Creative Flow {Denise Jacobs}
Published October 12, 2017
42 min
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    Today’s episode features author, speaker, and creative evangelist Denise Jacobs. She’s spoken at Creative Mornings, Adaptive Path, TEDx, and more, and is the author of Banish Your Inner Critic, which dives into some of the most important subjects for creative women leaders today. More about this episode: In this episode, Denise breaks down creativity’s two opposing forces: creative flow and the inner critic. She shares her insights on how women are socialized to take on more than we need to, offers some of the most practical tips for producing and maintaining a state of creative flow, and provides an array of tools for managing your inner critic. Show Notes: -Denise’s self-consciousness about being extremely tall as a little girl, and how she found solace in reading stacks of books and developing a sense of humor. [1:36] -On being told by a teacher that she was a perfectionist (which she later realized was not a compliment), and becoming aware of her inner critic. [5:45] -The aha moment Denise had after swirling in self-doubt and fear while working on her last book. [9:38] -The teaching experience that helped her realize her passion for speaking to people and her gift for being on stage. [14:27] -Diving into her book: How creative flow and the inner critic interact, and practical tips for recognizing and dealing with the latter. [16:03] -How to train your inner critic and recognize when it’s showing up in subtle ways. [22:52] -On dealing with overwhelm, reframing situations in ways that empower us, and the importance of To-Don’t lists. [28:27] -On being aware of our comparison triggers in the age of social media, how women are socialized to take on more than they need to, and Denise’s final words of wisdom. [34:57] References: Majo's website – Denise's website – Find her book, Banish Your Inner Critic – Music by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs – Want to support women's voices? Go to & become a bigger part of the Heroine community. Check out our rewards for supporters.
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