137: Using Emotional Intelligence To Unlock Unlimited Wealth And Freedom | Bonnie Kelly
Published March 12, 2018
60 min
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    Today we are joined by Bonnie Kelly. In this interview, Bonnie will educate us on emotional intelligence, what questions we should all ask ourselves when we become emotional and specific techniques on how can we reprogram ourselves and our habits so we can stop getting in our own way.

    About Bonnie:

    Overcoming a childhood filled with challenges Bonnie Kelly has dedicated her life to understanding emotional intelligence and how it can improve the way we live our lives. After starting out in Real Estate Bonnie shifted her career in 2010 and founded Bonnie Kelly & Associates. With thousands of hours of teaching under her belt Bonnie is a certified life coach & personal development expert.

    What you will learn:

    What is the cycle of self-sabotage? (4:35)

    What is emotional intelligence and how does it apply to the individual person? (9:20)

    How can someone go about fixing their own emotional programming? (11:58)

    What are tapping techniques? (19:46)

    Why should NLP techniques be part of everyone’s growth plan moving forward? (23:25)

    Why emotions are the “check engine” lights for your body. (34:00)

    What questions everyone should ask themselves when they become overcome with emotion? (35:12)

    How does emotional intelligence tie into increased life happiness? (37:10)

    When you are experiencing negative emotions what should you do? (47:14)

    What is Bonnie doing right now to take her understand of emotional intelligence to a higher level? (48:50)


    “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

    “Being more emotionally aware only serves you at a much higher level.”

    “When we are hurt, it’s primitive to want to hurt others. It’s hurt people that want to hurt people.”

    “If you grew up where your parents where pay check to pay check, you only understand the pay check to pay check mentality.”

    “Your ego is like sweeping the floor. Just because you cleaned it one day, it doesn’t mean that dust and debris is not going to build up the next day.”

    “The weeds in your mind serve a purpose, but they aren’t serving your highest purpose.”

    “Use your emotions as guides to navigate your behavior.”

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