#14: Helping Your Kids Dream Big (with guest David A.R. White)
Published October 25, 2016
45 min
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    Dr. Meg talks with filmmaker David A.R. White (producer of the blockbuster movie God’s Not Dead) about his new book Between Heaven And Hollywood. Other features include Dr. Meg’s Points To Ponder and she answers an email question about a little boy who won’t listen to his parents.


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    Young children, middle school kids, teens and even adults dream about who they will become, what they can achieve or what difference they can make in the world. Good parents want to know their children well enough to hear about those dreams and help children either follow them or shift their passions toward more realistic goals. In many ways, helping our children pursue their dreams, helps parents who never reached their own. It is important to be able to handle our child’s intentions in an instructive, supportive and realistic way. But doing this isn’t easy. We live with healthy skepticism and sometimes feel threatened by the nature of our children’s dreams. We will hear a story about one man’s dreams and how pursuing them challenged everything his parent’s taught him. That man is the featured guest in this episode, filmmaker and author David A.R. White. His story illuminates how a child’s dreams can seemingly oppose the core values that parents teach their children. Most importantly, it shows how parents can respond in ways that keep their kids on track in the most important areas of life.


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    Dr. Meg shares her three points for you that are parent ready to start today!



    Dr. Meg talks to David A.R. White (founder of Pure Flix). As a filmmaker, David produced and acted in his blockbuster film God’s Not Dead. He discusses his story along with his new book Between Heaven And Hollywood (available in stores and at davidarwhite.com).


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    Dr. Meg concludes her conversation with David about a particular L.A. story, being a father who embraces his children’s future dreams, and being a filmmaker.


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    Dr. Meg answers an email question from a father. He has a 3-year-old son who doesn’t listen.


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