June 22, 2020
WFAN went on the air 33 years ago next month, and the man who brought 24-hour Sports Talk Radio to life in 1987 is Jeff Smulyan, the Chairman of the Board of Emmis Broadcasting.  On the latest "30 With Murti" podcast, Sweeny Murti chats with Smulyan about the early days of WFAN, as well as his three year tenure as owner of The Seattle Mariners from 1989-92.
June 16, 2020
Minor league baseball's season has been turned upside down and it has nothing to do with the labor dispute on the major-league side. For a look at how the Coronavirus shutdown has affected one of the New York-area minor league teams, Sweeny Murti speaks with Steve Gliner, President of the Hudson Valley Renegades, on the latest "30 With Murti" podcast.
June 9, 2020
Yogi Berra was one of the greatest Yankees ever, one of the greatest baseball players ever, and lived a classic American success story. His life is the subject of the new biography "Yogi: A Life Behind The Mask," by Jon Pessah and published by Little Brown and Company. Pessah spent nearly four years writing the book and he discusses some of the more interesting parts of Yogi's life with Sweeny Murti in the latest "30 With Murti" podcast.
June 2, 2020
There are a lot of challenges to scouting and completing a draft after the high school and college baseball seasons were shut down almost three months ago.  To discuss the issues surrounding this year's draft, listen here to Sweeny Murti's conversation with the Yankees Vice President of Domestic Amateur Scouting, Damon Oppenheimer, on the latest "30 With Murti" podcast.
May 26, 2020
Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre, along with his wife Ali, formed the Safe at Home Foundation in 2002, aimed at stopping the cycle of domestic violence. For almost three months now, stay at home restrictions have put countless children at risk due to violent situations in their own homes. Joe Torre joins Sweeny Murti in this episode of the "30 With Murti" podcast to discuss what friends and family members can do to help those struggling at home during the pandemic. Visit for more information or to make a donation.
May 19, 2020
Don Roy King calls Saturday Night Live "an adrenaline rush" similar to a being a quarterback. And he should know. He's the man calling all the plays, the director of SNL since 2006. On the latest "30 With Murti" podcast, King takes us through a career spanning seven decades, punctuated by becoming just the fourth director in the history of NBC's legendary SNL, a show that's earned him nine Emmy Awards. With a career that began in the late 1960's, King has directed more live television than anyone In the history of television. He's rubbed elbows with Paul McCartney, traded jabs with Muhammad Ali, and got his first big break in the business because he knew how to drive a stick shift.   For more tales from SNL and the striking similarities between live comedy and live sports, listen here to Sweeny Murti's conversation with Don Roy King.
May 12, 2020
Ricky Cobb is one of the most popular and entertaining sports follows on Twitter. You know him better as Super 70s Sports. Meet the 48-year old man behind the hilarious handle--his story, his life, and his humor--on this episode of the "30 With Murti" podcast.
May 4, 2020
Going up against Michael Jordan on the basketball court was a challenge to say the least.  Staring at him in the batters box--in 1994 when Jordan stepped away from basketball to play baseball for the AA Birmingham Barons--presented a challenge of a different kind.  And it certainly wasn't easy.   What's it like to brush back the great Michael Jordan one moment and ask for his autograph the next?   For that story and more, listen here to to the latest "30 With Murti" podcast as Sweeny catches up with John Courtright, who in 1994 was a 23-year-old left-hander in the Cincinnati Reds organization and was the first pitcher to have to face Jordan in a minor league game.
April 27, 2020
While everyone looks back fondly at Michael Jordan's basketball career, this week on the "30 With Murti" podcast is a look at Jordan's baseball career with former Birmingham Barons teammate, Glenn DiSarcina.
April 21, 2020
Listen here as Sweeny and Larry Bowa break down the 9180 World Sereies in the latest "30 With Murt" podcast. Hear Bowa talk about some of the key players and plays, many of which illustrate key differences between baseball then and now.
April 14, 2020
Now in his fourth decade as a New York sportswriter, Peter Botte combines his love of baseball and pop culture in the pages of the New York Post. Now he has written an entertaining history of the Yankees whittled down to "The Big 50:  The Men And Moments That Made The New York Yankees." It's available now from Triumph Books. In the latest "30 With Murti" podcast, Sweeny chats with Peter about the book, some reflections on the last Yankees dynasty, and more.  Botte also talks about his daily movie recommendations in The Post.  And finally, Sweeny and Peter share their thoughts on the loss of friend and colleague Anthony Causi, the Post sports photographer who passed away last weekend at 48.
April 8, 2020
Twenty-four years ago he was 12-year old Jeffrey Maier, the kid who reached over the fence and turned Derek Jeter's fly ball into a home run that changed a playoff game and maybe the course of the 1996 Yankees.   On the latest "30 With Murti" podcast, Sweeny chats with 36-year old Jeff Maier, a married father of three, who recounts his brush with fame and what's happened to him in the year since. Maier takes us through the moment and the amazing aftermath.  He also shares where the baseball journey has taken him and how people react to him in New York and Baltimore all these years later.
March 30, 2020
This episode of “30 With Murti” could be subtitled “Sweeny on Sweeney." Actor D.B. Sweeney has been in some memorable sports movies such as "Eight Men Out" -- in which he played Shoeless Joe Jackson -- and "The Cutting Edge," his most memorable role as hockey player-turned-figure skater Doug Dorsey. Sweeney’s latest project is called “Two Dum Micks,” a short film co-starring Sean Astin (“Rudy”) about a couple of not-so-bright guys down on their luck. The five-minute short premieres Wednesday on Facebook at 7 p.m. Eastern. D.B. Sweeney meets Sweeny Murti, and they talk about sports movies and more in the latest episode of “30 With Murti.”
March 24, 2020
What are some of your favorite sports movies? "Miracle"? "The Rookie"? "Invincible"? Did you know that the same man in Hollywood is responsible for making them all and several others? On this episode of “30 With Murti,” a conversation with Mark Ciardi, a former major league pitcher turned movie producer. And his specialty has been making some of the best and most inspirational sports movies of the past two decades. Ciardi shares his thoughts on the magic of sports movies, including the stories behind the ones he’s helped make. Ciardi also shares memories of his one month in the major leagues when he was part of the Milwaukee Brewers record-setting streak of 13 straight wins to start the 1987 season.
March 16, 2020
What’s your favorite sports movie of all-time? “Hoosiers" is near the top of the list, right? And isn’t March the perfect time to hear all about it since we don’t have real March Madness this year? In this episode of “30 With Murti,” host Sweeny Murti chats with Angelo Pizzo, the screenwriter of “Hoosiers.” You’ll hear tales of making the 1986 classic about a small-town Indiana high school basketball team and how it just might have been George Steinbrenner’s favorite movie ever. And Pizzo -- who also wrote “Rudy” -- tells us about his script for a Mickey Mantle biopic that he thinks is the best thing he’s ever written but somehow has never been turned into a movie yet. Listen now to the latest episode of “30 With Murti.” And don’t get caught watching the paint dry!
March 4, 2020
Bobby Richardson was one of the pillars of the great Yankees teams of the late 1950’s and early ’60’s.  A member of 8 All-Star teams and a 5-time Gold Glove Award Winner, Richardson helped the Yankees to World Series Championships in 1958, 1961, and 1962.   On the latest "30 With Murti” podcast, Richardson looks back on the most famous moment of his career—catching the line drive off Willie McCovey’s bat for the final out of the 1962 World Series.  The only World Series MVP from a losing team (1960, when the Yankees lost to the Pirates on Bill Mazeroski’s famous home run), Richardson also explains why he traded in his prize Corvette for a station wagon.   At 84, Richardson still is a regular at Old-Timers Day and loves following the Yankees from his home in Sumter, South Carolina.
February 17, 2020
Pushing through pain is something we all admire in athletes. Many times it's what gets them to the highest levels. But it can also be what keeps them from ever going back. That was the case with Christian Parker.This episode of “30 With Murti” features the cautionary tale of Parker, who in 2001 broke camp as the Yankees fifth starter. He made his major league debut the first week of the season, then never pitched in the majors again.  It turns out Parker had pitched through shoulder pain in order to make the team, but one start later the 25-year old right-hander was headed for surgery from which he would never make it back. This is his story.
February 6, 2020
Curt Flood was a seven-time Gold Glove Award winner, a three-time All-Star, and a two-time World Series champion in additon to being a trailblazer for free agency in modern sports. Is all of that enough to make him a Hall of Famer? His family thinks so. In this episode of "30 With Murti," Curt Flood, Jr. tells us about his family's campaign to have his father elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. And while free agency helps players earn hundreds of millions of dollars these days, Curt Jr. tells us in detail about what the fight for free agency did to his father and his family. "This thing broke my dad," Flood Jr. says. "It eviscerated him." For more on the Flood family's fight to honor the longtime St. Louis Cardinal, listen here to the latest "30 With Murti" podcast.
January 22, 2020
Lindsay Berra has been a journalist for the last two decades. Baseball is among the things she has covered, and why not? As you may have already guessed by seeing the last name, baseball is in her blood -- Lindsay is the granddaughter of Yankees legend Yogi Berra. In this episode of "30 With Murti," Lindsay discusses some of the interesting hires made by the Yankees this winter, in particular two people who she has known and written about for many years: Eric Cressey, the recently named director of player health and performance; and Rachel Balkovec, the first female hitting coach in the organization, who will be working out of the Tampa, Florida, complex. Lindsay also discusses some great stories about her famous grandpa and the happenings at the Yogi Berra Museum at Montclair State University, including the Discover Greatness exhibit, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues.
January 7, 2020
Phil Hughes has gone from Yankees phenom to YouTube card breaker. The heard-but-not-seen star of "Phil's Pulls"-- which at the moment has about 14,000 subscribers -- is the former Yankees right-hander, who helped the Yankees to a World Series title in 2009 and became an American League All-Star in 2010. On the latest "30 With Murti" podcast, host Sweeny Murti talks to Hughes about his career and how he feels he never was the same pitcher after a hamstring injury in his second major league start in 2007. Hughes reminisces about his early days in Yankees camp, the 2009 World Series champions and his Hall of Fame teammates.
December 12, 2019
The Baseball Winter Meetings have been full of activity so far. In this episode of the “30 With Murti” podcast, we break down the big stories with a roundtable discussion with the experts. First, Jack Curry and John Flaherty of the YES Network join Sweeny with their reactions to the Gerrit Cole signing.  Then it’s a national perspective from ESPN’s Jeff Passan and’s Mark Feinsand on Cole, Stephen Strasburg and the explosion of the pitching market this winter.
November 26, 2019
Kevin Long of the Washington Nationals just won his second World Series championship as a hitting coach. He was previously hitting coach for the 2009 world champion Yankees as well as for the 2015 National League champion Mets. On the latest "30 With Murti" podcast, Long joins Sweeny Murti to discuss the Nationals' run to the title. He also talks about the evolution of hitting in the "Launch Angle Era" and where it might be headed next.   Also, you'll hear Long's insights into Nationals stars Juan Soto and Howie Kendrick, plus his thoughts on new Mets manager Carlos Beltran, a player Long has known since Beltran was a teenaged prospect in the Royals farm system.
November 20, 2019
The 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame election is upon us.  The ballot was officially released this week to voting members of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Results will be announced in January, but the arguments have just begun. Can anyone justify not making Derek Jeter unanimous? Is it time to stop penalizing Larry Walker for playing in Colorado?  Can we appreciated a career like Alfonso Soriano's without electing him to the Hall? And what does last year’s election of Harold Baines mean moving forward? All of these questions and more are answered on the latest episode of the “30 With Murti” podcast featuring guest Tyler Kepner, The New York Times baseball columnist and best-selling author of the book “K: A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches.”
November 13, 2019
Starting pitching made a comeback in the World Series. Did it ever really go away? Not really. But there has certainly been an evolution of pitching and the use of technology and data to maximize performance. You could say it started as part of "Moneyball," but now it's a lot more than that. Rick Peterson, longtime major league pitching coach with the Oakland A's "Moneyball" teams of the early 2000s and later with the New York Mets, is as educated on this side of pitching as anyone who has been in baseball this century. Now retired from coaching, Peterson co-authored the book "Crunch Time: How To Be Your Best When It Matters Most."   On the latest "30 With Murti" podcast, Peterson gives some of his thoughts on the state of pitching in 2019 along with the data, technology, and philosophies that are instrumental in developing major league pitchers.
November 5, 2019
Sports and politics collide sometimes, but hardly ever in Washington, D.C. And then the Washington Nationals won the World Series. Chelsea Janes spent four years covering the Washington Nationals for the Washington Post sports pages before switching to the paper’s coverage of the 2020 Presidential campaign. In October, she jumped back into the sports world for a short time, helping the Post’s coverage of the World Series.  In this latest episode of “30 With Murti,” Chelsea Janes gives her unique perspective on the Nationals run to the World Series championship and how her years on the baseball beat have helped her political coverage.
October 17, 2019
Thirty years ago today — Oct. 17, 1989 — the World Series was interrupted by an earthquake. It measured 6.8 on the Richter scale and rocked the Bay Area just as the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants were minutes away from starting Game 3 of the Fall Classic at Candlestick Park. The quake shook the stadium, but did far more damage in the surrounding areas. Thousands were injured, and 63 people died. The World Series didn’t resume until 10 days later.   WFAN’s Suzyn Waldman was there reporting on the scene, in an instant going from sports reporter to news reporter. On this episode of “30 With Murti,” Sweeny and Suzyn talk about her memories of the earthquake and its aftermath 30 years later.
October 10, 2019
There is probably no popular song more widely associated with one team in baseball history than “We Are Family” and the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates. This marks the 40th anniversary of the last World Series championship celebrated in Pittsburgh. On this episode of “30 With Murti," WFAN's Sweeny Murti talks to the rubber-armed closer of that Pirates team, Kent Tekulve. He tells us about the leadership of Willie Stargell, the man known as “Pops,” and how he brought the team together. Tekulve also tells us how and why a team of such diverse people found a theme of “Family,” identified itself with the working class population of the 1970s steel city of Pittsburgh  and took it all the way to a World Series championship when they beat the Orioles in a seven-game series for the second time in the decade. Also listen for the moving story of how the Pirates rallied from a 3-1 series deficit behind their manager, Chuck Tanner, who led his team hours after the passing of his mother. “We Are Family” and the Pittsburgh Pirates are tied together forever.  This is their story.
October 2, 2019
The 1969 Mets still maintain a special place in New York sports history. The Miracle Mets are one of the best stories in baseball history, too. This month marks the 50th anniversary of their stunning turnaround from laughing stock to World Series champions.   In the latest episode of the “30 With Murti” podcast, outfielder Ron Swoboda recounts the Mets' rise to the top, including his highlight reel catch in the World Series against Baltimore, still one of the most iconic moments in Mets history. Swoboda also talks about playing with the Yankees in the early 1970s alongside a young Thurman Munson, as well as his thoughts on the latest Mets phenom, Pete Alonso.
September 24, 2019
Tim McCarver has seen just about everything in his 60-plus years in baseball. It’s impossible to fit all of that into one 30-minute conversation, but we did our best to hit some highlights.   McCarver is our guest on the latest “30 With Murti” podcast. McCarver, a two-time All-Star and two-time World Series champion as a player, went on to become a Hall of Fame broadcaster. He was the winner of the Ford C. Frick Award presented at Hall of Fame Weekend in 2012.   McCarver’s major league playing career began 60 years ago this month at the age of 17. And this week he will be honored with the Vin Scully Award for Sports Broadcasting Excellence from Fordham University radio station WFUV. For stories about everyone from Bob Gibson to Aaron Boone, Joe Buck to John Madden, take a listen to this conversation with the great Tim McCarver.
September 11, 2019
You know actor Timothy Busfield from the baseball movies "Field of Dreams" and "Little Big League." And you know him from so many other roles in "Thirtysomething," "The West Wing," "Revenge of The Nerds" and more. Now Busfield is a director for such shows as "This is Us" and "Law & Order: SVU." And he is also a huge baseball fan, which is why he is Sweeny’s guest on a brand new "30 With Murti." Busfield talks about growing up a Tigers fan and attempting to play college baseball before going the theatre route. He also shares stories about some of his famous roles, including facing Randy Johnson for the climactic final scene in "Little Big League," playing White House reporter Danny Concannon on "The West Wing," and appearing in his first-ever screen role as the soldier who blew up Sgt. Hulka in "Stripes." His latest on-screen turn is in the Fox drama "Almost Family," which premieres this fall.
September 5, 2019
The Yankees have battled injuries throughout 2019 seemingly like they have at no other time before.  Some of these injuries have had fans question players' training methods. On this new episode of “30 With Murti,” Sweeny talks about the injury crisis with Dana Cavalea, who spent 8 years as the Yankees Strength and Conditioning Coach from 2006-2013.   Cavalea, who has been featured on Good Morning America for his book “Habits Of A Champion,” offers his unique insight into how baseball players train, what some of the causes for various injuries might be, and what players can do to stay on the field more often.
August 29, 2019
Two of the finest sports institutions in New York that boast a great deal of history and tradition are the Yankees and the United States Military Academy at West Point, known in the world of college athletics simply as Army. Last May, Army hired Mike Buddie as its new athletic director. If that name sounds slightly familiar to Yankees fans, it’s because Buddie was a pitcher in the Yankees organization for eight years in the 1990s and made his major league debut in 1998. He went on to pitch in 24 games that season for the most dominant team of the late-'90s Yankees dynasty that won 114 regular season games and the first of three consecutive World Series titles. In this episode of “30 With Murti,” Buddie reminisces about his days as a Yankees pitcher coming up the ranks with Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. He also discusses his new role and the challenges of being the athletic director at West Point.
August 23, 2019
One of the great rivalries in baseball history is renewed this weekend when the Yankees meet the Dodgers in Los Angeles. Going back to the days when the Dodgers played in Brooklyn, these two franchises met in 11 Fall Classics from 1941 and 1981. The Yankees won eight of the 11 matchups.   Former Dodgers first baseman Steve Garvey -- a 10-time All-Star, four-time Gold Glove Winner and 1974 National League MVP -- played in the last three of those World Series, losing to Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson and company in 1977 and ’78 before Garvey’s Dodgers won the crown in ’81.   On this new “30 With Murti,” Garvey shares his memories of those great chapters in baseball history and his thoughts on the current Dodgers team which could be headed to its third straight World Series.
August 8, 2019
The successes of Gio Urshela and Mike Tauchman -- essentially as replacements for Miguel Andujar and Giancarlo Stanton -- are not ones the Yankees could have predicted. But as an organization, they are very confident in the process that brings players like that to the big-league level, from scouting them to coaching them and making them viable options to contribute to a team with high expectations. One of the coaches who has had an impact on both those players and more is Scranton/Wilkes-Barre hitting coach Phil Plantier. A veteran of eight major league seasons, Plantier is in his second year with the Yankees' Triple-A team. This week on a new “30 With Murti” podcast, Plantier talks about hitting approach and the things that have made Urshela and Tauchman successful, as well as the things that he’s seen from Clint Frazier since he’s been back at Triple-A.
August 2, 2019
Forty years ago today -- Aug. 2, 1979 -- Yankees captain Thurman Munson was killed in a plane crash at age 32. He has long since remained an integral part of the Yankees culture and history. On the anniversary of his passing, this episode of "30 With Murti" presents a conversation with Munson’s teammate and friend Ron Guidry.
July 26, 2019
To put a cap on last weekend's glorious Hall of Fame festivities, we talk to the outgoing Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson on a new "30 With Murti" podcast. Idelson has spent the last 25 years in service at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York, finishing with a 12-year run as the Hall's president. He is one of the most visible people behind the museum and its connection to the game's part in celebrating its past. He leaves Cooperstown to start his new venture at the other end of the spectrum. It's called Grassroots Baseball, and its focus is on youth baseball and growing the next generation of Hall of Famers. For stories about life in Cooperstown and Hall of Fame moments as well as tales from the early '90s Yankees -- where Jeff worked for five years under George Steinbrenner -- listen to this latest episode of "30 With Murti."
July 22, 2019
It was another magical weekend in Cooperstown. The 2019 Hall of Fame class has officially been inducted, including former Yankees Mariano Rivera and Mike Mussina. Listen to a recap from the weekend in Cooperstown in this episode of "30 With Murti."
July 20, 2019
Hall of Famer Greg Maddux on the traits all Hall of Fame pitchers have in common.
July 20, 2019
Hall of Famer John Smoltz on Mariano Rivera’s elite status as the best closer ever.
July 20, 2019
Hall of Famer Tim “Rock” Raines on the impact young Mariano Rivera had on the great Yankees teams of the late 90’s.
July 20, 2019
Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman on Mariano Rivera’s election to Cooperstown and the impact of closers being appreciated more.
July 19, 2019
Mariano Rivera chats with Mike Mussina from Cooperstown, two days before the Yankees great's Hall of Fame induction.
July 19, 2019
Mariano Rivera chats with Sweeny Murti from Cooperstown, two days before the Yankees legend's Hall of Fame induction.
July 17, 2019
Mariano Rivera received 100% of the votes in January in being elected to the Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers Association of America. He will be inducted this weekend in Cooperstown, New York.   But even Mariano wasn’t successful 100% of the time. Ever wonder what it was like to face him, and even beat the greatest closer of all-time?  This special edition of “30 With Murti” features Sandy Alomar Jr., Luis Gonzalez, David Wright and others, including the only man to ever hit a walk-off grand slam against Rivera, former Cleveland Indians infielder Bill Selby.
July 15, 2019
He is simply the greatest closer of all-time. Yankees legend Mariano Rivera will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend. Rivera sat down with our Sweeny Murti for a look back at his life and career in this special edition of the "30 With Murti" podcast.
July 10, 2019
Mike Mussina was always one of the most forward thinking players in the game, but some of his thoughts on today’s game might surprise you. For more on his Hall of Fame career and the game today, here is part two of “30 With Murti” featuring Mike Mussina.
July 8, 2019
Former Yankees and Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina enters the Baseball Hall of Fame next weekend. This week Sweeny sits down with Mussina in a special two-part look at his career and outlook on the game. Here is part one of “30 With Murti” with Mike Mussina.
July 2, 2019
Derek Jeter will highlight the Hall of Fame Class of 2020, but he has obvious deep ties to members of this years class as well. In this episode of “30 With Murti,” WFAN's Sweeny Murti talks to the former Yankees captain about his long career playing with Mariano Rivera, the ups and downs of the early part of their journey and their rise to the championship years. Jeter, now the CEO of the Miami Marlins, also talks about other members of this year’s Hall of Fame class. On Mike Mussina: "Moose was a great teammate because Moose went out, did his job, did his job very well. ... You didn’t have to sit and wonder if he was going to be prepared to do his job.” On Roy Halladay: "Roy Halladay was by far the toughest pitcher for me to face. I just couldn’t figure him out.” On Edgar Martinez: “I would get on Mo. ... He just owned Mo.” And on his own Hall of Fame chances next year: “I try not to think a lot about it. I mean, I have my hands full down here in Miami right now.”
June 24, 2019
In 2009 the Yankees felt the weight of going almost a decade since their last World Series Championship.  After missing the playoffs the year before, the Yankees branded their annual goal very specifically.  “Mission 27” they called it, the drive for the franchise’s 27th World Series championship. That is also the title of  the new book from veteran beat writers Mark Feinsand and Bryan Hoch, “Mission 27: A New Boss, A New Ballpark, and One Last Ring for the Yankees Core Four,” available  now from Triumph Books. This episode of 30 With Murti is a roundtable discussion with the authors about that championship season, and a dive into the book that brings new life and behind the scenes detail to the Yankees last championship run.
June 13, 2019
Next month marks the 80th anniversary of one of the most famous speeches in American history—Lou Gehrig’s “luckies man on the face of the earth” speech, delivered at Yankee Stadium on July 4, 1939. In this episode of “30 With Murt” Sweeny discusses the speech and its impact with two people who have had a great part of their lives impacted by Gehrig in different ways. Jonathan Eig is the author of “Luckiest Man:  The Life And Death of Lou Gehrig,” the definitive biography of The Iron Horse. Matt Dahlgren is the grandson of Babe Dahlgren, the man who replaced Gehrig in the Yankees lineup on May 2, 1939, the day Gehrig’s streak of 2,130 consecutive games came to an end. Eig and Dahlgren share their stories and perspectives as Sweeny talks to them about the most famous moment in history of Yankee Stadium.
June 3, 2019
David Cone’s life and career have had plenty of highlights. There have been some lowlights, too, and Cone shares both with great detail and insight in the book “Full Count: The Education of a Pitcher,” co-written with Jack Curry. In this episode of “30 With Murti,” Sweeny Murti chats with both Cone and Curry about the book, available now from Grand Central Publishing.
May 29, 2019
Dave Twardzik spent his life in professional basketball, an eight-year career in the ABA and NBA highlighted as the point guard on the 1977 world champion Portland Trail Blazers.  But before he teamed up with Hall of Famer Bill Walton, he wore the blue and gold of the Middletown Blue Raiders from Middletown, Pennsylvania, which also happens to be the hometown of our very own Sweeny Murti. In this edition of "30 With Murti," Sweeny takes a stroll down memory lane with Twardzik about Middletown’s run to the 1968 Pennsylvania state basketball championship, a small-town run to the title straight out of the movie “Hoosiers.” Listen here as Twardzik recounts his high school glory days as well as his days in the ABA playing alongside none other than Dr. J, Julius Erving himself. A must-listen for basketball fans in this episode of "30 With Murti."
May 16, 2019
Pat Williams knew the luck of the lottery back in 1992 when his Orlando Magic found the pingpong ball that landed them Shaquille O’Neal. Williams, the 79-year-old co-founder and senior vice president of the Magic these days announced his retirement last month.   But that’s just an excuse for Pat to be out on the circuit telling more stories about his entertaining life in sports, which began with a love of baseball and a brief career as a minor league catcher in the early 1960s. In this episode of "30 With Murti," Williams tells us about his baseball roots as a young boy in Philadelphia and how it eventually led him to becoming one of the top executives in the history of the NBA. But all the while, baseball is still in Pat’s heart, and you’ll hear about all his wonderful connections to the game, including one to a Hall of Fame pitcher and another to the current manager of the Yankees.
April 24, 2019
Tyler Kepner, the national baseball writer for The New York Times, has written a different kind of baseball history book. It’s called “K:  A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches,” from Doubleday. In this new episode of "30 With Murti," we are joined by Kepner to talk about the stories behind the book, which traces baseball from Walter Johnson’s fastball to Sandy Koufax’s curveball to Mariano Rivera’s cutter. Stories about how pitches are passed down from one generation to another, to the mastery of such pitches that end up taking these men to highest reaches in the game. Take a listen here and purchase the book anywhere books are sold.
April 3, 2019
“Inside The Empire: The True Power Behind the New York Yankees” is a new book from co-authors Bob Klapisch and Paul Solotaroff. This week on a new 30 With Murti, Sweeny talks with Klapisch—now in his fourth decade covering baseball in New York—about the year-long project that chronicled the Yankees in 2018.   Sweeny and Klap go in depth on the book’s Core Four—Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone, and Aaron Judge.  It’s an interesting conversation about how this Yankees team is run and what to expect as they move forward in 2019.
March 22, 2019
In recent days and weeks, there has been talk of the plight of minor league players, who work for a meager salary and in living conditions that don’t seem to fit what many believe to be the lifestyle of a professional baseball player. But there is a difference in the lifestyle of a professional player and a major league player, and there is now at least some momentum toward making that situation better. This week the Toronto Blue Jays announced significant pay increases across the board for their minor league players, and other teams are soon to follow. Slade Heathcott, a former first-round pick of the New York Yankees who had the proverbial cup of coffee in the major leagues in 2015, has been outspoken about this cause as well as others of a more humanitarian nature that have grabbed his attention. Now he is giving these causes his time and effort as part of life after baseball. In this edition of the "30 With Murti" podcast, we talk with Heathcott about his new path and how he is hoping to change the lives of minor league players -- and people -- all over the world.
March 16, 2019
Less than two weeks until the Yankees open the 2019 season and a lot of interesting things to talk about in Yankees camp, from prospects to veteran players. This week on a new 30 With Murti we discuss some of the key players in camp as Sweeny chats with Yankees Vice President of Baseball Operations Tim Naehring.
February 21, 2019
The Yankees are counting on three former Colorado Rockies to be a major part of their success in 2019.   Former Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd is now an analyst on MLB Network.  In this new episode of "30 With Murti," WFAN's Sweeny Murti talks with O'Dowd about Troy Tulowitzki, D.J. LeMahieu and Adam Ottavino. All three players were acquired by O'Dowd during his tenure as GM in Colorado.  Now he helps us understand a little more about them as players and why they could be big contributors to the Yankees this season.
February 18, 2019
The Yankees added two starting pitchers in the offseason, acquiring James Paxton in a trade with Seattle and then re-signing J.A. Happ after his mid-season trade to New York last summer. This week in a new episode of 30 With Murti, Sweeny chats with the two newest members of the Yankees rotation.  You'll hear Happ talk about about his evolution as a pitcher and what key concept helped him turn in his best year yet at age 35.  And you'll hear Paxton talk about his drive for perfection and how he's learned to focus and channel that drive to become a better pitcher.
February 13, 2019
Yankees pitchers and catchers reported to camp Wednesday.  With some of the highlights here is a Spring Training edition of 30 With Murti. In this episode Sweeny chats with Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild about two men who are projected to be top of the rotation starters for this team--Luis Severino and James Paxton. You'll also hear Severino detail his offseason program that was aimed at defeating the fatigue that set in last season.  And you'll hear some highlights of Aaron Boone's first press conference of the spring.
January 30, 2019
The 2019 Hall of Fame class will feature two closers (Mariano Rivera and Lee Smith) and two men who were primarily designated hitters (Edgar Martinez and Harold Baines). Baseball's long history is relatively short in relation to the closer and the DH. It is noteworthy that both of these specialty roles will be recognized alongside the other greats of the game in Cooperstown. On this new episode of "30 With Murti," we discuss the recognition of these positions.   First, Sweeny Murti talks about Rivera, Smith and the closer's role with former Mets closer John Franco, who is fifth on the all-time saves list. Then Sweeny talks to former Yankee Ron Blomberg, the first person ever to come to bat as a designated hitter in 1973.   Hear Franco make his case for more closers to be enshrined in the coming years. Then listen to Blomberg discuss the evolution of the DH and recall the moment he became the answer to a trivia question.
January 9, 2019
Later this month, Mariano Rivera will be elected to the Hall of Fame. The only drama from his side will be whether or not he is a unanimous choice. So begins the yearlong celebration of the Greatest Closer of All-Time. To help kick things off, we chatted with two of his longtime bullpen-mates, Jeff Nelson and Mike Stanton, on a new edition of the "30 With Murti" podcast. Nelson recalls watching Mariano develop into Joe Torre's super bullpen weapon in 1996 before moving into the closer's role the following year. Stanton came to the Yankees in 1997 and recalls some of Rivera's early struggles as a closer before he settled in and started down the road to Cooperstown.
December 13, 2018
Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are the biggest stars of this free agent class, yet this edition of the Winter Meetings is nothing more than the undercard to the main event.  It could take weeks before either one of them signs with their new team. To better understand who Harper and Machado really are and where they are headed, here is a roundtable discussion with Chelsea Janes who covers the Nationals for the Washington Post and Roch Kubatko who covers the Orioles for MASN.
December 12, 2018
Trade rumors involving the Yankees, Mets and Marlins were all the rage Monday night, but as those rumors fizzled, the Yankees were still left answering questions about what they feel the long-term futures are for Gary Sanchez and to a lesser degree Miguel Andujar. The offensive seasons that Sanchez had in 2017 and Andujar in 2018 are what the Yankees see as the obvious upside, and while nobody is being labeled untouchable, the Yankees are making sure to accentuate the positives on both players at this point.  Listen here to reaction from Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone from Tuesday's activity at the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas.
December 11, 2018
Yankees GM Brian Cashman met the media for the first time at the Winter Meetings Monday and acknowledged meeting with Manny Machado's agent, but continued to throw cold water on any interest the Yankees might have in Bryce Harper. Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen discussed his team's prospect depth following the trade with Seattle and what that means going forward. Don Mattingly spoke glowingly about catcher JT Realmuto, even comparing him to Derek Jeter.  And Joe Torre spoke about the newest Hall of Famers Harold Baines and Lee Smith and what their election might mean for some future elections. All of that available for you to listen to here in the Monday Winter Meetings recap.
November 28, 2018
Nobody knows the newest Yankee James Paxton better than his former pitching coach in Seattle, Mel Stottlemyre Jr.   In this new episode of "30 With Murti," Stottlemyre gives some insight into how Paxton elevated his game and tells us why he believes Paxton will thrive in New York. Stottlemyre also tells us a little bit about his former pupil in Arizona, free agent left-hander Patrick Corbin. We also get a health update on his father, Mel Sr., the Yankees great who won World Series rings as a pitching coach with both the Yankees and Mets.
November 16, 2018
It took Nathan Eovaldi nearly two years to return to the major leagues after his second Tommy John surgery. When he finally made it back, he became one of the key members of the world champion Boston Red Sox. On the latest "30 With Murti," the former Yankee discusses his road back this season, Boston's run to the World Series title and his epic performance in Game 3 against the Dodgers.
July 11, 2018
Yankees rookie sensation Gleyber Torres discusses being selected to the All-Star Game and more.
December 4, 2017
Last year, Sweeny Murti sat down with Aaron Boone in an early installment of the "30 With Murti" podcast, and we are pleased to present it to you here again as a way of getting to know the man who will take over the chair Joe Girardi held for 10 seasons.
September 7, 2017
Sweeny Murti talks in 2016 with the longtime Yankees executive, who died Thursday at age 79.
July 11, 2017
Sweeny talks to former Yankees star about epic 1987 run
June 27, 2017
Ex-Yankee talks to Sweeny about his son's unreal season with the Dodgers
May 31, 2017
Former MTV News journalist discusses new book about 'Moneyball' Oakland A's
May 19, 2017
Interview with the former Yankees head trainer
May 11, 2017
Sweeny looks back on the day 'The Mick' joined an exclusive club
May 3, 2017
Hall of Famer talks hitting and more with Sweeny
April 27, 2017
Sweeny chats with actor and crazed Yankees fan
April 19, 2017
Talking with the NFL Network personality.
April 12, 2017
Baseball's iron man sits down for a chat with Sweeny
April 5, 2017
Yankees' great sit down to talk 'Bronx Zoo' club from the 1970s
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