breaks everything down into very easily digestible and understandable tidbits. My absolute favorite episodes are the ones that delve into real science because I walk away feeling as though I've actually learned something. If you're looking for a podcast where you can learn something new and have a hell of a time learning then this podcast is for you!
Great topics and entertaining hosts.
Love it
Dr. Toboggan (Mantis)
Excellent Show, Love the fresh approach from a scientiffic and rooted background. Keep It Up, looking forward to more! Brent from Hysteria 51
Love it!
Odd Traveler
Great concept and execution!
Fairly entertaining until...
The guy just had to interject his extremely intolerant political views. Bye
I am MAD for this SHOW!
Story Spectacular
What a fantastic host! Knowlegeable and really fun to listen to. Just listened to the Satanic Panic episode. I can't wait to hear more unbelievable stories!
Truth is crazier than fiction
Five Minutes of Mime
And mroe fun, too!
Funny and smart
Different perspective from all the "ghosts are real" podcasts. Actually considers science a tool to utilize in the ever evolving research of all things spooky.
It's fun, it's smart, and it's good!
Whiskey Whale
Fast talking brainiac filling my life with hope.
it's ok....
I like the show, but I get bored lsitening and end up turning most off. Needs more entertainment factor to keep attention.
Great listen!
Great to listen to while I'm working! It never gets dull and I find myself bummer out when it's over!
A lovecraftian podcast!
Really like and enjoy this show, gives me a a lovecraftian feeling while listening, spooky and entertaining. I'm sure old H.P. would've loved it was well! :) /Max
Cool show!
Gotta love the style of this Podcast
Cool podcast
This is great podcast
Weird Science! And Fun!
There are a few subjects I really enjoy: science, history and weird stuff. This podcast has it all. Chris is a real scientist who brings a fun scientific approach to some of the strangest subjects. This is a really great show.
A smart treat!
I love Chris' passion for science and the way he tackles topics of dubious substance. He really brings a sober mind to some otherwise silly subjects. His enthusiasm is infectious! Keep up the good work.
Doing a good job
Moose medic
But...stop reading your show to us and start interacting. And, unless you're going to go political, stay off the politics. You end up sounding like a divisive coastal elitist. I think one of the reasons that the podfathers have done so well is that they leave their personal views off the airwaves. Otherwise, keep up the good work! I love the topics, and I love hearing about them from a fellow scientist. I've always thought that I was the weird one in my profession for believing in the paranormal; or at least not conclusively ruling it out.
Who the heck gave it 2 stars?
This is a stellar podcast. They like to say f..., but you get use to it! I💛it!t
An ecclectic brew of knowledge, stories, weirdness, and fabulously entertaining hosts!
Crystal M@th
I like the variety of topics in the Mad Scientist Podcast as wel as the variety of depths in the scientific topics; this set-up maintains the attention of a wide-audience of different backgounds. Good job!
Mad af
Fun and informative. He's a real doctor.
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