Boring...and vapid!
For the most part this show has two segments: 1) promote some player’s product or ‘brand.’In which a player’s business dealings are lauded, usually w just enough mention of philanthropy and one or two b-ball questions. 2) gossip and speculation from a cast of vestigial ex-players or espn b rate beat writers. It seems like researched or considered ideas on actual basketball and team achievement is verboten. Outside of Lowe, Windy, McMullen, Woj, and El Hasin, listening to anyone on this show will undoubtedly make you dumber about basketball/life-in-general. Luckily there are plenty of other places to hear/read the few outliers mentioned above.
Blend of enthusiasm and information
Around there
This tends to be positive while focusing on quantifiable information. It does not rely on more than 40% of the program on deducing feelings of player and the like.
Brad Lynn
Rachel Nichols is a goddess!! She has been one of the best analyst and personalities in sports for many years and that has never been more evident than on The Jump! She absolutely knocks her monologue out of the park each and every show and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions to the biggest stars in the game. Best NBA show on any platform.
The jump
The show can be better, it is definitely better when Brian Windhorst is on. Too much Nick Friedell on the show, the jump should have more Amin on it. As well as Rachel is okay, Very knowledgeable but she is a bit annoying. Seems like she has exceed Molly Qeriem on the annoyance scale. She needs to stop with these rhetorical questions.
Rachel Nichols & all her guests are pretty awesome! Keep it going...
Tyson Fury
1 star and unsubscribe
Best podcast
Best podcast ever
Good podcast
It's a great podcast according to telling the news, but it's not the most interesting pod ever
Great NBA fan podcast
Love the writing, monologues and energy. I hope Amin al hasan bring in cousin poofy one day as well. For everyone harping about “liberal propaganda”, that represent the nba and the players and your just a dinosaur angry about. A world passing you by. Also, hearing another POV that doesn’t match your own may help. I suffer thru FOX from time to time myself just to catch up on the cray.
Always having issues
Echoes, sounding like they are in a tunnel, mic feedback...this sounds like 4 people off the street got together with three iPhones recording. Just doesn’t play sometimes and when it does you’ll have to listen to 2000 words from rachel to make a nothing point about lebron being good at basketball.
Liberal propaganda and reverse racism
Crash test reviewer
Tired of the liberal talking points on this show. Just do basketball! Today’s show they talked about how “white people” are a problem when it comes to fans being rude. How is that OK to say??? If that was any other race being talked about, the show would have to apologize, etc. Big scandal. Then there’s the Trump bashing. Conservatives like basketball too! Done with this show.
Cooked Salad
Great NBA podcast, informative and a lot of fun. Most importantly, the host pronounces all of the players names correctly every time, which we all know is the most important part of a sports show?
Big Market Biased
All they talk about are the Lakers
People trying to talk over each other. No chemistry. Nichols is always trying to insert herself on her own show.
Not a podcast
Majid Abhari
That background music is just annoying. it doesn’t let listeners to focus on guys who are speaking, i know it is a kind of TV show but for podcast it is just hard to hear what they are saying.
Best basketball podcast
Rachel and a revolving cast of ex players and NBA insiders give you all the NBA news worth hearing.
I love this show
We Play Too
Nobody does NBA drama, SHADE, & intrigue like Rachel Nichols & the rotating players & sports writers on this show! Always well-sourced stories with the best quotes!
Love Rachel Nichols, but not the format
Expendable Crewman
I enjoy The Jump as a podcast, but wish it were not just an audio version of the tv show. There are often video clips and pictures that do not translate to a podcast and take away from its quality.
Richie 0559
It’s great when they have former players and when they get players wrong the names are tough.
Informed Listener2
12-4-18 The Entire day dedicated to a man who is complicit in the beating of a woman! How TONE DEF can you be?! At this time last year Urban Meyer was activily covering up for a man who REGULARLY BEAT HIS WIFE, & now it's all good & let's celebrate his wins? For shame! If Zach Smith was beating your mother or daughter, how much time would you spend discussing his football accumen? UNSUBSCRIBE!!!
Could be good
It’s a potentially good show. There are some problems, though. I don’t understand how the host doesn’t know how to pronounce players names. If that is my job, I learn pronunciation. It’s very distracting. Fix that and it’s much better.
Better on television
On the podcast, Rachel Nichols (who is an engaging, insightful writer)and most of the guests have a frenetic and talk-over-each-other quality that grates. It’s too much “noise” for a podcast. And every player, no matter what the track record (hello Dwight Howard!) is just a good guy and no doubt misunderstood. But that’s the price for access to guests.
Feel Good Podcast - Nothing New
Rachel caters and plays nice to all the tough questions or any type of analysis. Most of the talk and forecasts are off base or just plain common sense. Again, don’t waste your time with this podcast or show.
Learn to pronounce names!
It has potential to be a decent podcast, but the host doesn’t pronounce NBA players names right-on an NBA podcast! Shouldn’t those be the one names she pronounces correctly? Too many other options to have to overlook that.
Decent show, bad audio
I enjoy the takes and breakdown of the show but had to stop listening because of the audio. Constantly sounds like you are in a tunnel. Please fix!!
Amazing show bad uploaders
Awesome show but the people uploading the podcast are lazy. Many episodes such as July 13 2018 have an echo the lazy folks forget to check and fix, since it’s a tv show
Nails on Chalkboard
J Scholl
Just the audio of the television show. No exclusive content for podcast. The show relies heavily on visual content so this podcast is horrible. Add all this with the painfully loud and annoying voice of Rachel Nichols makes for a horrible experience.
Not Trash
Big Baller Brand11
I enjoy Espn but when my family decided to cut tv I had to find different ways to get my favorite shows and this podcast works very well
Rachel doesn’t know how to pronounce anyone’s names. I do like how they bring older legends on the show like T-mac.
Great show
I love Rachel she is funny and smart.
If you love basketball...
this show will make you hate it. There's never been a more glaring example of an ESPN content-dump show. You can almost hear the sweaty producer yell, "GO OFF-SCRIPT MORE! WE NEED TO FILL AN ENTIRE HALF-HOUR! (pours more whiskey into his glass)". If you care about stats, analysis, or the strategy of basketball, this show isn't for you. If you like watching self-amused blowhards who can't get enough of each other fail at making fun of what players are wearing, you've come to the right place. The only informative aspect of the show is the commercials, which is a great reminder of what not to buy. Life is finite and time only goes in one direction. Therefore, why would you watch/listen to this? In fact, the only thing more pointless than watching this show, is writing a review of it.
Consistently pandering to NBA Twitter
No breakdowns of X’s & O’s. No analysis. Poor host who panders to social media and constantly giggles for no reason. Chauncey and T-Mac always reveal their personal grudges and have been wrong in their analysis most of the time ( see their reactions to Cavs trading half the squad at trade deadline. It’s basically horrible and annoying if you understand hoop beyond following Joel Embid on Twitter
Dean Jaeger
Some of the stuff here is good. I like that they have former players like T-Mac. The host doesn't seem to know how to pronounce anyone's names. It's hard to take it seriously when people who work with the NBA don't pronounce the names correctly.
Host doesn’t even pronounce players correctly
The host, Rachel, continually pronounces names wrong. I can’t listen. If I’m supposed to listen to her as an expert, why do fans know how to say these names, but she doesn’t? I saw someone mention it on twitter and she said, “I’ve known these guys for a decade and they don’t mind.” So since players are not jerks about it, after a decade she can’t be bothered to learn the pronunciation? I can’t respect that. How long would she have to know them before saying them right? 20 years? So many NBA podcasts out there, this isn’t one. There is no real basketball discussion as far as skills, plays, strategy to speak of. This is just, “I think this player is better than this.” Real NBA fans might want to look elsewhere.
Great NBA Podcast
Cuba Gutierrez
I love the show, love the content, love Rachel... good listen.
Very Entertaining !
Be a good boy
This podcast is great, Rachel Nichols does a great job of hosting the show and the anchors and guests are always very knowledgeable on the given subject. Would recommend this to the many NBA fans in the world !
Very insightful NBA Show!
Rachel Nichols and the panels she has on the show are so smart and really know their basketball! A lot of good topics are discussed on a daily basis. If your an NBA junkie like me, this is a must listen! There’s even a fan page for the show on Twitter!
Good podcast!
H brent
Very informative and keeps me up to date with the news in the nba
the jump
yo i'm joe!
this show strikes a balance between humour and interesting content, with both nba insiders and ex-players/HOF'ers. Rachel has a high standard of reporting and has interesting topics to discuss. there aren't any braindead hot-takes where everyone already knows the punchline. probably the best NBA show alongside shaq, kenny, ernie, and chuck on TNT.
Audio issue
Content is great but PLEASE fix the audio, it sounds horrible. Take a listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Audio issues
I like the pod but the audio issues make it unlistenable. Continue having problems with clipping, delays, phase issues, etc. Let me know when you get an engineer and I will resubscribe. Thanks!
Love it 3rd best pod behind Jalen and Jacoby and Through the Wire.
Comics SJW style
I love comics and learning more about them. I listen to episodes until Prof Ashley find some way to make a character gay. Every character doesn’t have question their sexuality.Prof Ashley has the superpower of rainbow vision.
Me like show . Show good
Me like
Big on laughing
Wb's rec
Not very informative....🤔
Can't Rewind or Fast forward?
The New Birdman
Super annoying that this podcast doesn't let you fast forward or especially rewind. You can't even PAUSE the episode without it reverting to the beginning. ANNOYING.
I love Rachel
Dope Pod
Stick to the NBA
This used to be my favorite show untill it turned into another political nightmare. I listen to NBA podcast to get away from politics, which seem to be everywhere anymore. I am not a Trump fan, I voted against him, but these people clearly have very little understanding about the real political issues. Please just stick to the NBA!
Audio Issues
Nick Burkhardt
Billion Dollar company, yet the worst audio I’ve ever heard on a Apple podcast. Great content though. Rachel is the best !
One of the best NBA Podcasts out there
Rachel is a great host and they continually have good people in to talk about what is currently going on in the NBA.
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