Did David Bowie “make love to his ego,” as frequently as I enjoy making passionate love to myself? 💡 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Dr. Amen
The podcast with Dr. Amen is by far one of my favorites. Drama always talks about the original Kevion podcast being one of the greatest but this is right there with it. Never a dull podcast with the people Drama brings on the show! Love it!
Thank you!!
This is my go to podcast when in the art studio taking it all in and learning so much!!! Thank you!!!! Kevin Scott Jacobs Artist
My Hero
truck chic
The show was incredibly engaging and raw. The Chase Hero interview was incredibly inspiring and authentic. I loved this podcast and took tons of notes. Huge value .
Great podcast! Thank you for everything Drama!
This is a very new podcast Ive recently decided to check out. Always knew of Drama just havent really paid attention to his new work. But man, this guy has golden information on his Podcast. Its like whenever he brings on a great person onto the show, it makes me dig more deeper into that individual to learn. And when I come back I find another great person he interviews and I go all over into that persons work to learn. Its a rinse wash repeat. The topics discussed, the people interviewed, and information dropped... This show deserves 5 stars. Thank you Drama and I truly appreciate your time and effort into make this a quality show. Keep them coming!
Awesome podcast. Very inspirational.
Surprisingly dope
Didn’t even know Drama had a podcast till I heard him on Mike Stud’s podcast last week. I enjoyed it so much I decided to check it out and started with the very first episodes. This is a solid podcast with solid advice for younger people who need direction in life...and even for some 30 year olds like myself.
Don’t miss these conversations!
So much to think about after listening to each podcast. Inspiring! Loving it!
This podcast is going to make you feel empowered
I have to say this podcast came to me when I was facing a dark side of me. The words that Tom said about letting go, it’s so true. You have to let go. You have to have the power to embrace that dark side and say watch me. Man those words really got to me. I am here for a reason. I am here to get what I wanted and I am going to make it.
Great Podcast
TACOS and Real Estate
Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast so far, originally was trying to listen to the KEVION podcast only but kept binging. 5/5 TACOS rating.
Love you!
Awesome podcast !
Great episode with Alex
TAKE THAT TENISHA!!! Great interview. Definitely gonna read the book! @noogle18 on instagram
Phenomenal Podcast
Andrew Duna
If you’re thinking about listening start now— Drama interviews some of the most uniquely successful people and asks the questions we all want to know in the most sincerest curious way possible that just sounds like a normal conversation. It’s a crucial free resource to learn the different definitions of success that people have defined for themselves and how they ultimately reached those standards through some unbelievable trial and tribulation. Drama if you’re reading this I just had one constructive criticism, please focus more on the “mid-journey” that period in the person’s life where they had their head set on leveling up. For example grant cardone was dealing drugs then bought a single family home, sold it, then moved to San Diego and then 3 years later bought a piece of real estate for 340k down? How on earth did he get 340k? What was he doing in the meantime to be able to invest that kind of money? This part of the journey I feel like is the most important to your listeners because that’s where most of them are. Please please ask just a few more questions based on what they were actually physically doing in order to be able to level up into their first apartment complex/gym/clothing brand/get to the nba. Like how many hours a day, what was their schedule like? This will REALLY help me get an understanding of what it takes to try and reach the levels of these people. That’s all, I really appreciate you dude, I listen to every podcast and I feel like these real life stories are a way more valuable education than college could ever be.
Inspiring & Empowering
I’m absolutely in love with “Short Story Long”. There are so many powerful stories of overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals, and I love how it showcases so many different paths to people’s success. Drama as host is killer! This podcast is part of what inspired me to leave my past job, and start a new career in business.
This is my favorite podcast! So much good knowledge and inspirational content
Grear podcast!
hardcore fight fan
I just recently started listening and I this is by far one of the best podcast about entrepreneurship, personal development and inspiration I’ve come across. The Charlie Rocket and Kevion episodes were really amazing. I run several businesses and made the Inc 500 list this year, and it really pumps me up and inspires when I hear what fellow entrepreneurs are going through or have gone through on their journeys. The personal development stuff has already made a big difference for me and I’m only getting started with it. A huge thanks to Drama for creating such and inspiring podcast. -David G
Game Changer
What an incredible podcast. So stoked for every new episode drop. The value this podcast has provided to my life, mindset and business is priceless.
Dopest Podcast
Drama provides the best content for his listeners and has dope guests on his show. I always take the content they provide and incorporate their words of wisdom to help improve my life.🙏🏽 💎
Awesome Podcast !!
This is great ! Shared knowledge and experiences that anyone can learn & benefit from . ✍️
Genuinely amazing
Fat region
So much love for this podcast. I’ve created some good habits and have gotten some amazing tools for success from this podcast. I’m genuinely so glad this podcast exists, can’t even say how many episodes I’ve listened to over and over, just to jot down notes or when I need to feel inspired. Keep up all the great guests and meaningful interactions. One day I’ll be on...just letting the universe know
Great Pod, but Biased
This was a great podcast with some of the best/most motivating guests. It's great to get into the minds and histories of some of the most successful young entrepreneurs. Only opportunity for improvement is the obvious bias against college education. Drama has found great success without going to college and it is obvious he is very drawn to stories that involve a lack of education. He consistently bashes college and higher education, leading the listener to believe that perhaps he has a subconscious regret for not obtaining the social experience from college and thus is projecting that onto his viewers through consistent and directed bashing of the experience. It would be more beneficial to welcome it as another path to success that many people have leveraged successfully. 2019 Edit: Drama has fallen deeper and deeper into the political bias of the leftist elite. It started off with subtlety but he has grown more and more bold in his leftist agenda. The first 30 seconds of his interview with the CEO of Tender Greens and he asks her about her political affiliation, to which he responded "That's what I wanted to hear" when she indicated she didn't fit in to her Republican surrounds growing up. Affective leadership and influence stems from lack of bias, open mind, and true appreciation for diversity of thought. This podcast no longer represents that and it is very unfortunate as a long time listener.
#1 pod
Eggshell bring
As the title says
These stories you allow to be shared are everything! 🙌🏽
I just got into listening to podcasts in August. Since that point this podcast is the one I mainly listen to. I am excited every Wednesday when a new episode drops. Keep it coming Drama!!
Dope podcast
Started listening since episode 50 with kevion dope podcast the other day with him.. Met drama at pinz bowling alley earlier this year and brought up his podcast and kevion and was laid back and pretty dope very humble guy.. big fan great podcasts with kevion and with Charlie rocket! Keep it up bro!
Honestly I only tuned in because I saw it on Drama’s IG page and I was curious about what he has been up to. I’m SO glad I did. All of the episodes I’ve listened to are so inspirational in their own way. Keep up it up! THANK YOU!
The good stuff.
Avery yo
Solid interviews with amazing guests. A world of free information to be learned. I’d be really interested with an interview of the founder of Ethika. I’ve always wanted to know the story of why he went a different way from what seemed like a booming brand. And what happened that turned the company into what it is today. I used to love the brand, but there was a big shift of loud/cheezyness that turned me away. I’d love to hear that story
Dopest Podcast EVER
I never have written a review for ANYTHING ever in life. But I wanted to write one for this podcast because it’s hella informative and inspirational hearing all the stories of the entrepreneurs. For me personally, it has helped me gain a lot of valuable knowledge as I continue to grow my brand UNFAZED. Most of the people Drama has interviewed are people I’ve admired based on where they’ve come to where they are today. This is literally the only podcast I listened to and I am happy Drama started it and I can’t wait to listen to more entrepreneur’s stories.
Thanks Drama for having Kevion on your podcast! Those are my favorite Episodes! It has a good rhythm and flow, a good easy-to-listen-to chemistry. Love the name too, “Short Story Long”!
Thank you
I recently got promoted to LA running a men’s shoe department at The Grove. Driving from OC everyday I needed to find something to kill time. My friends kept telling me to listen to pod cast and was searching for content related to my industry and came across yours. It’s apart of my daily routine now. Hearing people’s stories pushed to finally start a side project. Super motivating and inspirational. Keep it up! You should Interview my buddy Nick Sisombath from Collegium. He’s got a good story.
Exponential effect
Shred Murphy
Great podcast. This opened up a whole new world to me. I started listening to the podcast because I follow drama on ig (grew up watching rob n big and fantasy factory). After listening to one, I got addicted and listened to like 10 in a couple days. Then it became an exponential effect and I started branching out and following many of the guests and listening to their podcasts, which opened more doors and more inspiring and motivating podcasts. Some of my favs are kevion (obv), Tom bilyeu (impact theory is great and that is one smart mf), rob dydek (the og), Ed mylett
Dual Podcasts
This podcast
The first podcast I ever listen too. The best ever. The structure of the podcast is great. Asking questions from day 1 of the guest life. How they were as a kid, during school, and how they got where they’re at. An amazing podcast.
CooL and crazy informational! Learned more from these podcasts than I did in all of school! You should have Johnny Cupcakes on here!! Peace #iLCS
Inspirational and informative
Very good podcast! Look forward to many more Drama!
Most motivating podcast out there
Very Authentic!
So real and Chris has a great way of connecting so it feels like an authentic conversation with his guests!
Entertaining, Thought Provoking and Informative. Perfection.
Ryan McElmon
This is one of my favorite podcast series by a mile. I have listened to almost every episode and I feel like I take something away from every single one. One of my favorite parts of the shows is hearing people’s opinions on schooling and college nowadays since it is so much of a different world than ever before. I’ve found that even if the information in a specific episode doesn’t connect with you, it still gets your mind rolling about other things. Some of my best ideas have came during these podcasts because someone says something and it makes a little lightbulb in my head go off about something sort of similar. Thank you Drama and everyone involved. You guys have inspired my friend and I to start a brand of our own while also skiing and biking professionally. One person I would love to hear on the show is Jay Alvarrez. He’s had a pretty wild story and he was one of the first to live off an identity on social media. It would be super interesting to hear all of his opinions on social media, school, his journey, living in LA, living in Hawaii and traveling the world producing social media. Thanks again guys. Every episode gets better and better. -Ryan McElmon
Listen to #118 STRAIGHT FIREE! Worth every second.
This podcast is a game changer thanks man!!!!
Dope Podcast - minus one thing
Great work Drama, loving the podcasts, the guests are awesome ... you need to check your DMs! Get Janet Tran @janettrann on ASAP! 22 yr old female boss entrepreneur, co owner of NEM Fashion, great story, great personality, will give a ton of value to listeners esp female audience growth 💯💎
Such a big inspiration and motivator
This podcast really makes you realize that anything is possible. Success can come to anyone with the right mindset. Thank you. Keep the episodes coming!
Really enjoy the format/concept of going through the guest’s life history and the crazy events that shaped their paths.
Thank you
Cely's Journi
Very Motivational and inspiring. I m one of your million.
So good
Listen anytime I’m doing physical jobs and have my ears free, keep the stories coming!
Keeps me motivated
I have my own little art business that I work on after work and I listen to this for most of my 10-12 hour shifts and then come home and draw into the middle of the night listening to this as well. I’ve noticed he days I don’t listen to this podcast, I usually don’t draw. The stories motivate and inspire me to work on my business even when I don’t feel like it that day. Keep me coming! @814ArtStudio
Awesome Pod
This podcast paved the way for me to experience other massive influencers like Tom Bilyeu and Gerard Adams, as well as exposed me to another side of Drama. Appreciate the valuable content!
5 stars
People think you and I look alike.
Greatest PODCAST out there
10 STAR rating would be an understatement!! His YouTube channel is also GREAT!! Check me out on YouTube at MidtownLawnCare
Great Podcast!
Honestly did t know what to expect when I first tuned-in. However, was pleasantly surprised. Great content, guests, and flow!
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