Uncle Bob Martin on Clean Software, Craftsperson, Origins of SOLID, DDD, & Software Ethics
Published August 24, 2018
30 min
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    Wes Reisz sits down and chats with Uncle Bob about The Clean Architecture, the origins of the Software Craftsperson Movement, Livable Code, and even ethics in software. Uncle Bob discusses his thoughts on how The Clean Architecture is affected by things like functional programming, services meshes, and microservices. Why listen to this podcast: * Michael Feathers wrote to Bob and said if you rearrange the order of the design principles, it spells SOLID. * Software Craftsperson should be used when you talking about software craftsmanship in a gender-neutral way to steer clear of anything exclusionary. * Clean Architecture is a way to develop software with low coupling and is independent of implementation details. * Clean Architecture and Domain Driven Design (DDD) are compatible terms. You would find the ubiquitous language and bounded context of DDD at the innermost circles of a clean architecture. * Services do not form an architecture. They form a deployment pattern that is a way of decoupling and therefore has no impact on the idea of clean architecture. * There is room for “creature comforts” in a code base that makes for more livable, convenient code. * “We have no ethics that are defined [in software].” If we don’t find a way to police it ourselves, governments will. We have to come up with a code of ethics. More on this: Quick scan our curated show notes on InfoQ https://bit.ly/2Nebspj You can also subscribe to the InfoQ newsletter to receive weekly updates on the hottest topics from professional software development. bit.ly/24x3IVq Subscribe: www.youtube.com/infoq Like InfoQ on Facebook: bit.ly/2jmlyG8 Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/InfoQ Follow on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/infoq Check the landing page on InfoQ: https://bit.ly/2Nebspj
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