Only one problem
I’m only a few episodes in, and I only have one problem. In the first episode you reference a thumb safety on a Glock, which Glocks do not have. Other than that, great podcast.
Drinking during recording? Come on...
Ok so, the story seems interesting. I have a lot of questions, and from the reviews I've read, I'm not quite sure if they are answered or not. Some of the recent ones say yes and others say no - but I'm interested either way. I'm only giving it 3 stars because of the narrator... I'm on a few episodes into the first season, and I'm really hoping he stops all of this. This is now the 4th time I've tried to listen to this show, and had to stop because his noises makes my stomach turn. I'm going to keep it going this time, but I'm really hoping he gives up his sounds. I've read good things online about the show, but come on... One of my biggest pet peeves is loud eaters/drinkers - and this guy makes a point to be obnoxious every time he has something in his mouth. Not to mention he WANTS to come across as an alcoholic, instead of just being an alcoholic. He seems to be proud of it. Every time he's drinking something, he's chugging it, and then makes gross sighs afterwards like he just got down filming a beer commercial. I don't know, maybe it's just me... But it's thoroughly disgusting. Truthfully, I don't care how cool the plot sounds, if I had another show to listen to, I would. I just can't find anything else to keep my attention.
Binge worthy mystery
I like this a lot l. I’m picky when it comes to podcasts in general, twice as much with fiction. This was a great hidden gem. Can’t wait to finish 😁
Just no.
This entire show is a miss, I’ve given it multiple chances over the past 3 years and now after listening to the final season of rambling and bad attempts to tie together loose ends, this was a flat out bad podcast. It’s obvious the author had no idea where he was going with the story from the end of the first season.
Enjoying it so far!
I haven’t finished the podcast yet, but I’m really enjoying it so far. I can be kind of picky with my audio dramas, and admittedly this one didn’t immediately catch me. The very in-the-moment style of recording in early season one had some audible drinking sounds that kind of squicked me out, but the story kept me engaged. With where I’m at now in season two, I feel like I’m gonna listen to the very end because I need to know how everything resolves!
Uh not sure what’s going on here
I’m 10 minutes in and have zero idea what this is. Sorry for the low review but mk
you treat people with mental illnesses pretty bad for someone writing a mentally ill character. also you're using "emo" wrong. also the eating/drinking sounds feel Horrible to my ears.
Totally binge worthy
Glad I watched it once it was completed and I could hear the reporter wrap it up. The original ending left too many unanswered questions, but with the reported tying up the loose ends it 5 stars for sure.
Interested my sorry that deserved better actors
...and less slurping and mouth noises for the Beam
Twin Peaks fans should listen
Really dig the show so far.
We couldn’t bring ourselves to finish it...
I enjoy mystery and suspense but this just kept dragging on and on and on and on. I was ready to quit listening long before my husband was and we finally gave up toward the beginning of season three. I’m giving them two stars (instead of one) for trying to be original and creating a serial podcast, which I typically enjoy. This just became a very convoluted story with more swearing than I like to hear.
I’m in season 3 and still waiting for some semblance of horror. Mystery? Yes. Horror? Hasn’t come even close.
Amazing in every way. Once you start you won’t want to stop till you reach the end. This podcast was just like Lost was to me when it was on television. Give it a listen I promise you won’t be disappointed. Jon you are the best.
Good story
There are some critical reviews on this podcast; however, I thought that the storyline was an interesting one. Although the plot twist and tie-together was a little hard to believe with a character that seemed to come out of left field, I did appreciate the fact that the attempt was made to answer all the questions and bring a decisive end to the podcast.
Wasted time
Dr. Rudiments
This COULD have been so much better if it were done in 2 seasons. It got to be a borefest listening to the same clips heard before in previous seasons. And the precense of Sara in the end made no sense. Where was she for the year? And after all that time gone, Ryan tells her to run away??? Really??? What was her role in all this??? I was really into the first season, but after the second, not so much.
Good, but disappointed with ending
While the ending was not as anti-climatic as 'The Black Tapes', it felt unfinished. Maybe by design, but otherwise I felt like it could have done more with it. At least it ended without drawing in too much vs creating an elaborate plot that suddenly ends with no coherent reasoning to it. Thanks Jon Grilz for this gift.
By far one of the best podcast I’ve heard yet !!
By far one of the best podcast I’ve heard yet !!!! I wish it never ended !!
So the end has finally come. We all knew it would happen eventually. TBH I'd rather listen to more of the reporter's story than that of Ryan Jennings, however I do feel that the end was fitting. People, when afraid, aren't always the most pragmatic. 3 out of 5 because the second and third season just seemed to drag on.
Strong start
But it just went nowhere. I just binged the “final season” and after the hard left in season 3, the rest of this went nowhere. Season 4 was supposed to tie up loose ends, but it didn’t. Just a shame because it had such a strong start and premise.
Verisimilitude FAIL
The podcast is presented as a project of a real person chronicling his journey back to his hometown to solve childhood mysteries. But the begging for money to pay fictional hotel bills, combined with the ads for mattresses, etc ruin the experience. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON, SO GIVE MONEY! What’s next, characters with fictional cancer begging money for fictional chemo treatments? Just the sound of David Cummings voice breaks the fourth wall. Not sure why they decided to try to rehab a failed podcast with the retrospective they tacked on.
Rating after the finish, recommend highly
Timothy W Cooper
Amazing story, great acting, and didn’t expect it to end how it did with David Ault’s character actually being the one to tie up what loose ends he could. Best serial podcast I’ve listened to thus far, sad to see it’s over, but a good and emotional ending with a solid story and quite unexpected. Bravo Jon, you’re a great writer
I guess I'll rate it down the middle.
Followed this all the way through, and by the end it was a trudge to complete. Loved it in the beginning. Season 3 was mostly bad, and this ending was pointless and still found a way to drag on with so few episodes. So Season 1-2: 5 Stars; Season 3: 2 Stars; Season 4: No stars.
Still confused on ending (clueless look)
Hated the sipping and gulping in beginning but ended up being a great plot. Just want to know who’s body it was at the end........
This would be a great show if it wasn’t for the slurping while drinking and for a show that says “commercial free” in the beginning I shouldn’t have to fast forward 4 minutes to get through the ads. I understand you have to make money and it isn’t free but at least take the lie out of the intro. All and all it’s a good show, very depressing narrator but a good story line.
This isn’t the worst podcast, but wasn’t that good at all. Honestly wish I hadn’t wasted time on it.
Seems to have abandoned this podcast to instead ready creepy pastas. A shame
I’m literally hate listening at this point
This is the most horrendous, going no where story I’ve ever heard. The plot slogs along over multiple episodes. Ryan Jennings might be the most hateable character I’ve ever been introduced to. The vocal fry, the awful accents, the tragic acting. Everything about this podcast is heinous. I’ve only continued listening because I can’t start something and not finish it but this story puts me in a bad mood every time I turn it on.
QDRO Queen
I can’t tell if the story is truth or fiction but it’s got me hooked!
Great concept, lackluster execution.
I think the concept is there, but the acting and the script could use some improvement. I gave it an entire season, but I’m just not buying the plot as it’s being presented. I’m throwing in the towel, but wish the podcast well.
Great story, a creeping dread and I’m only halfway through this podcast... does a great job showing small town life and the long term impacts of childhood trauma... this story is case in point of why I’m never going home again.
Good- rough ending with no answers
I enjoyed the dramatics. And hope they do another season. The ending really got me though. I feel like there could have been a bit more. I also found it much easier to listen to the Ryan in the end vs beginning. Overall it was good. Worth the listen!
Love love love
But when are we getting more??
*AVOID* No ending.
Ends with a cliff hanger and sooo many loose ends. Not updated in almost a year. Good voice. Starts off with a good storyline, good mystery; it gets pretty convoluted which I’ll be honest I might have been ok with if it actually had an ending.
Starts a bit slow, but hooks you as you go.
1st season was good, but lost my interest toward the end. Glad I stuck with it though, because the 2nd season is even better and I'm quite hooked now. Looking forward to 3rd season after I'm done binging the 2nd one, and hope it's just as good or better.
Amazing podcast! Binged listened to this!
Love it
Love the appearances of the NoSleep crew! Great storyline and storytelling by the main character. Awesome work! ❤️
great but directionless
I love this podcast alot, but I think it dragged out this storyline and lost direction at the end. I think they would of been better served if he had wrapped up this storyline and moved the character on to something else. I will say the main voice actor is amazing.
Bland, uninteresting narration and laughable intro sequence. Poor production quality. Lots of room for improvement.
What’s the plan
This podcast started strong but it has lost focus and is dull. The story line hanged so they could lengthen the run, but it’s become twenty minute rambling with semi professional audio and no plot. Where are we going? What is the point? This origin had a beginning, middle, and end but they have overshot and have been making middle-episodes long past what should have been the end. I do not recommend.
Well produced and engaging, but they’re dragging out the storyline unnecessarily.
Overall, it is a fun podcast to listen to; however, the storyline is being dragged out WAY TOO LONG.
Please make more episodes
Fantastic Story Telling
Love this podcast, definitely worth following if you like scary serial stories.
Well-written and compelling.
This podcast continues to be intriguing and the twists and turns are awesome.
Great podcast
Melissa L.
One of the best I’ve listened to. Can’t wait for more!
Not worth your time
Creepy guy with a terribly irritating voice and delivery. Don’t bother.
Felt let down in the end
The first two seasons had a really solid story, it felt like the story was being slow played, but not annoyingly so. The third season was just a massive letdown, when it ended I just ended up yelling at my phone for the last hour of my commute home about how nothing had been resolved.
So good!
Dark, creepy, and incredibly immersive! Well done!!!
Made myself wade through the whole thing in the hopes there'd be answers. Was disappointed. So if the intrigue of the first couple episodes drew you in, don't hold your breath for any of the plot lines to actually go anywhere. The podcast really pushes to clumsily sell the narrative of this investigative "found audio" story, rather than just lean into the fake-ness of it all. Because let's be honest, the cliched dialogue and unimpressive voiceover work is not fooling anyone. Not to mention the painful "real world" attempts at justifying ads in the podcast. Might have over looked the all-around mediocrity of it all if they had gone the route of slightly-cheesy fictional radio drama rather than far-too-polished and over foley-worked "found audio" story (just wait till you hear him really slurp his drink into the microphone so you can tell that he's drinking something). Also, I hope you like the main dude's monotonous voice and his voice acting range from bored with the script to "I'm trying so hard to act here in my vocal booth." Because he's likely to halt the plot of each twenty minute episode with MULTIPLE three to five minute redundant droning monologues telling you how he feels instead of moving the story along. If you're looking for a crappier version of The Black Tapes and you have six or seven hours you don't mind throwing away, then this podcast is for you!
On the fence
Recently started this one after it was recommendd in a horror group. I like the concept but some lf the acinf feels forced. Maybe it gets better further into the series. Hoping thats the case.
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