103: Level Up Your Leadership, Level Up Your Life | Dave Clare
Published March 20, 2017
52 min
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    When it comes to leadership, the first person we must learn to lead on a daily basis is ourself. Once we do that, then we become much more capable of leading others. In todays Millionaire Worth Modeling episode, I interview world class leadership expert, Dave Clare. 

    In today's conversation, Dave and I talk about:

    • How leadership is actually an art, not a position
    • Why it is important to become a leader of yourself before you can successfully lead others
    • The reason that “fake it until you make it” doesn’t work
    • The three keys to becoming a top level leader
    • How to obtain new results by shifting your thinking
    • Truly caring about those you are leading is an important quality of a successful leader
    • The reason that strong leadership is currently lacking around the world and how this issue can be revised
    • The greatest mindshift you can perform as a leader
    • The surprising and beneficial way that millennials differ in the realm of entrepreneurship
    • Success is a process and persistence is required
    • The dangers of comparing your journey to the path of others
    • The best model for a business that will achieve greatness

    and so much more. 

    If you want to take your leadership and life to the next level, this interview will be a game changer for you.  

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