#89: Helping Fathers Find Balance (with guest Benjamin Watson)
Published September 10, 2019
40 min
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    Balancing a really busy work schedule with the right amount of family time can be a struggle, and fathers tend to struggle with this the most. Often, fathers feel that they have to be the primary provider in a family and put too much energy and time into their jobs and don’t leave enough “in the tank” to build meaningful and lasting relationships with their children. No one knows this more than New England Patriots tight end, Benjamin Watson. Dr. Meg and Benjamin sit down to talk about his demanding career and how he ensures that his family doesn’t just get the leftovers when he’s not playing football. Finding balance between work and home is a must to be a parent to a great kid! Also, if you have a question you want Dr. Meeker to answer, email them to askmeg@megmeekermd.comand listen to future episodes to see if your question is featured!


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    2:02 – WELCOME

    Dr. Meg introduces the topic “Helping Fathers Find Balance.” She also teases her conversation with New England Patriots tight end, Benjamin Watson, as well as her points to ponder.



    Dr. Meg talks with Benjamin Watson about his demanding career and how he is able to find a balance between work and home.


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    Dr. Meg talks with Benjamin Watson about his demanding career and how he is able to find a balance between work and home.


    35:13 – POINTS TO PONDER

    Dr. Meg gives you her points to ponder as you learn more about how fathers can find balance between work and home.


    38:51 – PARENT PEP RALLY



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