Best Yoga Podcast
I love Andrea and Jason! I’ve been listening for almost two years and I’m glad I found them. My favorite is when Jason is on the podcast. Their chemistry is amazing and I love their goofiness too. But overall I love that I learn so much about aspects/subjects that haven’t crossed my mind yet. It’s like they are a few steps ahead of me. This yoga world is a big one and I’m glad I can learn so much here. Mahalo Andrea and Jason! Love you both!!
Favorite Yoga Themed Podcast
Intelligent & smart content for yoga practitioners and teachers.
I just found this gem of a podcast. Andrea is warm, funny and interesting. I really enjoy the ones with Jason. Highly recommend for anyone interested in yoga.
Love Listening!
Love listening to this podcast. The conversations always make me think—about my practice, my teaching, and yoga in general. And now that there are season breaks, I’m enjoying re-listening to the back catalog. So many more insights on a second listen.
Love this podcast!!
I love Andrea and Jason, they are really fun, easy to listen to and great source of information!
Must - Listen Yoga Podcast !
So well done, informative and entertaining. Full of new science based info and fresh perspectives on important foundational topics.
I am late to the podcast thing, and Yogaland is the only one I listen to. Andrea's guests are incredibly knowledgeable-I gain so much insight from each episode, even ones with topics that initially don't resonate with me. Thank you, Andrea and Jason, for all you do for the yoga community!
waiving some TT hours based on previous education and work experience
I am at the end of a teacher training program but have found the anatomy and physiology requirement completely redundant and quite frankly below the level of trainting and education while in school studying to be a Physical Therapist Assistant. I would love to hear a podcast about those students like myself who do have previous experience and education that could reduce the number of teacher training hours by receiving credit for these topics or a discussion about alternatives to obtaining 200 hr to enhance the training and avoid repetition rather than teaching to the student who is new to yoga and has no previous knowledge of A/P or kinesiology? Also, would be interested in the debate about 200 hr vs 500 hr training meaning a 500 hr trained person with no yoga experience and minimal education about kinesiology and A/P is not more advanced than a 200hr teacher with 10-20years experience. Thank you. loving your podcast to supplement my teacher training.
I consider this podcast part of my ongoing yoga education
This is my go-to must listen yoga podcast. Andrea curates a beautiful show in a wide range of topics with the best in the yoga industry. I always love her conversations with a Jason as well — I always learn so much every time I listen. Make this podcast part of your sadhana 👏
Keeps Me Learning and Growing!
As a yoga instructor in my tenth year, the Yogaland podcast exposes me to new topics and new takes on old topics, presented by experts I may never had heard from without this podcast. I especially value the sessions with Jason, who I consider my primary teacher. Having this time with him and Andrea is like an on-going advanced teacher training. Russ Nehrig Estes Park, CO
Science and Yoga
W_ C_ Yoga
I love the subject of science and yoga with Lara Benusis. I teach yoga for cancer survivors and would love more concrete evidence when I approach cancer treatment facilities. How do I find the research studies she was talking about? Is there a hub ora clue of how to become more informed and have access to to recent research studies? Thanks!
Inspirational for Yoga Teachers & connoisseurs!
As a Yoga teacher, this Podcast inspires me as it has such a wide variety of perspectives and things to think about in the Yoga world. I LOVE and appreciate your work in creating these and in meeting the Yoga community where they are in this busy world—through podcast medium.
Great resource for new teachers, experienced teachers, and all yogis!
Thank you, Andrea and Jason, for putting so much of yourselves into this podcast. I'm a new teacher just wrapping up my 2nd year of public classes, and every time I listen to your podcast I pick up something that helps me and makes me a better teacher.
Just found podcast!
chill yoga fw
I can’t stop listening! I’m a yoga teacher and find all the information and guests helpful. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you Andrea!
I went through a very tough time when I started teaching yoga because I wanted to excel and that doesn’t always happen right away. Hearing Andrea and Jason talk about yoga teaching and sequencing helped me so much and I’m so grateful! Since I started listening to Yogaland, I’ve taken every one of Jason’s online classes and most of his online trainings. If you’re another teacher, I can’t recommend him enough! Driving from studio to studio has given me plenty of time to listen to all of the podcast episodes and I love how much I learn. Andrea asks the best and most relatable questions, sharing her inspiring insights along with such impactful guests. I look forward to every new episode and share them every chance I get. Thank you!
Helpful and interesting!
I absolutely love this podcast and the information that is provided on each episode! Andrea puts great care into the topics covered, and relays information in such a tangible and digestible way. All of the guests have been very insightful and have given me so much to think about in my own teaching and personal yoga practice. Would definitely recommend to anyone no matter where they are in their yoga journey!
the yoga podcast
yea, this is like the example for yoga podcast. professional and flexible. i think is also nice to see how it organically grows and transform to a better product as it goes. im also *super* fortunate to be able to go weekly to jason’s yoga classes in SF. classes are fire; inspiring, full of knowledge. recommended.
Awesome tips! Easy to understand 🙏🏻
Informative, helpful, & funny
This pod cast covers so many aspects of yoga. There’s episodes for everyone. I love the episodes about teaching, as I am a teacher, but also they touch on many different things. As long as you have a love for yoga you’ll enjoy it!
Greatest podcast that ever lived
Andrea you have a gift! Every episode feels like the universe is speaking to my soul. Even when I am tempted to skip one because I don’t think it’s relevant - I’m always so glad I didn’t. Each one has a unique twist that makes it applicable to everyone’s lives. I so appreciate this podcast and all of the hard work put into it. This podcast is authentic and comes from the heart.
This podcast is amazing - it provides a wealth of valuable information and resources, and Andrea speaks so beautifully and articulately from the heart - I’m so so grateful for this podcast, it helps me in yoga teaching, parenting and in navigating life overall :) thank you!!
I’m so thankful I found you
You’re podcast really speaks to me and the way I want to teach yoga.
Andrea & Jason
Thank you thank you thank you— I hope to one day be financially able to support your real business- but right now the free and quality content that you produce keeps me going. The fact that YOU are the one to keep this thing up didn’t strike me until the most recent Q&A episode. I want to show all of the appreciation to you two!!
I appreciate you!
I started listening to YL a couple months ago and it has been such an inviting, transformative experience for me so far. I started practicing about a year ago and have became passionate about yoga and hoping to serve others through teaching later on down the road. The content and special guests on this podcast are beyond informative, wise, and a guide on my personal spiritual journey. So thank you, YL podcast, I appreciate you. Namaste
Love Yogaland
Crystal Markham
When I first started this podcast I thought this one is not for me since I lost my only child and I am not really a mom that’s just my grief talking loudly so glad I didn’t listen to it and tuned into this weeks podcast. The question you asked her about showing up as a fraud thank you. It has been so hard to show up to my classes while processing such a deep and heavy grief. It was hard to show up and teach but was the only thing in my life that had not changed. I showed up as I asked others to show up as I was. It felt wrong and so right at the same time. Then to hear her talk about loss and opening our hearts with impermanence. This podcast helped me not feel alone and assured me that my turning toward my pain was exactly what I needed and need to do to continue to do. Thank you , thank you. So appreciate the work you do and share with us.
Great guests
I loved Erika’s interview. I’ve never been pregnant and never will be. But her discussion of listening to your intuition was perfect for me. I am working through a shoulder injury with a doctor and therapist. And trusting my intuition was definitely the next ingredient. Thanks Andrea for such great information.
Engaging, intelligent and entertaining!
THIS is the podcast that got me hooked on the idea of podcasts, and still the only one I listen to religiously. If you teach and/or happen to be diving deep with your personal yoga practice, there is good stuff here. The topics and interviewees always appeal to me and apply to my life in some way. (The episode on natural beauty literally changed my daily routine!) Andrea’s questions are thoughtful and informed, and she has a warmth and authenticity (voice and manner) that translate to this medium very well. Andrea, I appreciate every episode. Thank you for continuing to create and share with the yoga community!
Thank you Yogaland!
I’ve been listening for a couple years now and I rarely miss an episode. I really appreciate Andrea’s and Jason’s insights and the variety of’s often about yoga, but there are many episodes that focus on something else related to a yogic life. After listening I feel like we are all on this path together, doing the best we can, and always striving for something greater and more consciousness.
Excellent Resource for Yoga Teachers
I love this podcast - it is so engaging and educational. Andrea and Jason are super down to earth and I enjoy their banter between intelligent conversations with awesome guests on a variety of topics that are of interest to students and teachers alike. I am always learning something new to enhance my offerings as a teacher.
Best podcast on yoga
Easily my favorite yoga podcasts. Andrea brings on interesting guests and engages in thoughtful conversations. I’ve learned so much from this show and it has helped me become a better and more knowledgeable teacher.
Learn from guests? or prove a point?
Yin yoga is dangerous enough to promote a debate? Come on! Please! Leave Yin Yoga alone. As Bernie said, yin is only descriptive of a length of time we are in a pose whether standing or sitting or in upavistakanasna. Bernie graciously answered each question or attack most intelligently and with so much patience. He is an educator, scientist, and is only a wonderful yoga teacher, educator, and has the scientific background to know what he is talking about! Can we all respect each other's yoga practice by not putting someone on the stand to defend themselves please! Yoga is about letting go of trying to be right all the time!
Thoughtful and Grounded
I enjoy the variety of topics and speakers that Andrea brings to this podcast. She is poingnant, succinct, and incredibly thoughtful. Great job Yogaland!
jason is knowledgeable & often insufferable
in my opinion, he generally speaks in a way like he thinks i won't understand anything he says & he doesn't explain the concepts that i don't actually understand. he also talks over andrea quite a bit & it's obnoxious. my preference is the episodes within which he is not a guest.
What a powerful tool for for yoga teachers!
I’ve already gained so much for this podcast just in the last month that I started listening to it. I am still a newer teaching navigating my way through this career and finding my voice, and I truly find comfort and guidance from Yogaland. I’ve worked with a mentor for a brief time and absolutely loved the support, encouragement, and wisdom I received from it. I almost feel like this podcast functions as a virtual mentorship. Though it’s not specific to my teaching, it provides universal insights on teaching yoga for all. I’ve been listing to it at least a few times every week and I’ve especially loved the podcasts on teaching full time vs part time, change, improving verbal communication, yoga for kids, Sean Corn, and many with Jason’s tips on alignment and sequencing. And I am so excited to catch up on the rest. Thank you Andrea for creating such an awesome platform to impart knowledge, wisdom, teacher’s experiences, and help yoga teachers feel more connected and like they’re not alone. I have a lot of gratitude for both you and Jason. I hope to meet you both one day! ❤️
Small world
I just started listening to the podcast and I’m hooked. I decided to google you both and was so surprised to find that Jason made the first yoga dvd that I actually really understood and connected with when I first started practicing yoga. It launched me into my first studio yoga class and now over 10 years later I’m now a yoga teacher and it is absolutely my passion. I STILL recommend Yoga Morning Noon and Night to people who approach me about starting yoga. Many don’t want to start in a studio and want to try at home first. I always recommend this dvd. Anyway, I’m glad I found your podcast, and thank you for being a part of my yoga journey. Cheers! Ashli
practical, smart, and focused
I really enjoy how practical and focused Andrea is in each episode. She adds the perfect amount of personal details and asks enough personal questions of her guests to make it relevant and relatable... and then sticks to the topic at hand. So many podcasts are rambling and self-indulgent and Yogaland is not one of them. In reference to the Yin episode, I was surprised that Andrea did not have a pro-Yin guest to balance out Jason’s critique… That said, he had intelligent things to say and supported his claims with anatomy and science (and a disclaimer that some ideas were also his opinion) and I really appreciated his analysis. I love this podcast and I’m always waiting for the next episode to release. Thank you for putting this out into the world, Andrea.
Smart, clear, and current.
I have listened to an ungodly amount of podcasts in my days, but this one gets me every time. Jason is direct, smart, slightly sarcastic, and clear, which you don’t always get in the world of Yoga. Andrea does a great job at challenging him, in a compassionate and educated way. I have taught Heated Power Yoga for the last 8 years, in an all levels based environment, and I learn something (or 5 things) in every podcast, that I’m able to take into the classroom and share with the general population. This podcast has sealed the deal for me to jump into Jason’s 300 Hour TT, once time allows. Thank you, team!
FABULOUS for ALL yoga teachers
This is among the best yoga teaching podcasts I have subscribed to in all of my 15 years of teaching yoga. Jason and Andrea are an amazing team. Jason reminds me of Doug Keller, one of my favorite alignment yoga teachers. I very highly recommend this podcast to all yoga teachers. I really appreciate the specific up-to-date technique verbiage.
Much love for this podcast
Megan Rae Kahn
Andrea is a fantastic and relatable leader, speaker and interviewer. Jason is clearly yoga wise and passionate, direct and methodical. Together they are professional, lovingly sarcastic, and purposeful. Love every episode so far, except the recent yin condemning/minimizing episode. Hopeful they will bring on the Yin experts to help provide a different point of view. The bad episode actually is what motivated me to finally give them 5 stars. This must be a lot of work, and I’m grateful for this very valuable contribution of knowledge. Keep it going Andrea and Jason!
One of my favorite podcasts
I love the varied topics and guests you’ve had on your show. Can’t wait for the next season to start. Although, this gives me time to catch up. Cannot recommend this enough. Keep up the great work!!
Why so alarmist?
Cidananda Rupaha
I am a yoga teacher and practitioner of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Yoga Nidra. Jason is obviously the wrong person to talk about Yin Yoga because he knows nothing about it. He didn’t even let Andrea counter some of his outlandish claims, cutting her off at every attempt to bring in some balance. I worry about people who will take his word for it and be as disoriented and misinformed about Yin Yoga as he is. Even the way he talks is so condescending as if he’s talking to little kids, repeating expressions over and over again. He didn’t mention Paul Grilley — the father of Yin Yoga — not once. No mention of Bernie Clark either. He brushed off Andrea’s mention of Sarah Powers and chose to speak about Paulie Zink instead — creator of Taoist Yoga now called Yin Yoga!!! Really?? Way to misinform your audience!
Loved it....then they broke my heart.
I am a Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher. This podcast was one of my faves, until very recently. Jason recently spoke about Yin yoga and feel like he was giving many misleading information and some of the 'scientific' studies that he was quoting is so antiquated and old. I understand that he isn't a fan of Yin yoga, and because of that maybe he truly doesn't completely understand the practice. He is totally entitiled to his opinion, but wish that this podcast was more fair by having a seasoned Yin yoga teacher like Bernie Clark or even the developer of Yin yoga, Paul Grilley for a more balanced podcast. So my final comment here is: If you don't understand it, dive into it and practice it and educate yourself instread of making broad statements that might limit so many people from the healing aspects of Yin Yoga.
The only podcast I really listen to!
Linda from Boise
I have 2 confessions to make: #1: I'm certain that I have violated several of Patanjali's sutras by not posting a review until now. For almost 2 years, I have been listening to Yogaland in my car and loving it. Your podcast inspires and educates! Having completed Jason's 300 level training and purchased, I think all or almost all, of his Yoga Glo workshops, I love Jason's science based in-depth, straight shooting material, but I do also love your variety of guests, Andrea - the podcasts are always relevant and nearly always applicable to my life. Confession #2 is that I did Jason's Yoga Nidra for Jet Lag yesterday on Glo when I haven't actually flown anywhere in months. It was so awesome, that I'm thinking about doing it again today. ❤️ Conscience clear! Enjoy your short sabbatical Andrea! Will look forward to more episodes!
An insightful, thought-provoking yoga podcast!
I love yoga, and so I love this podcast! The range of topics discussed, and of guests who come on, is impressive and extensive—about asana, philosophy, and so much more! I am a student, and I learn so much from this podcast to enrich my yoga practice. The host is wonderful—provides great insights, and is a fantastic interviewer. Many thanks for all of the engaging, entertaining, insightful yoga content!
Down to earth and accessible
I LOVE this podcast. There are very few podcasts that I look forward to in my day but this is one of them. I literally think about when I can sneak it into my hectic day! It’s such a treat. Andrea is so authentic, conversational and funny. I’ve learned so much listening to her interviews and her podcasts with Jason are adorable! They just complement each other well and make sure to create digestible, highly informative and clear content. Thank you!
Learn something every time.
I love this podcast and will listen to it walking the dog, at the gym or driving. She is super authentic and her voice is warm and open. Her topics are fresh and inspiring. Thank you for sharing with all of us yoga teachers and students!!
Refreshing and authentic
I love Andrea’s clear portrait of each subject and her authenticity throughout the podcast, makes them quite interesting and captivating. A breath of fresh air to my day.
A Gem!
This is a fantastic podcast. Andrea is an effective host, and the technical content delivered in every episode is simply stellar and incredibly practically useful to teachers. It is especially great when Jason Crandell comes on to do an episode. He drops knowledge bombs left and right, and also makes Andrea laugh - a melodic, musical laugh that brings a smile every time I hear it. I love listening to this married couple talk yoga. Thank you for this content!
So real, super informative, love the guests and technical talk from Jason. Love that I’m represented in media (woman in my 40’s yoga teacher).
I love Jason and Andrea. Both so thoughtful and smart. I am a 62 year old practitioner who is at last taking a 200 hour teacher training. I love hearing what Jason has to say about workshops, sequencing, breathing etc and I love Andreas questions, input, knowledge and the relaxed way they have with each other. Their affection and appreciation of yoga and each other is Palpable!
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