Architecting SQL Server on Linux: Slava Oks on Drawbridge, LibOS, & Addressing Between Windows/Linux
Published February 24, 2017
30 min
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    Wesley Reisz talks to Slava Oks, who has worked at Microsoft for over 20 years on flagship products, including SQL Server. He also led the kernel team who worked on the Midori operating system. More recently, he has worked on bringing SQL Server to Linux. Why listen to this podcast: - Microsoft SQL Server runs on Linux through a containerised approach called Drawbridge - Drawbridge implements a Linux loader and a minimal set of ABI calls to allow an in-process NT user mode kernel to run - SQL Server runs on top of a SQL platform layer (called SQL OS) that could be ported to run on Drawbridge - SQL Server had supportability commands added to allow the state of the system to be measured with SQL calls - A number of efficiency gains were applied to both the Drawbridge components and the SQL Server code to bring performance to within 20% of the equivalent process running on Windows Notes and links can be found on: Drawbridge ABIs Security LibOS Linux SQL OS Supportability Some assembly required Addressing Performance More on this: Quick scan our curated show notes on InfoQ You can also subscribe to the InfoQ newsletter to receive weekly updates on the hottest topics from professional software development.
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