Architecting a Modern Financial Institution with Vitor Olivier, Thoughts on Immutability, CI/CD, FP
Published January 12, 2018
38 min
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    This week’s podcast features a chat with Vitor Olivier. Vitor is a partner at NuBank (a technology-centric bank in Brazil). This podcast hits on topics from several of Nubank’s recent QCon talks and includes things like: Nubank’s stack, functional programming, event sourcing, defining service boundaries, recommendations on reasoning about services, tips (or tweaks) on the second iteration of their initial architecture and more. Why listen to this podcast: - Property-based testing and Schemas (or Clojure.Spec)are complementary. - Clojure’s functional nature and Datomic’s features are a match for Nubank’s requirements. - A (micro)service needs to be able to create the full representation of the core feature it’s handling. - GraphQL is useful to abstract away the distributed system complexity from the mobile (or frontend) developers. - Nubank’s uses a combination of monitoring and sanity checks in real time at various level to keep systems consistent. - Once an invariant is broken, the system will try to fix it automatically. More on this: Quick scan our curated show notes on InfoQ You can also subscribe to the InfoQ newsletter to receive weekly updates on the hottest topics from professional software development. Subscribe: Like InfoQ on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on LinkedIn: Check the landing page on InfoQ:
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