October 15, 2019
This is another Missing in Michigan episode, covering two cases that need more attention, but lack information to make them appropriate for a stand alone episode. We're talking about the unidentified person known only as "Bill" who was found in Highland Park in March of 1976, and the unresolved disappearance of Tammy Sue Clements who vanished from....Michigan, or maybe Nebraska, or possibly California in 1980. Or was it 1981? 1982? We simply don't know, but we'd like to find out! #MISSING #DOE #UNRESOLVED #DETROIT #MICHIGAN #NEBRASKA #UNIDENTIFIED #DNA  Bill's NAMUS profile  Tammy Sue Clements - Charley Project Southern True Crime Podcast Meet Up 10-26-19 Charleston SC  True Crime Podcast Festival, KCMO July 2020   Support the show.
October 1, 2019
September 1991 Vicki Harshman worked the overnight shift at the Holiday Inn (Holidome) in Lebanon Indiana. In the course of her shift, she would be attacked, robbed, and murdered.  If you have information on her death, please contact Det. DIckerson of the Lebanon Police 765-482-8879 VIcki's death bore several strange similarities to the Days Inn Murders of 1989, (I-65 killer) but her murder appears to be the work of an as yet unidentified serial killer. Additional reading - American Crime Journal Check out our sponsor! Better Help for 10% off your first month. #Indiana #Murder #SerialKiller #Travel #Unsolved  Support the show.
September 15, 2019
In 1937 the disappearance of three upstanding citizens from the small community of Melvindale shook the metro area. Today, almost 90 years later, we still have not found the Melvindale Trio. What became of Artie Mabie, Margaret Reddon and Thomas Lorimer? #Missing #unsolved #Detroit #Michigan  Check out our sponsor!  MagellanTV – a brand-new streaming service that features the very best collection of true crime documentaries available anywhere. The service includes over 1500 documentary movies, series, and exclusive playlists. Check out the crime and mystery genre, designed with you in mind. Claim your first two-month free trial, only available at Support the show.
September 1, 2019
Jayme Vaughn Bryant was last seen in Kalamazoo Michigan on the last Saturday in June of 2013. Despite being 6'6 tall, he vanished without a trace. If you have information on his whereabouts, please contact Detective Rivard of the Kalamazoo Police Department at (269) 337-8139 Check out our sponsor, Better Help! Visit and use code GONE for 10% off your first month.  Music in this episode includes:  Embrace By Sappheiros Artist SoundCloud License Music Promoted by Support the show.
August 21, 2019
As a special treat for listeners, this is a special preview episode of Today in True Crime, a DAILY true crime podcast created by Parcast featuring a crime that occurred on this date in history. Subscribe by searching for Today in True Crime in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your podcast player of choice. Support the show.
August 15, 2019
December 12, 1991 24 year old Greg McRoberts leaves home on his bicycle to repair a broken down car. When he doesn’t return home, searches are organized to find him, but there is no sign of the young father. When his body is discovered a month later, there are more questions than answers.  In 2005 a letter arrives at the home of Greg’s parents, written by the person who accidentally struck Greg on a dark December evening. Greg's loved ones would like to connect with the letter writer and finally get closure in Greg's death.  Visit our sponsor - Better Help  #Michigan #Midland #unresolved #vehicular #accident  Special thanks to Chuck Walters of Spy Stories Podcast for his support in creating this episode.  Support the show.
August 1, 2019
This is a special LIVE episode recorded at the True Crime Podcast Festival in Chicago Illinois on Saturday July 13, 2019  Already Gone and Trace Evidence podcasts bring you the horrifying story of William Bradford Bishop  Special thanks to our sponsor, Better Help. Use code GONE for 10% off your first month.  #Murder #missing #unsolved #annihilator #Maryland #TraceEvidence #AlreadyGone  Support the show.
July 27, 2019
Hey Already Gone fans, check out this podcast Killer Instinct. In this episode you’re going to hear a clip from Killer Instinct about The Richardson family murders, committed by the 12-year-old Jasmine Richardson and her 23-(yes, 23)-year-old boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke, in the last place you’d think for a true crime episode to take place – Alberta, Canada. Subscribe to Killer Instinct at: Support the show.
July 15, 2019
The mysterious disappearance and death of Teleka Patrick, a resident at Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo Michigan. Please check out our sponsor: MagellanTV​ - a brand-new streaming service that features the very best collection of true crime documentaries available anywhere. The service includes over 1500 documentary movies, series, and exclusive playlists. Check out the ​crime and mystery genre​, designed with you in mind. Claim your two-month free trial, only available at ​ #Missing #Unresolved #Minority #Michigan Support the show.
July 1, 2019
The summer of 1983 was a special time in the life of Shawn Raymond, he graduated from high school, came out to his family, and disappeared without a trace. It would take decades, and the work of one state trooper to bring Shawn home. His death and disappearance remain unsolved. If you have information about the death of Shawn Raymond, contact Lt. Young of the Michigan State Police, Flint Post.  Visit our sponsor, Better Help, use code GONE for 10% off your first month.  Additional music: Embrace By Sappheiros Artist SoundCloud License Music Promoted by #Missing #Murder #Michigan #Algonac #StClair #LGBTQ #Detroit  Support the show.
June 15, 2019
On March 22, 1993 19 year old Carmen Van Huss invites a male acquaintance into her Indianapolis apartment for take out and a beer. She pays for this meal with her life.  Her murder remains unsolved, if you have information please contact Lt. Bill Carter of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department317.327.3282 Please check out our sponsor: MagellanTV​ - a brand-new streaming service that features the very best collection of true crime documentaries available anywhere. The service includes over 1500 documentary movies, series, and exclusive playlists. Check out the ​crime and mystery genre​, designed with you in mind. Claim your two-month free trial, only available at ​ #Indiana #Indianapolis #Murder #Assault #Unsolved #ColdCase #Teen Support the show.
June 1, 2019
July 2013, Northern Michigan native Kelly Boyce Hurlbert is taking her bike home after work when she is struck by a vehicle and dragged. Her injuries will prove fatal. Was this a hit and run? Or something more sinister?  This episode written by Micheal Whelan.   If you have tips or information email:  or contact contact the Traverse City Police Department at 231-995-5150.  Check out our sponsor: Better Help visit for 10% off your first month.  Additional Music provided by RFM: Support the show.
May 15, 2019
Labor Day weekend, 1973, 15 year old Terry Wayne Sutter heads into the woods with a six pack of beer under his arm. He won't be seen alive again. When his remains are discovered it's clear that he was brutally beaten and suffocated. Oddly law enforcement isn't interested in pursuing the case and almost 50 years later, no one was ever arrested, charged or named as a person of interest. His mother and many siblings still hope for justice in this bizarre and frustrating case. His case is being handled by the Benzie County Sheriff - (231) 882-4484 Check out our sponsor: Better Help visit for 10% off your first month.  Additional Music provided by RFM: Support the show.
May 1, 2019
Mother's Day 1982, high school students David Cole and Timothy Fowler die in a fiery blaze at the Cole home in Deerfield Michigan. This episode features an interview with the sister of Tim Fowler. If you have information on this unsolved case, please contact the Lenawee County Sheriff's Department at 517-266-6161 or, submit an anonymous tip via CrimeStoppers, Online at: or via text  274637 Start Tip "LENAWEE" Visit our sponsor! Green Chef - For $50 off your first box of Green Chef visit Greenchef.US/alreadygone Additional Music provided by RFM: Support the show.
April 15, 2019
On Valentine's Day 2018, Lauren Stuart of Keego Harbor, Michigan set in motion a plan that would lead to the violent destruction of her entire family.  If you are struggling or need assistance, in the US call  1-800-273-8255 Additional Music provided by RFM:     Support the show.
April 8, 2019
This is an updated re-release of Justin's case. 35 year old Justin Holt went missing from west Michigan in January, 2018. His case is being handled by the Muskegon County Sheriff's Department    or you can contact Silent Observer with information about his disappearance. Photos and additional reading here Already Gone will return with a full episode on Monday, April 15, 2019  Support the show.
March 18, 2019
On June 1, 1990, 24 year old Connie Royce went to the Hayloft Bar in Mt Clemens, Michigan. She was on a date with a new guy, Greg, and Greg's friend, "Brad" tagged along. About 11pm, while Greg was in the restroom, Connie fled the bar, carrying her shoes. She left her handbag behind. Connie would never be seen again. Her case is under the jurisdiction of the Macomb County Sheriff's Department. Be sure to check out Don't Talk to Strangers -   Nina's long form podcast about the Oakland County Child Murders. Support the show.
March 4, 2019
On a Sunny day in July 2016, 31 year old Alexandra "Ally" Brueger was out for a 10 mile run in the community near the home she shared with her parents in Rose Township, Michigan. The quiet afternoon was shattered by four blasts from a shotgun, the last shot reaching it's mark, striking Ally Brueger and ending her life. Her case remains unsolved. #Murder #Michigan #Unsolved #Shotgun   Come see me at the True Crime Podcast Festival in Chicago, 7-13-19  Support Already Gone by visiting our sponsor! Care/Of. Check out and use code AlreadyGone50 for an exclusive discount  Support the show.
February 18, 2019
In 1951, Toronto Maple Leaf player, 24 year old Bill Barilko scored the game winning goal in overtime during the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals. He flung himself across the ice, tucking a quick backhand over the shoulder of the Montreal goalie, giving the Leafs their fourth Stanley Cup win in five years.  A few months later, Barilko disappeared, taking the Leafs winning streak with him. The Leafs would not win another cup until 1962, within weeks of Barilko’s return home.  His story is immortalized in song, 50 Mission Cap, by The Tragically Hip. Sponsor: Lola. Visit and get 40% off your subscription with code ALREADYGONE  #Canada #Toronto #Hockey #LeafsForever #LeafsNation #missing    Support the show.
January 21, 2019
August, 1981 27-year-old Cynthia Jane Miller of Beckley West Virginia is shot to death in her home just hours before her wedding. Who murdered her? Why has the case gone unsolved for so long? #Murder #WVa #Mountaineers #Unsolved Visit our sponsor: Care/Of visit, and use promo code ALREADYGONE50, for 50% off your first month! Additional Music provided by Argofox: DOCTOR VOX - Frontier  Support the show.
January 7, 2019
The unresolved murder of Barbara Barnes from Steubenville Ohio in 1995.
December 3, 2018
Memorial Day weekend, 1994. Sixteen year old Jody Lynn Brant leaves her home in Gwinnett County Georgia to make the 12 hour drive north to Oakland County Michigan. She’s planning to spend the long weekend with her cousins in the Pontiac area.
November 19, 2018
On August 16, 1987 Northwest Airlines Flight 255, traveling from Detroit Metropolitan Airport to Phoenix Arizona crashed 14 seconds after take off. At the time of the accident, it was the second deadliest crash in US aviation history.
November 5, 2018
In this episode we discuss the disappearance and murder of 15 year old Becky Stowe of Niles, Michigan in 1993. #Murder #Missing #Michigan This week’s promo from Southern Fried True Crime. Nina – The Already Gone Podcast
October 22, 2018
On the morning of December 26, 1991 Bernice Gray dropped her toddler daughter off at day care and headed for work. Gray didn’t arrive at work, and wouldn’t be seen again. Days later her bloodstained car was found abandoned in Detroit.
October 15, 2018
Enjoy this bonus cross over episode, Death’s Door podcast meets Already Gone as we discuss a death penalty case out of Florida. Already Gone will return on Monday October 22, with an all new episode. #Florida #Deathpenalty #exonerated #murder Nina – Th...
October 1, 2018
Episode 101 Missing in Michigan: Carlee Jade Morse On a warm August night in 2010, 15 year old Carlee Jade Morse of Westland stepped out of her apartment to speak with a friend. She would never be seen alive again.
September 12, 2018
Troy Michigan, September, 1964 – Estranged from his wife and desperate to avoid a divorce, a mentally unstable man does the unthinkable. Special thanks to Sam Kulper and CD Luck for providing additional voices for this episode.
August 29, 2018
This episode starts in my hometown of Berkley Michigan, with a look at the many crimes of murderer and Berkley High graduate Byron Hoffmeister. This week’s promo from the Murder Mile true crime podcast. Visit our sponsor audible.
August 14, 2018
**This episode contains graphic details relating to murder. Listener discretion advised** The 1979 Murder of Monica Hockey of Clarkston, Michigan. A crime so brutal, so vicious, that lawmakers lobbied to bring the death penalty back to Michigan.
August 1, 2018
On Monday November 23, 1987 the bodies of Gail and Ricky Brink are discovered in their Holland Township (Michigan) home. Twenty two year old Gail and 29 year old Ricky were each shot multiple times, likely in the small hours of Sunday November 22.
July 4, 2018
Episode 96 The Death of Officer Martin Chivas In April of 1974 two prisoners walked away from the Magnum Prison Farm near Marquette Michigan. They embarked on a 55 hour crime spree that involved kidnapping, robbery and murder.
June 20, 2018
Possibly the most disturbing episode of the show to date. In March of 1982 41 year old Maris “Marty” Karklins entered the Paulson home on a Saturday afternoon. When he left, all five members of the family, Bob, Mary Jane and their three children,
June 6, 2018
On November 12, 2013 Chelsea Small was working at the Advance America store in Taylor, Michigan. During a robbery she was shot twice and her killer made off with $200 in cash. Despite video and images of the killer, he remains at large.
May 23, 2018
In 1971 Ralph Dean Templeton, known as “Dean” decided to leave his life in Flint, Michigan behind. He set out on a cross country journey in an unsuccessful bid to become the 38th president of the United States.
May 23, 2018
On June 8, 2012 Lisa Marie Knight met up with her former husband, Lloyd Frey, they had plans to visit their youngest child. The visit never happened. Lisa made a 10:30p phone call to a friend, and then she vanished.
May 9, 2018
In this bonus “mini-sode” we discuss the dig for the bodies of up to seven women happening in northern Macomb County. The life and crimes of convicted murderer Arthur Ream, touch on the Oakland County Child Killer and review the cases of missing women ...
May 9, 2018
On a sunny, summer Saturday in 1990 all hell broke lose inside the Osco Store in South Bend Indiana. The store was robbed, leaving three dead and a mystery that lasted more than a decade before former employee, Charles Allen, was put on trial.
April 25, 2018
On Earth Day (April 22) 1990, 17 year old Chris Temple went with friends for a bonfire at Rose Lake Research Area in Bath Township Michigan. Around 9 p.m. Chris walked away from the bonfire, never to be seen again.
April 11, 2018
Content warning – murder, sexual assault, harm to animals. In 1987 Barbara Blackstone was 30 years old, happily married and enjoying a successful career as a high school teacher. Someone snatched her from her home,
March 28, 2018
On a spring day in 1996 Debra Iverson disappeared from Birmingham, Michigan after leaving a doctor’s appointment. Leaving her husband, family and two young sons behind. When her body was discovered the next morning,
March 14, 2018
Between September of 2009 and December of 2018 ten women have vanished from Flint and the surrounding area. While some of these cases have limited information available, I’ve tried to put as much out there as possible in the hope that they can find the...
February 28, 2018
Between 1981 and 1983 three young women, aged 20, 16 and 19 were murdered. The first victim was left in a ditch in western Oakland County, the final two bodies concealed in wooded areas of Livingston County.
February 16, 2018
In 1847 Michigan became the first English speaking territory in the world to abolish the death penalty. In 2002 Marvin Gabrion was sentenced to death for the murder of Rachel Timmerman in Newaygo County, Michigan.
January 29, 2018
The morning of May 3, 1992 Ted and Gina Hollman left their 21 year old son, Eddie Hollman, at the house while they attended Sunday services at Sacred Heart Church in Dearborn. When they return, Gina discovers the body of her son on the floor in the bas...
January 20, 2018
Donnie Martin III, a hard-working young man from a good family. Donnie battled addiction and his family fears that his demons put him in a dangerous situation. Donnie Martin was last seen midday on Thursday August 3, 2017.
January 17, 2018
Twenty-year-old Deborah Polinsky was murdered in her Port Sheldon Twp. home in July of 1977. Her case was aggressively pursued and investigated, but no arrests were made Today, detectives from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department continue to work her...
December 14, 2017
October 1994, bow hunters in a remote area of Alcona County Michigan discover human remains. In the last 23 years her remains have been tested against the DNA of dozens of missing persons, including Laura Lee Alber who was last seen in Lansing, Michiga...
December 7, 2017
As the year winds down we perk things up with a True Crime Broad Cast, interviewing Michigan author Karen Dybis about her new book:  The Witch of Delray: Rose Veres & Detroit's Infamous 1930's Murder Mystery. We also talk history, landmarks and Detroi...
November 30, 2017
January 1998, Sudbury, Ontario. 23 year old Renee Sweeney is working by herself at the Adults Only Video Store on Walford Road.  Around 11:15 a.m. a man enters the store and attacks Renee, stabbing her repeatedly. He flees the store and is never seen ...
November 23, 2017
In December of 2002 Marco Pesce was a father of three children and the owner of Italia Jewelers in Livonia Michigan.  The night of December 21 two men attacked and robbed the family, leaving five dead and a community in terror.  Within days the killer...
November 16, 2017
22 year old Kelly Nolan would disappear after a night out with friends in Madison, Wisconsin. Her remains would be discovered July 9 in a remote wooded area south of town. Includes an interview with Joel DeSpain of the Madison Police department. #...
November 9, 2017
January 8, 1982 Thomas Randolph and his wife Sharron enjoy a meal at their favorite Chinese restaurant in Southfield. The couple is assaulted after leaving the restaurant, leaving Thomas injured and his wife dead. It's an 18 year journey to solving...
October 26, 2017
In September 1979 Kim King slipped away from her friends house, made a late night call to her sister and was never seen or heard from again.  Could her case be related to the Oakland County Child Killer?  Please visit our sponsors: use c...
October 19, 2017
In 1977 Carson McDowell was a 43 year old married father of two. An executive at General Motors. A family man, friend and neighbor.  So why did he end up tortured and murdered by the side of the railroad tracks in Ferndale? Why was his case so hard to...
October 12, 2017
May, 1975, two cousins, Scott Hardy and Mark Mellendorf walk from Mellendorf's home in Lapeer County Michigan to Tody Lake for some fishing. When the boys don't return home, their parents raise the alarm and searchers scour the woods for hours trying ...
October 5, 2017
In 1991 and 1992 a small community in the upper peninsula of northern Michigan was rocked by the brutal murders of two women. It would take a break in at the home of a third woman to bring this unlikely murderer to justice. #Michigan, #Yooper, #Ser...
September 21, 2017
Hillary Norskog was only 13 years old when she became the first victim of a serial murderer near Chicago Illinois. While his parents attempted to shield Steven Pfiel from his responsibility in her death, they could not stop him from killing again.  Su...
September 14, 2017
Tuesday December 9, 1997. 23-year-old Laney Gwinner meets up with friends at a local bowling alley in Fairfield, Ohio. She shot a few rounds of pool, had a couple of beers and left just after midnight, headed to her boyfriend’s nearby apartment. Lane...
September 7, 2017
In June of 2010 seven year old Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline Elementary in Portland, Oregon. Despite comprehensive searches of the area, no trace of Kyron was ever discovered. #missing, #unsolved, #Oregon Visit our sponsor - u...
August 24, 2017
In 2012, 23 year old Julia Niswender was chasing her dreams. A student at Eastern Michigan University, her goal was to work as a broadcast journalist. One December evening, someone entered her off campus apartment and murdered her. Her death devastate...
August 17, 2017
In September 2009, just days before her wedding, graduate student Annie Le vanished from the Yale Campus. Her brutalized body would be found days later, stuffed inside a mechanical panel near the lab where she worked. Visit our sponsors! Blueapro...
August 10, 2017
School violence is an ongoing issue of concern to students, parents and staff. In October 2013 Danvers High School was the scene of a violent and brutal murder, when a 14 year old freshman raped and murdered his 24 year old math teacher at school and d...
August 3, 2017
On January 19, 2015 19 year old Brock Turner, a Stanford University Swimmer, was arrested for the sexual assault of a 22 year old woman, "Emily Doe." In the months after the assault his story would change and evolve. At the trial, he was found guilty ...
July 20, 2017
On August 6, 1993 Army Sgt Kenneth Junior French entered the Luigi's restaurant in Fayetteville, North Carolina armed with two shotguns and a rifle. When his rampage was over, four people were dead and eight others wounded. #murder, #north carolina,...
July 13, 2017
In 1983 the battered body of Erik Cross was found in a ditch in front of his house. He'd been beaten, dragged behind a car and finally run over, his body left on the edge of the road.  In the 34 years since his death, the Cross family has waited for a...
July 6, 2017
The thirty fifth anniversary of his attack was on June 19. I thought I would take another look, a deeper dive if you will, into this case. The brutal baseball bat attack on Chin in Detroit on a hot summer night in 1982 led to the Asian American Civi...
June 29, 2017
In 1996 19 year old Jillian Robbins opened fire on the Penn State University Campus, killing one and injuring herself and another. This is her story. Visit our sponsor: use code GONE at check out to save $50 on a mattress purchase. #Aard...
June 22, 2017
During a 12 day period in January of 1984 suburban Denver was rocked by a series of attacks by a hammer wielding home intruder. When his work was done, four were dead, Four more grievously injured and the community was shaken to its core. Aurora Pol...
June 1, 2017
In May of 2004 53 year old Al Kite had a good life. He was in good health, had a nice home and a good job. His relationship with his girlfriend, Linda, was in a good place. He seemed like the last person who would die a violent, gruesome death at the h...
May 25, 2017
October 25, 2014. 22 year old Chelsea Bruck attends a huge outdoor Halloween party/concert in a wooded area outside of Monroe, Michigan. Dressed as Poison Ivy in a long plum colored wig, and leaf trimmed green leotard the tall blonde spends the evening...
May 18, 2017
On a bitterly cold January afternoon, 13 year old Rachel vanished from the family home in Bolingbrook, Illinois. No trace of her has ever been found.
May 11, 2017
Discussing the annual missing in Michigan event, the December 2016 disappearance of 28 year old Danielle Stislicki and revisiting old cases. Listener discretion is advised.
May 4, 2017
In March of 2011 Luc Joly Durocher left his home in Quebec to visit friends in North Bay, Ontario. While out at a bar, Luc became separated from his friends and disappeared forever. #Quebec #Ontario #Canada #missing
April 27, 2017
We wrap up Serial Killer Month with this creepy little man from the Lansing area. While he's best known as a murderer, it was his assault on two children (12 & 14) that lead to his capture. Miller is up for parole again soon! #Spartans, #Michigan,...
April 20, 2017
In 1989 Jeanne Gilbert and Mary Gill were murdered the same night, while working the same job at a Days Inn in two different cities. Investigating these brutal killings revealed the work of a serial killer attacking women along the I-65 corridor. Ple...
April 13, 2017
Please listen to episode 48, part one first. In 1969 John Norman Collins was arrested and charged with the murder of 18 year old co-ed Karen Sue Beineman. California governor and future US president Ronald Reagan wanted Collins extradited from Michig...
April 6, 2017
In 1967 a serial killer attacked the first of six victims near the University of Michigan Campus in Ann Arbor. Before Bundy, before Gacy and before the Manson murders, the state and the nation was rocked by this brutal killer. #Michigan, #SerialKille...
March 30, 2017
In 1971 Kathy Radtke and Jack Keyes were young and in love. They crossed paths with a violent, impulsive predator. Contact: Twitter: @Alreadygonepod Music is courtesy of Luke Superior:
March 23, 2017
It's the first broad cast of 2017! We sit down with Amber Hunt of the Cincinnati Enquirer, she's the voice behind Accused, one of the best podcasts of 2016. We laugh, reminisce, get serious about creativity, answer listener questions and talk about...
March 15, 2017
On a warm September night in 1951 the brutal murder of nurse Pauline Campbell stunned the community. The attack was one in an escalating series of assaults on nurses in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The identity of the killers would rock the community to it's...
March 9, 2017
In 1985 Debbie Wolfe was a 28 year old nurse living just outside of Fayetteville North Carolina. She left work on December 26, and headed home to care for her two dogs. She would not be seen alive again. On January 1, 1986 her remains were discovered...
March 2, 2017
On Thursday November 9, 2007 Kyle joined his mother, sister and best friend at a Dane Cook show in Charlotte, North Carolina. By 4a on Friday November 10, Kyle had vanished and wouldn't be seen again. Where is Kyle?
February 23, 2017
June 25, 1968, the Robison family is 10 days in to a relaxing summer “Up North” at their wood and stone cottage on Lake Michigan. That night a killer or killers fired on the house, wounding Richard Robison, they then entered the house and executed the...
February 16, 2017
The evening of August 3, 1989 Lawrence DeLisle was outwith his wife, Suzanne and their four children: 8-year-old Bryan, 4-year-old Kathryn, 2-year-old Melissa and 8-month-old Emily. Lawrence lost control of the car and it flew off the road into the D...
February 9, 2017
October 25, 1994, 23-year-old Susan Smith ran to a house near John D Long Lake in Union, South Carolina. She pounded on the door, calling for help, crying, nearly hysterical. Her babies, she said, her boys age 3 and 14 months, they’d been taken. A call...
February 2, 2017
In the early morning hours of March 2, 1996 23 year old Jody LeCornu was shot while sitting in her parked car. Despite video of the shooter, eyewitness accounts and fingerprints, the Baltimore County Police have never arrested or charged anyone with h...
January 26, 2017
In 1952 Marquette Michigan was rocked by the shooting death of a barkeep by an airman from KI Sawyer AFB. In 1988 a vicious stabbing shocked the community. Join us as we discuss the murder of Maurice Chenoweth and the unsolved murder of Paul Girard. ...
January 19, 2017
This is the second episode in a series about the Oakland County Child Killer. Between 1976 and 1977 four children were abducted and murdered. Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich and Timothy King. They were held from 3.5 – 19 days. Their d...
January 11, 2017
Season 3, episode 1 Oakland County, Michigan. Between 1976 and 1977 four children were abducted and murdered. Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich and Timothy King. They were held from 3.5 - 19 days. Their deaths were considered the work ...
December 8, 2016
In 1983 Janette Roberson was the victim of a brutal homicide in the middle of a busy afternoon at her workplace in Reed City Michigan. Her killer has never been identified, her murder remains unsolved. We're talking with author Jeni Decker about Ja...
December 1, 2016
In 1979 Holly Branagan was murdered in her home in Bethlehem PA. No one has ever been arrested or charged with her murder. Special thanks to Jim Friedman for his assistance with this project. #murder, #Pennsylvania, #unsolved,
November 24, 2016
This episode features an interview with photojournalist Jim Friedman. We discuss Sean's death, mysterious evidence and other deaths associated with Holly's murder. #unsolved #Pennsylvania #murder Visit for more information.
November 17, 2016
Part two in a series on the 1979 murder of Holly Branagan. #unsolved #murder #Pennsylvania Read more at Thanks to our sponsor, Blue Apron. for a special offer.
November 11, 2016
Part one of a series on the death of Holly Branagan. In 1979 17 year old Holly Branagan was stabbed to death in the kitchen of her family home. No one has ever been arrested or charged in her murder. Thanks to Marissa of The Vanished Podcast @t...
November 3, 2016
The body of 14 year old Bill Comeans was found by the side of the road in 1980. Who attacked him twice previously? Who left a series of threatening notes? Why did the notes start appearing again six months after his death?
October 26, 2016
Continuing our look at women who work in the true crime genre. This week I talk with Charlie, 1/2 of the duo that hosts the In Sight Podcast. We talk serial killers, halloween and what it's like working among like minded women focused on a dark sub...
October 20, 2016
Margarette Eby was a professor at the University of Michigan, Flint. Nancy Ludwig was a flight attendant with Northwest Airlines. Very different women, connected by the actions of a vicious and violent serial killer. #murder, #Michigan, #Florida,
October 13, 2016
We explore four lesser known cases from Michigan of missing persons, including a mother and her young son. #Missing, #unsolved, #women
October 6, 2016
Continuing our look at women who work in the true crime genre. This week I talk with Heidi Galore, host of the Unsolved Podcast. Heidi is a crime analyst and former police officer. We talk serial killers, halloween and what it's like working among ...
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