Thank you Dr.Swole 🙏🏽
hey tj 555
This podcast is much more then building muscle and looking ripped ... Longevity/exposing the bs in the fitness industry/becoming the best versions of ourselves and the steps to achieving a well balanced healthy long life .
This Podcast Will Save Your Life
I cannot stress enough how beneficial this podcast has been in my life. I was already deep into fitness, counting macros, and working out 5 times a week before I found The Daily Swole. It wasn't until I started listening to this podcast that I started to take my health and longevity more seriously, instead of just focusing on aesthetics. Papa Swolio helped me learn how to take better care of my body, while also reaching my goals of looking a certain way in a sustainable fashion. Sure, there's a lot of swearing, profanity, and vulgarity, but I can't honestly think of another resource out there that's free, interactive, entertaining, and informative WITH NO ADS AND NO BS SPONSORSHIPS. I firmly believe this podcast has added at least 10 years to my life. This podcast promotes education, experimentation, sustainability, and actually getting results. Cheers to daily water breaks!
They get it
Listened to one episode about staying healthy for life and it completely resonates with me!! Fitness for life and not letting yourself go, can’t wait to listen more
Quality > Quantity
Podcast is repetitive and drags on way longer than it needs to. If you like listening to someone bark at the mic for an hour + everyday and give you their one sided opinion then this is for you. If you’re looking for science based straightforward info, look elsewhere.
Great Motivator
Started listening to his podcasts while working out at the gym. They’re a great motivation, comical and being blunt and honest is always good! Keep it up!
OK dude, but get to the point
It sends me into a blind rage when he repeats himself and talks about himself with shameless plugs for the first 15 minutes of every single podcast or video.
Best fitness podcast!
I listen to the podcast while working out at the gym. He's really funny and I burst out laughing in the middle of my workout sessions. I would recommend it to anyone who needs more information about living a healthy lifestyle. Listening to his podcasts changed my life in a positive way.
I stared off with Swolnormous on YouTube and downloaded apple podcast just to listen to Daily Swole podcast! He keeps it simple and speaks the TRUTH and makes you ponder in a lot of things, he’s changed my perspective SO much! 10/10 recommend!!
Too much wasted time
Dude takes forever to get to the point. Too much acting like a bro and not being informative enough. I would rather waste my listening content on dudes that get straight to the point.
Awesome Podcast
NMM's Reviews
This is a great podcast for those new to the fitness/wellness lifestyle to listen to, as well as those who have been into it for a while. Papa Swolio doesn't sugar coat anything, and tells you the straight up facts. He's very entertaining, provides excellent topics to discuss, and the community is great as well.
Fitness and Wellness Truth!!!
Gain Dame
Papa Swolio breaks through all the health bs and glossy fitness marketing to consistently deliver the truth. He offers practical no-nonsense advice and insight, all while making me laugh out loud.
Daily Routine
Frank DiPietrantonio
I just recently found Papa Swolio and love the content and message he provides. Definitely motivates to do better. I was that impressed I started donating to the podcast which provided me an opportunity to test out his program. Didn’t take long from those currently on it to convince but also all the content that is available is amazing. Ended up canceling with my currently PT because I felt Papa Swolio gets it and wants to help more then sell you. I’m not saying you have to join but you wouldn’t be disappointed.
Great podcast
nick burdette
Love this podcast and the Swolenormous community. I listen everyday and papa swole is the truth!! Thanks for all your knowledge and keeping it real and actually caring about what you are saying on here.!!
Part of my daily routine
Elizabeth ji
In the mornings when I have free time I would just be lazy and watch tv. Since following swolenormous I have been so motivated. Every morning I get up and listen to his podcast while cleaning my apartment and be productive. His podcasts have so much information and they’re also sometimes funny. He is brutally honest but in the best way possible.
Due diligence
Dash takes every possible opportunity to provide you with a broad and safe knowledge base to start or continue your fitness journey. His diligence to us who stand behind him, is empowering and steadfast. If you’re looking for someone who says it like it is, this is it! There’s no B.S. here, there’s no worrying about hurt feelings. If you need the kick in the butt, this is it! I bet you money, you’ll view life differently, or at least fitness!!
The REAL-ist!! 🦍💪
I’ve never been one to listen to podcasts at all, but when I found Papa Swolio about 5 months ago, I haven’t stopped listening ever since! He only speaks the truth and says the things people don’t want to say but need to be said and heard! He maintains to be a life coach for me and has brought to my attention a great many things that I will always be grateful for! LISTEN TO THIS!! Jerad
Hilarious & Inspiring!!
Love this podcast!! He is hilarious and inspiring. I’m a 55year old woman who appreciates his honesty and motivation. I listen everyday to make sure that I do SOMETHING to keep myself moving. Training is the Foundation of Youth and Swolenormous gets it. So I listen while I’m at the gym and I love it! Thank you for all you do!
Love listening to Dash!
He’s very knowledgeable, and will tell you plain and simple, just how it is! I’ve been on my fitness and health journey for several years. This past year has been a real struggle for me. I’ve had some health issues that have gotten me down and couldn’t understand why I was having them. Listening to Dash has made me realize a lot of it is coming from my poor choices in food, and I’m currently correcting this. Feeling better each day!
Love this podcast
Everything about this podcast is great. It’s raw, and uncensored which I love; he says what he thinks and backs it up with truly helpful information. I’m able to listen to this podcast when I’m getting ready, drinking coffee, going to work and even when I’m going to bed. Hilarious and informative podcast; I truly enjoy it!
Best Podcast ever!
Love listening to this podcast! Dash puts out so much content on so many platforms so you can pretty much listen to him on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, IG, FB, SoundCloud you name it!! I’ve learned so much about nutrition and how to take care of myself for myself and not follow fad diets and bs workouts and training. Definitely worth your time to give it a listen, you won’t regret it.
Hard truths spoken that many people need to hear. I have enjoyed these podcasts and will continue to support!
Fun and informative
A good place to get some information. Never pushy and keeps it real. Always fun to listen to and might even give you that push you might need to get you moving.
Awesome content everyday!
I love to listen to his podcast everyday! So much knowledge. Keep up the good work!
Unique podcast
Midnight McPhee
He’s a really funny guy and talks about fitness. What more could you ask for?
The best
I listen to this every day - he motivates me and cracks me up at the same time
Gilbert iTunes
Always funny and super informative. Lots of great information
REAL!!! No Bullsh¡t!!!
In your face truth bombs. No filter. The way it should be. #1000 & counting!
Hell yes
Inspirational not motivational. Know the difference. Real language without the fitness jargon crap.
The BEST Podcast Ever
I listen to this podcast every day! I have to save the one from the previous day to make sure I have one to listen to in the morning with breakfast. It helps me stay focused, fresh myself out of bed and reminds me what’s important. Health and fitness need to be huge priorities for everyone, and Papa Swolio is a great example, motivation, whatever you need to GET IT DONE! 👊💪
The way fitnesses should be.
Papa Sowlio not only explains how to exercise. He also explains the nutritional side of getting fit and gains. Learned more from this podcast in one week than any other source. No BS, and not a commercial to buy his plan. Genuinely wants to help you get and stay fit.
Love the cursing!
Kool Keri
Some people think swear words are crass but I think it makes the swole experience even more swole! 5 out of 5 for Papa Swolio
. Health
Love ur show brotha keep it going
This Podcast Makes Me Swole
Kota Bowers
The Daily Swole is my daily whooping in the tail. Dash is insightful, experienced, educated, and truthful to his audience. As a future Physical Therapist student, I very much enjoy Muscle Mondays and feel listening to each of them will help give me an advantage when I begin to start learning about human anatomy. I can definitely say my life improves due to Dash’s content. 💪🏻
The Podcast that got me listening to Podcasts
Nathan K in KY
My wife has always been THE podcast addict at home but Dash's podcast has made me a daily, avid listener. As a new CPT this podcast has been extremely inspirational to me as I really feel Dash cares about his clientel and listeners by providing wonderfully blunt and to the point, honest information. In a world of people pushing pills, powders, and questionable exercise methods its nice to have someone that gets the focus back where it should be - on good solid training, nutrition, and behaviorial/mental wellness. Thank you as always for the excellent podcasts.
Best Ever
The app reviewer :)
I am so happy I found This pod cast. No nonsense, no coddling, no bs approach to fitness, nutrition, and mental health.
Raw and honest, what today’s world needs.
Dania F.
Wow! I just went back to the beginning of the podcasts and only halfway through episode 1 and my brain is buzzin’ and body itchin’ to slay away after a rest day! I absolutely LOVE the enthusiasm Dash brings to each podcast, as well as his desire to educate and expand fitness freaks’ horizons every-single-day. He teaches you to fish rather than give you the fish. His passion for this lifestyle is truly infectious!!!
Awesome Podcast
This is a great podcast with so much information and motivation without the sugarcoating!
Great resource
If you're serious about your fitness AND health this is a great listen. Covers multifaceted aspects of health including the interaction of the mind, body, and spirit.
Gain Train
Papa Swolio is fitness without the bs and there is never a dull moment. Would’ve given him 10 gorillas but stars were the only option.
Knowledge Nukes!!
One of the most knowledge fitness guru there is. Lays the truth down, tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to here. If you want change, you need to listen
Great podcast
Super informative and motivational. I have been searching for a great fitness podcast and this is by far the best I’ve found! Awesome enthusiasm! Papa Swolio is very intelligent in this field!
Thumbs down
Annoying and repetitive couldn’t even finish an episode
Great program!
Grilled cheese77
Dash helps all who listen to understand that getting fit is simple but not always easy. He provides nutritional and gym guidance to help all who wants to loose weight and get swole!
Check your BS at the door!
This guy is amazing. Everything I've ever needed in a guidance program. Every answer to every question I never knew I had. Every day dedication, zero BS. I love it.
The Swole Guru
This podcast is great. Loads of good information , advice and funny. I've listened to them all and follow him on Facebook watch him live everyday noon. He's honest and holds no punches. You wanna lose weight , build muscle , or feel great this is what you need to listen too.
Great Info!
Dash is great and really accessible. He combines superior knowledge, life long experience, along with irreverent humor to help anyone in their health and fitness lifestyle. Has TONS of platforms too. If there's a social media platform he's not on, that would be surprising.
Great podcast!!
This is a very informative podcast. Easy to understand and fun to listen to. This is keeping me motivated!!
Great podcast!!!
It would be well worth your time to listen. Great info and good motivation. Always entertaining!
Gives great information
Great podcast on diet and exercise. Great host who is funny and upbeat but when he gets into technique and information he turns into yogi.
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