Could be 5 star
Interesting stories, it’s unfortunate the host feels the need to spend an excessive amount of time normalizing abnormal behavior. A straightforward telling would be appreciated. Host has soothing voice. Wish I could give this a five star review.
It’s ok...lots of “I think” and speculation
It’s sometimes interesting but not very with a lot of the narrator’s own opinions but not a lot of evidence or facts. She has a very dramatic voice and does seem to care about the victims.
Good content, rough production
FM Productions
Stories are great and details seem well researched and I LOVE that most stories are from my home state but the poor production quality is distracting. You can hear the host swallow, click on computer, things making noise in the background etc. Unfortunately these distractions make what might otherwise be a very engaging podcast, sometimes tough to listen to. Some improved production value is much needed. Some light background music would go a long way. These issues might get better with more current episodes since I am writing as I listen to the first season.
The best
Love this podcast
Please do Edmund Fitzgerald?! Love podcast!
Please do the Edmund Fitzgerald? I know it’s a Michigan/Great Lakes case but it’s of national interest — it’s still the greatest maritime loss of life for the U. S. (in peacetime). Update January 2020: best wishes for your new life in Georgia Nina and family! We are from California, in fact we are from generations of Californians, and yet we haven’t lived there in quite some time. I am sure you’ll miss Michigan deeply but carry on with your excellent podcasting work! Also, your new podcasting equipment sounds great. What a pleasure to listen to your beautiful voice with such clarity!! Outstanding true crime podcast with an emphasis on Michigan cases! Nina has the most beautiful voice in the world of true crime podcasting (and likely all of podcasting)! Her sweet and soft voice sounds like — in the most beautiful way possible — softly falling rain. It adds perfectly to the mood. I should say that I do like Paul Holes’ gritty baritone on the masculine side of true crime podcasting. Nina produces a marvelous true crime podcast that focuses primarily on cases in Michigan and/or cases that involve Michigan natives. This is an indie podcast, and yes Nina should probably invest in some better equipment so that her voice is more clear. But I recommend her podcast highly as she does a huge amount of work, including her own real research (no reading other people’s articles as her own), and she gives voice to the victims in an especially touching and heartfelt manner (she genuinely cares and shows it with her careful writing). Nina also beautifully tells the tales of the victims of these crimes, and her descriptions of the victims and their families are worth listening to as they are the most sympathetic of any podcast I’ve heard. And now for an aside to Miss Nina herself: Nina if you ever read these reviews please know that a bunch of podcast listeners I know (including myself obviously) would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you — a Michigan native who covers topics in Michigan on your great unique podcast — to cover the tragic and mysterious sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. My mother still remembers hearing about the ship, believed to be lost, on the news even though we lived in a different state! You could discuss the incredible tragedy of it, give all of the lost crew and their bereaved families some love and respect, and possibly refer to the gorgeous song written by Mr. Gordon Lightfoot that made this incident on the Great Lakes so legendary. You’ve covered other cases, like the plane crash, that were terrible catastrophic incidents that have haunted Michigan for years and even decades. I sincerely hope you can do an episode on this topic and bring your beautiful voice and excellent work to the story of the lost crew, their families, and the mighty Fitz that went down so quickly, without a sound (no alarm as it disappeared from radar), in November of 1975. Love your show! Highly recommended!
Single voice storytelling
The host has a great way of using inflection, emotion, and cadence to draw the listener in to the podcast, and effectively becomes a voice for the victim without exploiting the families left behind. Nina is a natural narrator, and her selection of cases spans both historical cases that have been forgotten by all but those left behind to the family and friends trying to come to grips with tragedy in the age of instant communication. A go to podcast for True Crime libraries.
The host does her research and is a great narrator
Let’s face it, there are a lot of of true crime podcasts out there. Some just do it I think because they like watching Forensic Files. Most of the podcasts have silly hosts who go off track, leave important details etc. Not Nina, she does her research and is a journalist at heart. She is extremely talented and has a way of sweeping you into each case. I love this podcast and this host even though I am not from Michigan. One of my favorites.
Well Played
I like that this is Michigan based. Nina does a great job and has an interesting voice. My only issue is during some of the interviews where a person is talking besides Nina, it tends to drag on and I find myself skipping ahead. But well done Nina, I look forward to each episode.
Well researched.
My favorite part of the podcast is the amount of research that goes into. The cases are interesting and the way she tells relays the information is not distracting to the case. Very appreciate of the work that goes into this podcast.
Love from a Michigander
I’m from Michigan currently living in Rhode Island and this podcast gives me a taste of home and insight! Keep it up. But maybe more recent cases? About missing kids from Detroit! There’s a lot
Love it
Subscribe and listen. Super interesting.
Like the cases, but...
...if you’re like me? And find improper intonation distracting? This narrator? She will drive you nuts. And if you’re aware of the ungrammatical? There’s a lot of reasons to pass on this one. The cases are interesting but the maddening attributes overwhelm the content.
Great host
This host has the best voice of any podcast. She could read the dictionary and it would be scary.
Love it
I’ve listened to every episode and you should too
Amazing podcast
I can’t stop listening to this podcast. It’s so good and it encourages people to come forward if they have information on any of the cases. Thank you so much for your work!!
True Crime Lullaby
I discovered this podcast by searching for any podcasts covering the missing Skelton Brothers. I absolutely love how she presents her episodes. She doesn’t chit chat forever, she gets right to the story, which I love. There’s also tons of episodes for someone who wants to binge! (which I’m about to start) But mostly, I love her voice. It’s so smooth and calm and relaxing to listen to. Like a true crime lullaby. 5 stars!
Great stories
Well written stories that are informative yet still very respectful, no ranting or crazy tangents. Plus Nina’s voice is so soothing and calm. 10/10. Perfect podcast to listen to while winding down at night
My favorite podcast
Nina is always so respectful of the Victims yet very informative as well. I love the way she says ‘come with me..’ It makes me feel like we are walking beside her during the episode/ journey to the past. I really appreciate her attention to detail and making sure that some of her smaller cases have as much information as the bigger ones. There is no better podcast in my books
Thank you
I just want to say thank you for doing the podcast on Shaylene Farrell . I will always remember that day it was a day that our little town lost its innocence.
One of the top True Crime Podcasts Available.
Nina delivers a great show. Her delivery is spot on and the amount of research she does is evident with each show. Keep up the great work.
Best True Crime Podcast
You won’t find a better produced podcast anywhere! The detailed research and presentation is second to none. Good job, Nina... Will be looking for you soon on Dateline and 20/20....
So Glad to find this podcast-I’m Tired of flaky, ditzy hosts discussing True Crime
I listened to the host do the Oakland County Child killings but didn’t know she had a podcast. I wish I would have found this earlier. Well done!
Is this a robot?
The woman’s voice sounds like a robot. Bleh
Katherine Lewin
Interesting cases but terrible audio quality which is distracting
Good work
I enjoy this podcast. The narrator seems sincere and knowledgeable. I have one issue with her constant use of the double subject in her speech pattern, however. When I was learning grammar this was forbidden.
The Best True Crime Podcast. Period
Foggy Star
You will not find a more fact based, accurate and thought provoking podcast.
Thank you for this wonderful podcast. The narrator has a soothing, calm and factual nature about her and the story. She presents each of these cases w the dignity and respect they deserve. I enjoy listening to each and every episode.
Awesome podcast
M E Ward
I am very picky about podcasts, especially true crime genre. However, I’m totally captivated by our host & love the phrase “Come with me, back to...”. It engages my imagination as if I, too, have a kind of ‘view finder’ to the past. 5 stars for sure!
Found this podcast couple weeks ago while listening to the Bardstown podcast and that one from Nancy Grace podcast. I’m a true crime fanatic and love the ways Nina tells the stories you can tell she puts ALOT of effort into this podcast. I just got to episode 39 so I have a bit to go but really enjoying it thus far.
Great show!
I enjoy this show a lot! Thanks for helping me get through my days spent in a cubicle!
Already Gone
Nina’s the best! Great voice and an even better story teller; it would be great if she could have a weekly podcast.
Hello ALL true crime podcasters
I like this podcast. It doesn't matter that I am from MI. Murder is murder. My problem with true crime podcasts is that the hosts always feel it's necessary to give us the gruesome details. Why should I have to skip an episode because of this. All you have to say is someone was murdered. You can tell us it was gruesome and that's all we need to know. Most of these cases will never be solved anyway so do we really need all the gruesome facts? You wouldn't even have to use the "listener discretion is advised" moniker. Please consider this. I don't need to know the manner in which someone was killed.
Beautifully Told Stories
Nina does a fantastic job with this podcast. Many of the stories I'm not already familiar with. Nina tells each case with compassion and kindness, giving the facts so that the listener can fully understand the impact each person's case had on his/her family and community. Much research must go into this podcast and Nina really is amazing. I love Already Gone.
My fave podcast!
I never miss an episode!
In my top 5 podcast list!! Keep up the good work!
Top notch
Tupel O. Honey
I appreciate the research Nina puts into her podcasts. The stories she selects are intriguing and her voice ... oh, her voice I could listen to all day.
ALREADY subscribed
Crime Podcaster
Love the cases, the spotlight on missing persons cases and focus on this part of the country. Nina is a host who is easy to listen to and tells a great story. Must listen! Matt | True Crime DEADLINE podcast
Bad host
Ssssss...sssss...all I can focus on issss the pronunciation of wordsssss ending in the letter S.
Great show!
Though I’m not familiar with the areas she describes in various episodes, she provides the kinds of detail (geography, weather, et cetera), that make the story come to life. Her fascination with mystery is obvious and adds to the the overall interest in each episode. I love this show.
Love 💕
Great pod! Nina has a great voice and is a natural storyteller. I regret that I’ve only recently found this, yet am optimistic in that there are so many episodes to catch up! Great job and keep up the great work you do!!
Nina is amazing!
So well thought out and researched! Her voice is amazing I can listen to Nina all day!
Is this a computer robot?
Listening to this is awful! I’d love to hear stories from Michigan but listening to these monotoned stories is very difficult to get past. It sounds like a computer robot telling a story.
Joanne Fettig woods
Oh my god, your voice is so soothing. I hate the ratings thing. I go to click on 5 stars and after I hit one it says “thanks” you know you have 5 stars from me! Stay safe from Dorien! ❤️❤️❤️
Intro music is awful, cases are interesting
If you can just get through the funeral style intro music, the podcast is well worth listening to. Nina has an interesting voice but is very serious and makes everything sound tragic. Yes, crimes are tragic. But a little bit of change in inflection and somberness would go a long way.
New to Podcasts
I could listen to Nina’s voice all day. I got into true crime about ten years ago when a local gas station had two books for sale that were true crime from Michigan. I was hooked. Now with a teenager I can’t always find time to pick up a book and read. A family member suggested podcasting. I came upon this podcast through Facebook and have been hooked since. My commute to and from work is now listening to Already Gone. I’ve tried a few others, but there is truly something about this one that draws me in and keeps my attention.
Well done
Buddha is
Respectful & well told, one of my few 5 stars.
Nina’s voice is so perfect for these topics- soft and respectful, incredibly easy to listen to, and just a little haunting.
Love your voice, your content and individuality. Great job!! I’m a subscriber!!
Love listening
Hello nina. I enjoy how this podcast recites cases in a story telling fashion. No annoying background music. It’s calming and very compassionate. Thank you for all that you do for these victims that deserve their story told. 🙏🏼
Love it
Love this podcast. So interesting and well researched.
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