Awesome podcast!
Pete asks amazing questions and has a great sense of humor. He always engages with his guest and ultimately ends up being an incredible interview.
Practical wisdom
Pete asks great questions that result in interesting, unexpected, and practical advice and stories from his guests. An episode of this is always in my playlist.
Great show, Humble Host!
I met Pete at a podcasters conference last month and was super-intrigued by his show on how to enhance employee's work performance. My first thought was, 'I wish there was a resource like this for me when I was in Corporate America.' Then I thought of how many podcasts there were on helping people get OUT of their jobs and this one was how to keep them in and perform better. Third, I was thinking that this guy Pete was super friendly and humble on what he was building. The next time I met him at this conference, he had just finished speaking on stage. I was shocked at how humble Pete was. I was there as an attendee and he was there as an influencer. Today, I wanted to check out this show...listened... and then saw how BIG Pete's show really was. Oh my, 7M downloads and 600+ reviews. I had no idea how big of a community Pete had and how many he was inspiring with his amazing guests! I was also reminded of how humble Pete was from the second I met him. I believe this is a key trait to being successful at your job and your host models it brilliantly!
NOLA Jenny
Perhaps implied by the name - the show is awesome! Definitely worth a download!!! Can’t get enough.
Gem after gem!!!
Thanks for the quality of guest and show! Every podcast I get a gem I can use to be awesome in life and my job!!!
Always so helpful
I’ve been enjoying this podcast for over a year now. When I started listening, I was a manager of several teams and looking for guidance on what I could do to handle a specific challenge. How to be Awesome at Your Job has really helped me to navigate many issues since I started listening, and helps me continuously improve my job performance and overall career satisfaction. There are so many topics discussed and so many interesting experts with different perspectives. I love it! I especially love the tool recommendations at the end! Keep it coming!
guests are simply a different variation of your stereotypical entitled white guy
very insensitive comments (i can already hear them calling me a sensitive snowflake), tips that will only work for entitled white dudes like them. no thanks
I’m interested in the content, BUT I can’t get passed your S’s. Please work with a speech therapist or something, your S is too annoying, it hurts the ears.
My favorite podcasts of all podcasts! Whether you’re a stay at home mom, 9-5 job, or entrepreneur this podcast will benefit you! All jobs are important and I think people think this podcast isn’t for them if they aren’t the CEO of a business or aren’t business minded but this podcast helps you find joy in any job! I have a lot of anxiety myself and have tried to get into self help podcasts and this exceeds all of them. Even though it’s specifically for being awesome at your job this podcast has helped me with my worth, anxiety, and depression! The tips are helpful for everyday life and each person Pete interviews I takeaway so much knowledge as well as ways to feel better internally. I tell everyone to listen to this podcast! If someone is having a hard time feeling happy or hating their job or feeling stuck, etc. whatever the problem is I tell them there are multiple episodes that can help you with whatever it is your facing! I just can’t say enough great things about this podcast! It’s AMAZING! Thank you Pete!
A premium show
I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Pete delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!! For that listener that is ADDICTED to creating their future. For the listener who KNOWS they are destined for greatness but didn’t believe they could actually make money in it. This podcast is for you. Pete asks very candid and heart opening questions.
This was what I was looking for to boost my work mindset
Always wanted a podcast that got me pumped for work. I’m a chronic burned out employee and really need to listen things that help me change my perspective a bit. I listen to the podcasts on drives but it’s amazing that most the talks are relevant for me at the moment! Love the content and recommendations, one of my favorite podcasts.
This review is long overdue!
I’ve been a fan of this podcast for well over a year now, and I enjoy listening to it on the way to work to get me in the right mindset. I love the variety of guests, and it has exposed me to many other podcasts and authors to follow. Pete’s a smart guy but also very relatable and humble. He’s an excellent interviewer, always asking the questions I’m thinking in addition to others that result in rich, inspiring takeaways. Can’t thank you enough, Pete!
This is the best business/ career podcast I listen to. It consistently has excellent, meaningful content and an amazing array of guests.
Best business content available
The Social Sherpa
For the last 18 months I’ve been regularly listening to HTBA and it, without doubt, has made as great a contribution to my success, in that time, as anything else done in that time. Pete’s consistency is what makes the podcast so terrific; you know the landscape of each episode but the flowers you pick are different each time. Thank you Pete!
Eps. 415 Brad Stulberg
Today I wrote this message to a host of my clients: "Back in January I was on How To Be Awesome At Your Job Podcast. That is not why I am writing. I am writing because I listen to this podcast and come across many great segments. The link to the one on this email really struck me because it is a younger male executive coach saying all the things I say. I believe that it helps to hear the same messages in many voices. His name is Brad Stulberg. I do not know Brad, AND I can tell he is better than good at what he does! His podcast number on Awesome is 415. Listen intently at about the 25 minute mark. He speaks of a female corporate executive and how she up levels her achievements. The conversation about balance (which you know I cannot stand) and how to use your natural strengths is the big take away in this podcast." I judge a podcast by how many times I share and/or speak about it. This week I shared Pete's great podcast with the head of transformation for a fortune 10 company, and then to a host of my clients. Pete, you are awesome at your job! Thank you for your great work. Andrea
Great nuggets to integrate into your life
I listen to the podcast on my commute and there isn’t a single episode that I do not take something away from that is helpful in my professional and or personal life.
My favorite Podcast!
I love this Podcast! Pete really does his homework. He has great, helpful guests, asks good questions and is just so darn like-able. The shows fall in 30-60 minute range and are very informative. The Podcast even offers a link for the notes of high lights. I can hardly wait for the new episodes!
I’m addicted. This is one of the best podcasts available. I encourage you to listen to 3 and you’ll see for yourself why it’s so great.
My motivation
Margie 830
This is a very motivating podcast with practical advice. Pete has smart, articulate guests. You will takeaway at least one or two things that you can use immediately.
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Pete, host of the How to Be Awesome at Your Job podcast, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Fresh Information, Great Guests & Insightful Host!
The title says it all.
Very practical discussions
Good speakers!
Learn something new every episode
Love this podcast!!! I’ve learned so many new things. My friends are probably sick of hearing me talk about all the cool life hacks I’ve discovered. I’m loving my 5 minute journal, tiny habits, how to unfocus (and why)! Great interviews and practical applications that have really made a difference in my life. Thanks!!
Great podcast
Thank you Pete. Great podcast and keep it up. My only feedback is I wish you didn’t post daily, it can be overwhelming to want to catch up.
I wanted to like
DCC Flyers
Really wanted to like this podcast and had high expectations. However there’s a lot of rambling and vague scenarios that make it hard to get all the way through. Suggestions: very specific scenarios and role playing.
This is an Awesome podcast
Andy Storch
This is such an awesome podcast about how to be awesome at your job and I was honored to be on as a guest. Pete does it right. Check it out! Andy Storch
❤️ this Podcast
I love this podcast! Pete’s interviews don’t just benefit my job performance but helps to improve all of me. I love his light hearted demeanor and they way he delivers relevant, focused content week after week.
Best business podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast! I find Pete’s guests interesting and informative. His website is also absolutely fabulous. I was so happy to see links to everything they talk about in their interviews down to the recommended Ted talks and favorite books! I think this will be such a valuable resource for me! Thank you for producing a wonderful show.
Awesome Podcast!
Lots and lots of good info that has been helping me in the workplace
Great career discussions
Insightful and up to date stories and advice from a wide range of business leaders and innovators. This podcast is plenty helpful, and funny too!
Get and stay awesome
So many useful, applicable nuggets across the board! The show notes and links make life so much easier. Thank you for that! Great job Pete!
Always learn something!
Lee Sun D
This is such a great podcast for information from daily practices, to books, to new podcasts. You ask wonderful questions to provide deeper insight and information from the guests. I can’t get enough!!
Great interviews!
I'm super jelous of Pete, the host. He's got a great voice! And on top of that he's a great interviewer! Very practical podcast with top notch guests focused on dropping value bombs!
Idea generator
I’ve gotten so many great ideas from this podcast series! Thanks for what you do, Pete!
Crave each new episode!
Just like a good drink or pizza I crave listening to this podcast! It has become such a ritual to listen on my way to work. I have gained actionable insights on how to be awesome at my job. Thank you Pete!
Game Changer
Pete is doing sublime work with his Podcast. Pete's Podcast has had a positive impact of my personal and professional development. I am forever grateful.
Best podcast out there. Period!
Pete does a fantastic job. This podcast brightens my day. The content is fresh, and well structured. The guests are subject experts and Pete is just brilliant. Thank you so much for everything you do, and for sharing your passion, your intellectual curiosity and boundless energy with your loyal followers
EP 325 was an eye opening perspective on how to tune into or out of your internal dialogue. I’m implementing the tips daily, and seeing wonderful results. Definitely worth a series on just these topics. I love the show overall.
One of the best podcast!
This podcast is put together so well. The topics, the guests and diverse discussions are great and very informative no matter what industry you work in. A must download. Well done!
Fantastic podcast — my new favorite!
Viet V2
Love this podcast! Great, insightful guests and lots of super engaging discussion filled with tips that anyone would find useful for their career, regardless of what level you are in. Pete Mockaitis is hilarious and brings such warmth and charisma to the show!!! I highly recommend listening in!
Individual and Team Development
Juliette Lacombe
I manage a small team, but I listen to this every week for my own sake and to help get ideas on how I can develop my team. The transcripts are so helpful to go back and refresh on the different topics that are covered. I love the mix of guest speakers and think the questions asked by Pete are so intentional and thought out. I get excited when new episodes come out!
Regular guy
Well done, Pete! Relevant guests, engaging style, and immediately applicable. Thanks for your work putting together this fantastic podcast!
Excellent investment
Barb Fernandez
Commuting is made more productive and enjoyable. Pete and his guests offer very useful and inspiring information. Great way to invest in myself while filling time and improving my mood.
Good idea, but not for me
Sort of feels like hearing a PowerPoint without getting the visuals. I was hoping for more of a natural dialogue that is interesting to listen to rather than the lecture-style format
Great Pod!
Pete is a great interviewer and this pod is a pleasure to listen to!
How to Be Awesome at Your Job Podcast
oregon elkaholic
This podcast is awesome! Pete does an excellent job of hosting world class guests who provide their wisdom so we can all be better at our jobs and life in general. Thank you Pete!
I love the concept and the ideas discussed. What I dislike is the longer format. I would personally prefer a 20-30 min time span rather than 45+ as my attention is not held due to the lecture style droning that comes with the current format.
I have become addicted to this podcast. Great learning opportunity. Love the variety and the sincerity of the host.
Great info!
I love this info. It's incredibly helpful. Pete is a selfless and gracious host. He asks great questions and allows the guest to get deep into the material. Keep up the great work! Kwame
Great info!
I love this info. It's incredibly helpful. Pete is a selfless and gracious host. He asks great questions and allows the guest to get deep into the material. Keep up the great work! Kwame
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