Chris Richardson on Domain-Driven Microservices Design
Published December 23, 2016
25 min
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    In this week’s podcast, Thomas Betts talks with Chris Richardson, a developer, architect, Java Champion and author of POJOs in Action. Before his workshop on Microservices w/ Spring Boot and Docker at QCon San Francisco 2016, Richardson took time to discuss his ideas on how to use DDD and CQRS concepts as a guide for implementing a robust microservices architecture. Why listen to this podcast: - "Microservice architecture" is a better term than "microservices". The latter suggests that a single microservice is somehow interesting - The concepts discussed in Domain-Driven Design are an excellent guide for how to implement a microservices architecture - Bounded Contexts correspond well to individual microservices - Event sourcing and CQRS provide patterns for how to implement loosely coupled services - When converting a monolith to microservices, avoid a big bang rewrite, in favor of an iterative approach Notes and links can be found on: 11m:51s - Microservices must be loosely coupled, usually creating a model with one database per service. 12m:45s - There is a business requirement to maintain data consistency across services, and using an event driven architecture is a good way to achieve that. 13m:38s - Event sourcing is specific technique for persisting domain objects as a series of events. 14m:11s - Just as transactions don’t like to be split across microservices, queries cannot simply join across multiple data sources. CQRS provides a solution that accommodates querying via microservices and materialized views. More on this: Quick scan our curated show notes on InfoQ. You can also subscribe to the InfoQ newsletter to receive weekly updates on the hottest topics from professional software development.
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