Vocal Fry
I enjoy the podcast but you should keep this Ben guy off the show. Holy vocal fry. Hard to listen to. I had to turn this one off.
Surprisingly bad
Thought it would be better. Basically they tell the news that was told yesterday by everyone else without any creativity nor wit. A corporate democrat viewpoint.
Shame on you
How many episodes have you don’t about a man getting angry about something? Fewer I bet than the one you did about a female politician crying. Shameful and sexist.
Lacks historical context
Lance McJones
The analysis is reasonable, but rarely resulting in an “ah-ha” moment. Lack of diversity in age does adversely impact the podcast. All of the podcasters should listen to either Mark Shields, David Brooks, or David Gergen to get more historical context. For example bringing up impeachment as an issue. The election eliminates the relevance of impeachment and it becomes a non-issue. Democrats and Pelosi are only using impeachment hearings to put dents in Trump’s armor. Real impeachment voting will never occur this close to an election.
Listened to the Iowa state fair/ Trump tests evangelicals
Didn’t mention Bernie. They talked completely around him. Didn’t see the bias until now.
Not bad. Left leaning.
Jonathan Reynolds
Not bad. Left leaning. Probably a little over rated IMHO.
Political analysis Lite
Do you like reporting on the whims of the donor class and campaign money chase? Do you like the pronouncements by East coast accented young folks with little sense of American history about minority and working class voters? They love all sides equally because the whipping up the horserace is what brings in the green, right Politico?
Team is ok
Junkie born before 1980
This podcast has fallen on my list of listening items. While I think the moderator does a good job, the reporters lack an understand of political history beyond 4 years ago. They often sound like they are debating in the high school poli-sci club. Politico should hire some folks over 30.
Something else than 2020 would be nice
There is a lot more content you could be discussing besides an election more than a year away
It's OK
It's fallen on my list of political podcasts. It's informational, but doesn't have the personality of other similar podcasts or the unique point of view. Also, I don't get the datapoints. They seem arbitrary and really pointless towards the discussion. Good reporting, just not engaging enough.
Informative Podcast
Well organized and your topics are relevant. jeepsjku #RoadToPhd
Definitely NOT Nerdy
This podcast is well hosted and very informative. I was able to get a lot of info very quickly—— without getting overwhelmed. It’s become a “ must listen”for me. I get a few chuckles along the way while listening, so that’s very enjoyable
Fine, not nerdy
Tom Barnhill
This is perfectly fine albeit lightweight discussion from reporters. Not sure why it's called "Nerd Cast". The host says "data points" a lot, but this isn't a wonky podcast. It's just like any headline regurgitating panel discussion you would hear on CNN or Meet the Press. If you're looking for that, this is a mediocre but acceptable example. If you're looking for something like The Weeds or FiveThirtyEight, this will be a disappointment.
Deep and small
I like the way they take one subject and focus deeply on it, often rounding up lots of tidbits from not so recent past, creating a broader understanding of the matter.
One of my weekly routines
A coworker recommended this to me. I’m glad he did. I look forward to hearing their feedback. Seems the reporters do know how to get close to the newsmakers in order to provide some firsthand reaction. My primary annoyance (why 4-stars rather than 5) is with some of the production and post-production quality. I personally loath Skype reporting and unbalanced recording volume. Sure, I understand Skype reporting and why it is used. There is little excuse though for unbalanced recording volume. Overall production is sufficient enough. What is it though about ‘Thursday’ for weekly podcasts? I end up having to take a long walk or drive just to hear them all. No regrets. Just wondering why not Friday?
Poor attempt
Ken Ringo
Pathetic reporting, reflecting horrific bias.Your coverage on B. Sanders.
Control the saliva on your commentary
Guys the guest today could barely control his saliva. Anything you can do to spare us his swallowing?
Nice change - solid news
Jen LH
This pod gets straight to the point. I don’t have time for the giggles, in-jokes and snide remarks that take up space in so many podcasts. This host doesn’t go on and on, or constantly interrupt the guests. He gets to the news fast - that’s what I want. Also some really good, knowledgeable guests.
Was great
Now is only good. Becoming increasing biased against Trump. Host and male guests, can't remember their names, seem smug sometimes.
Smart funny satisfying
I look forward to it every week
Technical Issue
The content is great but the disparity in voice level makes it difficult to listen to at times.
My favorite
I look forward to each episode. I always learn something new.
Remember Carly Simon?
David M Gibson
“Nobody does it better” than the weekly insights by the Politico group. Thank you for feeding my thirst for the happenings in politics.
Bounced Back
After a rough patch, this Podcast has bounced back and is interesting again! The August 24 cast was fantastic with a fascinating pre-recorded piece in the middle about a day in the life of a reporter covering the President when scandal breaks.
Informative & Objective
One of my favorite political podcasts.
Pretty mediocre, listened since 2016. Not super engaging.
Vocal Fry
Guys!! This vocal fry situation is spinning out of control. PLEASE pour yourself some tea w/ honey or something. Other contributors are 100% fantastic. Just one vocal fry contributor/guest can ruin the whole show for me.
Would be really great
This show would be SO great, but one of the ladies in this says “sort of” and “like” so much it’s hard to keep listening to it. Otherwise it would be one of my go to shows.
Intelligence in a Podcast
I always learn something from Nerdcast. It’s timely, topical, and the hosts are engaging, smart, and personable.
J Dutch VFU
If you like this podcast, then you will probably be a very big fan of these as well: Dumb All Over EchoPlex Media Alternative Facts Chi Voice from the Underground
I never miss an episode
Unlike some political podcasts, which seem to belabor the obvious, I often learn something I did not already know from the data driven portions of the program or hear perspectives that are more interesting and enlightening than other shows.
It’s good
There are so many aspects of current politics that need to be covered. This is one of the important ones that can help us understand current events.
Lisa Howard
Just listened to your bonus podcast about Lisa Howard. Fascinating! Thank you!
Subject matter = promising
he's the one
But the vocal fry is repulsive, rendering it as unlistenable as The Weeds.
Deer Hunter
So Ms Elena Schneider is seriously mistaken about this Miami, FL listener. I’m with you Charlie! Deer Hunter is an amazing American Classic! I’ve been unable to watch This Is Us because it’s way too “soap opera-y” for my taste. My wife, however, loves the show. Keep up the great work with the pod, the data points are always great. I look forward to hearing Elena’s synopsis of Deer Hunter. I suspect she’ll be surprised. -Raul Cernuda, Miami, FL
love nerdcast but volume is too low!
Love the show but its audio volume is way below that of comparable podcasts; NPR, etc. Especially the March 16th episode. When you have any ambient noise at all, it's hard to hear. Please fix.
Great show, great insight! Terrific reporters...
keep up the good work!
Great for wonks!
This podcast is fantastic for those who want to go deeper into policy discussions than other formats allow. The moderators and guests are always fantastic, although nobody tops the amazing wit, charm and snark of Eliana Johnson!
Really Great Podcast
This is one of those podcasts that helps me better understand politics by providing some of the “backstory” that puts the issues of the day in a broader context. Nicely done.
A must
sharp rabbit
Smart conversation, in depth, insightful.
Asked solid, objective questions without any political agenda. Keep the quality guests coming, and I’ll keep listening.
Great perspective
Really like this show for its centrist and real time take of the intricacies of modern politics
The best show
Amazing "in the weeds" discussion. My No. 1 go-to political podcast. Obvs miss Ken Vogel's cool voice, but Eliana Johnson has an equally cool one, so heck yeah!
Eliana is a tool
I find other podcasts (Crooked Media) are better informed and more entertaining. I also think Eliana is a tool - she adds very little value and is incredibly annoying.
A solid 4.
As others have pointed out there just isn’t much more in this show than you’ll get elsewhere. I do like that they often present Republican counterpoints fairly and accurately (I think) as a bit of insight never hurts.
Good analysis
Amar Kelkar
It's part of my weekly political news rotation, but not quite the must-listen FiveThirtyEight politics podcast.
Doc Hollli$ay
Where have you gone Kristin Roberts, Politico turns its biased eyes to you
During the election, this podcast was a fantastic source without pushing an agenda. Kristin Roberts led this group in a way that informed and gave both sides to an issue. Since her departure, the group likes to present their opinions of stories a lot more than reporting them. In the most recent episode, they dismiss tax reform discussion early in the podcast stating that in light of Hurricane Harvey the the optics of talking about tax reform was bad, then came back later to say why isn't anyone talking about tax reform. Also? They spent way too much time defending their reasons for writing about shoes, stating that it doesn't really matter, but we wrote about it anyway. Clearly they have found an agenda they want to push, and are full steam ahead.
Very enjoyable- spot on
Jon Carr from SJ
Very enjoyable- spot on. Love the numbers format - definitely provides a useful focus/lens to the myriad of data points available this election season.
Your house is on fire, but cheer up, these guys brought bottled water
The nicest thing I can say about this podcast is that it's bland, mechanical, and no matter how many pundits participate, seems to be delivered in the same monotone. Very focussed on small process questions and when they do attempt a larger context, it seems to be a Reagan/GHWB/Bill Clinton context that's inappropriate for the time or a sports-ish context b/c most of these guys (and it's usually guys) sound like they really would prefer sports reporting. There's no sense that politics might be more important than Double A baseball or college basketball. By the time it's released on Friday, most of what they've said and attempted to analyze, is usually obsolete, which is fine b/c it wasn't all that interesting or helpful to begin with. And they never supplement it based on crucial news. Usually, by about 10 minutes into the podcast, it feels like they're just trying to get it done so they can pick their kids up from daycare. (Hope they made it on time!) I keep listening wondering when the sense of urgency or history will kick in, but it doesn't and I'll give up soon.
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