Informative and insightful
This is a great podcast to listen to if you want to take a critical look at our culture and society. I always learn something new. Thank you Gene and the Codeswitch fam!
Teaching me
Citrus Sunshine
This is a great podcast to sit and learn. Sometimes I learn what the issue is. Sometimes I learn how to talk about the issue. This podcast is making me a better person.
Love this podcast
Cindy Hd
Great podcast to listen to in the morning.
Good show
Had a problem with fresh air subscription switching to code switch. That was annoying but npr help worked it out for me. Now I listen to both. Good!
Good stuff
Mostly awesome and hilarious!
Educational, informative & diverse 👏🏽
I like this podcast a lot. I like the co-hosts including the substitute co-hosts who show up every now and then. I always learn new things and of other people’s experiences who are different than I am. Well-researched, informative and very educational. I just wish y’all would give other countries your attention & focus on your platform and talk about what’s happening there. It’s always US this & US that. That’s my only criticism. Keep up the good work!👏🏽
One of my all-time favorite podcasts
Absolutely love! Important for everyone to hear.
Love the diversity of thought and spirit
I love the crew behind this podcast. I love learning about their perspectives because despite being "mixed" I have lead an entirely "white" life when I think back to all my priveledges and background. But I need this podcast in my life to give me the other point of view on all topics race related that so divide this country
Wrong subscription
~film fan
Update 8/13/2019 Why is this not fixed? Still not getting my proper subscription. Update 7/24/2019 PLEASE fix this problem Update 7/4/2019 Still not fixed. PLEASE fix this problem Update 6/25/2019 Why hasn’t anyone fixed this problem?!!! ——— Help! For months I’ve been trying subscribe to Fresh air and keep getting subscribed to this podcast. Obviously there’s something wrong on your server or fresh air’s server. Please fix.
Not a good summary.
Listen to revisionist history. Police was awful in Ferguson. But they picked the wrong guy to be the martyr.
Uniquely great
This podcast is full of rich stories and great takes that are great for everyone. I love many NPR podcasts for their story telling but don’t always feel like they are good at showcasing an anti racist ethic. This one makes me laugh, cry, and learn.
As a higher education administrator and doctoral student I love promoting these podcasts to students, faculty, and staff I’m blessed enough to work with on a PWI. The narratives provide an outstanding supplement to information conveniently left out of instructional textbooks and faculty lectures, and particularly allows students of color another lens from which to see the mosaic of why bodies of color matter. Kudos to the entire team for your OUTSTANDING efforts in exposing scoured and racialized historical “truths”.
Podcast feed still not right
Ted Heise
June 3 and this annoyance continues. :( As of May 14, still having Code Switch pop up instead of Fresh Air, anytime I refresh Fresh Air. Almost August, and feed for Fresh Air is still not right. Isn’t anyone listening, or addressing this? :(
A favorite
Love to hear the diverse perspectives, insights and stories. Marvelous idea for a podcast.
Grievance Central
"Code Switch" = endless harping about racism. Every. Single. Episode. Indictments galore for anyone not like them. It's tiresome and demoralizing. One host tries to outdo fellow Spanish-speaking guests with exaggerated pronunciations of Spanish words. The other has chronic mushmouth. Both are officious, judgemental, resentful, and whiny. Rarely does "Code Switch" introduce listeners to anything novel, e.g., the latest academic insights about demographic change, or the daily lives of families new to America (families that don't have severe grievances to air, that is). It's all negative, all the time. In contrast, "Nancy" from WNYC has a healthy balance of positive stories, e.g., celebrating aspects of certain cultures, and other stories highlighting some problems individuals from certain backgrounds face. It's basically as if the Yale students screaming at Professor Nicholas Christakis (check it out on YouTube) now have their own taxpayer-funded podcast. Negative. Alienating. Repellent.
Good breadth of topics and voices
White girl from Seattle who works in tech, here. This is one of my all-time favorite podcasts. I appreciate how diverse the topics are — they cover everything from the racial politics behind the US Census to being a queer person of color. And it’s refreshing to hear perspectives from folks who aren’t privileged white men. Thank you, Code Switch Team!
Thank you
Mrs & Mrs Bickerson
I love this show. I’m so grateful for these perspectives. This is important work for everyone to hear for different reasons. I assume people of color feel it’s important to have shared space to talk about shared experiences. It’s definitely important for white people to just shut up and listen and allow people of color to feel like the won’t be interrupted for a change.
I like code switch, but where did it go?
Fresh Air keeps downloading in my feed under this podcast? I love actual code switch, but I on purpose don’t subscribe to Fresh Air.
Informative and engaging
Code Switch is such an informative podcast. The short and concise episodes make it easy to absorb a great deal of information. The topics they cover are diverse and quite original.
Fix the subscription issue on the iOS app please
The show itself is good. But the subscription keeps switching to Code Switch. I’ve even tried unsubscribing and resubscribing. It’s gone on like this for a couple months now. I can’t be the only one experiencing this.
A Look Inside
This is such a critical podcast for today. Our world needs a much better education in race and culture. At times it can be hard to know how or where to get that education. This podcast is a great resource for current issues and how they impact different groups of people. The hosts are candid and insightful-this podcast is a beautiful look inside cultural ideologies and lives experiences and is a must!
Too biased
Originator 88
I don’t know why it’s so hard to be unbiased. If you bring people on a show to talk about a topic don’t give one side twice as many guests and twice as much air time as the other side. It’s so predictable which way it will lean, too. I don’t feel like I gain anything by listening.
Lifelong Learning
I’m a retired person which means my early experiences did not include much history outside of White perceptions, much cultural interaction with persons of other races or traditions, much understanding even though I have had concern and curiosity. Even now I am afraid of doing or saying something stupidly offensive. I totally agree that it’s my job to educate myself so I read a lot. But this podcast, hearing ideas, issues, explanations, history, and traditions in the voices of many people different than myself is exciting! I am so happy to finally make sense of things. And so sad that I never knew so much because of housing/school segregation. This is a safe way for me, for anyone, to learn. Subscribe!
What’s Reverse Racism?
Lunar Ark
Not a single white male in the group. When did it become white men vs the world? There IS a hierarchy in every culture in every nation of the world and at ALL times. The fact that you personally are not at the top speaks volumes about you and very little about the American Standard. Intersectional politics is why YOU people have forced the American hand to re-elect a Donald Trump. Don’t break your arm patting yourselves on the back calling it racism.
be carnes
I love Gene and Shereen! This podcast is so thoughtful and timely- well researched, with good story telling. I often use pertinent episodes to illustrate concepts in my Sociology classes and I recommend them to my students. Thank you for the excellent work!
Insightful and entertaining
Real and highly entertaining talk on intersectional issues of race, culture, ethnicity with humor, wit and keen insight.
Great program
Excellent discussions on race and culture that’s in it enough for POC and non confrontational enough for (most) anglos.
Same problem with Fresh Air! Too annoying!!! I have to resubscribe every day to Fresh Air and then zombie Code Switch possesses the podcast and Fresh Air disappears from my library.
Right or wrong
Wether I agree or not it always makes me think
Love this episode
Entertaining and thought-provoking
One of the best. Expand your horizons.
This podcast is usually timely, thoughtful and provocative. I felt that one of my favorite podcasts was replaced by a cooking show. This episode was disappointingly shallow with a few minutes of conversation about intersectionality.
One of the best society and culture pods out there. The stories covered are fascinating and voices included are those you often don’t hear from. The hosts are very likeable and seem normal and honest. I think Code Switch is doing very important journalism.
Everyone should listen. Incredible hosts, deeply informative and respectful content. Thank you guys!
Code switch
As of May 16th still have Code Switch pop up instead of Fresh Air. Please fix, very annoying.
Fix the podcasts
fix the podcasts
The podcasts are still jumbled. Fresh Air is deleted daily and Code Switch appears in it’s place.
Very educational
Jackie Albers
While I can't directly relate to the majority of the content, I really value learning about the history of activism for events that I didn't know took place. Each episode opens my eyes and I enjoy the details that are explored.
Love it
New Nashville
I love this!!!!
Podcast? This is my favorite NPR radio show
Page Larkin
Podcast? This is my favorite NPR radio show re-packaged as a so called “Podcast” Love Fresh Air and Terry Gross.
Automatic Download
Dozens of this podcast were just downloaded to my library without my say so. A gigantic pain to delete every single one.
iTunes keep replacing this feed with Story Corps
Please fix this glitch!
What happened to Code Switch??
Apple Podcasts took my Code Switch subscription and wrapped it into Fresh Air without any warning! How disappointing - a bit of a heads up regarding the restructuring would have gone a long way. I’ve unsubscribed-I don’t have the mental bandwidth for all that Fresh Air covers-but I will finish listening to the Code Switch episodes I had downloaded before the merger. Peace.
Appreciate you!
PNW boomer
As Gene says often “I appreciate you”! Thank you for a “woke” podcast that informs with interesting interviews and commentaries. As a 57-year-old mixed race woman, I have learned so much I did t know I needed to know (like what woke means). I get educated without having to embarrass myself with what are probably basic questions (also didn’t know Latinx and cis-gender or the explanatory comma for that matter!) I keep listening hoping I might be considered woke one day by my young brothers and sisters.
Always Insightful
This is easily my favorite podcast. I've been listening from the beginning and have enjoyed 99% of the episodes and always look forward to each one. Hard to pick faves but I especially appreciated the one about black characters in horror movies. I am a fan of the genre but the analysis provided by the professor on the topic was mind-blowing and made me think, "Of course! It all makes sense!" Now her observations seem so obvious. There are also others like the one about the explanatory comma. I enjoyed that one and didn't really think much about it and was surprised to hear how much some people felt strongly against it. It's really helpful when this kind of information is shared because even though it can be somewhat jarring to hear about backlash to something you don't think is controversial AT ALL, it helps you understand where others are coming from though this is also in large part to a great production team. As for some constructive feedback, use fewer academics. As good as they often are, there are other experts out there.
Best ever Podcast!
Y’all blow my mind every time. Your stories are informative, timely, real and infused with respect and dignity. Thank you for making podcast about race, identity and culture that represents our larger black and brown identities real and dope. I appreciate you. #codeswitchisdope
667: Wartime Radio
Racq the Belle
This episode was well done and I enjoyed it, but LOL at Ira saying “I guess that’s what America does these days; make people work for free,” as if America doesn’t have a long history of slavery.
Episode on how to talk about Israel
I was presently surprised with the balance of the episode . You guys did an excellent job of addressing why it’s so dangerous for some ... (not me) to criticize the human rights violations and other issues involving Israel . Good work folks
Good but could be better
Really interesting podcast with valuable insights. Great job uncovering the day-to-day impact of racism in America, and helping listeners understand how and why endemic racism exists and how its unfairness manifests in our society. Still, I think the podcast could take more risks. They should push the show toward a more open dialogue by inviting people with differing opinions. To give an example, there was an episode arguing that pitbulls are demonized as a byproduct of racism, proven in part by stories in Sports Illustrated. This is presented as fact and goes unchallenged. Why not have a conversation with the writers/editors of those stories? Maybe there’s something more to understand? There’s a lot to learn from this show but there should also be some willingness to challenge the narrative with counter opinions. It would make for a more compelling podcast.
Mostly Love It, But...
lady luvvvva
I’m disappointed that there was never any focus on Black islands hit by hurricanes. Additionally, sometimes, I feel like Shereen is reaching.
Great Pod!
Excellent pod that covers hard to talk about racial issues. Content skews toward issues facing African Americans. I would like to see more content facing other races.
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